Shade: Rashidah Ali Says K.Michelle Jacked Her Hairstyle

October 30, 2013  |  

Sources: VH1, Instagram

At this point in the game, most Love & Hip Hop fans are aware that K. Michelle changes her hair just about as often as she changes her drawers, so I’m not 100% sure where Rashidah Ali is going with this, but the former redhead recently accused her new co-star of jacking her signature hair color.

“Well, I changed my hair color K.Michelle did come to New York and swagger jacked my whole entire hairstyle,” Rashidah told VH1 during the Love & Hip Hop season four premiere party.

She went on to say that the leader in her wouldn’t allow her to share a hair color with K.

“I’m a leader. I’m a person who likes to be separated from this rest. I don’t wanna be the other girl on the show with the red hair. So I intentionally changed my hair color just to be different.”

Rashidah adds that she will gladly allow K to rock the red tresses.

“She can have that. The red was last season. We’ve moved on to new and better things. So kudos to her. Rebellious Soul, right? There you go,” she sarcastically added.

We definitely sense some shade there, but maybe she was just joking? Though we could understand why some of the other ladies might resent K, as she made it quite clear that she’s not interested in shooting scenes with any of them.

Watch Rashidah’s interview on the next page. What do you make of this?

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  • kekeb

    smh. she’s just trying to create drama so someone will watch this whack azz show next season. STOP it right now! you are way to old for this (and red hair). ronald mcdonald

  • tan

    I think they both stole it either from Ronald McDonald or Ariel from the little mermaid. However rashida looks better than k. Michelle to me, red hair or not.

  • karla younf

    k michelle do it big girl

  • WHY

    I don’t care who had it first. Both of them look ridiculous with that Kool Aid red hair dye.

  • nairobi

    lil kim the boss of wigs come one how yahll forget

  • @Bella_Shavogne

    and she jacked it from rihanna and rihanna jacked it from janet jackson and so on and so on. Lord can these ladies be original for once.

  • JRoc85

    PLEASE! K. Michelle looks beautiful with the ruby hair! Rashida looks like Ronald McDonald’s lost sister!!!

  • Romona Rochelle Gill

    Pippi Long Stocking and my raggedy Ann doll rock that style first so get over it. I wish I post the picture here.

  • Kim Ber Lee

    Boy George and Grace Jones Rocked the red before all these chickens.

  • Angela

    Sorry but it is hair color….K.Michelle does look better

  • sasha

    lmao..I just cant…..BOTH look and act like clowns so the hair color is perfect for the both of them…whew I swear the buffoonery that comes out of the reality star mouths

  • tikkit30

    She said she moved on to better where? that blonde/orange combo hair is not better, this is so pitiful!

  • IAJS

    She did not say someone swagger jacked that played out hair color. It is a color that high schoolers put in their hair because most sensible adults know better, clown.

  • IllyPhilly

    It looks like sh!t on both of them.

  • nolabaybee

    Sorry, but they both look like rodeo clowns.i don’t know where the red hair trend came from but it does not look good on anyone i have seen with it,it’s flat out ridiculous.

  • scandalous7

    two words…..high school

  • York

    Girl, stop. Both of y’all jocked Pinky.

  • So Blessed Jones

    Shut up Rashidah, A person wears their hair how they want to, You did not make the color red idiot, Leave K alone and I mean it

  • Trisha Simon

    Sounds like she’s trying to stir the pot just to get a little more camera time on the show? As if she’s relevant enough to claim red hair is her patent…K Michelle changes her hair color all the time…she couldn’t possibly be copying this woman…lol Also as others have said Charlie B and more recently Rihanna wore it first and…

  • hollyw

    Oh please, that Raggedy Anne look wasn’t even on the radar until Riahnna. ‘Original’, my @$$…

  • a23

    charli baltimore, little Kim, T-Boz all did the bright red hair in late 90’s/ early 2000’s

  • nick

    Rashidah looks like the Heat Miser from the ABC christmas cartoonz smdh

    • nick

      With that blonde orange hair lol

  • Superfox Mackin

    She just mad because K. Michelle looks waaaayyy better than her ijs

  • Embarrassing

    These COONZ look like straight up fool
    AKA f#cking clownz red hair.
    With fake azz GTFOH

  • Say What?

    Really now? DIdn’t she copy some white woman’s hair texture? Please sit down no one even knows you.

  • Me

    They both need to let that go!

  • kickash

    So she mad cuz K. Michelle managed to do the red hair without having a red scalp? If K copied Rashidah, then Rashidah copied Ronald McDonald.

    • Superfox Mackin


    • hollyw

      Literal “laugh-out-loud”, you know you ain’t no good lol!

    • Enjuli Bullock


  • IG: Taneeka2012

    She sounds stupid, she sounds pressed. No one owns the color red and it can be used as freely by anyone for whatever they choose. I’ve never seen LHHNY but from the pics above, K. Michelle looks better rocking it anyways.

    • Dani

      And on top of that k was rocking it in LHHATL. Smh I wish people would understand that hair is just hair. You can grow, cut, lose, curl, or color it. I just hope K.Michelle don’t even respond to this.

    • Karla Young


  • Trisha_B

    & im sure she copied that style from someone else, probably Rihanna. Shoot, Charli Baltimore was rocking the fire red hair before anyone lol. Bye Felicia!!