Do You Agree? Kandi Says Her Man Todd Blames The RHOA Ladies For Porsha’s Divorce

November 7, 2013  |  

“Everybody’s trying to hustle and get their ‘NeNe’ on. Everybody wants to be NeNe.”

That’s what Kordell Stewart had to say in his revealing V-103 interview about the cause of his divorce with Porsha Williams. He was essentially saying that in attempt to be seen and get the shine, endorsements, and in the end, the money that NeNe Leakes has, his soon-to-be ex-wife changed quite a bit in order to be a reality star. And according to Real Housewives star Kandi Burruss, others seem to agree, including her fiancé Todd Tucker.

While writing on the Bravo blog yesterday, Burruss posed a very interesting question to RHOA fans: “Do you feel like we influenced Porsha in a negative way?” According to Tucker, who calls the ladies of the show the “Get Fresh Crew,” he says that when wholesome Porsha Stewart started getting around the women, she started behaving in a manner that was discouraging to her husband, and ultimately led to that couple’s divorce:

Todd feels like it’s our fault that Porsha and Kordell are getting divorced. He says that when she got around “The Get Fresh Crew,” as he called us, Porsha started acting in a way that Kordell was not happy with and that is the reason why he filed for divorce. What do y’all think? Do you feel like we influenced Porsha in a negative way? I hope not. I hate to see Porsha and Kordell going through this, and I hate that it seems to be getting ugly.

Well I can’t worry about someone else’s relationship right now. I have to focus on my own. Unfortunately I’m once again in a relationship that my mom doesn’t approve of, which adds so much stress to my life right now. I’m praying that things will change…

It’s definitely an interesting question. I can believe that being around women who are so used to the spotlight through movies, music and TV can make someone want to accomplish some of the same things (and ultimately go to the same events and shindigs when their husband is expecting them to be in the house barefoot and pregnant), but in the end, there were more reasons than just trying to be in the “Get Fresh Crew” for Kordell to divorce Porsha. And considering he wasn’t willing to even go to counseling, let’s just say homeboy was ready to go a long time ago. So if you ask me, Todd’s pointing the finger at the wrong folks…

But what do you think? 

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  • E.R. Walker

    That’s a stretch to blame the ladies of RHOATL, Kordell appears to be controlling and insenitive. Oh, did I fail to mention selfish? They one group discussion in the limo when they were in Vegas cannot be attributed to the break up of their marriage. Todd you are scaring me watch out Kandi

  • Guest


  • JRoc85

    The ladies of RHOA are not the blame for Porsha & Kordell’s divorce!!! If the relationship was so SOLID, those 2 wouldn’t have divorced after ONLY 2 years to begin with. Sorry, but Todd is wrong on this one!

    • therealnumber1

      I think it is a combo of what you said and what todd said. you are right the foundation must not have been solid to begin with…hence why it was easy for porsha to be influenced by the “get fresh crew”

  • coolyfett

    Dude is right 100%

  • DeepThinker

    Porscha is very naïve and easily influenced. I think it is Porsha’s fault for allowing the women to be all in her business and impose their strong opinions about her marriage instead of shutting them down. What works for one couple does not always work for another. Notice we will NEVER see NeNe allowing a bunch of hens to zero in on Greg. She keeps her man business to herself and only discusses things pertaining to him with others when she may need to hash things out. This is why NeNe still has a man.
    I don’t blame the meddling hens for ruining her marriage, it sounds like it was doomed before they went on that show. Kordell and Porscha wanted different things out of the marriage, but Kordell was the only one truly consistent about what he wanted. Porscha wanted to live the glamorous life as a socialite on his dime, parade around with her mean girl attitude and dump the babies off on a nanny. When Kordell held his ground and would
    not go along with the shift in plans, she let her mother, sister and the girlfriends convince her that Kordell was a controlling and inflexible jerk that might be gay. None of her so called peers, bothered to point out where she went wrong in all this.

    Overall Kordell is more to blame for the marriage failure; he did not take enough time to really see who was hiding under all that hair before he wifed her.

    • stewwie

      I absolutely agree with everything you said but the last sentences. I don’t think it was not taking enough time to know the person that lead to the failure. I think it was very predictable. You don’t marry a daim in her prime, who is looking to come up to be a stay at home wife and mother. He should picked a more mature woman for that role. But he wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wanted a young attractive woman whom he can buy with his money but she wanted more and she tried to flip the script on him, but he is a man of certain morals and financial resources to go along with it, so, he got rid of her instead….that is what ended the marriage.

      Porscha is not really a bad woman, she is just a young naive girl, who still want to play. Her heart is in the right place and her values are very good, she would make a great wife and mother someday (that is if she doesn’t change).

    • therealnumber1


  • Sian Rose

    Who will Todd blame if/ when his relationship doesn’t work?

  • Leslie Rene Anderson

    sorry but todd is about to rake her clean..ijs

  • Ladybug94

    It doesn’t matter if I agree but I will say this, it is wise to keep others out of your marriage/relationship. They are not the ones who will be left to pick up the pieces in the end.

  • Jan

    todd should hush ! those women really didn’t offer their opinion til the end of the season ….that was one weekend in vegas. and if your friends being candid and concerned about the way a man treats you breaks a marriage then the world should be filled with divorced women

    • Ladybug94

      It is filled with divorced women. Keep people out of your marriage if they are not a licensed counselor.

      • Jan

        ummm phaedra is married, nene is now married again and was married for over a decade, cynthia is married…. what show were you watching…lastly if a marriage is doomed it wouldn’t take some opinions or reality show to end it anyhow… ray charles could see kordell and porsha wouldn’t last

        • stewwie

          No true, the marriage wasn’t doomed until the show. And most of those women are in half as$ marriages, where they are getting cheated on or they are with men who have side chicks…ect

        • therealnumber1

          All the women named technically aren’t housewives (nene was but not anymore)…they have house husbands~lololol…they bring home the bacon and fund their husbands lifestyle, so they have a lot more say and freedom… totally different from porsha’s marriage ya know…so they really can’t speak on what she is going through…well maybe nene since greg was once the bread winner..

          • Jan

            well clearly you aren’t familiar with the housewives franchise.. many of these women work multiple jobs and some of them are single… the format of show isnt literal.. i feel what you are saying , but their opinions weren’t bitter or the cause of Kordell’s decision

            • therealnumber1

              Nah I’m only familiar with RHOA (it’s the only one I watch)…I was comparing Porsha to the women of RHOA, her role is different from theirs in the household.

  • yym74

    I’m sorry I agree with Todd

  • footballmom78

    I don’t think the “Get Fresh Crew” helped the situation at all. I believe they made her feel bad or guilty about her relationship with her husband, Porsha was stupid for listening to women who aren’t in a relationship (Kenya) or in a troubled relationship ( NeNe, Cynthia).

    • ItsMyOpinion

      I agree 100%. How are you going to allow women who are clearly loosing in love, to give you advice about your marriage? It baffles me. There was no one in her life that could give her marital advice on how to keep a happy home. The only thing she should have used them for was a constant reference of what not to do!

    • therealnumber1


  • Kristen

    The housewives weren’t the ones who filed for divorce. Kordell should be man enough to have a reason why he decided to divorce his wife on his own – not have it be influenced by anyone else. Of course Todd would never say that they had problems of their own before any of them even met Porsha and Kordell. Put the blame where it belongs.

    • stewwie

      What do you mean by ” Kordell should be man enough to have a reason”,…. did you watch the video ? he did gave you the reason. He wanted a real wife and a mother for his son but she change the plane afterwards and start acting like a “singe independent” women who come home 3 o’clock in the morning. Also, she neglect and borderline abuse his son. That is a good enough reason to get rid of her.

      • Kristen

        Let me fix you a bowl of alphabet soup so I can spell it out for you.

        1) The title of this article is “Do you agree? Kandi says her man Todd Blames the RHOA ladies for Porsha’s divorce”.

        2) Here is the first part of my response: “The housewives weren’t the ones who filed for divorce. Kordell should be
        man enough to have a reason why he decided to divorce his wife on his
        own – not have it be influenced by anyone else.”

        3) I didn’t say that Kordell did or did not have a valid reason in choosing to divorce Porsha. From what I’ve seen on TV, they are both nuts and shouldn’t have married each other in the first place. What I did say was that he should be man enough to have his own reason and not be influenced by anyone else.

        4) So to answer the question in the title of the article, NO, I don’t agree that it was the ladies of RHOA that was the cause of their divorce. Why? Because he should be man enough to have his own reason. And like I said before, they had problems already. What those problems specifically are and why they are divorcing isn’t what I was getting into. If it were Porsha filing for divorce I’d say the exact same thing. For example: “Porsha should be woman enough to have a reason why she decided to divorce her husband on her own – not have it be influenced by anyone else.”

        WWHHYYYY do people choose to sit behind their computer screens and try to talk smack when they have it all wrong??? No matter what blog, it never fails!! There’s always someone jumping in that gets emotional behind a celebrity/reality TV star and gets things WRONG. And fix all those typos before you try to correct someone.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Todd needs to worry about his own relationship…

    • BabyBlue

      His relationship with Kandi or Kandi’s friend Carmen?

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh lol

      • therealnumber1

        Dun Dun Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnn

        • BabyBlue


  • newgirl

    I think having the entire world watching your relationship isn’t healthy either. Marriage is real hard work and when you have 2 people come together you have to have a strong foundation. I do think the ladies may have giving her some advice but at the end of the day Porsha is a grown woman and she had to choose between fame vs family. She chose fame now she has to live with it.

  • me

    I think they may have gotten them there faster … lol … but it was going to happen regardless. But I agree with the other poster. You gotta keep folks out of relationships. Or if nothing else take what they say into consideration because a lot of times friends’ points are valid, but still do what is right for you. At the end of the day, it really isn’t about what others say about your relationship – it’s how you choose to process the comments.

  • FeelsGood

    Keep people out of your relationship. Period.

    • ItsMyOpinion

      I agree. I don’t think they are to blame, but I do think they sparked something in her which made her question her position within her marriage. Todd was really trying to tell Kandi not to make the same mistake Porsha did, and keep people out of their dang business.

      • Jan

        ion trust todd or his shady beard… kandi has horrible choices in men

        • ItsMyOpinion

          She really does. She sucks when it comes to picking a man.

          • Jan

            something doesn’t read about todd…. i really want to be happy for her but kandi seems like she into whatever man who shows her a semblance of attention.

  • JB#3

    No one can tear your relationship apart if you don’t allow them. Kordell didn’t want his wife to work or to be her own woman. He wanted a stay at home mother for his son and when Porsha wanted to work, he was totally against it. There is nothing wrong with working outside of the home but you have a partner who is willing to pitch in and help run the household and unfortunately for Porsha, she didn’t have that.

    • GertrudeCruz

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    • therealnumber1

      I agree with you…but sometimes I think Porsha and Kordell had this convo before they got married about the type of wife porsha would be. Porsha knew what she was getting into and she still married kordell. In the beginning of the season she seemed perfectly fine being a housewife, then got around women who in essence are not housewives and then I guess she changed her mind…only thing is Kordell didn’t change his…

      • Dee

        I was just about to say that. In the earlier episodes, porsha seemed content with being a Housewife… So when she started all that talk about a career, I was like huh? Wanting a career is all well and good, but I dont think thats what Kordell signed up for.

        • therealnumber1

          Right!! Don’t get me wrong now I do feel like Kordell pulled some
          b&%#h a$$ moves during this whole thing…but I dont agree with how people have been calling kordell controling or saying he was holding porsha down. Porsha was (or at least seemed) just fine in the beginning. She made it seem like that was life she wanted, she wanted to be a housewife who cooked and cleaned, took care of the kids, and then went shopping to play dress up on her husband’s dime. Some call that controlling, some call that living the life~lolol~or the “traditional” marriage. I mean she either agree’d to all that before they got married while hiding what she really wanted because she wanted to be married that bad…or she probably told him that’s the lifestyle she wanted as well, thereby looking like a match-made in heaven.

          • JB#3

            Porsha was young not in age but in mentality. We all grow in relationships. Our wants and needs change not only for the relationship but for other areas of our lives. In the other ladies, she saw so many things that she could do aside from being a mother and a wife. Everyone should be allowed to grow and I didn’t see that happening with Kordell. He wasn’t willing to bend, give or negotiate on what he wanted.