Say Cheese! Celebs Caught Cheating By The Paparazzi

October 30, 2013  |  
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Being a celebrity means you trade your privacy for fame and fortune, so you’d think stars would be more careful when they’re out cheating on their partners. You just never know when there could be an overly eager and stealthy paparazzi lurking in the bushes — as these famous cheaters found out the hard way.


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met on the set of the popular Twilight movie back in 2008. Although they didn’t come out as a couple publicly, their relationship was no secret. Fans of the franchise were just as heartbroken as Pattinson when Us Weekly published photos of Stewart and much older director of Snow White and the Huntsmen Rupert Sanders making out like the plane was going down. Stewart and Pattinson tried to move past her transgressions but they eventually split up. Sanders’ ten-year marriage to wife and model Liberty Ross was also a casualty of their extramarital affair. Ross filed for divorce at the top of this year and is seeking spousal support.


Katherine McPhee

Katherine McPhee got her start on Fox’s hit reality singing competition show “American Idol.” Although she didn’t win, McPhee still enjoyed some success early on in her career. The California native starred on NBC’s “Smash” but her and the director of the now-cancelled show recently made headlines well after the last episode aired. Photos surfaced just last week of McPhee and Michael Morris lip-locked in a parking lot. Reportedly, McPhee has been separated from her much older husband for months but Morris was happily married to actress Mary McCormick. That is until she saw her husband making out with the 29-year-old starlet.



Uber producer The-Dream started dating singer Christina Milian in early 2009 and before long she was pregnant with his fourth child. Although the pregnancy was unplanned, The-Dream asked the “Dip It Low” singer to be his wife. They married in September but by July of the following year, they announced their separation. Maybe it had something to do with photos surfacing of The-Dream frolicking and grabbing his assistant’s behind while on vacation in the Caribbean. Milian is currently engaged to Jas Prince.


LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes found love on the set of the 2009 Lifetime movie Northern Lights. Soon after she fell for her co-star Eddie Cibrian, cameras caught the two creeping around town. Photos were published of the two sharing a very romantic dinner together, shining light on their extramarital affair. After the news broke, Rimes and Cibrian divorced their respective spouses and eventually married each other. “I take responsibility for everything I’ve done,” Rimes said of the affair that led to the destruction of two marriages. “I hate that people got hurt…But I don’t regret the outcome.”


Ryan Phillippe

Ryan Phillippe married fellow actress Reese Witherspoon back in 1999 when they were both in their early 20’s. The young couple had two children together but apparently Phillippe was looking for some fun outside of the marriage and hardly hid his antics. Paparazzi caught the Cruel Intentions actor and his fellow Stop-Loss co-star Abby Cornish out numerous times together coupled up at restaurants. The duo was even busted leaving his apartment together. Witherspoon and Phillippe divorced in 2007.



After numerous relationships and a failed marriage to actor Sean Penn, singer Madonna finally settled down with British director Guy Ritchie. They remained happily wedded for eight years until Us Weekly busted the “Material Girl” singer secretly hooking up with New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez at her New York City apartment. Months later, Madonna and Ritchie officially split up. The Snatch director reportedly walked away with $100 million from the divorce settlement.


Jason Aldean

Singer Jason Aldean dropped his debut album in 2007 to much fanfare and since then he has become one of country music’s brightest stars. By his side as he skyrocketed to stardom was his high school sweetheart and wife Jessica. The two tied the knot in 2001 but when photos surfaced of Aldean getting cozy with former “American Idol” contestant Brittany Kerr last September, their marriage was on the rocks. Aldean took to his Facebook page to publicly apologize but seven months later, the couple called it quits. Aldean filed for divorce this past April citing irreconcilable differences.


Coco Austin

Coco Austin is known for her voluptuous curves and being the dutiful wife of rapper Ice-T. But late last year, her loyalty came into question when a virtually unknown Las Vegas hip-hop artist said he had been with the reality show star in a romantic way. Rapper AP.9 claimed he had photographic evidence of their dalliances together and was looking to sell the photos to the highest bidder. The few photos that were released didn’t look good for Coco, who publicly denied the affair but did admit the photos were very inappropriate. Ice T and Coco’s marriage seemed to have weathered the storm.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson always wanted to be a star. She became a household name thanks to her MTV reality show where she famously wondered if tuna was fish or chicken. At the time, Simpson was married to Nick Lachey. Although her husband was her first, he allegedly wasn’t the only one Simpson was sleeping with while they were married. The paparazzi caught the “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer leaving L.A.’s Chateau Marmont wearing Adam Levine’s T-shirt. The couple divorced in 2006.


John Edwards

John Edwards dreamed of being president but in 2004 he settled for running for the second highest office in the land. After the Kerry/Edwards ticket lost to George Bush and Dick Cheney, Edwards still had his eyes on the White House and threw his hat into the ring again in 2008. During those four years in between his presidential campaigns, Edwards also had his eye on a woman he met on the trails. National Enquirer initially broke the shocking news that Edwards fathered a child with videographer Reille Hunter while his wife Elizabeth was battling breast cancer. After first denying the lovechild, Edwards eventually came clean. His wife filed for separation and passed away in 2010.


Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor may have been married eight times but she has always said actor and fellow Cleopatra co-star Richard Burton was the love of her life. Apparently their onscreen chemistry lasted well after they left the movie set. Taylor and Burton’s affair came to light when the paparazzi caught them on a private yacht in 1962. Taylor and Burton were married at the time, just to different people. Eventually the two divorced their respective spouses and were free and clear to marry each other. Their first marriage lasted a decade. They divorced and remarried and then divorced again.


Meg Ryan

Actress Meg Ryan was America’s sweetheart. That is until cameras busted the You’ve Got Mail star in the throws of passion with Russell Crowe. The two had been working together filming Proof of Life and were continuing to spend time with each other outside of work. The only problem was Ryan was married at the time to actor Dennis Quaid. Ryan and Quaid called it quits soon after. It wasn’t until years later that Ryan revealed Quaid was unfaithful for much of their marriage.


Balthazar Getty

Actor Balthazar Getty married his wife Rosetta in 2000. The couple has four children together and all seemed well between the two until photos surfaced of the very married Getty making out with a topless Sienna Miller. The “Brothers & Sisters” star and his wife split up following the public display of affection but a month later, the two decided to work out their problems and give it another shot.


Tim Burton

Tim Burton may be best known for his vivid and colorful movies but earlier this month the Alice In Wonderland director made headlines for reasons other than his work. Paparazzi caught Burton leaving a London theater with a mysterious blonde. While it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy a play with a woman other than his longtime partner Helena Bonham Carter, Burton and his female companion were busted after they ducked in the shadows to canoodle. Carter, who’s been with the director for 12 years and is the mother of his two children, has insisted there was nothing going on between the two. Okay…

Mark Sanford’s Twitter page

Mark Sanford

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was a well-respected Republican destined for a national office but that all changed during the summer of 2009. For six days, Sanford was missing in action. As speculation grew about his whereabouts, the media relentlessly stayed on the case even after Sanford’s spokesman said he was hiking on the Appalachian trails. The truth was the governor was holed up in Argentina with his mistress. The press was waiting for the governor at the airport when he returned from South America. Sanford finished out his term and his wife filed for divorce. Determined to turn his mistress into a housewife, Sanford popped the question last year and is currently a U.S. Representative, serving the same district he served before becoming governor.

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Ashton Kutcher

The paparazzi may not have been around to catch Ashton Kutcher in the hot tub with the two women that ended his marriage to Demi Moore, but they were the ones to blow the lid off the fact that he started dating Mila Kunis before the papers were even filed. In September 2012, the paps caught Ashton and Mila frolicking through New York kissing and holding hands. And though he and Demi were separated at the time, he didn’t actually file divorce papers until December 2012.

Ben Maisani

We don’t know why anyone would cheat on Andersoon Cooper, but when his ex-boyfriend Ben Maisani did, he didn’t even try to be subtle.  Paparazzi busted Ben in a public park kissing all over another man. Needless to say the relationship ended very quickly afterward.

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  • Noonoo

    That man stealing witch, Angelina Jolie and the heartbreaking Brad Pitt were left off the list.

  • Gannon Todd

    This site has the slowest servers in the world !!!!!!

  • sgt_jack

    What, no Bill Clinton?

  • ChangeThis

    Any list like this without Bubba Clinton is meaningless.

  • Saka Moko

    garbage,as I expected. 🙂

  • Sherry25

    Kristen Stewart seems like a skank.

  • Scott Smith

    Robert Pattinson is one weird lookin dude.

  • Judith Shelby

    Ever notice that when people cheat on their partners and then have a relationship with the one they cheated with, they always think, but that cheater will never cheat on me, because I’m different/special/attractive. Usually, once a cheater, always a cheater. If you don’t want to really settle down, don’t get married and don’t have kids.

  • rll

    Kristen Stewart – someone who’s having a secret affair doesn’t pose outside for pictures. Publicity stunt. Guess her agent figured she was out of the spotlight for too long.

  • Kenneth Minter

    Man or woman , they want sex. It is all good. Get it where you can.

  • Muse

    Why isn’t Rupert Sanders picture up there? He’s the one who was cheating on his wife of 10 years with 2 children. Kristen is not married. Made a public apology to her boyfriend and there was no sex involved. This is a double standard slapping Kristen’s picture on the page and ignoring Sanders who took advantage of a much younger woman of 22 and now she’s the only one singled out as a cheater? What about other celebrities who have cheated. This is pretty sexist.

  • Casey Fleming

    Skanky ape humper.


    This is my 1st and last time on this site. I gotta say, its straight up garbage and trash. Makes one wonder? Are people so out of touch, have no social life, that they actually look at this crap? The only way I even saw this site was my 14 yr old neice had it up on my computer when I went to make a dinner reservation. Man, you talk about excrement? This TMZ site qualifies as one big lump of it!!


  • Clive Linington

    Q. Is cheating grounds for divorce?
    A. Depends who’s doing the treating….him or her!

  • Johanna Rena

    Where s Mr & Mrs Pitt, ?

  • Sam Hain

    ICE-T should have headed Schoolly D’s olde-school warning; track 10 on 1988’s “Smoke Some Kill”.

  • Donnie Walsh

    “Who Do You Believe, Me or Your Lying Eyes?” – Richard Pryor LOL !!!!!!!!

  • Michael Figiel

    shame shame shame

  • Marleydude

    They threw in two Republican politicians, so why not throw in one of the most popular instances of a politician getting busted with a picure of the red dress and Billy Clinton!

  • Lori Goldie

    The first one I thought of was Mel Gibson. He was the one that shocked me the most. Being a Catholic and supposedly happily married with 6 children, I always had the greatest respect for him and thought he was one of the few Hollywood stars that did not cheat on his wife. What happened to him afterwards in the film business was a tragedy though. Many others have cheated on their spouses and not been blackballed from being hired as an actor. I wonder what he is up to lately. He may be a jerk, but he was still one of my favorite actors.

  • Damian

    Anderson Cooper is gay!!!???

    • JoiseyJ

      Just happy.

  • Tony Antoniou

    Sorry but who the feck is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and why are such vacuous creatures in the news?

  • Sheldon

    If you are going to talk about celebs busted by paparazzi shouldn’t you be shelling out for the photos in question? Where are they?

  • Sean

    I notice that they clearly identify Sanford as a Republican (in fact, a “well-respected” Republican), but do not identify Edwards as a Democrat. Typical.

  • Tam

    Where is Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolie? They should be listed

  • Mark St John

    Coco looks like a dude.

  • For those who say they are race blind, how do they tell the difference of daytime & night time.?

  • Poppy

    Possibly the only decent thing about paparazzi is that secret affairs are simply impossible to have without the world finding out sooner or later.

  • rnadom

    Helena Bonan-Carter insists nothing is going on because she wants to keep her job

    • Kaz

      Helena is a cheating skank herself. She had an affair with Kenneth Branagh when he was married to her friend Emma Thompson and that is what split them up. What goes around, comes around hey Helena?

  • Steve

    Any white girl who has been brainwashed by the Talmudvision to fool around with blacks is already a lost soul.

  • Shane Horrocks

    Just had to throw a gay one on there for good measure?

  • Heaven

    I hate twilight breaking dawn crap

  • Narol Denison

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  • robert d

    How is this not classed as voyeurism?

  • jrainspe

    but her and the director of the now-cancelled show recently made headlines

    Does anyone know how to write correct English anymore? Don’t the schools teach about ‘subjective’ versus ‘objective’ case pronouns?

  • Kate

    why does Kristen Stewart have to be the first on your list???? There sure a lot of older stars that have gotten caught or should have gotten caught way before Kristen….there is a lot I could say about her situation but everyone would laugh so I will just say…young and impressionable….I blame Sanders in this one…

  • BlockTheTruth


    Bible Prophecy

    “Evil Men (and Women) Will Wax Worse and Worse”

    Deceiving . . . (Lying)

    and BEING Deceived”

    Jesus (Yeshua) called Satan the “father of all lies.” The Bible warns “in the last days” evil men (and women) will be prevalent. Lying and deception (which are now called “spin”) will characterize the generation (and the leaders) who will pull the world down into the dark abyss and terrors of the coming “Apocalypse” . . .

    “But KNOW this,

    that in the last days

    perilous times will come . . .

    Evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse,

    deceiving (lying) and being deceived.”

    (2 Timothy 3:1, 13)

    The Scriptures tell us God cannot lie and He h ates all lies. God says truth is non-negotiable and is fundamental to His law. In the past, liars and perjurers were held accountable and dealt with harshly and severely. Today we see lying casually accepted in the news, in the movies, and on television. Lying is now being presented as funny and harmless. This generation is unique in its reaction to liars and perjurers. This nation even lifted up and still glorifies a recent President whose most notable characteristics were flagrantly staring into a TV camera lying and deceiving … and then later being convicted of criminal perjury. This generation mocks our rules of law. This generation mocks God’s Law. As noted, telling the truth is fundamental to God’s law. In the Bible we find when a nation and its leader(s) defiantly mock, ignore, and turn their backs on God’s law, God will turn His back on that nation and will remove His protection and blessings from that people. God help us. The future of that nation and people is always very, very grim …

    A stark warning . . .

    “Knowing this:

    that the Law is not made for a righteous person,

    but for the lawless and insubordinate,

    for the ungodly and for sinners,

    for the unholy and profane,

    for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers,

    for manslayers,

    for $exually immoral (fornicators),

    for homosexuals (sodomites),

    for kidnappers,

    for liars,

    for perjurers,

    and if there is any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine”

    (1 Timothy 1:8-10)

    “But the cowardly, unbelieving,

    abominable, murderers,

    $exually immoral,

    sorcerers, (drugs … “pharmakeus”)


    and all liars

    shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone,

    which is the second death .” (The darkness, aloneness, and torments of HeII

    (Revelation 21:8)

    Sorry if I’m not politcally correct but I don’t have to be.

    • Realist

      Newsflash – God is not real and the Bible is a book of fiction

  • Jake Carson

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    see some of “Don’s Scenes” from his productions of his classic hits
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    1867, “Mel Fisher” Even Overlooked This One! “Yankee Jack and Micheal
    McCloud Now Have Reason To Write Another Song.

    ….Hell We Can’t Find A Boeing 777 That’s Been Lost Only A Little Over
    A Month! Could It Be Because The Jet Had No Silver and Gold Aboard,
    Just People?….Go Figure……

    ….Good Thing That All The ….(“Anita And Kutchie Pelaez’s Key West Key
    Lime Pie Shops”)..Are All Showing Increasing Pie Sales Throughout All
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    ….Who The Hell Does That “Kutchie Pelaez” Think That He Is?….”Frankie Valli” Or Someone Like That?

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  • jaws4316

    OK, so it was a fairly interesting and entertaining list, even though everyone already knows that Hollywood and the political arena are full of immoral cheaters. So why did you have to go and ruin it by sneaking in a Homo at the end of the list?

  • Kevin Turner

    You know, there’s this thing called “javascript.” The great thing about “javascript” is that you don’t have to reload the entire page whenever they want to see the next picture. That means they don’t look at the first four, get tired of the page reloading, leave a nastygram and go to another website. GET TO KNOW “JAVASCRIPT!!!”

  • Cyndita

    To Ivy Anthony. For most writers, credibility and integrity are key elements for success. However, one must also have a command of the English language. One does not get caught in the ‘throws of passion’, as you write in your Meg Ryan cheating piece; the correct spelling is ‘throes’. I hope this helps in the future, and good luck!

  • Conan the Republican

    OMFG! You people are actually FOLLOWING this crap??

    • Cyndita

      Well, you’re here, registered and all,

  • jay

    I think lauren hashian should be on this list and Dwayne johnson

  • playtone22

    what – no Brad and Angelina? Just because they’re still together? And what about Tori Spelling – all cheaters.

  • wayne wright

    You have to laugh at all the celebrities pretending they don’t know there is a camera pointed at them all the time. The thing with K-Stew was that she had already been seen by the photographers once, moved to a different location and continued making out. Getting caught with someone else is the Hollywood way of saying- ‘Oh, by the way, we’re breaking up’. Everything is part of the show.

  • Sick O’Nigs

    What’s with all the subhuman monkeys on this site?

  • Lord Skeletor

    Is it bad that I don’t know who 3/4s of these scumabags are? Wow.
    Many aren’t even famous at all.

  • william couch

    Well you know that she’s a republican, she’s screwing a black man. If that offends you, check with the Kardashians

  • Harold

    Why advertise the dirt bags that these people really are.?

  • BlockTheTruth

    The real danger to America is not just gay Obama alone, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a filthy sodomite like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a gay Obama presidency than to restore the necessary,commonsense ,Godliness and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a creature for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the gay fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. “The Republic can survive a gay Obama, who is, after all, merely a gay fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Clarisse73

      And you are Mr. Gay…..who? Pres Obama is not gay, but please don’t let that prevent you enjoying your breathless fantasies.

  • Cory

    This world, I say it to you…. alive.. it will not see the light of day in 5-7 years at this juncture of desecration of the Earth.

  • blake3b

    Madonna and Guy were seperated many months before they announced it, they did it to get everything in order before it came out. And she wasn’t seen with A-Rod until after they were divorcing. This along with Meg Ryan are lies. And of course you have to use the most unflattering pics of them. Are you the online version of the tabloid The Globe????

  • ChiChiChiba

    Bunch of low life fat asses reading the gossip section. Pathetic! Wait Ryan Phillip? WTH!

  • Richard Hoffman

    How low can you go ?

  • Anne Mills

    How did they go political at all and not thing of Bill Clinton??????

  • Lyle Lafee

    Yep.very super wack.well I am heading to LA,at least I know who is easy. Just imagine,..what the next article is to be about. This one is who is a PIG. Next,they all will go into denial.

  • Naomi

    @louluna: Perhaps she’s an intelligent person who has a low tolerance for imbeciles. That would give her the right to say what she said to you, a@#hat!

    • Martine

      Or maybe louluna is just saying what she thinks, and stella( what a name?) is a judgmental prissy witch that should drop dead and let people talk. This whole politically correct fascist regime is getting old.

      • Bionic Rooster

        Man o man is that ever right it is rely gotten old

  • stella

    louluna please keep your racist thoughts to yourself. and by the way Russell Crowe is Caucasian idiot!!!!!

    • sweeteee53


  • rex

    I won’t be watching your site anymore due to all the commercials that you can’t shut the sound off…

  • Morrison Thompson

    Do they know there is a difference between an open marriage and cheating? Most of these are cheaters. An open marriage is agreed upon by both spouses.

  • DUbangee Urmomma


  • Taryn Bryant

    That guy wasn’t classy enough for Anderson Cooper.

  • disgusted

    I’m so sick of this disgusting site. Everytime I end up here it’s from a misleading link on another site…. and then I get here and realize I’ve been bait and switched AND am on a misleading and TRASH story… This site is everything thats wrong with black journalism. They make TMZ look like the WSJ…. yuck.

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  • MattieS

    Madonna…….A-Rod? I mean, really?! (Ewwwww)

  • Deanna Hopper

    Does Ben Maisani have boobs?

  • Deanna Hopper

    What’s wrong with these women? Don’t they have any self respect? The old saying goes… “What goes around – comes around.” Someday, some woman will be making out with her husband and she’ll know what it feels like to be betrayed. Get a life Katherin!

  • Hanna

    and people have no shame in exposing something so serious like that to public. tsk tsk tsk … its actually more disgusting their action than the people who are cheating i think.

  • Tomaji

    Why PRESUME they are “cheaters”??…a LOT of people are in open relationships.

  • minime111

    Lesson to Rimes: ” What goes around comes around.” It’s just a matter of time.

  • Barry Blows


    • Clarisse73


  • palerider2x

    Ben Maisani – Wow! What an UNHAPPY ENDING that must have been!

  • palerider2x

    I wonder where that other shot from Balthazar Getty landed?

  • palerider2x

    A little Ice Tea, and Coke, makes anything bad go away!!

  • Aaron Parker

    What about Aronld Schwarzenegger??

  • who cares

    too much to load every page i already lost interest!

  • Remy Brossette

    Haven’t most actors and actresses had sex with each other at one time or another including men with men and women with women??

    • ella funt

      The majority of Actors & Actresses seem to belong to their own private swingers club. They all have had sex with each others husbands or wives.

      • sweeteee53

        Sorry, but anyone in any profession behave the same way !!!!

  • Haley Vest

    where are the pictures of them cheating?

  • Tim Blosser

    Who writes this stuff?!! “…her… made headlines….” Really? Does anyone know basic grammar anymore?

    • DawnDanielle

      Really; is their anyone whom knows basic grammar anymore?

  • twelsh36446

    Ah man I cheated on all 9 of my wives!!! Kidding lol.

  • At least get the spelling of the last names correct. McCormack.

  • ThisIsNot4U2

    I’m always frightened by Meg Ryan’s face. Sometimes she looks like the Joker…Sometimes she looks like Bruce Jenner…ACK!!!

  • taipan31

    At least get the spelling of the last names correct. McCormack.

  • Anna-Claire Joseph

    They should have known that the paps are everywhere. Duh! Lol

    • sweeteee53

      Of course they know better, they love the attention whether positive or negative.

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  • Virgilia Coriolanus

    Should’ve added Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux to the list, and taken Meg Ryan off. What about Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson??

    • playtone22

      What are you talking about with Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson? Neither of them were married when they got together.

  • Carl Fredricks

    Let’d don’t forget the Commander in Cheat scumbag Bill Clinton.

    • Mia

      this list is about celebs that were caught by paparazi duh…. bill & Monica ‘s escapades are not on film !!!!

  • Unreal stupidity

    Hey you asshats – how’s about SHOWING THE CHEATING PHOTOS IN QUESTION? Not just a publicity head shot. Retards.

    • Jester the Slacker

      Exactly what I was thinking, because to be honest, seeing those pictures is the reason I clicked on the link in the first place,

  • Gia Lianni

    No she didn’t! :O

    • Jay_Dynasty

      You’re hot

  • G.W. G.

    coco’s dna is on so many ghetto rappers that she an all-star Ho!

    • CJ

      Dont be upset that Coco’s body is not made for a guy with a little man part!!!…She needs a real man!

      • schiamachy

        Bet your thinking someone like you!!

        • CJ

          Of course hung like the Chun….but just in case you missed it this message is so 1800s….

  • Jennifer J. Majors

    Celebrities aren’t always so smart…I mean, come one…they have cameras on them all the time. They should know better than this!!!

  • Steve Stone

    Even that weird Tim Burton huh? Men with options is a dangerous thing

  • Rhonda Smith

    Coco was def cheating the photos were pretty graphic & self explanatory Imho No married woman has any business taking provocative pics with any man other than her husband Why Ice T chose 2 4give & 4get his business but me myself would never accept infidelity especially in the public eye 4 thousands 2 see 4 her 2 so blatantly take those pics showed she wanted her cake & 2 eat it 2 I felt bad 4 Ice T 2 be so publicly humiliated like that plus the pain of betrayal from his wife but 2 each his own

    • heidi

      She’s an ugly plastic hoe and he’s a whack trick for taking those photos with intentions to gain profit. That’s what you call a bit*h made ni**a

    • PleaseDOBetter

      I’m not excusing Coco’s actions by any means, but I highly doubt if Ice T has been faithful throughout their marriage.

      • With her knowledge. He didn’t have to hide it when she probably chose the girls he got with. What wouldn’t have been allowed is her screwing around, which is why she was caught “cheating”. However, she full on shattered his ego and player card.

      • Rhonda Smith

        So true I totally agree!

  • big momma

    where’s jessie jackson, jessie jackson, jr.?


      jesse Sr is still out there pickin up on new fresh P. His son? Might be getting it from the rear when he picks up soap in prison!!!

  • Misty-Mac

    I only knew about a fourth of these people and cared about even less. Not the list I was expecting.

  • NoNonsense

    Meg Ryan was never caught on camera with Crowe or ‘WITH’ Crowe untill after she had already seperated from Quaid. Plus indeed, Quaid cheated on her for many years before. So why is she on your list anyway? Put Quaid on your list instead. Serial cheater, still is, just ask his third wife.

    • Milliken Steeler

      You’re a liar, she was busted when they were together. She then made an utter fool of her self running to Crowe to confess her love….only to have him tell her…no thanks…it was just a fling.

      • scmaize

        No, they had already separated, but agreed not to announce it publicly or date others for a few months. She broke that agreement, but it was after their separation. As for your story about her chasing Crowe afterwards, I doubt it, but maybe you were there. After years of marriage, it would have been a mistake to jump into another commitment. Guess we all make mistakes…

        • RareE

          Nope. It really happened. She ran to Crowe at his hotel after the story broke and he turned her down and away. It was scandalous. Look it up.

          • Lookitup!

            Meg Ryan left Russell Crowe maybe you should ‘look it up’.

            • Capt. Sugarloaf

              Crowe was never with Meg Ryan, he just did her. After she was caught out she came crying over to him and he just told her, I just did you, get lost.

          • karebear

            because everything you read is %100

            • RareE

              No. I actually got this straight from the horses’ mouth. You should try it. lol

              • Disabled Marine SSGT

                You sure the horse hadn’t turned around? LOL

    • RareE

      Yes. She was caught on video AND camera. Total scandal at the time. She was America’s Sweetheart when it happened.

    • Lovie Maroon

      If Richard Burton were still alive he’d tell Crow…”You copied my voice but come up short on the talent”

      • Mad Hatter

        and he’d be wrong

    • blake3b

      Same with the Madonna story. Just lies on this website.

    • dan3333333333

      Theres a reason women have the tramp stamps and not men!

      • Chad Taylor

        yes it’s called the Double Standard…

        • schiamachy

          Good comeback and accurate too.

  • Christina K

    Um, this list is hilarious. They’re all white actors or actresses….like who gives a damn? They’re all fake anyways. I couldn’t imagine being married to an actor- how do you tell when they’re being sincere or not? Anyways. Moving along…

  • kiki j

    This list tho….super wack

    • elpadr1no

      Everything about this site is superwack. Pure attention-whoring.

    • Allie

      THROES of passion, not throws. This article was written by a professional “journalist?” Wow. Just wow.