“I’m Not Gonna Talk About Chilli S*cking My Father’s D!ck”: Pebbles’ Daughter, Ashley Reid, Goes Off

November 4, 2013  |  

Source: SFMTV.com

We told you last week that Pebbles’ daughter Ashley Reid was not pleased about the way her mother was represented in the recent TLC biopic. But she took it a step further than her mother and actually made some pretty damning character attacks against the group members specifically Chilli, saying she wanted to fight her in the street. It seems her beef with Chilli goes beyond the alleged lies the biopic told about her mother. According to Ashley, Chilli had an affair with L.A. In an interview with Reid All About It Radio, which is hosted by L.A. Reid’s son Antonio Jr. and Ashley, she spilled all of the tea. And if the name wasn’t enough of a tip off, there was so much instigating and self promotion in this interview, that it’s very clear it’s all in the family. Ashley went in talking about how even though she’s educated she still plans to get in Chilli’s a– when she sees her on the street. Check out some of the highlights from the interview and then watch the video on the last page.

The “untruths” associated with the biopic

It was especially weird for me to see a bunch of Fawkin lies…that was interesting…I’m just gonna say this really quick. To the American and some South American people, that I’ve spoken to this past week, honestly I am very, very, very discouraged angered and saddened by how f-cking ignorant and vapid people are. Seriously. …. I’m so used to being on my own planet. For example, growing up celebrities weren’t celebrities to us. They were people who took sh-ts in our bathroom. We ate at the same table. You know what I’m saying already I have a skewed perspective for what a celebrity is period. Which means I don’t know what its like to a maniacal fan….Being a fan is a beautiful thing. To be clinically ignorant is something else. To me these people are why we have the Patriot Act…

Not being too educated to be a hoodrat

Just because I’m educated, does not mean that I don’t know how to be tactless. I don’t know how to rip your f-cking a– open and I don’t know how to put hands on you. Just because you’re educated–fake sleep– and you grew up a certain way does not mean that you can’t go toe to toe with foolishness. It actually means that you have an upper hand on foolishness because you are forever talking down to somebody. I have no problem, going down to somebody’s level it’s the only way they are going to be able to understand me. Instead of me being my self, I would much rather come down to your level so that we can at least have an even conversation.

What T-Boz and Chilli lied about

They [T-Boz and Chilli] know what they lied about…They used mostly our family, mostly mom as a pawn for publicity to drive the whole entire film  and she was actually in the majority of it. As the devil, as the super villain and common sense will tell you if you continue the whole entire time to point a finger at everybody else and never take responsibility for anything, it usually means that you need to sit your f-cking a$$ down and take some accountability for something.

Other LAFace artists who didn’t have money problems. 

Usher didn’t have money problems. Outkast didn’t have money problems. Toni Braxton didn’t have money…
Antonio Jr: No Toni Braxton cried money problems, 
Ashley: That’s just because she f**ked Uncle Bryant. Fake sleep.

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  • Adrian Cool King

    Come on now baby time to move on this is 2014 not 1993

  • kimilaa

    Lol damm

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  • foxy brown

    Pebbles, always seem to have been a class act, maybe her daughter should stay out of it and let her mother handle her business, and I’m sure she will. Maybe Pebbles will make a movie, and tell her side of her story?

  • DthaGamma

    She sounds jealous of TLC, and especially Chilli. Talking about the d—s Chilli sucked…what about the ones she obviously sucks!!look at her lips!! Pebbles took advantage of them.point blank.period.

  • Khrys39

    It’s unfortunate that (Pimp) Pastor Perri would allow her children to publicly express their opinions on a matter they had absolutely NO knowledge of nor did they partake in. If anything and nothing else, they are a few of the individuals that actually benefited from TLC’s blood, sweat, and tears while they (TLC) walked away with virtually nothing to show for their success. Additionally, Ashley need not air anyone’s dirty panties unless she’s willing to tell her mother’s own sordid stories!

  • ladyk

    First, how can they mismanage money that they were never given? #educateddummy

  • Guest

    I SO want to watch this, but I can’t get it to play. What happened, did it get removed?

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    she needs a hug… now watch this launch her into reality show stardom…

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  • Lyndsey

    I believe TLC I have family that is in the Industry and if you don’t have someone representing you, you will get jacked just like TLC and countless others , now I also believe Ashley comments about Chili 1. she’s only bashing Chili not Tboz & Left eye 2. I watched behind the E hollywood story and L.A kicked Crystal out and plucked Chili in not Pebbles, I always heard Pebbles hated Chili and if Ashley is telling the truth then I see why I also heard that Dallas treated Chili the way he did because of L.A. The Reids need to demand a full refund from whatever Institution they sent Ms Ashley to!

    • Her

      Chili approached Pebbles, she was introduced to the other two because Chrys didn’t cut it. Sure it was Chrys’ idea NOT Pebbles. When Chili clicked with the others it was all she wrote. Pebbles like Dallas, but Chili was crushing and eventually started seeing him making Pebbles hella mad. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    • kimilaa


  • IslandGal2012

    L.A. can’t be her real father with her talking so disrespectful?!!!

  • Cheryl

    This woman is CRAZY.

  • JerkJackson

    Where’s the muzzle for this b!tch?

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  • Jayda Brown

    Can this girl please keep her trap shut? She is giving Chilli and T-Boz ammuntion in this lawsuit that Pebbles hit them with.

  • zee

    Someone sucked her dad’s d*** – the person doing the sucking might be a w**** as she says, but what does that say about the father???? And he was married to her mother while doing that??? This girl needs to keep quiet before she opens up her family to further ridicule. First a ‘prophetess’ that raised classless kids, a father who messed around in his marriage, … so, what’s next in the family?

  • bubu

    someone needs to stop giving that girl a platform to speak the way she does about people. fine you don’t agree how they portrayed your mom but seriously, stop being so classless. You are no different from a barking poodle on a leash wanting to get at big dogs. someone should let her off that leash and prove her threat. Question is will she really be able to smash Chilli’s face on the concrete or will it be the other way around? :)))

  • thepreshest

    Can’t everybody just let this go and move on. The movie is made and no one is going to go into the editing room and change any scenes that were put in there so just stop.

  • Nelson Brooks

    Yeah, she doesn’t come off as crazy at all. Not even a little.

  • No offense Ashley, but you do know you’re getting mad at Chilli for things your mother did ten years earlier, right? LOL!
    But in all seriousness, this is one thing that she should have never commented on. It had nothing to do with her and it’s not any of her business. In this case, she should have kept quiet.

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  • patty

    I believe her mother treated TLC like crap because the daughter is straight up stupid going off like that. And I dont think for a minute she can whip anyones butt. Shut up Skank.

  • stupid ashley

    If chilli sucked yo dads d..k he licked the tlc tip too, u best believe..it takes two to mingle so b mad at yo non biological dad too u idiot…I think yo mon sucked mo d..ks when she was a prostitute don u think?

  • RettaMichaels

    This child is low life vermin infested trash. The threats of lawsuits….Hmm, let’s see… Where’s Pebbles’ biopic??? Could it be she screwed everyone over so much it would be one long drawn out mess like this daughter’s rant? L.A. ought to sit this child down and tell her to keep his deed out of her conversation with the press!
    I firmly believe if the lawsuit were going to happen, it would’ve happened years ago. It didn’t, so there must be something to the story.

  • bailedex

    A chip off the OLD MESSY block lol

  • Kam

    Ok now this is just getting totally ridiculous. At what point will someone grow up be the bigger person and just stop with this. If there is anything more to be said, and if these women are the Christians they say they are then they need to sit down and discuss their issues. All this going on radio shows and slandering folks is getting silly. And while I totally understand this child wanting to defend her mother she needs to hush. Not because she doesn’t know what happened back then but because her mother is grown and if she needs someone to be a voice for her she has a legal team thats paid to do it.

  • lamh36

    I get it was her mother and stuff, but she really sounds just stupid and idiotic.

    Also just finished reading the comments, and I see a bunch of “guest” post defending Pebbles and the daughter and throwing some shade TLC’s way.

    Dude, just like Pebbles and her kids, the INTERNET is not the place to be trying to “save the queen”. Pebbles’ lawyers are working overtime to get that last bit of blood from the corpse of Left Eye and the stone of TLC.

    So defending “her honor” by calling her detractors a “hoe” and maligning her own father’s character, ore hounding people on threads just cause “no one understands the troubles Pebbles have seen” is just stupid.

    I agree with the other poster, Pebbles and her kids and even the remaining members of TLC should just let this one go!!!

  • The Mrs

    Women lie, men lie, but numbers don’t lie. Now little girl sit down and shut yo dumb mouth before I get my belt. Yo mommas a thief and she know it….

  • guest

    I am not sure why folks on this site are so surprised. You keep claiming how Ashley was a toddler, what does she know, blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is what do any of you know out side of this TLC biopic made from their perspective? Just because it was from their point of view, doesn’t make it gospel. Pebbles has been slandered and made out to be the devil himself, unfairly I might add, yet everyone is surprised at Ashley’s reaction? Really? I am still waiting for all these TLC defenders to present the contract showing wrongdoing on Pebbles part. Let’s stop pretending that TLC had no accountability of their own.

    • BarbinAtlSouth

      1) Not a TLC defender, per se, but someone that pays attention. Getting ripped off by managers is not new.

      2) All this was out YEARS AGO about Pebbles beating TLC for cash. Heck, Lisa Lopez(s?) made a video about it. Not a lot of push back then.

      3) You keep asking for folks to show a contract – wasn’t that part of the problem? Nobody was allowed to see a contract. But, of course, that’s just some bs from a fraudulant biopic, right?

      4) You seem to be defending Pebbles pretty hard. I guess you have a copy of the contract and can clear everything up.

      5) Ain’t nobody thought about Pebbles in YEARS

      • justsaying

        Ain’t nobody thought about TLC in years either … that’s why they did this movie. lol

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  • femmenoir

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • CT

    Im weak with laughter at this picture though!

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  • Caramelcutie

    So basically she just called her father a child molester cuz I’m sure Chilli wasn’t eighteen when it went down!

  • Martha

    Pebbles and family are looking for their last go round for notoriety and attention. After this they get to continue living lavishly while the entire black U.S. population hates them for a lifetime.

  • Martha

    If you listen carefully at how Pebbles pronounces her words, its obvious these people came from the skids. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, it’s all true!

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  • Wanda Simpson

    You were a baby when this all happened take several seats, girl bye.

    • me

      But that’s still her mom and she knows more than any of us do … Just because she was young does not mean she does not know the details. My mom is still shocked by the things I tell her I know and remember from when I was a kid. Kids know a hell of a lot more than adults give them credit for …

  • Mz Deior

    Honestly we heard this all before & bottom line to me is they were young & pebbles knew & took full advantage of that, at the end of the day pebbles track record speaks volume now as far as tarnishn chilli’s record to say she slept with LA, man it is what it is who are we to judge who she slept wit, ashely run up on chilli if u want to, it should never result to violence but if it does I still say dnt run up to get beat down. In life nothin is perfect but dnt point fingers when shyt hits the fan.

    • Yes

      I’m in the A, around industry folks and they all say she was either working, at home, or under Dallas. Somebody’s lying! Pebbles didn’t like the PYT before her and threw instant shade. Pebbles like Dallas which is why she dogged Chili, the LA crap is a coverup. Even back then, Chili was a prude.

  • NOLA_Darling

    DELUSIONAL WACK JOB! Her mom’s reputation in Oakland before she “shagged and snagged” her boss was far from pristine, so Miss Ashley “My daddy Ain’t L.A.” Reid may want to stop trying to put other people’s pots on the stove before somebody decides to heat up her momma’s kettle.

    • guest

      LA Reid adopted her, so yes he is her daddy. Have a seat and leave that aspect out of your elementary argument out. So all the kids out there with adoptive parents don’t really have parents? You sound dumb.

      • beckybeckybecky

        Pebbles has a son named tian mckissack who was born in 1994 that’s she’s been denying until 2013. She ain’t sh!t.

      • Yes

        Nah, no papers Boo. She’s still Ashley Smith. 🙂

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  • timewillheal

    Her and her mom is a mental case.

  • guest

    She needs be be quiet before somebody comes out and talk about her mama Pebbles was a big time h*e in Oakland..While she’s trying to slam Chili, her daddy is a married man Pebbles was tricking with..so she is a trick baby. Her last name is Smith not Reid…

    • neutralg

      You hit the nail on the head.

    • So…that’s who the co-writer on Babyface’s “Tender Lover” and “Whip Appeal” was? P. Smith, I see you, LMAO!!!!

  • neutralg

    Legends have it to say Usher had money problems but it was kept on the hush hush. Ashley is one mean bitter beast. She ought to be careful; She lacks class. What she knows about LaFace business being that she was a little tot when her mom married to L.A. Reid. Sis Perri needs to take her daughter through deliverance. I see “Angry Spirits” in operation. #AngryBirds

    • silvershadow

      He did have money issues, but his mom didn’t let the PR train go off the rails … which is more proof that the core of it was a LaFace issue, not a Pebbles issue. She had nothing to do with him or Toni having money problems. I don’t know why people can’t see that. It was just easier for everyone involved to hang the black woman out to be lashed and scapegoated after the TLC thing. Notice none of the men from Arista or LaFace are being called curse words and devils on any of these blogs or comments … If you all think it was all Pebbles you just aren’t being realistic.

      • Yes

        Pebbles hands were in the pot with TLC, same everything from the attorney on down. So much conflict of interests. They paid for their own everything even when Pebbles “gave” them loving gifts. She was their manager and they were naive to blindly follow her. This still goes on in the industry with well to do and hood folks alike. There are attorneys in Atlanta that work with artists to rework a deal once they’ve gotten on. Pebbles was real stank about how she handled these young women. It’s a story that has been told for many years, the movie just came out giving the visuals. If Pebbles had a problem, guess what, she should have said something after the Behind the Music episode came on. TLC forgave Pebbles and everyone else, they moved on, but after the visuals there’s supposed beef. Come on now! It’s their story, let them tell it. Btw, they did go hard on Clive and LA.

  • Sandra Woods Wimberly

    Wow! Angry much? I understand that she wants to defend her mom, but she knows that TLC was cheated and she knows by who! She needs to stop talking so much…. its bringing MORE negative attention to her family

  • J J

    Darn girl you need to chill, take a seat and let grown folks work out their business. You just come across as foolish, Shut up, why are you crying out like that did the Bio-pic hit a nerve

  • Keland

    Can you all stop using the word ‘ignorant’ to mean ‘rude’!

  • Keland

    Aww shucks, she is going to make her family lawyer work for her/his money.

  • Bits

    that pic of her is hilarious!

  • TripleX

    OK, so what Chilli fucked everyone in the music industry including Ashley’s father! So what? That’s not the issue! The issue is that her mother ripped TLC off and continues to do so! All Pebbles had to do was modify the contract to give TLC some more money! They were the top selling artists in the world yet had noting to show for it!

    • Keland

      “OK, so what Chilli fucked everyone in the music industry including Ashley’s father! ”


  • Sunshinegirl

    She sounds like a fawking lunatic! And um, last time I checked, Outkast wasn’t make any records because of money issues, so I’m not so sure about what she actually knows. Parents don’t ever really let their kids in on money details, so she’s probably going based on appearances and assumptions. She sounds like those clinically unsound people that she speaks of.

  • Happy Monday

    Screen capture is hilarious! I didn’t even listen to the interview cause I know it will be nonsense but I was cracking up at the picture.

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  • 1Val

    Does Ashley have a career and family? It seems she has too much time on her hands to be that involved in her parents business.

  • RinnyReigns

    This girl clearly has some issues…most of the things she says doesn’t even make sense….and the fact that she’s acting like this gives validity to the tlc story in the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree…immature and just sad

  • Annoyed

    The most annoying thing in this whole interview is when she said educated people have the upper hand on foolishness because they are “forever talking down to someone.” I can’t stand this type crabs in a barrel mentality. And I hate it when people feel like they have to announce to the world that their educated. You should let your actions and your work speak for themselves. Doesn’t look like your education did you much good if you have to keep telling folks…

  • me

    (I don’t wanna sound dumb … but I did have a question. What does “fake sleep” mean? I even went to Urban Dictionary and I’m still kinda lost. lol)

    • NOLA_Darling

      A closed-eyes yawn?

    • Don’t Get Pebbled

      I was wondering too, but I think I understand now. “Fake sleep” is a verbal play on the old saying “every shut eye isn’t asleep,” which basically means “you might think I’m not aware of what’s going on, but I AM aware” or “you believe a story based on certain assumptions, but there may be more to it that you can’t see (because you’re ACTUALLY asleep) but I CAN see (because “fake sleep” LOL).

  • ♛DaQueenB4U♛

    Education doesn’t equate class…IJS

  • JRoc85

    Ashley Reid, take your bitter, delusional, pampered & spoiled (with TLC & Toni Braxton’s money) bougie a$$, & sit the F#%k down!! Thank you!

  • Sharmette Calvin-Frempong

    After reading the transcript I was hesitant about actually listening to the video. That being said, I couldn’t finish watching it past 4 or 5 minutes partly due to all of the overlapping conversations and ridiculous jokes about absolutely nothing. If this conversation was playing on my radio while driving in my car I would change the station. This educated “potty mouth” needs to grow up and save all of the idle threats….it’s a movie and whether it’s all true or not, move on and sat down. There are far more important battles to fight in this world and this isn’t one of them by a long shot.

  • dusttracks

    Okay, the water pill disclaimer made me want to fight HER. I had to stop the vid to keep from punching my computer screen.

  • me

    I think it is SO stupid that a nearly 25-year-old situation has these people so riled up. Good Lord. MOVE ON. That goes for them all. Tionne and Chilli, Pebbles, their kids, their families, all of them! They could all be like Lisa, six feet under and unable to keep going with life. All this anger and hurt feelings is so counterproductive. I mean on a purely unbiased level, I understand all of their points of view. TLC feeling cheated, Pebbles feeling hurt and thrown under the bus, Pebbles’ kids being mad about hearing people trash their mom basically their whole lives … I get it. But deggon … Is all of this fussing and carrying on gonna change what happened? Just be glad a great group was created, some good music was made, and you are here to see the impact all parties made. Pebbles had a great vision to put them together, the girls had talent, the writers gave them great songs … all parties should be proud! The minute I heard that they were doing this movie, I knew there would be a bunch of drama because unlike when the Behind the Music came out, there is social media to fan the flames and make things worse. Given all this mess, I can’t believe they have signed another deal with LaFace. All I can say is now I see why so many networks and studios won’t do these projects till folks are dead … LOL. Too much freaking craziness. At the end of the day I’m about the music, so I’m gonna keep rocking out to “Kick Your Game,” “Mercedes Boy” and my other faves! Still love TLC, still love Pebbles.

    • guest

      Agreed. If what they went through with LaFace was so bad, why sign with them again? Because no other label wants them. Their heyday was 20+ years ago. That is why they blame Pebbles. They won’t touch LaFace because they need Babyface to produce for them, etc. They are not stupid and know LA Reid is chairman of Sony and not to be messed with. No one is fooled here. Pebbles has always been a scapegoat because they cannot lash out at who they really want to. What manager has more power and control than a label? Yet, Pebbles alone is responsible for all their troubles. Where was their own personal accountability?

  • janell

    What a ignorant, classless heffa let’s hope she gets locked up soon.

  • Marcilla Quinn

    pebbles was a THIEF !!!!!! not only did she screw TLC out of money she stole from Toni Braxton too…..face it and move on !!!!

    • guest

      You sound ridiculous. Pebbles wasn’t even Toni Braxton’s manager and therefore had nothing to do with her. Maybe you need to face the facts that you have nothing to go on other than your TLC bias and a biopic of allegations. Again, if there was a legal precedent for TLC being cheated, why did LaFace and Arista settle with Pebbitone for millions….notice it wasn’t the other way around. Why let the facts get in the way of your know nothing rants though.

  • AB

    No, but we WILL talk about how LA ain’t her real daddy (and she’s lucky he adopted her from her real daddy, the pimp.), and how Pebbles got passed around Con Funk Shun and others in the industry, though.

    That whole speech she ran on Chilli about “loose girls” was from the heart and experience.

    Gon’ and sit ya behind down, lil girl, and stay out of grown folk’s conversations.

    • dusttracks

      Well, damn! Thanks for the tea!

      • cocolatte

        And the tea is definitely being served hot!!!! I had no idea…
        Sounds like Little Miss needs to button those lips before the real deal about her parents comes out to light, and then she’ll be wishing for some ‘fake sleep’ (whatever that is…).

    • folamix

      And the plot thickens….

    • ” and how Pebbles got passed around Con Funk Shun and others in the industry, though.”

      Yeah, that classic song “Love’s Train”? Yeah, that was about her…

      • Val


    • Yes

      No adoption papers, Boo. She’s Ashley Smith on paper. Pebbles has children by two or three men…she’s now claiming Ashley and Sebastian (TIan) have the same dad. Tian is the baby that she didn’t raise and the fat boy, Aaron, doesn’t like him. Heffa has been married so many times, once or twice before LA and twice after him (minister divorcing and marrying like it’s nothing. Guess she doesn’t comprehend adultery).

  • Rolaine Mcgruder

    Classless and deplorable. They would have been better off handling this affair quietly and legally if necessary. I do believe that Rozhonda and Tionne were ready for this ish to hit the fan as soon as this movie went to production, so if anything these two ignorant children just proved their point.

  • lazy2010

    oh …word… LA come get your daughter. Now I believe everything about Pebbles if she raised such a daughter , she is messy. No one is talking about that movie anymore now SHE is the one keeping it in the press. Get a life your family is rich go take a vacation or something

  • CLK

    Like many artists; TLC came in with no knowledge about the business, and the management staff and producers took advantage. If Chilli had an affair, why is the information coming out now? Sounds to me like this is a retaliatory statement because of how the mother was portrayed in the movie. Even if Chilli had an affair; yes, it was wrong, but she was not alone. Typical, even though her father engaged in the behavior, if it is true to begin with, the daughter uses this to take the focus off her parents’ fiancial rape; a justification for taking advantage financially. Many times the artist can sell millions of singles, CDs, etc., and come out owing the records companies, managers, and producers, which is why they file bankruptcy.

    • me

      Talk of Chilli and LA has been around for years … nothing new and people have said that’s the real reason Pebbles hated her guts. But of course that wasn’t in the movie. LOL … They even say that the abortion she had was from that affair and not Dallas Austin. Who knows? It doesn’t matter now anyway.

      • NOLA_Darling

        In any other situation where a nearly 40 y/o man is sleeping with a 19 y/o that he has professional power and influence over, everyone would acknowledge that he used that power and influence to exploit her, and the same standard should apply here.

        • bigdede

          Exactly and he was her boss. In the movie they showed L.A looking at Chili like he wanted her. But that man was way older than her and was established in the music business whereas she was a 19 yr old dancer with no business savvy.

  • Sunny Sahara

    Obviously she is going to be biased… its her family that is being painted as the villains.

  • Cori Hoston

    This chick is cray cray….she needs some emotion controlling medications now!…ret NOW

  • C-Student

    I can understand her having an issue with what was said about her mother, but to call “most people in the world” “below average”, is just an ignorant comment, PERIOD. Also, education and GPAs do not define intelligence, I have met many ignorant “dean’s listers”, they sound so stupid in this interview. Ms. Pebbles and Mr. Reid, please get your children! The most valuable lessons in life are humility and respect for others, and this video shows that you may have missed the mark with these two.

  • ZLoves

    How she know Chili suckled her daddy thang?
    What the heck is fake sleep?
    Is she a part of the managment team for TLC or Toni Braxton? If not, she needs to shut her face. It don’t matter how many thangs Chili sucked, Peebles still hustled them out of their money.
    Peebles control your chap.

  • Guest11

    I don’t know if anything went on between LA and Chili or not. But I would bet my bottom dollar, her mother did her share of sucking d*cks as well to get her career going!!! Throwing shade is not cool especially when the shade you’re throwing is the same shade you’re living!!! She should not ever again talk about ignorant people because she could be the poster child!!!

    • Michelle Kirkwood

      Seriously, this whole thing about Pebnles and TLC is some BS. The bottom line is, nobody really knows what happened bwt them BUT them–none of us really know who was who doing what to whom. As for the daughter, heck yeah, she sounds ignorant/ridiculous as hell, and she clearly has some mental issuesor is just immature as hell,too–sounds like the latter—I hope no one actually voted her to be the family spokeperson., because she sounds ridiculous. If you’re going to publicly challenge somebody, as least know what the hell you’re talking about before you spout off.

  • tee

    This entire interview is bunch of NOTHING!!!

  • Chereta Arlette Daniels

    I guess she doesn’t know the meaning of defamation of character. So while her mother is suing the makers of the TLC movie (which I believe every bit of) Toni Braxton and Chilli will be suing her.

  • DaysFanSince83

    Poor child. She sounds so ignorant. And she’s got the brain span of a buzzard’s crotch.

    • Michael Stanton

      a buzzards crotch….OMEFFING-G I laughed off that for about five minutes!!!!! still chuckling over that one!

    • Khrys39

      I definitely plan on using that phrase: “The brain span of a buzzard’s crotch.”

  • TheHoneyHannah

    “you can pay for school but you can’t buy class” – JayZ

  • juicy

    I believe TLC even more LOL Their parents was on Behind the music, why didn’t they say it wasn’t true then… The children look plum dumb! LOL

  • Jess

    As the old saying goes. . .a hit dog will holler. . .if this stuff wasn’t true in the biopic, it wouldn’t have struck such a cord because the works that you’ve done would speak for you!

    • guest

      Struck a cord? Maybe she is just fed up with the likes of you and the majority of people on these sites judging her mother when NONE of you saw the contract, were there or even have any facts to go by other than a biopic made from Chili and TBoz’ perspective. Also, if memory serves me correctly, Left Eye wasn’t even talking to those two at the time of her death which her family has corroborated. I suppose because the movie made them all look tight then, that must me true also, right?

      • beckybeckybecky

        Ashely, is that you? I thought your mom was such a minister??/

        • IslandGal2012

          That obviously makes no difference to her.

      • bigdede

        Left eye family is just pissed that they weren’t included and asked to be on the red carpet. Turns out they were talking. How you think they made their last album? Left eye sadly died before it came out but they did make an album together and talk. There are lots of interviews to collaborate this. Also like Wendy Williams said, this news is 20 years old. When Wendy asked Pebbles to come on her show to tell her side, Pebbles said no. As messy as Wendy Williams is, Wendy lets you tell your side. Pebbles doesn’t want to talk for a reason.

      • Nancy Saia

        They were talking when she died. The movie touched on when things were not that tight too. When she called them out to compete withindividual record releases in the magazine article… I had that magazine! A contract is public record and could easily dispel any false details that are in the movie. This information is nothing new and was discussed back then and over the years since then.

      • Just saying

        Honestly, are you even old enough to know anythng about TLC or are you just going by what the movie did or did not show. Those girls were young and inexperienced to the music industry and add no legal advise. Being that naive, “No matter who you are,” you are prime for someone to take advantage of you. And if you actually watched the movie it showed the were not getting along at some time. And take so time to do some history work, you will find the multitude of artist that were beng ripped off the same way. Especially through the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

  • this is the most publicity these people are ever going to see. ever. tact is when you’re right and you know you’re right and don’t have to prove, justify, clarify or speak badly about anyone. there’s egos here that need to be deflated.

  • agdfd

    I have never heard someone make up so much words in my life. But they are the “above average”

  • NeaJ

    Pebbles, please come get your kids! This chick is messier than my 2 year old nephew eating spaghetti. Smh. Was all of this really necessary? This interview did more harm than good. Not only is Pebbles a shady business woman but she clearly didn’t give her kids any home training either!!

    • Cinnamon71

      Lmao @ messier than 2 yr. old nephew eating spaghetti!

  • Jenn E. Penny

    how old was she even when this all went down? like were you even old enough to understand how the business went down? chile hush and sit, education doesn’t “buy” you common sense, you can be the smartest person in the room and people will still laugh at you for being a fool. I don’t see how Pebbles could ever be upset with the way things were portrayed in the biopic, cuz at the end of the day, millions of albums were sold AND NO MONEY WAS SHOWN, if they lied or defamed you, where is the money?! smh

  • CeeCee

    Wow. I had no idea the bio-pic “slammed” Pebbles. When I saw the adverts, I only saw TLC and heard no mention of Pebbles. But I now want to see it. I’m so sorry the adult children (specifically the daughter) felt the need to act so… less than educated (both in word and deed) about it all.

    How old was Ashley when these things she speaks of allegedly occurred? Was she there when Chili allegedly did the deed to LA Reid? Did Chili have a gun and force LA Reid to sit back for the alleged deed? If not, why would he allow it?

    If Pebbles DID spend a million (or more) on grooming TLC, medical bills, food, etc… Well, isn’t that how it’s done in the industry?

    Ashley’s behavior is questionable and sad. Her friends and family would know the answer to this, but if she behaves in the same manner frequently, perhaps she needs medical intervention.

    • Annoyed

      That is how it’s done in the business. It’s called artist development.

    • NOLA_Darling

      Most of those costs are grossly inflated, which is why some of the most financially success artists in hip hop (the hustler’s music) figured out along time ago that it would be cheaper to just borrow money from the neighbor dealer and produce yourself. That’s why Too Short probably has a higher net worth than Chili and T-Boz despite selling a fraction of the units they’ve sold.

  • Rae

    She is just making TLC’s case….the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If she truly believes her mother was lied upon, file for defamation and take it to court. They can afford it…

  • Sedrick Roeshard Gilbert

    Out of the mouth of Pastor Perri “Pebbles” Reid’s daughter? Sounds like someone has been missing Bible Study! #FoulMouth #LyingDogsbark

  • Val

    She’s and her mom aren’t just flapping their gums for nothing, I smell a lawsuit brewing.

    • bigdede

      Pebbles had 20 years to file a lawsuit against them. None of this is new. This has been around for years. The movie just highlighted Pebbles’ attitude but the whole money thing, TLC, especially Left eye, use to talk about this all the time. So if she wanted to file a lawsuit, she would have done it back in 1994 when they first put her scamming out there. She is not making herself look good at all and her kids isn’t helping.

      • Val

        Yeah but, there’s a difference between just going around saying stuff and immortalizing those same words in film.

        • JadenKing

          is there a difference if what TLC has been saying is allegedly untrue? this is THEIR bio….

  • Jacara Fatin

    This poor child. There’s a certain time and place to say things. I don’t think this was the best platform for her to say any of these things.You do know that when you were so called exposing Chili you also threw your father under the bus, right? That wasn’t a good move at all. At all. Pebbles and Antonio need to get their child.

  • D.D

    And She is treating to fight people That I see beating her so bad she will not be able to see straight for days. I wonder if she has even been in a real actual fight I know to many women like her that are all talk but the can not fight a lick. And if she was as smart as she thinks she is she would know that scamming is about knowing who to scam. User had his mother in his corner and she was not letting anything happen to him and Pebbles was not his manager his mother was. She just sounds so stupid and she will never see it. Outkast was doing the music thing and making money for a while before they ever got signed so they were not going to not read contracts. She knows very little about the industry or how it works because if she did she would know the factors that come into play and how the industry is when it comes to taking advantage of new inexperienced artist with out parental supervision/ parts who know basic business( there are many of those). She thinks she knows more that she does.

  • Mrs Mitchell

    Have a seat little girl! You were too young to know any of their business dealings with either parent. If you were so angered about how your Mom was portrayed, why didn’t you express these things when it was actually happening???? Also, how about that? Putting your Dad’s business in the streets! Stay in your place! You can start by backing away from the mic!!!! #richkid #uainthood #stop #perpin

  • BJ

    WOW, Pastor Perri (Pebbles) must be really proud of her “educated” daughter and that mouth! This thing could have blown over a long time ago if Pebbles and her daughter would just be quiet! That movie didn’t reveal anything we had not already seen on the VH1 Behind the Music episode about TLC (except, of course, Chilli’s abortion). Do the contents of the movie even matter that much? After all, “Pastor Perri,” as far as I know, is no longer in the music industry. Her reputation was sullied because she exploited 3 inexperienced (in terms of business), poor young women who were looking to become famous and pull their families out of poverty while calling herself their “big sister”. Instead of spewing all this venom, she should put a muzzle on her daughter and offer the remaining members a sincere apology!

    • Martha

      And how about offering them a few million dollars in reparation pay!

      • Des

        I don’t think Pebbles set out to rob TLC, however who knows what did happen after she found out Chilli slept with her husband! I don’t think Pebbles had any track record as a manager, to tie TLC into all those long-term contracts- management, production, publishing etc., and in the end she made millions simply from those contract agreements, and this is why they are warring to this day. Pebbles could have started out with a management agreement which would allow her to re-negotiate and recoup her investment gradually instead of all at once based upon sales. The publishing/production contracts is where she went wrong.

        Give an artist a fair chance to own their own songs and creativity without your cutting a huge chunk of the cake from the start! It would have been good to have them sign a shorter termed agreement, say 2 or 3 album deal instead of the 7 album deal. Pebbles caused her own headaches with those lengthy contracts while she was dumped for tying TLC in for too many years.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    she needs to take her meds…& find the seats with her mother.

  • chilid856

    A lot of managers and producers screw over some of their singers. They had enough sense not to a screw them all over. Because they know who to screw over and who not to screw.over. That’s why it’s best to have your own lawyer or someone who know what all of the legal stuff means to read over your contract before you sign a contract. They didn’t screw over the over the ones that knew what they were reading, took it to their own people, or wasn’t desperate for a record deal and willing to sign their soul over. Producers, managers, etc in the music industry are just like kids they know who to act a fool with and who not to act a fool with.

    • logical

      I totally agree with you! Artists who are not able to make legal decisions on their own should seek professional advice. Otherwise, they only have themselves to blame.

      • JadenKing

        hindsight is 20-20. this happened 20 years ago…

      • Adrian Cool King

        for real makes plenty sence

  • D.D

    This little rich girl needs to be quiet because someone who is really ratchet will cut her down quick. Book smart does not buy class I went to college And anyone that has will tell you the same thing some of the girl that got straight As were the most ratchet on campus with zero common sense. She is not helping at all she is just making everything worse for her mother and giving the movie more publicity. She does not seem smart at all to me she seem really stupid. And you are naming people and putting there business out there and bad mouthing people not even involved she is asking for whatever negativity she gets. She is to stupid to see she is making everything worse and she is a joke people are asking you to talk because you are a joke who says out there crazy unexpected stuff.

    • Adrian Cool King

      she is making it bad for herself mostly!

  • D. Boone

    Arrogant and ignorant at the same time. Plus she is butt ugly and her brother looks soft!

    • coolyfett

      What does “soft” look like?

      • ScriptTease


  • Ginna Germain Basile

    Forget educated…… this woman (I use that term lightly) has no class!!

    • guest

      Right, her mother gets scapegoated and everyone goes IN on her with no facts other than a biopic, but Ashley has no class? It’s too bad Pebbles didn’t insist on a gag order in her countersuit all those years ago as is the norm today. That would have shut them up once they had to fork over what little money they clearly still have 20 years later. Maybe they want to blame Pebbles for that too.

      • bigdede

        How her mother gets scapegoated? This issue isn’t anything new. This whole thing about Pebbles scamming them has been around for 20 FREAKIN YEARS!!! Pebbles had plenty of time to counteract these allegations. The reasons Pebbles never said anything is because of the contract they signed with Pebbles. Even after she wasn’t their manager anymore, she still got monies from their future albums. She didn’t want to mess up that money so she didn’t say nothing. Pebbles’ daughter looks like a fool talking about Chili like that. It sounds like her daddy had a thing for Chili and it made her mother jealous. That’s why they keep coming for Chili and not T-Boz. This whole thing is 20 yrs old, Pebbles’ kids look like fools.

  • taz

    messy, messy, messy! She needs to stay in a child’s place on this one! I’m grown and I might know more than i want about my parents before I was old enough to realize but I would never tell their business like that! I just wouldn’t tell anyone’s business like that! she bit off more than she can chew with this one (No pun intended) but geeze gurl

  • Growth

    Education and money can’t buy class. This is some rich kid trying to be ratchet. She still has a child’s mind. She knows nothing about what happens 20years ago so her mother or father needs to get a hold of mouth before she really gets hurt. She’s talking about fans. If a hard pressed Stan catches her in the street she is done for. The old saying goes, A hit dog will holler. She sounds like she (her mom) go hit by a tractor trailer.

    • Nancy Saia

      Yesssss!!!!! How old is she? To reveal first hand knowledge of a scandal is one thing but passing on what your mommy told you is just stupid. Cosign “hard pressed Stan” lmao!

  • Passimsoue

    Doesn’t sound educated to me!

  • MuscleMansWoman

    Ummm…Toni Braxton did have money issues, and she discussed those issues without fully disclosing specific details about how she was managed and compensated for her work.

    • Adrian Cool King

      she sure did til she had to sell her Piano and grammies

  • Tee Elyse

    Smh… so, she thinks being educated AND tactless is cute? Girl, get a grip on life!

    • Alex

      Right! She’s only making her family and herself look bad by speaking the way that she does. And I don’t really think she should be using Usher as an example of one of the LaFace artists that didn’t go broke. Everyone knows that his Mama was/is ALL UP IN his business. There’s no way that she would have let him sign a bad deal! It doesn’t seem like TLC’s parents were that involved in their business.

      • Adrian Cool King

        I know that’s right that was just stupid of this girl to carry on like that!

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