Get Her Whoopi: Sharon Osbourne Says The Ladies Of “The View” “Can Go F**k Themselves”

November 6, 2013  |  

I didn’t know that there was some unspoken beef between the ladies of The Talk and the ladies of The View. Did you? The latter is the blueprint in which The Talk was based upon, and has been on since ’97 with new faces joining the panel over the years. The only sign of issues between the two shows has been Sharon Osbourne saying a few years ago that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a “little blonde idiot” and that the cast of The View was “miserable and dry.” But Osbourne has decided to talk ish once again. While appearing on Arsenio with her The Talk co-stars, Osbourne kept it a little too real (after possibly having some moonshine in that red cup) when asked what the difference is between her show and that of her competitors:

Arsenio Hall: “What’s the difference between The Talk and The View?”

Julie Chen: “We do not discuss politics. We do not debate. I always say, The View has changed over the years as the players have changed…”

Sharon Osbourne: “Cut to the chase! Stop being polite! Cut to the f**king chase! The situation is, Barbara, idolize her [bows down], divine she is, superhuman she is. The rest can go f**k themselves!”

Yikes! Seeing how the women of The View have recently been answering questions and rumors about their show and behind-the-scenes drama with other A-listers, I can see Walters taking a minute to try and get jazzy with Sharon. And you know Whoopi will do her best to politely read Sharon for filth. But the best thing they could do is ignore all this. Let any response come in the ratings, if you know what I mean. But what do you think of Sharon Osbourne’s thoughts on the ladies of The View?

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  • Mrs. C

    Sharon Osbourne is a prime example of putting lipstick on a pig. She has no class and her opinions are totally irrelevant. I think all these “ladies” (and I use the term loosely) of The Talk should probably just shut up.c

    • b.Little

      I just wish sherri would stop being so loud, stop making over all the great looking men who come on the View, and then talk about what a christian she is and how she loves her man, all at the same time her tongue is wagging while looking at her guest, tacky.

  • Val

    Meh, if Julie Chen wasn’t married to the boss at CBS The Talk would have been cancelled long ago. So, although I’m no real fan of The View, at least that show has survived on its merits and not through nepotism.

  • Melissa Lowe

    I used to watch the used to interesting, but it is now dry & very boring & I used to be a true fan & I still try to look at but after 15 minutes I turn & look at Law & Order…The Talk has exceeded their expectations, they are fun, exciting, interesting, communicates well with their guests….you never know what to expect from day to day…making it a must see…they are very open, entertaining and appeal very much to their viewers with their topics & antics…it;s really hard to choose a favorite because you enjoy of them for different reasons by Sheryl by far is the realest & most entertaining…she is the glue that really makes the show work so good with the viewers…she makes herself relateable to her fans & the fans of The Talk. I must say The Talk is a lot of things but boring it’s not.

  • Jayda Brown

    Sharon, I got two words for you: Bye Girl!!

  • JRoc85

    Let’s be real… “The Talk” is a KNOCK OFF of “The View.” I love Sharon, BUT she needs go sleep with Ozzy, & leave the ladies of “The View” the H E L L alone.

    • guest

      That’s what I thought. Does she really think The Talk would be on if The View hadn’t been on first. Stop smoking Sharon, they opened the door for this type of show pull your head out of your behind.

  • vcubain

    The Talk is SLOW. Walters has sense to let her show flow when the women on the View speak their minds SHE doesn’t stifle them from going toe to toe with each other. Osborne says what she wants on the Talk, Sheryl goes yep yep yep like a lil dog, Alisha Tyler wont open her scared mouth & the others sit there like they will get a whipping from Osborne or fussed at. Julie at least has a way out.

  • Dallas

    wow did you guys not ever remember watching the osbournes seriously

    • Jayda Brown

      I do, that whole family dropped so many F-bombs you couldn’t get through the show without some nut getting bleeped out.

  • FromUR2UB

    I don’t watch either. Can’t say.

  • Sagittarius81

    I don’t watch The View because number 1, it’s boring and number 2, it’s on as the same time as Wendy Williams Show (10AM) here in Chicago and I rather watch Wendy. I watch The Talk too and prefer it over The View. Now waiting for The Real to come on the air here in Chicago next year.

  • Rosemary Davis

    You would think that Sharon Osbourne’s bout with cancer would make her some what humble a little softer but she keeps dropping those f-bombs freely on whom ever not even mentioning her Son Jack having MS and the recent loss of his pretermed baby.I don’t watch the talk so I don’t have a thumbs up or down but you can beleive that Whoopi will certainly have something to say

  • katrinaj

    I used to love THE VIEW, but got kind of bored with it. THE TALK I watch it every once in awhile. In my opinion am TIRED of every time someone creates an idea for a show platform everyone starts to make copies like, THE TALK & now THE REAL talk show with Tamar Braxton & cast! Barbara Walters created women view…now everybody & their mommy doing the same thing!!! To me it’s too many damn talk shows on now!!!

  • kiki j

    Anyone who has ever seen the Osborne’s reality show back in the day shouldn’t be surprised. I prefer The Talk over The View but both shows are very similar. The View can’t keep cast members because they can’t get along which makes me not want to watch. The Talk is a more candid show imo. Sharon is like Whoopi she can say whatever she wants and get away with it.

  • hollyw

    MN is right; never respond to basic biotches. You can only bring them up and yourself down by doing so.

  • Alpha Omega XI Sorority

    Sharon please if it wasnt for her husband it would sharon who???? the talk is a lower version of the view not saying the view is all that but she being a grandmother could have expressed that with a lil more class

    • vcubain

      You listen to her. She may have dressed herself up and put makeup on BUT OBVIOUSLY SHE HAS NO CLASS. COULDN’T BUY IT IF SHE TRIED. UNCOUTH cant make a silk purse from a pig’s …

    • Sean

      She helped with his success since after all she was/is his manager. I don’t care for her comment but I do give credit where it’s due.

  • rainydaze80

    I agree that the View is dry in some respects, but the Talk can’t “talk” about politics or anything meaningful because no one on the panel has an opinion that anyone cares about. Sarah is meek as a church mouse, Sheryl, well who cares what she thinks. She’s the comic relief. The same goes for Sharon. Julie thinks the world revolves around her, so really Aisha is the only one who has the ability to offer intelligent opinions. But frankly, she’s not that big of a name to make folks tune in. I mean outside of her stint on Friends, is she really a household name? At least when Leah and Holly were on the show, it was interesting.

    • Chocolater Reign

      I totally agree with the majority of this comment

    • Junebug85

      I agree with you whole heartily! Hit the nail on the head!

  • Ms_Mara

    “Miserable and dry”? Pot, meet Kettle.

  • kickash

    Sharon needs to have several seats. I mean aside from maybe Barbara, Whoopi, and Joy I didn’t care for some of the women that have been on The View in recent years, but let’s be real, The Talk isn’t all that either, especially with some of the ignorant things that come out of Sheryl Underwood’s mouth. But of course this isn’t the first time Sharon hasn’t been able to keep her mouth shut now I see where her daughter Kelly gets it from.