Somebody Get Her: Lolo Jones Disses A Fan Who Dresses As Her For Halloween

November 1, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Lolo Jones is known as much for the disrespectful things she says as she’s known for her pursuits of a medal in hurdles at the Olympics (2008 and 2012), maybe more. She received a great deal of backlash for her comments about Rachel Jeantel during the George Zimmerman trial (Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross-examination that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court). And Jones, who has successfully tried her hand at bobsledding and is currently battling with her team for a spot in the Winter Olympics, caught major heat from Twitter last night for putting her foot in her mouth again. After a curly-headed fan dressed up for her as Halloween saying “Had to be my girl @lolojones for Halloween. My idol. I just need a hurdle.,” Jones caught wind of the picture and for some reason, thought it would be cute or maybe even funny to tell the fan that if she really wanted to look like Jones, she needed a perm:

Clearly this was a very unnecessary thing to say to someone who is trying to pay homage to you. As my coworker would say, “a simple thank you would have sufficed,” and indeed it would have. Of course, Twitter followers went in on her for dissing a fan, including one woman who said,  “This broad Lolo Jones has like 2.4 fans and she just told one of them to get a relaxer. Jesus take it.” Jones tried to respond to the backlash with this:

“If i had curly hair& she had hers straight and I told her to get a curly perm to mimic no one would cared but the other way ppl flip. #noted”

No dear, it’s the fact that you decided to clown someone who was trying to show you love on Halloween. The least you could have done was show love back. Do better–much better.

What do you think of all this, as well as Jones’ response to the backlash? 

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  • taz

    She’ll never lose her virginity and get a husband if she keeps acting like a b*tch

  • A.Trotter

    Every time she opens her mouth she puts her athletic foot in it. I can’t imagine she has many more fans…

  • GymJunkie43

    Well considering this girl has a gold medal around her neck, we all know it’s not LoLo. If LoLo weren’t “cute”, she’d get the amount of media attention you deserve, when you win NOTHING….EVER.

  • reese

    She should be happy that someone thinks enough of her to even think she merits a costume.

  • Kitty Stranj

    She’s just a very negative person who lacks wisdom. What she probably considers her “telling it like it is” is basic douch-baggery that stems from self-hate (and you KNOW what I mean). I sincerely feel sorry for her. Even when she comes off as arrogant and/or conceited I’ve always felt like she’s trying to compensate for something. I guess that goes to show that all the potential for greatness in the World can’t make you great and/or worthy within your mind.

  • Megan

    The girl is probably mixed too and runs track at school and looked up to her, thats just so mean. Discourging this girl’s natural hair texture is just evil.

  • kajf

    well well this long faced gila monster sure is pulling out all the stops(and im not just talking about hurdles) for attention! let me see first it was her tight stank virginal trout smelling box then all these 2 brain cells (or lack there of) comments. I feel a comment relating to her tight unused hershey highway coming in 5,4,3,2,1

  • Sunshinegirl

    Certainly convinced that she only does these stupid antics to try to remain relevant in the media. No one can be that rude in real life…. except for Rihanna.


    lol oK that was funny…. Maybe people need to fall back on all this celebrity idolizing… Stop censoring she did fail at the hair shot… Lolo is like she uses perms LMAOOOO Come on now that was funny…. Lolo is a cute chick that may not say the right things all the time but at least she’s a fiery black lady… Go lolo… I am happy she is not all docile and playing victim.

  • word

    lolo who???

  • Rosetta Stone

    Harpo, who dis woman?

  • IG: Taneeka2012

    Whenever I see this chick in the blogs, it’s always for her saying a negative, snide remark about someone who hasn’t even disrespected her. And then acting confused when she gets all the hate comments. She seems to be a real douchebag.

  • TrueView

    She looks a little bit like a rat… I’m surprised she can fix her mouth to clown someone.

  • ZeroFuxGiven

    Oh the crap they say to “Fit In”

  • CoCo DaQueen

    Trying to stay relevant. Get some and maybe you will lose the effed up attitude. 1 less fan of yours LowLow. Now you have 2….maybe. #classless

  • B

    This is why she will never get laid.

    • Megan

      She is a lesbi

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    Lolo is not pretty. She is a very plain faced mixed chick. He attitude sucks even more. Just an observation. Can’t figure out where the hype is coming from.

  • Prr Kitty

    This “female dog” is just terrible.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    Not only she sucks at track, she sucks at having a sense of humor too. Imitation is the best form of flattery you know, Lolo!

  • Cinnamon71

    That’s why I do not give much credence to these so-called celebrities, especially nowadays. Most of them have their heads too high in the air and could care less about their fans(the ones who got them there in the first place). When I come across one, I just give a quick nod and keep it moving because if I try to do anything else, you might get dismissed or come across a bodyguard.

    Lolo has about 30 seconds left of her 15 minutes of fleeting fame, so she’s the last one who should be acting all high and mighty. She should be humbled that someone paid homage to her at all. That wasn’t cool at all and like the saying goes “Be careful on how you treat people on your way up because you’ll never know who you’ll need on your way down.” By the way things are going for Ms. Jones, no one is going to remember who she is in a few more years. Who knows, her #1 fan might end up surpassing her records one day.

  • VampyRed

    Ugh, she is such a miserable person. Clearly, she has never heard of being gracious and humbled. Another person that doesn’t have a filter. Loser.

  • Nicole Jazzette Johnson

    SMH I could understand her arrogance if she was someone of obvious and indisputable talent as well as good looks. However, since she has neither she is simply another ,” I want to remain relevant” wannabes who can’t quite make the cut. Now when she 1) invests in Murad or Proactive for her horrible skin and 2) actually medal in the Olympics in an individual event, say like track and field instead of her choke and yield then she can put someone down. I’m not saying that I would accept or appreciate it but dang first do something relevant that you set out to accomplish before putting someone else down for having a belief and wanting to support her non winning butt!!

  • guest

    She should have been honored that girl chose her considering no one know who she is. From the looks of the picture of her above, she needs a Proactiv endorsement

  • Krazilia Love

    I could almost see the thought process – “This little girl think she’s AS cute as I am? That bit… ain’t even cute! And her hair is curly? Girl, curls went out in the 90s! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! Ugh…!!” Then she tempered all of that into “get a relaxer” and an emoticon. Girl…

  • kiki j

    Wow how rude smh. I don’t even know who she is and I STAY in the blogs. Which means that must have been her only fan smh. She should go play in traffic….during rush hour while kicking rocks!

    • Dawn Marie

      hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ^^^

    • Let It Be

      With flip flops on!

  • Ali

    can they take LoLo Jones away with Stacy Dash? We simply dont need her services any longer.

  • Reallytruly

    Stank-ass cow.

  • Jalonna Gipson

    She should of had a v8 #stopbeingafollower and who is keylolo again??!

  • cherishX

    Remember how she was dissin’ Rachel Jeantel during the Zimmerman trial? I lost what minimal respect I had for her back then anyway. I hope they go HAM on her on the web for this new unnecessary attempt to stay relevant.

  • hollyw

    Well that’s unfortunate. Especially as it made little sense, looking at the girl’s head, she would’ve needed it straightened (relaxer’s not even necessary) AND with a weave, but I don’t think even a fan of hers takes her that seriously…

    …but who didn’t already know LoLo hated her Black side??

    • SANDRA

      Well, her father who happens to be black abandonned her and her family. That’s probably where all the hate comes from.

      • KamJos

        Ahhh, that makes so much sense. She’s basically White then.

        • hollyw

          Right. And now she got all these Black fans… o.O

          ^case-in-point^ smh

    • Mixed Breed

      Hated her Black side how??? Has she come out and specifically said so? Do you know her personally to make this indication for sure? And if she did hated her Black side how is it hurting us? Its really her business, but I don’t think she hates anything.

      • hollyw

        As not only an athlete, but a celebrity, you can hardly say “it’s her business”, as case-in-point above, she comes in contact with multiple impressionable people, reaching out to them, and is frequently offensive.

        I made no indication, but an observation of HER indicative comments towards multiple Black women. Also, as none us of know any of the subjects in these articles, yourself included, I don’t think that’s a requirement for an opinion.

  • Chawklit Kizzez

    I never cared for her chin…

  • TC

    I normally don’t promote violence but someone needs to whoop her tail. What a smug little witch.

  • Shannon g

    Her names says it all, Low Low!…

  • Tehara

    She could’ve worn an Olympic medal and it would’ve been inaccurate too….

    • i.mean.really


    • JustSayin

      Bwahahahahahaha #truth

    • Krazilia Love


    • Dawn Marie

      funniest & most accurate comment goes tooooooo ^ ^ ^ lmao

    • Let It Be

      Take my upvote! You have won the internet! GAME OVER! LMAO!

    • kiki j


  • Ms_Mara

    She should be grateful and appreciative that she even still HAS fans. The comment was completely unnecessary. Just be flattered and call it a day. Her response to the backlash is BS too. Has nothing to do with hair texture, it’s simply the fact she felt the need to say anything about the hair at all.

  • kickash

    omg that is so mean! And this girl said she was her IDOL. But people always say when you meet someone you idolize they may turn out to be a-holes. And then she has the nerve to make a smarta$$ comment to probably the only person in the world who dressed up as her for halloween.

  • Ms. Fox

    She has a lot of confidence for someone is known for continuously choking in her sport

    • Ms_Mara

      Another Anna Kournikova. Known for her looks and not much else.

      • Sharon Simmons


      • Kenedy

        Anna Kournikova hasn’t touched a tennis ball since 1997, & for the longest time she was on every single magazine cover…I was like…what the hell…lol

        • chanela

          the athletic kim

      • Paul Dronette


      • Sunshinegirl

        Right! Has she ever really won anything?

      • Neauty84

        Anna kournikova was actually cute, this lady looks like a dude!

    • kola

      And she just dissed her one and only fan…..

      • VampyRed

        Exactly, instead of taking it in the spirit in which it was intended, she has to be extra. Some people.

  • Lawyergirl


  • Jocelyn Beverly

    She is rude woman no more to say