Chilli Creates Change.Org Petition Against MediaTakeOut After Attacks On Her Son Tron

October 30, 2013  |  

I had the chance to interview Chilli and T Boz for the site a few weeks ago, and not only is Chilli incredibly sweet, but she’s a dedicated and loving mom. I could tell that from the way she talked about her child, and from her bag, which had the picture of her 16-year-old son Tron on it (if you’ve seen her old reality show, you’ve seen one of the bags). And she continues to prove that today, as the TLC singer created a petition against the website MediaTakeOut to push them to stop slandering the children of famous folks, and minors in general. Recent posts on the site have tried to make insinuations about Tron’s sexuality, talked about his choice of attire at events with his mom, and more things that came to the attention of Chilli, and enraged her. Here’s a little bit of what she had to say in the petition, which you can see in full here:

“Recently my son was targeted negatively by popular gossip site I can’t describe the anger I felt at my son being ridiculed continuously by for no other reason than the fact that he’s my son. has posted numerous false stories about me, and other celebrity friends of mine and while I don’t like it, I realize that is a part of what comes with celebrity. However when my 16-year-old son is being attacked, that is when I take off the celebrity hat and become the protective Mother that I am, and I know many of you are.

Adults have the mental capacity to deal and prioritize. Most importantly my son had no choice in who his mother was just like many other celebrity kids do not.  It isn’t fair that our children have to deal with cyber bullying because of the career choice of their parents. Anyone under the age of 18 should not be ridiculed or targeted by or any other website.”

A rep for Chilli, Christal Jordan, also put out a statement expressing her own disappointment with the way Chilli’s son has been portrayed in the media, and she says that he has indeed noticed:

“Working with Chilli over the last seven years, I have seen Tron grow into an amazing kid that I love very much and it bothered me that I had nothing more to tell him than “ignore it” it will go away. Well the truth is, it hasn’t gone away and while owner Fred Mwangaguhunga is a father himself, for some reason he finds nothing wrong with making personal attacks on celebrity children. constantly posts negative headlines on not just Chilli’s son, but also Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s children, Puffy’s twin daughters and even Jay Z and Beyoncé’s baby Blue Ivy. Yes celebrities are fair game in this entertainment industry, but at some point we must draw the line.  No one’s child deserves to be ridiculed by a public domain.”

Since the petition came out, Fred Mwangaguhunga, CEO and founder of the site, has already come out with an apology and promised to deal with the individuals behind such stories about Tron.

It has come to my attention that in an article posted on on October 28th, some inappropriate comments were made towards Tron Austin, the son to Rozonda “Chili” Tomas.

As many of you are aware, has a strict policy against criticizing children, whether children of celebrities or otherwise. It’s not clear how an article that clearly violated our stated policy was published, but rest assured that I will get to the bottom of it. I plan to take action against the MTO staffer who wrote the article, and put in place additional safeguards to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

Our sincere apologies go out to Tron, Chili, his family and anyone else that were offended by our comments.

Fred Mwangaguhunga Editor,

Folks definitely crossed the line, but they’ve been doing these type of stories for a while, so Fred isn’t fooling anybody...What do you think of Mwanagaguhunga’s apology? 

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  • word

    the public feels entitled to be ‘cruel’ or unforgiving to level the playing field of them being enormously wealthy because of that very said public..

  • princess courtenay

    i want someone tell me how to pronounce fred’s last name!!!

  • Rissie75

    So happy they deleted your comment before i saw it…..But I can tell it must’ve been a childish one judging by your name calling. I’ll let this go and won’t give you a minute of my time. Have a blessed day 🙂

    • jano

      Love how fake azzzzz people say have a bless and still waste time to judge and be on these so.called filthy sites go stomped that fakeness somewhere or go dress ur kid like a girl

      • Rissie75

        LOL you sound upset…come here baby, let me give you a hug!!! Now, sit down and let me dress you up like the kid you are, LOL!!! Have a Blessed Week now, Bye Bye or Bye Felicia 🙂

  • FromUR2UB

    Those articles must have been written by people with no children.

  • Kam

    I had to stop reading that site a long time ago because of the crazy articles they had on there. Fred and his crew are out of control. I don’t know when it became ok to slander children regardless of whom their parents are but thats not hot in any form or fashion. Chili is in the public domain her children are not. Let that had been my step son or my neices and nephews and I would have been in court facing charges.

  • dee

    I think that apology is a pile of crap because I specifically stopped visiting that site due to the fact that they have a history of slandering children. I can remember exactly the last post of theirs I read was an update on a baby that they referred to as a “stupid hoe”….IT WAS A BABY! On another occasion they posted pics of and entertainers son and mocked his haircut. The site is nothing but tabloid garbage and cyber-bullying, it’s disgusting and all they do is post updates and photos on which celeb crapped their pants or photos of naked vajajays. I don’t read their site anymore because it’s full of garbage.

  • Just saying!

    That site really is incredibly ignorant though. I feel like the people that right for them have to be extremely insecure to engage in such unhealthy behavior all the time. I mean have u seen how superficial and petty those posts can get? Smdh

  • Gingerbread31

    Real mothers are not defined by their accounts or social status; and to my knowledge, Chilli is the only mother to protect her son in this type of fashion! I respect her and the true love that she has for her baby! I also commend the owner for addressing this issue and I believe that his apology is genuine. These sites are supposed to be Black Owned; however, positive articles are barely posted pertaining to Black people. Some of them sicken me…

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


  • Estelle Thomas

    Hope he sticks to his word.

  • Wanda Jewett

    I’m SURE THE OWNER KNOWS WHO THIS PERSON I believe it’s him he’s trying blame someone else he just want publicity and everyone to read his article!!!!!

  • jano

    Why get mad where your child is dressed like a female so that means every person thats says shyt to your son you gonna petition them please grow some balls and make sure you teach your son to stand for himself damn this bytch didnt have an issue when other blogs rag her for selling her handbags with her and sons pic

    • jano

      Oh and please take sum notes from will and jada they dont give a rats azzzz what people say about their kids and they have more power

    • Rissie75

      Are you a loving parent?

    • MsCam1984 .

      Maybe you didn’t know but back in the day thats how his dad dress. So maybe he got his style from him. Who are you to judge?


    where is the link to the PETITION??????? WHY YOU HIDING IT??

    • Rissie75

      it’s there…click on the red “Created a Petition” they’re not hiding it.

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  • TheZuluKing

    Freddie knows damn well he cosigns these articles. Is it wrong what they said about Tron? Yes! Did we all think it soon as we see photos of him? Yes

    • Nee Nee

      My thoughts exactly, he wants to play dumb now

  • Rashida

    I think the kids should be off limits. Period.

  • Poe Inspires

    i mean who cares?! keep it moving wit ur life! people are gonna talk!

    • His classmates and friends read that. Its humiliating especially as a teenager to have those kinds of insinuations made about you. Its not fair and its not okay.

      • Poe Inspires

        high school isnt fair but it happens!

        • Is It 5:00 Yet?

          Yes, teenagers insult each other all the time, but adults have no business ridiculing minors.

        • Fo real a national website dogged you out repeatedly and made insinuations about your sexual orientation. With hundreds of comments of people publicly saying worse? Fo real? That seems a little extra for any innocent child to have to go through for no other reason that his mom’s famous.

        • PleaseDOBetter

          You are correct that high school isn’t fair. However, it is one thing for his peers to talk about him. It is another for adults.

  • Me

    That is what a mother is supposed to do for her children, whether they be children of celebs or plain ol’ folks. If you don’t stand up for your children then what will you stand for? I applaud Chili for this.

  • La la

    People still read media take out?!?!?! O_o

    • Imani

      RIGHT?! That was my first thought.

  • ChiTown Princess

    I’m with Chilli, she has a right to be outraged at a site that insults her child. Come for the adults all you want, but don’t come for their child.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    Yeah, children of celebs should be off limits, they didn’t choose to be born to celebrity parents. I remember they did the same for the son of a rapper (forgot who) last year and they apologized and said they fired one of their staff for that article. I stopped going to that site over a year ago because of the ignorance.

  • howwedoit

    Horrible. I see craziness from some blogs that definitely leaves me in shock, its almost like intentional slander. Chilli is correct, children are off limits, who goes in on children? smdh

    • BabyBlue

      My guess is people with usernames and silly icon photos.

  • BabyBlue

    I think MN should take note and look at some of its authors articles.

  • Me

    Girl, get out your feelings. They just said what everyone else was thinking.

    • BabyBlue



      and if that was your child you’ll do the same so shut up

      • BabyBlue

        Lol ok! Just imagine if we said what we were thinking. We would be jobless, single and lonely. I don’t understand some people

        • Superfox Mackin

          I know right!

        • Estelle Thomas

          U would deserve to be. If u grown ac t like it and filter your mouth.

          • BabyBlue

            Girl bye

    • Joon

      Girl, get your life! This is someone’s child and if someone said anything negative about yours, you’ll get mad too!

    • Superfox Mackin

      If you had a child that was famous and they were doing the same time to him or her, you’d be angry too, until have several seats boo.

    • unque43

      It’s okay that everyone may or may not think, but to put it in your magazine is different. It’s no ones business what sexuality he is. Goodness get your own life.

      • S. Lee

        I think its disgusting in general to discuss the sexual nature of a child, what you all up in his business for?? Adults that put it out there fine, but that’s so gross to sit up here and tell a child what they look like they like sexually….I just get the heebie jeebies wit that. I cant.

    • tee t

      WOW!! Get out your feelings about your kid?? Either you’re not a parent, or you’re a horrible one.

    • bronzedyva

      He will be 18 in 2 years.

    • Stacey

      No they didn’t. I think it’s cruel to attack people like that especially children

    • Nia

      I actually agree with you. Keep your kids out of the limelight, especially with that foolishness you let your son walk out the house wearing. You can tell he has no father in his home.

    • dorothydavis124

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    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      You lame. Lets talk about your kids then.

    • Guest

      I guess she got the spot light off your gay brother, huh?. You know how he switches his butt around town!