Who Is The Real Mrs. Pankey And 5 Other Messy Moments From The Season Premiere Of LHHNY

October 29, 2013  |  
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It’s baaaaack.

Last night, love and Hip-Hop returned to the big Apple with the season 4 premiere of “Love & Hip-Hop New York.” Despite the northeast location, we have to say some of the messiness we saw on last night’s episode was rather reminiscent of the down south shenanigans we witnessed on the first two seasons of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.” If you watched last night’s episode you know why we said that, but if you didn’t, allow us to fill you in. Here are the craziest moments from the season 4 premiere.


1.So y’all just gone lie to little Mendeecees?

Last night’s show opened with Yandy showing us how she’s gotten on without Mendeecees and has even taken on some of the responsibilities he left behind, like caring for his 7-year-old son, little Mendeecees. Apparently as part of that care, Yandy told her fiance’s mini-me that his dad went away to the army, instead of jail, but little Mendeecees blew the whole lid off of that lie when he told Yandy he overheard the real story and knows his dad is behind bars. While we understand trying to protect his innocence, you can’t exactly do that when you have him on a reality show on national TV. It’s better he hear the truth from those who love him than to find out on his own.

2. Confusion: Tara moved Peter Gunz into her spot?

In the series intros last night we met Tara, the girlfriend of Peter Gunz and mother of his two sons, but the more this young lady talked about their relationship, the more confused we became. Tara, a southern girl, said she and Peter have been together for about 13 years but she only recently moved to New York about three years ago or so to pursue her acting career. So y’all been long distance this whole time? We guess that’s cool, but what we didn’t understand was why her, her two sons and “Uptown Baby” born-in-the-Bronx Peter Gunz are now all living together in her tiny apartment in NYC. Where was this man living before and why didn’t he move you into his spot? Somethin’ ain’t right.

3. This chick

And this, dear friends, is that something: Amina Buddafly, the resident messy chic of season 4.  We might as well call Amina Joseline Hernandez, Jr. because her story is the same. Amina is the disrespectful artist of Peter Gunz who has no problem sleeping with him behind his girlfriend, Tara’s, back and then smiling in her face like she’s innocent. We’re counting down the time ’til her on-screen beat down, which we speculate is about three episodes away if she keeps up this nonsense.

4. Peter is officially the Stevie J of the LHHNY cast

If Amina is Joseline, then Peter has to be Stevie J. This fool is willing to mess up his “happy home” all because he has a musical connection with Amina and he’s not even smart about it. Not only did Amina Instagram a pic of the two of them looking awfully cozy together when he was supposed to be home, when Tara asked him about it he couldn’t even come up with a good excuse for why he was with her and more importantly how his phone was dead but he somehow got her missed calls. Control your h*es bruh. But then again if he’s dumb enough to cheat on national TV he’s clearly not as smart as we thought he was.

5. Where they do this at?

Um yeah. We can only hope this tattoo Amina showed Rich Dolla$ as she claimed Peter married her is fake. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that way so we’ll hope that at the very least the alleged marriage is fake. Sigh.

6. Mendeecees in his feelings

Poor Yandeecees. While Yandy is struggling to be a single mother in the free world, Mendeecees is feeling unloved behind bars. The two got into a bit of a spat when Yandy told her boo she feels a little neglected and like their relationship is all about him, while Mendeecees struggled to understand how Yandy’s life on the outside could be harder than his — and then they got into the cutest, most childish tit-for-tat battle over saying “I love you” ever. Have to say both of them were kind of right though.

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