Salon Owner Syreeta Scott On Holistic Hair Care & Being A Healthy Entrepreneur

November 6, 2013  |  

Syreeta Scott

Time and again, we’ve reported on the hard work that goes into launching a business. Entrepreneur after entrepreneur has told us about the effort, the money, and the schedule juggling that goes into making a business work. By the time they come to MadameNoire Business with their stories, these businesses have gotten their footing and are on the path to new heights.

But that doesn’t mean the hard work is over. Nor does it mean that you’re always going to be thrilled with your career as a business owner. Just like any other job, being an entrepreneur is one that can wear you down on some days, making you wonder why you didn’t take the career path of least resistance when you had the chance.

“If you’ve been in business as long as I have, there’s an ebb and flow,” Syreeta Scott, founder of Duafe Holistic Hair Care and P.S. (Pure Style) by Syreeta Scott told us. A salon owner for more than a decade and a hair care expert for 15 years, Scott has put in the work to get her business to where it is.

“It’s a selfless job. I would spend seven days a week, Christmas and New Year’s Eve working. I would never take any time off. So I burned out,” she told us. “You lose sight of what your ultimate goal is, what your passion is. I started disliking my passion.”

At that point, Scott told us, you have to start weighing the options and, even more, take actions so that you “regain your life.” That’s when she realized that she was so focused on the ideas of growth and success, that she wasn’t paying attention to the path that would lead her there.

“I can control my growth by making better business decisions,” she concluded. It’s those conclusions that got her back on the path to balancing her domestic life (she the mom of a little girl with another baby on the way) and her thriving business. Among them, she says she paces herself, she’s more realistic with her goals, and she’s staffing up with better people.

“It took my daughter to change my mind,” she says. “Not all money is good money. Having my daughter and being pregnant drives me to make more healthy decisions.”

Scott suggests that all business owners determine what financial wealth means to them. And at that point, hire people who are competent, capable, and have some skin in the game.

“They have just as much to lose as you do,” Scott said, a factor that drives people to do their best work. “Don’t hire your friends. Make sure you hire the people who can facilitate your needs. When you have good people, you don’t leave money on the table.”

It’s interesting that Scott has so much to say about being a healthy business owner since her business is all about healthy hair.

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  • DuafeHolistic HairCare

    It’s never too late too say Thank You, for all of your kind words. It is appreicated!! Check out you website for more helpful tips on you tresses..
    Syreeta Scott

  • Megan c

    But she’s overweight…. Black women will have healthy “hair” (or hair on their head thats done) but won’t have a healthy body (overweight, unclean, etc.) and spirit (mean, no support for other sisters, etc). Get it together.

    • Chaneal Conway

      So do you have a “healthy” spirit by saying this about her? Because you don’t even know her. And she’s not overweight.

    • Thaalia

      Wow, is that all you see when you look at her, when you see what shes doing with her life? Smh. People are walking contradictions, leave her be.

    • Shake on you Megan C

      If there’s nothing wrong with YOUR body (and I’m sure there is), there is something most definitely wrong with your mind. We ALL have flaws. Work on your own.

    • DuafeHolistic HairCare

      My sweet sistah, I’m 6.5 months pregnant in this photo. Judgement is truely something that if you don’t have all the variables, you position yourself to look like a fool. Megan, I wish you all the best!

  • guest

    Great job my sistah. Keep pressing forward. Always keep God first in every decision.