Say Cheese! Celebs Caught Cheating By The Paparazzi

October 30, 2013 ‐ By Iva Anthony

Being a celebrity means you trade your privacy for fame and fortune, so you’d think stars would be more careful when they’re out cheating on their partners. You just never know when there could be an overly eager and stealthy paparazzi lurking in the bushes — as these famous cheaters found out the hard way.

celebs caught cheating


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met on the set of the popular Twilight movie back in 2008. Although they didn’t come out as a couple publicly, their relationship was no secret. Fans of the franchise were just as heartbroken as Pattinson when Us Weekly published photos of Stewart and much older director of Snow White and the Huntsmen Rupert Sanders making out like the plane was going down. Stewart and Pattinson tried to move past her transgressions but they eventually split up. Sanders’ ten-year marriage to wife and model Liberty Ross was also a casualty of their extramarital affair. Ross filed for divorce at the top of this year and is seeking spousal support.

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  • blake3b

    Madonna and Guy were seperated many months before they announced it, they did it to get everything in order before it came out. And she wasn’t seen with A-Rod until after they were divorcing. This along with Meg Ryan are lies. And of course you have to use the most unflattering pics of them. Are you the online version of the tabloid The Globe????

  • ChiChiChiba

    Bunch of low life fat asses reading the gossip section. Pathetic! Wait Ryan Phillip? WTH!

  • Richard Hoffman

    How low can you go ?

  • Anne Mills

    How did they go political at all and not thing of Bill Clinton??????

  • Lyle Lafee

    Yep.very super wack.well I am heading to LA,at least I know who is easy. Just imagine,..what the next article is to be about. This one is who is a PIG. Next,they all will go into denial.

  • Naomi

    @louluna: Perhaps she’s an intelligent person who has a low tolerance for imbeciles. That would give her the right to say what she said to you, a@#hat!

  • stella

    louluna please keep your racist thoughts to yourself. and by the way Russell Crowe is Caucasian idiot!!!!!

  • rex

    I won’t be watching your site anymore due to all the commercials that you can’t shut the sound off…

  • Morrison Thompson

    Do they know there is a difference between an open marriage and cheating? Most of these are cheaters. An open marriage is agreed upon by both spouses.

  • DUbangee Urmomma


  • Taryn Bryant

    That guy wasn’t classy enough for Anderson Cooper.

  • disgusted

    I’m so sick of this disgusting site. Everytime I end up here it’s from a misleading link on another site…. and then I get here and realize I’ve been bait and switched AND am on a misleading and TRASH story… This site is everything thats wrong with black journalism. They make TMZ look like the WSJ…. yuck.

  • Andrea

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  • MattieS

    Madonna…….A-Rod? I mean, really?! (Ewwwww)

  • Deanna Hopper

    Does Ben Maisani have boobs?

  • Deanna Hopper

    What’s wrong with these women? Don’t they have any self respect? The old saying goes… “What goes around – comes around.” Someday, some woman will be making out with her husband and she’ll know what it feels like to be betrayed. Get a life Katherin!

  • Hanna

    and people have no shame in exposing something so serious like that to public. tsk tsk tsk … its actually more disgusting their action than the people who are cheating i think.

  • Tomaji

    Why PRESUME they are “cheaters”??…a LOT of people are in open relationships.

  • minime111

    Lesson to Rimes: ” What goes around comes around.” It’s just a matter of time.

  • Barry Blows


  • palerider2x

    Ben Maisani – Wow! What an UNHAPPY ENDING that must have been!

  • palerider2x

    I wonder where that other shot from Balthazar Getty landed?

  • palerider2x

    A little Ice Tea, and Coke, makes anything bad go away!!

  • Aaron Parker

    What about Aronld Schwarzenegger??

  • who cares

    too much to load every page i already lost interest!

  • Remy Brossette

    Haven’t most actors and actresses had sex with each other at one time or another including men with men and women with women??

  • Haley Vest

    where are the pictures of them cheating?

  • Tim Blosser

    Who writes this stuff?!! “…her… made headlines….” Really? Does anyone know basic grammar anymore?

  • twelsh36446

    Ah man I cheated on all 9 of my wives!!! Kidding lol.

  • friv 2 friv 3 friv 4

    At least get the spelling of the last names correct. McCormack.

  • ThisIsNot4U2

    I’m always frightened by Meg Ryan’s face. Sometimes she looks like the Joker…Sometimes she looks like Bruce Jenner…ACK!!!

  • taipan31

    At least get the spelling of the last names correct. McCormack.

  • Anna-Claire Joseph

    They should have known that the paps are everywhere. Duh! Lol

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  • Virgilia Coriolanus

    Should’ve added Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux to the list, and taken Meg Ryan off. What about Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson??

  • Carl Fredricks

    Let’d don’t forget the Commander in Cheat scumbag Bill Clinton.

    • Mia

      this list is about celebs that were caught by paparazi duh…. bill & Monica ‘s escapades are not on film !!!!

  • Unreal stupidity

    Hey you asshats – how’s about SHOWING THE CHEATING PHOTOS IN QUESTION? Not just a publicity head shot. Retards.

    • Jester the Slacker

      Exactly what I was thinking, because to be honest, seeing those pictures is the reason I clicked on the link in the first place,

  • Gia Lianni

    No she didn’t! :O

    • Jay_Dynasty

      You’re hot

  • G.W. G.

    coco’s dna is on so many ghetto rappers that she an all-star Ho!

    • CJ

      Dont be upset that Coco’s body is not made for a guy with a little man part!!!…She needs a real man!

  • Jennifer J. Majors

    Celebrities aren’t always so smart…I mean, come one…they have cameras on them all the time. They should know better than this!!!

  • Steve Stone

    Even that weird Tim Burton huh? Men with options is a dangerous thing

  • Rhonda Smith

    Coco was def cheating the photos were pretty graphic & self explanatory Imho No married woman has any business taking provocative pics with any man other than her husband Why Ice T chose 2 4give & 4get his business but me myself would never accept infidelity especially in the public eye 4 thousands 2 see 4 her 2 so blatantly take those pics showed she wanted her cake & 2 eat it 2 I felt bad 4 Ice T 2 be so publicly humiliated like that plus the pain of betrayal from his wife but 2 each his own

    • heidi

      She’s an ugly plastic hoe and he’s a whack trick for taking those photos with intentions to gain profit. That’s what you call a bit*h made ni**a

    • PleaseDOBetter

      I’m not excusing Coco’s actions by any means, but I highly doubt if Ice T has been faithful throughout their marriage.

      • Rhondayes

        With her knowledge. He didn’t have to hide it when she probably chose the girls he got with. What wouldn’t have been allowed is her screwing around, which is why she was caught “cheating”. However, she full on shattered his ego and player card.

  • big momma

    where’s jessie jackson, jessie jackson, jr.?


      jesse Sr is still out there pickin up on new fresh P. His son? Might be getting it from the rear when he picks up soap in prison!!!

  • Misty-Mac

    I only knew about a fourth of these people and cared about even less. Not the list I was expecting.

  • NoNonsense

    Meg Ryan was never caught on camera with Crowe or ‘WITH’ Crowe untill after she had already seperated from Quaid. Plus indeed, Quaid cheated on her for many years before. So why is she on your list anyway? Put Quaid on your list instead. Serial cheater, still is, just ask his third wife.

    • Milliken Steeler

      You’re a liar, she was busted when they were together. She then made an utter fool of her self running to Crowe to confess her love….only to have him tell her…no thanks…it was just a fling.

      • scmaize

        No, they had already separated, but agreed not to announce it publicly or date others for a few months. She broke that agreement, but it was after their separation. As for your story about her chasing Crowe afterwards, I doubt it, but maybe you were there. After years of marriage, it would have been a mistake to jump into another commitment. Guess we all make mistakes…

        • RareE

          Nope. It really happened. She ran to Crowe at his hotel after the story broke and he turned her down and away. It was scandalous. Look it up.

    • RareE

      Yes. She was caught on video AND camera. Total scandal at the time. She was America’s Sweetheart when it happened.

    • Lovie Maroon

      If Richard Burton were still alive he’d tell Crow…”You copied my voice but come up short on the talent”

      • Mad Hatter

        and he’d be wrong

    • blake3b

      Same with the Madonna story. Just lies on this website.

  • Christina K

    Um, this list is hilarious. They’re all white actors or actresses….like who gives a damn? They’re all fake anyways. I couldn’t imagine being married to an actor- how do you tell when they’re being sincere or not? Anyways. Moving along…

  • kiki j

    This list tho….super wack

    • elpadr1no

      Everything about this site is superwack. Pure attention-whoring.