Pebbles Ready To Tell Her Side Of The TLC Story

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The VH1 film “CrazyHotCool:The TLC Story” has everyone feeling nostalgic and in their feelings about the Pebbles’ character was portrayed as the movie’s evil villain. Left Eye’s uncle is the latest person to come out and speak on the record-breaking biopic and claims Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes confided in him about TLC’s relationship with the former music executive, and it isn’t the VH1 version.

“At least have some accuracy about the movie! Not just make Tionne and Chilli look like they were bright happy stars who were being messed up and messed around by drunken Lisa who had emotional problems and who wanted to mess up their lives and not let them make any money.”

“And poor Pebbles. Pebbles was not like that to them. In fact towards the end of her life Lisa found out some things that she shared with me. She found out that Pebbles didn’t do any of those things…well…a lot of those things. The contracts. Yes they were shitty contracts, but that’s the contracts everybody had. They were the regular 360 contracts that everybody signs.”

“I can understand why Chili didn’t like Pebbles. But it’s sad. In fact there are rumors that Chili was [messing] with LA Reid. I’ll clarify that with [Pebbles], but I know what Lisa told me. It’s sad how they treated Pebbles in this. They should have given her more honor instead of making her into such villain. She was hard on them but she had to be to get the best out of some young girls that were dealing in an industry that is hard.”

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  • JRoc85

    TLC involved 3 people: T-Boz, Left Eye, & Chili… THAT’S IT!!! The only other people who probably know the ENTIRE TRUTH are TLC’s mothers (who were also portrayed in the movie), Dallas Austin (who probably knows better than anyone), Antonio L.A. Reid, Babyface, & Pebbles (the shady executives of LaFace). Anyone on the outside, DOES NOT KNOW, & can only assume! Maybe Pebbles should tell her side of the story, & explain WHY SHE SHARED THE SAME LAWYER AS TLC, & WHY SHE NEVER WANTED THOSE GIRLS TO SEE THEIR CONTRACTS)???

  • Krazilia Love

    Um… The fact that EVERYONE was signing those crappycontracts, back in the day, doesn’t mean that it was OK. They took advantage of all of those artists, and YES, it was common for that to happen in the industry, but, AGAIN, it doesn’t make it OK. So, maybe the real problem is that they only really put Pebbles on blast when it was the industry in general, but that doesn’t make Pebbles innocent.

    The uncle is just the uncle. He doesn’t know everything that went on. Heck, none
    of us, on the outside looking in, know the full story. The thing is that I REMEMBER who was making the paper and causing most of the trouble back then, and as much as I love her,
    that person WAS Left-Eye. She was the trouble-maker in the group. I don’t think the movie made her look any worse than she actually was, given that they only really highlighted the things that, we know for a fact, she did.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Pebbles the seats are waiting…

    • Anonymous

      Very clever.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


  • Guest

    The music bussiness is messy, Before the VHI film Lisa’s family was quiet and while Lisa was alive she stated facts of how they wern’t paid while making millions. Where was Pebbles then to correct and change her image. I believe the women were strong and was a total package with strong monds of there own. Let the record be clear Pebbles didn’t make TLC they made her, to bad her interest wasn’t for the good of the group. It was also sad to read the attitude thrown from Pebbles daughter but what do you expect the apple dosn’t fall from the tree. Pebbles is only speaking out to revive her name. Take a seat Pebbles your 15 minutes are up.

  • Marie De Salle (IvyNoLeague)

    The article, or whatever you want to call it was trash , but let’s talk about the topic at hand.
    Chilli and T-boz stated numerous amount of times that they don’t have a problem with pebbles, and she has done some amazing things for them.Pebbles also apologize about how things went down,but TLC also has the right to tell their story , and only the group, pebbles , and god know the true story. The movie didn’t only make “pebbles” look bad it also made Laface, Arista , LA reid , and Clive look bad. It just focused more on pebbles , because she was their manager clearly they didn’t agree with certain things she did as a manager. I am tired of people saying the movie depicted Left eye bad, but the movie didn’t show anything we didn’t know.Left eye was a open book she always kept it real and told us(fans) what was going on. Watch TLC behind the music,and I think Chilli was shown worse it was crazy how naive and stupid she was .

    I will love to hear Pebbles side, and the third and fourth parties can shut up all they doing is taking sides.

  • NeaJ

    This is so messy. And why are ppl interviewing these third & fourth parties? We don’t know who to believe these days!

    • Sunshinegirl

      Yeah, like they were part of TLC or something. Have a seat, geesh.

  • me

    Well, the truth with most scenarios like this rests somewhere in the middle. I do think Pebbles repeatedly being thrown under the bus has never been fair (though I do think she could have done things differently in a way), because there were others – like her husband, Babyface and Clive Davis – who had a hand in it all. And just like TLC were young, so was she. I have to agree with what he said about how Chilli and Tionne were portrayed; I hardly think they were or are angels. (Especially Chilli.) Plus, like he said, those were standard new artist deals back then. Left Eye even said it in the Behind the Music. More to the point is, after two decades I would think T-Boz and Chilli would have more going on and other stuff to talk about. It’s like they are stuck – and I don’t get that. Them hanging onto things that happened decades ago is why they have no careers today. It’s kinda ridiculous. I just wish all of them could see the long lasting good – the music – that came out of it is bigger than all of that. Plus, had it not been for Pebbles we wouldn’t even know who the three of them are.

    • Lilly

      If they are sharing their story, should they leave out a massive chunk of it?

    • louvres

      please they had careers after that story as well (Fanmail sold very well). It’s the death of left eye and T Boz sickeness that ruined everything!

      • me

        Fan Mail was 15 years ago, and 3D was over a decade ago. Yes T-Boz has been sick, but what’s Chilli’s excuse? All she is known for is being with Usher and that silly show she had. So yeah … At least prior to her death, Left Eye was trying to carve out a real career outside of the group with solo stuff and Blaque.