Did Diddy’s Instagram Picture Start A Social Media Race War? You Be The Judge!

October 26, 2013  |  


Leave it to Diddy to stir up some controversy just as he’s starting one of the biggest things he’s done in years.

For those who don’t know, Sean “Diddy” Combs launched Revolt Tv on Monday on Comcast and Time Warner Cable. The network is being touted as American music oriented cable channel that will focus on music videos, live performances, music news and entertainment.

But early Saturday morning, Diddy posted a picture on Instagram that might make a lot of people turn him all the way off.

In the photo, a black woman is standing tall in the center while white women are basically bowing down to her in a circle. Diddy captioned the photo with, “As it Should Be!!!!!!! #BlackIsBeautiful”

Ring the alarms.

The comments section were immediately on fire with some white people angry at Diddy for posting “something like this,” some black people happy he did it and a mix of everyone else a bit unsure of the reason for posting it. Oh, and it wouldn’t be social media if people weren’t just arguing with each other.

Here’s a sample (we’ll quote them without sharing names):

“All the white chicks on this post look better than this black b***h”

“I see it as him telling black women you are beautiful and it’s time we see that. I don’t see the black woman being pulled down but instead lifted by white women…”

“‘As it should be?’ Wrong! That’s counter racism! That’s just as ignorant with the roles turned around.”

“Boy please…then why u don’t use black females as lead models then??? Hypocrite!”

As you can see, the comments section has gotten intense with more than four THOUSAND responses.

What do you think? Was Diddy’s post or caption reverse racism? Ignorant? Right on track with what you believe?

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  • lillytawnyaevan

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  • Aisha Jackson

    I love Diddy…I think its beautiful…

  • Jaye White

    absolutely love it – enough said

  • Ohhhmeohhhmy

    The only people that really would be bothered by it, are the ones that believe there may be truth to it. It’s just personal opinion and he’s free to express it,

  • Ilia Rashad Muhammad

    It’s about honoring the Black woman. If Diddy recognizes the fact that the Black woman is the original and true queen of the planet earth, then no one should have a problem with it. Respect the Black woman.

  • Zire

    You Worship Us.

  • Nanne

    This is just such a non-issue, but thanks to our lack of art and art education in this country it’s turned into one. My complaints are that Diddy didn’t name/credit the artist. (ALWAYS credit the artist, people.) Second, that these online sources–including this one— are feeding into it ~~ i.e, ‘white women bowing down to a black woman’; eh, no, the white women are celebrating the black woman. I don’t know the artist, but I suspect it’s a conscious act of turning-on-it’s-head the old 19th century European “Orientalist” school of painting. It’s a beautiful, sensual painting, women who are white celebrating a woman who is black, and it ticks me off that people as well as online media, try to turn this into something ugly.

  • Raina [ रैना पूनम ]

    reverse racism isn’t real. that is all.

  • Black and Proud

    ###BLACK GIRLS ROCK###!!!

  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    I saw this and saw Grace Jones….
    My mind went from The Virgin Priestess of the Greeks/Oracle of Delphi and all the way to Egypt during the times of the Pharaohs. You experience art through your environmental and social constructs, they shape what you see. What you feel and think is directly reflected and projected unto an image, this is the basis of visual literacy.

    I think for many, your minds are weapons against themselves. Always looking for darkness and negativity, always seeing hatred and evil.

    Even if he had captioned the painting differently many would still see it as a problem. Don’t people get tired of always finding something wrong in everything?

    Perhaps to appease the many the artist could have painted the subservient women different shades of brown HOWEVER; to be an artist one does not conform or bow down to societal pressures or discomforts!

  • NUPEdash

    I think we have to be fair with this one. In today’s society everything is very sensitive. If the roles were reversed and someone put a white woman in the middle with black women surrounding her, many would call that racist/insensitive. I’m all for black women realizing there worth and ‘black is beautiful’ but be fair. Beautiful painting by the way.

  • Justathought

    Your opinion is subject to your interpretation, as is any artwork or media where the artist (or author) is not immediately available for questioning. Any one person probably has more than one opinion of what is happening in this picture.
    One of my interpretations: How many women (white?) does it take to uplift or fix another woman (black?)? The answer should be one, herself. This woman looks strong enough to stand on her own, and I like that about her. Look at their actions and the critical looks on their faces. They are praising their ‘work’ or looking for something they may not like about her. There is nothing to fix, she does not need help, she was perfect before they started trying to fit her into their mold.

  • ExpatElegance

    Looks like an Oprah moment…

  • Andy Enojada Alma

    There is no reverse racism or counter racism.. racism is racism… Why call it something different.. and Idk about the pic.. I see how its offensive but at the same time there’s a lot of black women/girls full of self hate and wanting to be something other and this shows them that they are just as wonderful.. There’s a way to say things and there’s a way to start a war… What he said was wrong,

    • Charles

      Well said!

  • Simmy

    I like it… What’s the problem.

  • tjjr35

    Glad Diddy posted this because this actual painting. Black is the original race we have just been tricked to believe

    • Charles

      Not correct actually.

  • suganspice68

    I love this pic!

  • iirebekah

    Honestly, the piece is art i do not agree with his caption however. No one race should be raised above another, however people can post whatever the want on their pages.

  • iirebekah

    There is no such thing as white racism

  • blackgirlsrockperiod

    Black women can never be duplicated period, God knew exactly who he wanted to give the real goods too!!! God was not sleeping when he created black women… You mad about hair weaves? We have mad options that other race of women wish they could begggggg God for..

  • Definitely not reverse racism. I would love to know who the artist is. Really interesting imagery. I think it’s great and as usual, people just aren’t used to seeing an alternate point of view. Remember Black Jesus? #supremacy

  • Nunyabeezwax

    By the way..Racism can only be reversed when another takes economic power from those who are currently in power. Whites are killing me with this Reverse Racism stuff. They don’t ven understand the dynamics of the societal engineering.

    • Charles

      That is incorrect. You don’t need to take economic power or anything else to be racist. You can’t define racism any old way you want to suit your views.

      People are trying to define racism to fit their political or social views. Bottom line is if you base your judgements, personal or professional, on the basis of race and not on the individual, you are being racist.

      You don’t need to control their economic, social, or political power to be racist or to commit a racist act.

  • Nunyabeezwax

    That is his opinion and people shouldn’t be so fickle or demanding that he be what they want him to be and love what they want him to love. Go Diddy! From a Proud Black Woman…Love and Respect ! I’m glad to see that not all of our brothers in the Industry throw us under the rug.

  • Vidette Realtalk Mabrey

    Oh!!! Please!!!! It is no big deal!!!!! I like it!!!

  • brainnee1

    Black is beautiful silly people.not only that all races come from the black woman and man including the pale so called white people…..get over it

  • Sydvixen

    I see a black women rising up not being lifted or held but being grasped or clawed on. I don’t see racism I see a message that says she is proud of her uniqueness and doesn’t measure her beauty from the others she doesn’t have to have light skin a blonde hair that society says is the epitome of beauty

    • Angel89

      I love your interpretation of this art..beautiful said!

      • Angel89


      • Sydvixen

        Thank you very much… I try lol

  • get real

    At one point in time white people basically worshipped African people. When the Moors brought all that stuff into Europe. Religion comes from Africa. So this picture isn’t far fetched at all. Get work diddy.

  • Tinika Gayle

    Loved the pic. . It’s art. don’t matter why he did it. Wish our nation would get over it, too long have we been on this black white thing, I feel it’s time to change that tune. It’s so done and over. I would love to see more. I would love for people to put their bull in the ground and walk away from it. It’s not just pics like this, it’s our cities, towns, jobs, media and everything about our nation…. not just a pic. Our nation has bigger problems and now I can c why, everyone way too busy living in dumbass town to come together as one nation. we will never get anywhere, look at other nations and their pull together and look at us worrying about a pic of a black woman being lifted by white women. I can’t stand this anymore this white black stuff I’m on that next level u know what about my nation stuff. Get a clue.

  • Mai Katayama

    It’s a picture, who cares? People need to get hobbies.

  • Charles

    Frankly, I don’t care. I never understood the snap judgements based on race that are prevalent in both white and black cultures. There is just as much race based assumptions in these posts as on any white supremacist site. Broad sweeping statements based on nothing.

    Also, I would be interested in see the data on how all black women are descendant from royalty. Is there a good study or book on the subject? I had not heard that before and I don’t think that each and every black woman can trace her family line to royal lineage.
    That is not withstanding what “royalty” means of course. Does it mean the ruler of an entire country or is it to mean village leader. If the latter, it is an easier case to make.

  • provokethought

    If this were the other way around I think we would have a problem with it. I think there is another way to communicate this message. Two wrongs don’t make it right……

  • Proletariette


    Racism is a structural relationship of oppression; there is no such history of physical, sexual, economic, social, and cultural oppression of white people by back people. There is no such thing as ‘reverse racism’ or ‘blacks being racist towards whites.’ There can certainly be black individuals who are prejudiced towards white people, but racism is much more than simply subjective prejudice or dislike.

    Why do we even have a term for ‘racism’? and not one for ‘people who hate smelly people’ or ‘people who hate people with moles’? Why have we as a culture set aside race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, ability, and national origin as legally protected classes? Because the latter carry histories of oppression, and the former do not. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t need to be so vigilant about the constant rebounding effects of these structures. So it may happen that someone may be discriminated against for having a mole, but this kind of prejudice IS NOT OF THE SAME KIND as racism. If the reason the term ‘racism’ exists is to call special attention to a legacy of oppression, then it does not apply where no such history exists: i.e. of whites by blacks.

    So SHUTTHEHECKUP about this so-called ‘reverse racism’. It’s not a thing.

    • Charles

      You are correct. Reverse racism is not a real thing, but not for the reasons you describe.

      Definition of racism –

      the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics
      or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as
      inferior or superior to another race or races.

      It has nothing to do with the results of such ideals.

      There are many places where it is discussed, but overall, the vast majority do not place the results of those ideals (as you stated) in confines of the definition.

      If you have a prejudice against someone due to their skin color, that would be part of the definition of racism.

  • LMW

    Should it really matter what race is lifting up another race? What is wrong with black women uplifting white women or white women uplifting black women? Why can’t it just be women lifting up women? And by the way, I see a lot of comments about white girls wanting to be black because we go tanning or because we are with black men…..that is a blanket statement that doesn’t apply to all of us. I tan because I like the look of a nice summer brown glow, that doesn’t mean I want to look black. Just sayin….

  • Mark (White Man)

    My Frat Brothers and I like this. Very provocative and love the beautiful image of the Black woman in the art. Go Diddy!! Go Diddy!

  • moniqhar

    Bow down Bit^hes!!

  • iamnotakata

    Frankly I really don’t care what his purpose for doing it was, but I dig it? And at the end of the day he can post whatever he wants to on his IG, I mean it is his page… If folks don’t like it they can hit that unfollow button ya know…

  • Jane Smith

    Whenever something’s pro-Black, it’s instantly racist to everyone else. The white women aren’t even shown in an unattractive light. I don’t see what the big deal is.

    • Exactly! It’s not like the white mermaids are ugly or gruesome.

  • What’s fascinating to me is that white people saw/see nothing wrong when the situation was reversed, when Black women were/are made to look unattractive and salute the white beauty standard. But the second it gets flipped around, all of a sudden we hear cries of “reverse racism” and all that mess. It was fine when we were made to feel like less than nothing, but the second that something comes in to challenge their notions of beauty and superiority, it’s a problem. I’m not a fan of Diddy, but I love the picture, and I don’t see any issue with it.

  • smoinpour

    Diddy can post anything he wants, but this is uncalled for

  • Calesta Mueller

    The “as it should be” part is what’s annoying. Other than that, art is art. Much better than the black girls twerkin around Miley.

  • RightOn

    I’m a white chick, and this doesn’t bother me in the least. Why would it? Black is beautiful. Duh.

  • Babi Chellz S Fly

    i love it thats what the real problem is white people feel inferior to black people thats why they want us to stay in a box and not reach or full potential but as cool as we are they cant so this pic showed them what they feared the most

  • Trisha_B

    Diddy clearly did this for attention lol. B/c like the last ig comment says, he doesnt even put black women in his videos as the lead or in his ads so w.e……I like the photo, but I can see how some people took it left. His caption throws everything off. “As it should be…” basically implies people should be bowing down to black women. Yes, black was seen as royalty. But I dont like anyone, of any race or gender, bowing down to anyone. I mean we gave Beyonce hell for that bow down song……..on the other hand it can be seen as the white women uplifting the black woman. Unity, which is positive

  • Mesha Lovercuzshegotterown Lee

    I like it it says a lot but not racism. You never know what was in this man mind so the first thing you label it as racists. Wow big up to the sucsessful man with the beautiful picture

  • Rose Brewer

    That’s how women in general obtained rights we uplift each other, time for us to get back to basics and turn this outer stereotype of how a woman should look, act and be perceived around. One things we all have in common is when you become a mother we all want to protect and provide that will never change.

  • Mimi S

    Diddy wanted to be shocking and bring attention to himself. Nothing new… I don’t agree with the pic, because I don’t think people should worship me, because I’m a black woman (maybe because I’m awesome). I laughed at first, but I do understand how white would be offended.

  • Pamela Jones-Meadows

    I think it’s beautiful.

  • Monica

    This is what I’ve said all along. I’m sorry but these women want to be us. Their jealous of us. If I had a nickle for every ww that wants to date a black man..Smh. They want to have black kids, give them black names, adopt our culture, behave like us, look like us [by getting] butt implants, bigger chests, plump lips, etc. Their constantly on us but now diddy is wrong for stating the obvious. I think not!

  • Jalonna Gipson

    I loved it I’m not gone lie that made me feel like a BOSS black women catch hell from all sides….where we come from what we look like how we are on a day to day basis like leave us alone….black women don’t worry about white people its the other way around…

  • Amazed

    All this drama over a personal opinion & picture of Mermaids?

  • hollyw

    LOL I think he may have tried to pull a little “Kanye” controversy, publicity stunt. There’s clearly nothing wrong with the art, as it depicts the most ill-treated in perhaps world history be put on a pedestal just like those that are lifting her up.

    The only folks who’d have a problem w/it are racist White people lol. It’s a race-baiter, duh!

  • truthbearer

    It actually reminds me of a black Daenerys, from that scene in the game of thrones series, after she has freed the slaves, and they lift her up!


    It is Art…there are millions of pieces of Art showing European beauty through an Artists eyes. Why can’t an Artist express that same beauty of an African/Black woman without ridicule? Good for Diddy for showing the appreciation and adornment of the African/Black woman.

  • Brian Barry

    Hmmm could it be to provoke thought???? Art is subjective and good art should be provocative in my opinion. It obviously stirred up many negative and fearful emotions in people. Only Diddy knows exactly what he intended. Some of you really need to relax and look for the positive instead of negative. This separatist attitude and mindset is destroying America.

  • KeepingItReal

    You mean of all the white racist BS propaganda white Americans do in all facets of our lives…there is outrage over this??? I think it’s beautiful art. Very classy. Good job, Diddy.

    • louvres

      yes and when they do this white racist propaganda you are upset right?

      • KeepingItReal

        Not upset at all…..because it’s expected. It’s what white people do. People only get upset over things that happen unexpectedly.

  • Desirea Fancyme Long

    Ignorance breeds more ignorance..This picture is no big deal woman in general should be lifted up because we our queens..But black woman are descendants of royalty that this country has forgotten about and it’s time we educate ourselves.Our beautiful cultural history has been lost to the hate crime of slavery and most of the people that have a problem with this picture is the problem..

    • GabriYah

      this country hasn’t forgot about our royalty…they just hide it and kept us in the dark to further cement their perceived supremacy….

    • ScriptTease

      Everyone woman is uplifted, except for the Black Woman. Diddy should’ve left the caption off and let folks draw their own conclusion.

  • Val

    So Diddy is the Anti-Kanye now? Lol

  • Antionette

    People need to get they LIVES! Find something else to do with your time. Mind your own business!!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I think there was a better way of handling this, and I’m not sure if putting one race supremely over the other is the best way to uplift black women . . .

    • louvres

      the reactions here just show the hypocrisy of many black women…who hate injustice but only when it’s done to them! Talking about “diddy posts what diddy wants..” when they were the ones slamming him for posting his pics with cassie and calling him gay everytime..some are so guillible!

  • KellyMarie

    I really wish people would stop calling it “reverse racism” or “counter racism.” It’s racism not matter if you’re white, black, brown or whatever.

    • diaj

      He is right…it is asit should be….i mean essentially the white women are already doing it…they get their lips injected to make them bigger…they get fake asses…they get tans to get darker….and the very minimum they covet our blk men….so in hindsight this is their way of saying thanks…

      • Let It Be

        Exactly! The caption really should probably say, “As it REALLY is with eyes wide shut.” White people want to turn the other cheek and act like they aren’t trying to have the appearance of a black woman/man. “Everybody wants to be the ni$$a, but nobody wants to be the ni$$a”.

    • Angel89

      I too wish people would stop calling it racism…it’s more so being prejudice not racist

    • ScriptTease

      It would be nice to hear from the actual artist. Curious to know if it’s man or woman, and even black or white, you never no.

    • JadenKing

      racism implies having power over others. last time i checked, whites have all the power. we are not racist or “reverse racist” for opposing racism or a system of global white supremacy.

      • the girl

        Thank you Jaden. Racism is not a sentiment; it is a global institution of privilege that white people benefit from whether they actively condone it or not. I can accept that anyone of any race can be prejudiced, as in, judging another based solely on the color of their skin without consideration to the content of their character. But people of color do not and have never benefited from racism and there is no such thing as reverse racism.

        • JadenKing


  • Sandra IamthatIam Poke

    I like it. Some whites mad b/c they feel we’re worthless. We as black women are royalty

  • Tez Evans

    Well its true Blk women are the queens of the universe, who would be against this but a white woman or white people, have several, diddy does what diddy wants…

    • BabyBlue

      I’m glad a man like you is willing to admit that. For years black women felt like they weren’t good enough, smart enought and pretty enough. Somehow we’ve transitioned into “white is always right.” it’s art. Freedom of expression

  • raebby

    We are black queens and we should know that. Black is beautiful. Simple message. He didn’t say white women are our slaves. They were just waiting for some black person to “slip up” so they can get the spotlight off of their ignorance. First big thing since the Trayvon Martin case….

    • Angel89

      Lol is it really that big?

    • stewie

      We don’t need to denigrate others to elevate ourselves….It is not a zero sum game.

  • Kinu

    Doesn’t bother me one bit. He’s so funny. Thanks for appreciating us and shining a light on us. While I’m not exactly check for him, it’s about time we create & push our image/likeness as the ultimate beauty standard, because we have always been beautiful. Thx Diddy for recognizing!

  • BabyBlue

    I think Diddy can post what he wants like everyone else. Ive seen worst things on instagram. It’s art with a thousand words. No such thing as a right or wrong answer. It’s subjective

    • Droid4LifeDawg

      It’s not like it’s his art, he saw something beautiful or that he liked and posted and shared his thoughts at the time, hell that’s what everyone does. It’s the Freakin’ internet.

      • BabyBlue


      • stewie

        wow….Amazing, that is the same justification and minimization given by racist white for there racism. There is NO spin it, it is a racist supremacist picture and we would be ferocious if it was the other way around. He should never put it up in the first place.

        I guess we are learning from them….

        • Ohhhmeohhhmy

          Some of the most racist people I have encountered are the ones screaming the loudest about how they are discriminated against. They fail to see their actions as prejudice. It’s only the “other” guy that has the problem.

    • enlightenment

      if it were the other way around, black women uplifting a white woman…I wonder how the reception would change. Would you still stay “people can post whatever they want” and “it’s art” and all that other stuff?

      • bigshorty

        At least if it was reversed it would be based on historical reality….Black women have lifted up the world during slavery and post slavery days. The only people who have a problem with that painting are white supremacists and those that live in a historical bubble. Black people have endured countless “paintings” and “art” that depicts us as less than human and now that we are celebrated everyone wanna holler about “if the shoe was on the other foot”. The shoe has been on the other foot for hundreds and thousands of years. People need to question why people are so scared to exalt and praise Black women. Who is really being threatened?

        • Taryn Bryant

          Now that was dropping science, bigshorty..

        • mimikoi

          Wow, at least for me, this pretty much sums up everything I feel. I don’t really agree with Diddy’s comment, but bigshoty is spot on.
          I think about all the Black nannies who raised little White children, uplifting and caring for them, when I read this. great points.

        • SMHgurl24

          I think most people seem to conveniently forget that white people have and are still being enslaved just like black people. Historically everyone has been enslaved at some point. The problem I have is the context people are putting this in. No ethnicity is superior then another and people who look at it like that are extreme hyprocrites because the fact is, is that had the colors been reversed, people on here would be singing a different tune. I think the piece is beautiful from an art sort of view but the theme I believe diddy has put to it is ridiculous

          • bigshorty

            When have people of Afrikan descent gone around the world enslaving and dehumanizing whites and making them feel outside of humanity? You are speaking in “generalities” while I’m addressing a global system of white domination that labels and demeans all things Afrikan, particularly Black women. We have a real history with real consequences and all you are concerned about is how white people feel? How you feel is one thing, historical reality is another thing.

            No humans have endured the chattel slavery that Afrikans endured under this white supremacist system….so miss me with that white people are still being enslaved nonsense.

            • SMHgurl24

              Im pretty sure white people also fall under the umbrella of afrikan desent. Sorry but im not one for the “feel bad for me because im black” nonsense. Everyone on this earth has suffered and now that we actually have a chance to have a good life you want to play the victim to get brownie points?? Disgraceful…

              • bigshorty

                There you go again, the first thing out of your mouth is your “concern” for white folks being of Afrikan descent. Once again you show that you have no understanding or concern for Black historical reality. If understanding and acknowledging the pain and struggle of Black women is playing the victim, then I will proudly play the victim till I die. There is no disgrace in supporting art that uplifts and honors Black women, and I don’t need to check with white people and get their permission or worry about how they feel about it.

                Your posts allude to you being a Black person but your comments are exclusively centered on this painting’s impact on white people’s feelings. I don’t think you are of Afrikan descent at all, possibly a troll who is threatened that Black women will be praised and loved in place of the breast implant, lip injecting, butt implant, tanning bed impostors who have benefited from a system that tells Black women they are less than the others but then the others do everything to look like those that they condemn. I’ll be waiting for your next comment on how I shouldn’t say these things because white people might not like it , even though it’s historically accurate.

                I guess you’ll be somewhere emancipating the enslaved whites you spoke of in one of your earlier comments. See ya!

                • SMHgurl24

                  Wow.. Instead of being angry im actually saddened by the amount of ignorance you have just displayed. You go on to say I have absolutely no knowledge in a struggle I am part of then you go on to attempt to insult me. Its clear you have only a one sided opinion on things and if thats how you want to be go right ahead. Ignorance is bliss they say and im begining to think they are right.

                  • bigshorty

                    I speak historical truths and I’m ignorant? The only thing rooted in fact that you have said in all your comments is that all of humanity at some point in history have suffered oppression…that is true. You don’t refute anything I have said because you can’t, you just resort to cliche sayings, “you’re ignorant, ignorance is bliss, blah, blah.

                    Refute my ignorance with research and facts. Challenge my information with counter information, not weak admonitions of me “being ignorant”. Empirically show me where I’m in error; you’re insulted because you lack the ability to back up your views with anything real. You are not used to being held accountable for what you say, you just want your opinion validated without challenge.

                    I peeped your thought process from your first post and you continue to confirm my view that you operate strictly on emotions and feelings with no integration of facts. I fully expect you to respond to none of my info, just more silly retorts of how I’m ignorant how sad that makes you feel. Whatever.

                    • SMHgurl24

                      What do you want to know? Did I say that historically and even today black people were not mistreated because I do not recall seeing that in any of my posts. If you want to discuss i’ll be happy to do it with you but so far all you’ve really been saying is “blacks are mistreated” yet you yourself have nothing else to bring to the table. We both know african people were enslaved by european people but they were also enslaved by the spanish and arabs so I dont understand your point on hatin on white people. Hell even free african americans owned slaves. Do you want me to list every single exploited ethnicity? Theres a lot of them so anything else? What is your stance anyway because after rereading your posts I have no idea what your arguing for. Is it white people are bad people because they owned black slaves? If thats the case you got a lot of people to hate on cause african slaves were ONE out of the hundreds of enslaved people in the world

                    • bigshorty

                      You responded to MY response to enlightenment, or did you forget that? For clarity, I stated that the negative backlash to the painting was from people who stated that if the roles were reversed, meaning Black women at the feet of of White woman, we as Blacks would claim reverse racism, My post was that we don’t need to claim any reverse racism, our historical reality is replete with art depicting us in inferior positions to whites. Now that a picture shows the Black woman in a supposedly “superior position” of being held up, all hell breaks loose.

                      That’s what this is all about…I stated correctly that the shoe has been on the other foot for centuries and it was interesting to see how many whites and Blacks responded in a NEGATIVE MANNER to this painting. You only saw fit to respond to how whites feel and I took exception to it. I don’t hate white people, but I know who they are and what their history is, so I’m not naive to that reality.

                      That’s what this is all about from my perspective.

                    • SMHgurl24

                      I haven’t seen a painting depicting blacks inferior to whites but if I do come across one my stance would be the same. Im not only defending whites im defending every human being out there. NO ONE should be made to feel inferior to anyone PERIOD. You talk about how historically this painting represented a reality and I countered with the fact that there were plenty of other ethnicities who ran along the same line historically also. The theme I believe this painting is being displayed as (superior/inferior) is atrocious and thats what my first comment was about. I seriously have no idea what that tangent you went on was about with emperical evidence and stuff since I said nothing that warranted any sort of evidence. And if you want to be critical of what white people did back then you really need to look at what other people did also because like I said whites were not the only ones enslaving africans.

                    • SMHgurl24

                      Also reverse racism ??*smh.. Help em lord help em*

                    • bigshorty

                      Why when we have discussion about Black and white you have to bring in other topics and other ethnic groups? You should do some more research because if you have never seen any paintings of which I speak then you need to look harder. Just use Google. And for the record, the Spaniards are Europeans and are only darker in this day and age because of the Moorish presence in the Iberian Peninsula, they were as white as any other European before the miscegenation with Afrikans….same goes for Sicilians and other southern Europeans who have dark features….but I guess you already knew that huh? You need to understand something, while you try to defend all these other ethnic groups who suffered , they never seem to speak and defend you when you are catching hell all over the globe. That’s my problem with you….you can open your mouth to speak to every other groups pain, but you have a problem when a Black person speaks in support of their people,we’re playing the victim. Would you tell the European Jew to stop commemorating their Holocaust or is your vitriol only for Blacks? You can love those that denigrate you, but I don’t play that.

                    • SMHgurl24

                      Wow hun you are really grasping at straws arn’t you? while it may be the case that the spanish can be considered europeans it doesnt negate the fact that others like the hispanic and arab worlds also owned black slaves so why you only concentrate on the european part of things shows that you have a weak argument. Slavery was a big freakin deal back then, EVERYONE had them so to sit there and condem only one group of people for it is laughable. I have no need for someone to defend me, im capable of defending myself because I have enough sense to know that the black sterotypes (which are starting to fade out) are inherently wrong. Finally and the most important is that most of the “black praisers” I speak out against are nothing more then racist pigs who attempt to use the pain others suffered long past to validate their small minded view of the world. If you fall into that category so be it.

                    • SMHgurl24

                      I think the real problem is, is that since european colonization was probably the largest historically so far they make an easier target for you and others and me pointing that out doesn’t sit well with you. I have no problem with showing love to my fellow people but to do it at the expense of others won’t fly with me

        • enlightenment

          I always like to put myself in other people’s shoes. Obviously, I’m a black woman…so I find this piece of art makes me prideful. However, I can understand why a white woman would take offense to this painting.

          NO ONE wants to be painted as subservient — even if you’re historically and presently at the top of the totem pole. So if there’s any backlash from white women, not ALL of it is racist. It’s just normal— no one wants to feel subjugated.

          It’s not “just art” or “people can post whatever they want” — bc if it were reversed, all HELL would break loose. The TRUTH OF THE MATTER is that, as black women, we feel that white women finally get a glimpse of what it feels to be the “uplifter” and not the “uplifted.” They finally get a taste of how it feels to be depicted as minions and subhuman.

          My point is. If you’re a black woman, you’d love this painting. If you’re white, why would you? It doesn’t serve your purpose and paints you as subservient…so I take no offense that white women take offense.

          • D.R.

            Beautiful comment! You’re right on target!

        • Ohhhmeohhhmy

          Yes, but not all whites descend from a family that had slaves. Categorizing people/stereotyping is wrong as well. Yet all of us get lumped into a category for something we had nothing to do with. Hmmm. But that rarely is addressed.

          • Ohhhmeohhhmy

            There will never be true equality because there’s always someone trying to claim they are better than someone else. Instead of exalting yourself for the color of your skin (which you have no control over) exalt or praise a person for their own actions/merits.

      • BabyBlue

        My answer still would be people can post what they want. People will do it anyway regardless of what I thought

      • ScriptTease

        White women have people falling from the heavens uplifting them, including a lot of Black Men, so yes I would be p!ssed. Let’s just keep it real.

        • enlightenment

          I feel you, haha!

      • nani

        I’ve seen that before lol, take a look at this book and then lets see…
        The Egyptian Cinderella by: Shirley Climo
        One the craziest racist kids books ever.

    • chanela

      nobody said that the wasn’t allowed to post what he wanted. LOL

      • BabyBlue

        The last part of this article asked what I believed. And I believe people can post what they want. Re-read the article