9 Fine Men We Were Sad To Find Out Were Gay Or Bisexual

October 24, 2013  |  
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Look. I’m all for people being open and honest and comfortable about their sexuality. Lord knows I’m not a fan of folks thinking it’s acceptable to knowingly parade the streets on the “down low,” endangering themselves and others. But I would be lying if I pretended like some of the men in Hollywood who’ve come out as gay or bisexual over the years didn’t have me shedding a single tear and doing the Florida Evans out here (“Damn, damn, DAMN!”). Of course, the chances of me getting with any of these men before I knew of their actual sexual orientation was slim, but I always had a crush or fascination with them to the point that I felt a little sad. But I am happy for them! For the sake of an interesting slideshow though, here are nine fellas I used to crush on that broke my little heart when I found out they were gay or bisexual.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer

The White Collar cutie and the dude that thousands of 50 Shades of Grey stans petitioned over to play Christian Grey is very easy on the eyes, right? However, in 2012, after being hush hush about his love life, Bomer accepted an award and publicly acknowledged that he was gay by thanking his partner, Simon Halls, and their children. When speaking on it later, Bomer said he wasn’t hiding anything. He just didn’t want to be defined as the “gay actor.”

“I never really endeavored to hide anything. But there were times I chose not to relegate my history to the back page of a magazine, which to me is sort of akin to putting your biography on a bathroom wall.”

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean

I still adore Frank Ocean’s music, but saying that I was shocked by news that he was bisexual was something of an understatement. After speculation that he might be gay started floating around as critics heard previews of songs from his album Channel Orange, Ocean decided to forgo waiting to share his sexuality via his album’s liner notes, and instead wrote a deep post on his Tumblr about it last July:

“4 summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19 years old. He was too. We spent that summer, and the summer after, together. Every day almost, and on the day we were together, time would glide. Most of the day I’d see him, and his smile. By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless.”

Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller

The Prison Break actor has always been a cutie in my eyes, but I couldn’t help but notice all the speculation about his sexuality over the years. He was seen hiking around with a man, and before I knew it, he was defending his sexuality in InStyle magazine, saying that he was anything but gay. “I’m not gay, but that rumor can’t be killed.” However, earlier this year he decided to finally come out when he was invited to attend the St. Petersburg International Film Festival in Russia. Poor treatment of gay men and women there bothered him, so he declined the invitation with a formal letter that revealed his orientation:

“As someone who has enjoyed visiting Russia in the past and can also claim a degree of Russian ancestry, it would make me happy to say yes. However, as a gay man, I must decline.”

Keith Hamilton Cobb

Keith Hamilton Cobb

The former Young and the Restless and All My Children soap star used to catch the eyes of many women back in the day with his long locs, those eyes, and that body! I still look at pictures and shake my head at the glory of it all. Cobb, now 51, revealed to People magazine that he was gay in 2010. When he did it though, he acted like it was the most obvious thing ever.

“I never denied I was Gay…I mean I’m nearly fifty, never was linked with a woman. The few ‘red carpet’ affairs I attended were set up by the studio; an obvious set up. This can’t be a surprise.”

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

Several of my co-workers are pretty adamant that they never saw it coming that CNN anchor of Anderson Cooper 360° was gay. Most of us had been too busy staring in his bright baby blues to really notice anything else going on with him. But in 2010, he allowed writer Andrew Sullivan to publish an e-mail Cooper had written, which stated the following:

“I’ve begun to consider whether the unintended outcomes of maintaining my privacy outweigh personal and professional principle. It’s become clear to me that by remaining silent on certain aspects of my personal life for so long, I have given some the mistaken impression that I am trying to hide something—something that makes me uncomfortable, ashamed or even afraid. This is distressing because it is simply not true…The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud.”

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

Some might say that after listening to “Livin’ la Vida Loca,” folks should have known about Ricky Martin, but as my Panamanian/Jamaican coworker said, “I guess I was in denial because sometimes Puerto Rican men are just like that.” Well, he was more than just colorful or flamboyant. Ricky Martin is gay, and despite being in a long-term relationship with Mexican TV host Rebecca de Alba up until 2005, he let the world know he was digging strictly the fellas in March 2010 on his website:

“I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.”

Don Lemon

Don Lemon

Okay, so Don Lemon isn’t so popular today, but a few years ago, he was just that really cute and talented news anchor/journalist. You never knew anything about his personal life (though those who worked with him were aware of his dating life), which is customary for most folks delivering the news, but in 2011, after a few years and lots of attention from the ladies at CNN, Lemon revealed in his autobiography that he was gay. When speaking on it to NPR, he was initially worried that his job could be on the line after delivering such personal news:

“My livelihood is on the line. I don’t know if people are going to accept me, if I will have a job. I don’t know how people will feel about this.”

Clearly things have worked out just fine.

Guillermo Diaz

Guillermo Diaz

So I wouldn’t say that I’ve had a real crush crush on Guillermo Diaz, aka, Huck from Scandal and Guillermo on Weeds (though he is handsome), but he’s such an entertaining actor, that I was just surprised in general to know that he’s been very open about his sexuality for years now. The actor, from Washington Heights in NYC, said his upbringing often forced him to keep his orientation a secret–but it did help with his work as an actor.

“I went to school in the Bronx. I learned to constantly try to cover up the fact that I was gay. That facade of being somebody I’m really not just to protect myself definitely helped with acting.”

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

The man with the fabulous eyebrows (seriously, they’re mad cute and neat) who has played Spock in the recent reboot of the Star Trek franchise and was a regular face on the last two seasons of American Horror Story came out as gay in 2011. He says that he did so because he realized that there were quite a few suicides happening around the country by teenagers who identified as gay. He told Reuters that being in the public eye, he just didn’t want to hide, but wanted to set a proud example.

“It wasn’t about formality or stopping rumors because I don’t really pay attention to rumors in the first place. It was a very specific move that I made because there was a rash of teen suicides at the time [the victims were gay].”

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  • dregj

    could we pick a more hateful title for the article?

  • The Mynxie One

    WHAT??????????????? Wentworth Miller????????????????? Its a sad day for me to find this out. Not that there was ever a chance in hell I would ever meet him nor date him, but a girl can have her fantasies. I am happily married and would never even if I could, but DAYUM. He is so freaking cute I can’t stand it. Good for him, bad for the women that just want to lick him up and down lmao.

  • JR

    Why sad? Jealous?

  • Kos

    [Pleased homosexual male noises]

  • Emmie

    If you’re a woman who has relationships with men, why would you be sad to find out a man was bisexual? Doesn’t really put him off limits.

    Also, Guillermo Diaz played gay characters and a drag queen in his first movies 20 years ago, in case anyone was curious.

  • Lottie Chou-fleur Rainger-D’In

    Why are you upset about some of them being bisexual? Bisexual means attracted to more than one gender. I’m a woman dating a man and we’re both bi. Doh.

  • Jussayin

    The only one that shocked me was Guillermo. He was always the tough, hilarious a**hole lol. I love him on The Chapelle Show.

  • aligerous

    How is it bad if a celeb is bisexual? It’s not like that excludes anyone. Seriously, isn’t it more of a reason to rejoice?

  • Phillip Wood

    How about nobody really cares?????? People act like it’s only straight people that exist so the title is a little misleading “Sad to find out.” It may have shocked some people but that’s life

  • Anna Joelle

    Why would you be sad to find out that a guy is bisexual though… he still plays for your team…?

  • HWall Wally

    When I was a very young boy I learned the hard lesson about the homosexual man….one of my school teachers was homosexual…there was an apartment down the street from where we lived who thrived on enticing young black males..with payments ranging from $2 to $5 to perform sex acts with them. That was a lot of money back in the 50’s for a 5 minute sex act. From what I have learned some of these boys became..”homosexual” meaning they opted to have sex and love making affiliations with men. What a shame….I imagine homosexuals are out there…as we speak…targeting young black boys for their sex slaves. Oh…they don’t all these people gays…they call them “sex predators”. The last observation…why are there so many black homosexuals holding prominent positions on TV, episodes, sports etc etc….does this mean that homosexuals represent a much higher percentage of the populations than previously thought. How disgusting.

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  • Killabee

    Is that why he acts like such a prick??? I cant stand him he is so arrogant and rude; he should lose his career for that!!!!

  • Rosa

    You left off one of the most gorgeous men I have seen in years and that is John Barrowman. He played Capt. Jack on Doctor Who and Torchwood and now is the baddie in Arrow. He is openly gay and has been in a committed relationship for a long time.

  • Megan Seabaugh

    I understand straight women being upset about their celebrity man-crushes being gay, but why on earth would anyone be upset to find out their crush was bi? It doesn’t diminish your chances at all.

    (Oh wait, biphobia is a thing. How could I have forgotten.)

  • Brad Johnson


  • Offended

    Why on earth would you be sad about someone being bisexual? Stepping aside from the presumption that you could be with every man out there, you’re implying that a guy being bi is something to be sad about is offensive. Being bi doesn’t mean that you couldn’t still be with him and be happy–assuming, for the moment, that he had any interest in you in the first place.

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  • Tank

    What’s so sad? I’m very happy lol

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  • Rick Redding

    This is the biggest load of homophobic HORSE $HIT that I’ve ever read. You “writers” for this “publication” (and I use both terms loosely) are lower than whale $hit.

  • lena

    to all the people, who think, being homosexual is a choice: i am a heterosexual woman, and i never decided i was one, it just is the way i was born. now, if for you, it’s something you have to decide, you might want to think about it a little longer. maybe you have desires, you’re denying yourself, and call repressing your urges to be with a person of the same gender, choosing to be hetero. Again.. i never chose.. i was born that way.. and i can’t bring myself to feel differently, no matter how much i would want to try, i’m simply not attracted to women, and there is nothing wrong with that either, cause it’s not my fault, since I’M BORN THAT WAY. So if anyone has any braincells.. they know, that homosexuals are BORN THAT WAY TOO, there is no fault in what they do, it’s not unnatural, it’s not a sin, that is all complete bs. IF YOU CHOSE TO BE HETEROSEXUAL, YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY RETHINK ALL OF THAT CAUSE YOU MIGHT BE BI OR HOMOSEXUAL AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. And if anyone will come to me now with, oh but homosexuals can’t have children, therefore it’s unnatural: many men or women can’t have children, so they are not allowed to love or be loved? they are not allowed to be happy? women after their change cant have children, so their husband of 40 years should leave them and go to a young woman? the world is overpopulated as it is, SO ACTUALLY IT’S VERY NATURAL CAUSE NATURE REGULATES ITSELF.

  • Neri

    … Why would you be sad about the bisexual guys?

    Feel free to crush on the bi ones, if their sexual orientation matters at all in dream land lol

  • Phillip Wood

    Why be sad though? LOL. There’s plenty of other men in this world to be sad and heartbroken over a man being gay.

  • Stephanie Rose

    why would this make you sad? it should make you happy that there is equal representation in the media and that these awesome actors had the courage to come out to a society that would say such a thing. shame on you.

  • mark

    Wait… you realize that bisexual means they are also into women right? So why is that a disappointment?

  • Kaz

    Why would women be sad if they were bi? They still like women. That’s how bisexuality works…


    Keith Hamilton Cobb, doesn’t think anyone should be surprised that he is gay? Just because the studio planned his dates,doesn’t mean that his fans new he was gay. How many of us knew the studio planned his dates till now? He has done his fans a disservice, by thinking we are stupid.

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  • MPA2000

    Meh. I don’t know either of them. Not gay either so, this article isn’t really relevant.

  • cpinva

    when I was in college (back in the stone age), I had an instructor for a 400 level auditing class. the guy was smart, in his late 30’s, early 40’s, very good looking, single, slim, dressed fashionably comfortable, etc. he was also a nice guy, always willing to help if you were having problems in the class. all the ladies in his classes practically left wet spots on their chairs, at the end of every session. later that semester, we found out he was gay, and was in a relationship with my computer science instructor. every single one of the women in his classes was in mourning, for the rest of the semester.

    surprisingly (bear in mind, mid 70’s, in the south), aside from the girls being in a group depression, no one really seemed to care, he was still good old dr. W. as I think back on that, I am pleased that we seemed to have a more civilized take on the issue, than most hetros in the country did back then. or maybe we were just so caught up in our own things, we didn’t really have the spare time to be idiots.

  • Harley Quinn

    Only 2 people were shown…what happened to the rest of the article?

  • FuckYourselves

    Trash article, mostly trash comments. Bigotry. Bigotry everywhere. Caydence James is a pretentious bigot c u n t, and so are many of the other commenters here. I know this is old, but I don’t even care. What a stupid community this is. Disgraceful, pathetic, worthless bigoted trash. This website is mostly for trashy obese black girls, isn’t it? Typical.

  • Josh

    On behalf of gay men everywhere, I apologize for leaving you with a measly pool of 95% of the world’s men to deal with.

    It must be very hard being straight.

    I’ll keep trolling POF for the 1% of the 5% that I’m attracted to.

  • Toya

    I had no idea Keith Hamilton Hobbs was gay dang he is so beautiful I was just shaking my head as I read that.

  • Toya

    I wouldn’t say that Frank Ocean is fine.

  • Afeefy

    Anderson Cooper?!?!?!?!?!? NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!

  • Raykel White

    I’m not saddened by any of these men being homosexual. :/ They’re attractive, yes, but it’s not a blow to me (no pun intended, giddity). Still, them being heterosexual, homosexual, or whatever doesn’t really take from their image.

  • teefalove

    Um, there is no such thing as Bisexual… So everyone who says they are is either confused or mentally ill. Just Saying.

  • CerealKilla

    Keith Hamilton Cobb bein’ gay is the shocker of the year for me. I realize I never really paid any attention to anyone sexual orientation but if you’d have told me back in the 90’s that that brotha was gay I’d have pissed myself laughin’ out you for bein’ stupid. Boy would I have been wrong. Same goes for Miller & Bomer. Never once suspected in any way shape form or fashion those two cats where gay.

    • CerealKilla

      I meant at* you for bein’ stupid. Srry.

  • John Constantine

    Why be sad if he is bisexual? He can still f*ck you :)))

    Such a discriminatory title. Like you could f*ck him otherwise

  • MoTruth

    When did Keith Hamilton Cobb ever say he was gay? All lies, however if he is, he’s surely making someone happy.

  • pammy


  • Likewaterforchoc

    I was shocked about Matt Bomer, but he is too attractive to be straight. So is Anderson Cooper. Always thought he was handsome, but always knew he was gay. Had absolutely NO idea about Gillermo, though. Remember back in the day when Keith Hamilton Cobb was in EVERY annual issue of Ebony magasine’s most eligible bachelor’s list talking about what he was looking for in a woman? No wonder he was in there EVERY SINGLE YEAR! LOL!

  • cc

    all i can say is damn huck!

  • natureboi

    Why are u sad at all…let people live THEIR life and you mind YOUR business

  • Lynne Krop

    If anyone was surprised about Ricky Martin, then I feel sorry for your lack of intelligence!

  • Lynne Krop

    Why is anyone “Sad” these gorgeous men are gay? It’s not as if they were straight, any of us would have had a chance with them anyway. My son is a gorgeous man and he is gay and I’m not sad about that. I’m tired of hearing, “Oh, what a waste of a good looking guy,” when people find out about my son. He’s not a waste! He’s just not into women. STFW!

  • Mindy Tunnell

    Oh you poor, poor, ignorant straight folk….

  • L.

    I knew Don was gay all along. I did not know the Huck was gay. Good for them.

  • Gee Cee

    People are entitled to their opinions. Just because a person doesn’t agree with gay rights, doesn’t make them bigots. Beating or trying to cause harm to someone for being gay makes you a bigot. There is a difference. Plus I’m tired of people comparing being gay to being black. That is total BS. I’m part black and can not change my color and I also CHOOSE to be bi-sexual. I’m not saying every gay/bi people choose to be that way but some CAN so it can be a choice. I honestly believe some gay/bi are born that way and others for whatever reasons chose their sexuality. I went bi because of being hurt by a man I loved with all my heart and I couldn’t stand the thought of being touched by another male but I’m just celibate. So think before you say stupid crap.

    • Kris

      You sure didn’t think before you said stupid crap such as, “Just because a person doesn’t agree with gay rights, doesn’t make them bigots” and “I honestly believe some gay/bi are born that way and others for whatever reasons chose their sexuality”.

  • Jamee

    There is NOTHING sad about people who live their truths! It is not sad at all, it is beautiful!

    I say, Bravo to these wonderful men!

  • MrsMommy

    AIN’T NOBODY sad about Queen Frank.

  • ComptechNurse

    Who cares, they are ugly men anyways

  • Lotus

    You people have a very limited view of sexuality to include bisexual men on here as well.. why be sad? don’t you understand that bisexual people are attracted to the soul and not the body? Sexuality is fluid. What’s inside is what matters. BOOM

  • Lotus

    Ain’t like any of you people are gonna get with these guys, gay or straight, so why can’t you still have your fantasy? wouldn’t it make it that much more enticing a fantasy to think.. maybe, I could turn him straight? 😉

  • motorfingaz

    Sad to find out who they really are and live their truth? I’m sad to find out that this blog has so many ignorant hateful homophobes.

  • IvyDevilDog

    So sad – the world is so upside down that people who engage in what the Bible considers to be vile and perverted conduct consider themselves to be “blessed.” It is as if they NEVER read one word of the Bible. So sad…

  • Phamous Black

    There’s a trend in the comment section on this website that is very unfortunate. It seems more and more apparent that most of you people are simply trolls who frequently take things completely out of context. It’s not that the person is gay that this writer is saddened by, but she obviously had an attraction to that person and a fantasy (whether or not she actually had a chance in hell) of being with him that is now removed. It’s like being in love with someone and finding out later they’re married. He/she is no less attractive, but off the market.

    The question that comes up reading most of these comments is WTF is wrong with you people?

    • Zia Paul

      A LOT.

  • govskeptic

    Anderson Cooper should have been no surprise to anyone. Being the darling boy of
    Barbara Walters and other media types made that clear. There are some cute posing
    pictures to be found on the net.

  • justine

    Why are we sad that they are gay or bisexual? Were you in anyway even remotely under the impression that you had a flying chance with any of them if they were straight? Also bisexual men like to be with women too, thus the bisexual term? Then again the writer of this article seems to be suffering from some serious homophobia, suddenly a man isn’t attractive because he wants to put it in another man instead of you? Whatever.

    • Phamous Black

      How did you come to that conclusion? Please inform.

  • ActionJackson

    “We” were sad? Who the f*ck us “we?” Some of us were happy. This is a pretty homophobic title. Especially, when you consider other topics titled “Gay and Bi and Proud.” Just where does Madamenoire stand on this issue or will it play all sides just to get a “click.”

    • Phamous Black

      How exactly is this article homophobic? How did you come to that conclusion?

  • Greg White

    What is so sad about being gay? I’m happy and proud of it.

    • Phamous Black

      Did you read anywhere in this article that you should be sad about being gay or did you just take the chance to speak on your own sexuality?

  • Kiki

    How did you miss Channing Tatum from this list? By far the sexiest bisexual man in the history of life.

  • bunnychi75

    Daaaamn, I didn’t know Scarface from HalfBaked was gay!! And Keith Hamilton Cobb!?!?!? He was the MAIN reason why I watched All My Children!

  • Barbara Codner

    When men are gay, it’s a huge loss for women. When women are gay, it’s not much of a loss for men. Life is truly unfair. 🙁

  • Wendy

    Wow! We are still discriminating against people for being who they are! The sad person here is the one who wrote this article. You also probably find it sad that people are women, black, short, tall, Asian, etc. Please go find a island so you can be alone, because on this earth it takes everyone to make a difference.

    • Phamous Black

      Which article did you read? This one? How did you not get the point? Maybe you should leave the island that you’re on and try to understand the context. She clearly stated she has had fantasies, no matter how improbable, of being with that person and the chance is now nil. If you were attracted to someone and they were married, off the market, you would feel saddened? Can you read?

  • Meri

    What’s there to be sad about? It’s not as any of you had a chance with them in the first place. The’re gay or bi, you know like other people are heterosexual or asexual. Get over it. Their sexuality doesn’t mean that you can’t still have crushes on them.

    • Meri

      Edit: *It’s not as if*

    • Phamous Black


  • GD

    Uh… you do realize you still have a chance with the bisexual men, right? Why should them being bisexual limit or make you sad?

  • jeweledleah

    that “or bisexual part” confuses me. bisexual means they are still interested in women. so? what’s the problem exactly, you can still keep your fantasies of “some days” since you know, they are only mostly impossible.

  • Jen

    I find your headline and your commentary to be narrow-minded. I also think that the assumption that bisexual men would be automatically undesirable to women is simply inaccurate and outdated.

  • Alexandra_8

    Bi now, gay later.

    • Jen

      I’m bi now, and I have been since I can remember. I don’t plan to be gay later.

      • Alexandra_8

        Ok, thanks for that Jen. Even thought the article is about men, all of us immediately thought of you and what your situation is. Thanks for piping up and setting the record straight about yourself.

        • Gísli

          Bi man here.I’m bi now and always will be bi. “Gay later” is a bullshit stereotype and you Alexandra are an idiot who has no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Kath

    Idris Alba and Adam Levine aren’t there. So, am good.

  • Briana

    Y’all forgot Shaun T!! Why was he not on the list?! My heart died a small death when I found out (lol), although I’m happy for him, and his husband is fine too. Who was shocked about Ricky Martin tho… Really… Lol

  • dthompson1313

    Keith Hamilton Cobb was a complete surprise to me….I am not usually shocked by celebrities coming out of the closet because I think I have pretty good gaydar as a girl but…ya…colour me surprised. His comment re: not being linked to any females makes total sense now…

    Miss him on Y&R, wish he would come back and drag Phyllis out of her coma so she can kick Sharon’s face in 🙂

  • amd

    I kind of don’t get why bisexuality is on this list. If a man is bisexual…you still have a chance with him, ladies.

  • Lauren25

    Anybody…..who sleeps with the same sex, is clearly sick mentally and need help…..What is the world coming to…..Clearly you all know it was Adam and Eve……Not….Adam and STEVE…smh

    • wesawithappen

      You wanna base the way you live your life on the relations of a couple who were banished from Paradise because they couldn’t turn down a damn apple? And seriously, were you fighting hiccups when you wrote that? What’s with all the ellipses (…)?

  • Nichole

    why is Matt Boomer not on this list I was pretty sad to find out he’s gay. 🙁 lol

  • Petertimber

    homosexuality is nothing more than defective cross brain wiring at time of conception so that one is born with genitalia of a male or female gender yet lusts after same gender due to a birth defect. Homosexuals are human beings and should be respected as any other physically defective person

  • jenny_foy1985

    The one that upsets me the most is Anderson Cooper he is such a doll!! Doesn’t make me like him any less

  • Morgan

    I remember Keith from AMC. That man is so fine and I didn’t know he was gay.


    when will some black women get over the gay/bi thing? your fantasies about actors/entertainers/athletes etc remain intact regardless of their personal lives

  • CatalinaThePirate

    Quite frankly, it’s a turn-on for me to find out a man is bisexual. And I don’t think that’s unusual. Guys seem to really enjoy it if he finds two bisexual women with whom to have a little fun. 🙂

  • Ana

    Can someone explain to me why someone would be sad about a man being bisexual? I can understand if a woman were sad about finding out a guy that she likes is gay, but what would it matter if he were bisexual? Kinda feel like they’re really saying, “9 Fine Men Who Came Out As Gay Or Gay”.

  • Bill Nedra Bill

    Why ‘Sad’ to discover someone is gay? Being gay is God’s will for some of His creation; And as King David said, Jonathan’s love for me was more wonderful than the love of women: So no need for anyone to be sad, because the LOVE these gay men are getting from their male spouse is MORE WONDERFUL to them than what they can get from women. Some people are gay, so get over it!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Huck’s gay? Yet another reason to hate Command. “He had a family!”

  • Tee

    I didn’t know Huck was gay. .. everyone ELSE. .mmmm yea lol

  • Breezy

    Why would a woman who likes men be sad that a bisexual man who still likes women is bisexual? Like really?

  • MittMoney

    I need to “come out” and let people know that I am straight. Any one surprised?

  • callingoutbs

    This is so hetrosexist.

  • buffalogirl

    what the eff are you sad about? their sexuality is none of your biz. i’m not sad to find out you are a effing moron.

  • PLondon

    Cobb was in Noah’s Arc…THAT’S when I realised he is gay. *sheds tear*

  • Byron C Mayes

    You do realize that “bisexual” means they’re still interested in women, right?

  • tmorrow

    why are you “sad” to learn they were gay. you should be happy they are honest about what they feel instead of playing on the “down-low”. besides what makes you think YOU could get with them even if they were straight? move on……theres plenty of d*** out there for you to have doll.

  • Galen Nycroft

    How come it’s ‘sad’ that these guys are gay? There’s probably some gay men for whom it’s a celebration…even though they likely will never date or meet these celebs!

    And while I don’t directly equate the gay rights movement to the Black Civil Rights movement, the underlying theme is basic human rights. A lot of marginalized groups use the Black Civil Rights movement as a model, because it was probably one of the most profound, and also fairly recent movements.

    If something works, why not try to use those methods again (activism, visibility, etc).

  • soctal

    Keith Hamilton Cobb not really surprised to find he is gay. some men are just too beautiful to be straight..lol. but i must say i am SHOCKED to find he is 51!

  • Yallaretrips

    So why would any one of you be sad at the fact these gents are gay? Gay or straight, none of you had a chance ANY way…

  • Rando

    Why be sad??? Being bi-sexual or gay is great!

  • I think I’m more shocked to learn that Keith Hamilton Cobb is 51. The title of the article bugs me. Why be sad? It’s not like any of us mere mortals had a chance with these stars, anyway, and at the end of the day, they’re all STILL handsome, regardless of orientation.

  • Tom Lorio

    So sorry that you’re upset that these men are gay. But you realize this is thinly masked homophobia, don’t you? Instead of being sad about it, why not just accept it? Image a posting on a site titled “9 Fine People we were sad to find out were_____” and fill in the blank with, ‘Black, Asian, Muslim…etc,” and then report back how terrible this posting is or how marginalized it makes you feel.

    • Greenie

      They won’t get it Tom, because they are bigots and have limited understanding of someone else’s struggles.

  • Straight Up

    Girls, girls, girls…..listen to me…pay close attention, as I’m only going to say this once. GAY MEN ARE EXTREMELY OVERREPRESENTED IN THE ARTS….this is why you see so many gay men singing, acting, dancing, rapping…basically anything that involves creativity. This is what they’re not telling you, but now you’ve been schooled. It has always been that way, and will always be. Don’t be shocked. If you want to find where most of the straight men are, they’re not going to be on your radio or TV…sorry girls.

  • JTerry

    Keith Hamilton Cobb is still hot to me, regardless.

  • mainstreamisoverrated

    LOL yeah okay….Maybe YOU didn’t know. I could spot a gay man before I knew what gay meant.

  • S. Finney

    All those beautiful, successful men and they don’t want no part of a woman. #ADamnShame

  • tome383

    Recently I was really, really low on money and debts were eating me from all sides! That was UNTIL I decided to make money.. on the internet! I went to surveymoneymaker dot net, and started filling in surveys for cash, and surely I’ve been far more able to pay my bills! I’m so glad, I did this!! – y6yb

  • WTF, i really can not understand why a man will got crush on a man.

  • Summy

    Can’t say I’m sad about any of them. Just happy for them that they can be out and proud.

  • uhuh

    Reading about Huck gives me more reason to believe that a lot of the extreme feminine acting gay men are just putting on. I know some people are just naturally more feminine just like some women are just more masculine, but I never understood how having an attraction to the same sex makes some people act like the opposite sex.

    • Greenie

      Why do you care?? People act the way they act, how does the affect your life?

  • Caydence James

    I internally wept about Wentworth Miller and Anderson Cooper (seriously his eyes DO distract me from almost everything) but I think I died a little when I saw Keith Hamilton Cobb. Holy crap! I didn’t know…..how sad!!
    Dammit! Who’s next? Channing Tatum? We seriously need to get some geneticists in on this. This is becoming downright scary!

    • guest007

      Hate to break it to you, but channing has already been outed

  • Kris

    I’m appalled and disgusted by this story. Why are we sad again? Because they are gay? How is that sad? Or are people “sad” that they will never date ladies. I’m confused…was there ever an assumption that there was ever a chance? Give me a break. They are still beautiful accomplished men who bravely represent an underrepresented minority in the entertainment industry. So what, we cant pine after them any more now that they are out as gay? Puh-lease that doesn’t stop millions of gay men and married women from lusting after Brad Pitt or Taye Diggs. Its not a loss, its a triumph!! I think this article should be called, “Gay and gorgeous, Hollywood’s hottest out performers.” Its time to leave the 80’s mentality about homosexuality and update our discussion.

  • Bat-amgalan Tsogtsaikhan

    why should we be sad that they’re gay? Who really cares? The title just seems hateful is all. Maybe revise it to “7 Men Women Were Sad to Find Out Were Gay.”

    • Sheri

      Um… I’m almost certain that’s what they meant. Smh..

  • Amanthasay

    I don’t get why anyone cares or is “shocked” by who other people are attracted to or sleeping with.

  • Amanda

    I’m confused about the bisexuality…they could still feasibly date a woman. Not you, because you’re a homophobic nitwit, but other women (and men), sure!

    • guest

      and you’re a pathetic g.a y azz degenerate

  • Brad

    I think it’s a shame to position this piece with the word “sad” in the title. It just seems ignorant.

  • Tiff

    Shaun T, the creator of Insanity is too fine…and gay:-(

  • Domo

    Why would a straight woman be sad to find out a fine man is bisexual? ……………..oh right, biphobia. Cool.

    • guest

      roast in hayle with the degenerates then

  • SweetLibraGirl

    I was sad about wentworth miller. He probably wouldn’t like a peasant like me but I was sad to find out i couldn’t live vicariously through his girlfriends lol

  • OSHH

    What I would like to know is, why are people being labeled homophobic, if they feel a way about what they perceive as such a large percentage of males in certain industries and or locations being gay???? Is it not natural for a woman to be attracted to a man and vice versa???? that is what man and woman was designed by GOD to do and then some.
    There is noting homophobic = hateful about that.

  • WTF

    Why are ‘we’ supposed to be sad?
    I’m queer. I’m not interested in sleeping with these men anyway. The presumption that all of your readers are straight and want to sleep with people they don’t even know is ridiculous, insulting and more than a little homophobic. But even if I was straight, I’m enough of a grownup to think it’s cool that these men have come out, no thanks to articles and attitudes like this.

  • Indigo

    Why should anyone be “sad” about this? Someone’s sexual orientation is nothing to be “sad” about… kinda homophobic in my opinion. How is homosexuality “heartbreaking”? That idea in itself is homophobic. Oh, and it’s not like these celebrity men, even if they were straight, would want to be with you anyway…so why does it actually matter?

  • Jonster

    Wow what about Mario Van Peebles, Jamie Foxx, Shemar Moore, Eddie Murphy, Sean Combs, Tyler Perry, basically every powerful Black man in SHOWBIZ

    • NachoAverage

      Oh helll no

  • kiki j

    Here we go with the homophobia from MN smh. Women still implying that only “ugly” men should be gay. That is rediculous. Besides who checking for ANY of these d listers anyway?

    • guest

      here we go with you degenerates cosigning that fawkery. you’ll roast in hayle with them enjoy!

      • kiki j

        And your judgemental a$$ will roast in “hayle” for that.

    • Leila

      I honestly think you and others are getting offended over nothing. No one ever said only ugly men should be gay, nor did it say there is something wrong with these men being gay. People usually have certain fantasies about celebrities rather they’ll ever meet them or not, this author just happened to have crushes on these celebs and once she found out they would never be interested in her, she was disappointed. Does it mean she doesn’t like them for being gay? No. This article has absolutely nothing to do with hating gay men.

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  • kickash

    Ok so I did not know Huck from Scandal was gay! I would have never guessed he was! I don’t care if I’m late on finding out

  • baybeK8s

    I suspected KHC was gay from his AMC days. He just confirmed it for me when I saw him on Noah’s ARC. I am heart broken over Wentworth Miller, he was the only reason I watched Prison Break.

  • DC’sF!nest

    Damn, Huck???? Really???????? Who knew!!!

  • bahamianempress99

    Also…Keith Hamilton Cobb was confirmed for me after his stint on “Noah’s Arc.” Love that show!

  • bahamianempress99

    In my personal experience and opinion, I don’t think being sad about a man being gay is necessarily low key homophobic. It’s not about his sexuality but the fact that he’s unattainable. I feel the same way about celebrity men in general. Married, in a relationship, baby on the way, gay whatever. We all entertain fantasies about famous men and somehow feel let down when something about their lives puts them out of our reach for good. I think that’s a natural (however silly) reaction. We know we will most likely never cross paths with these people but we can dream right? Also, people are obsessed with sexuality. That’s the place we’re at in society. To some of us it doesn’t matter but to some people it’s still new and they are getting used to it. No need to force it. Eventually we will get to a point where it doesn’t matter, but until then, people need to see these examples and realize that “gay” is just an orientation and doesn’t dictate how a person looks, behaves, lives, etc.

    • OSHH

      I agree it is not homophobia at all.

  • DRKG

    Not my huck……………dang…………..is everyone gay for pay in Hollywood these days?

  • HUgrad13

    Guillermo still shocks me to this day, and i feel like i’ve known for at least 2 years.

  • Lisa

    Just as long as James Franco doesn’t come out, I am good. But I am just waiting for it any day! Love Him!! Zachary Quinto broke my heart though, his eyebrows still make me swoon!

    • toy

      Yes James Franco is fine and very straight thank God. Why Huck ? why

  • SJ

    Wentworth and Guillermo were shockers. The others I already knew.

  • queentiye

    Matt, old news.

  • Growth

    There is nothing fine about Frank Ocean. I’m not getting what the big deal is about a few people on this list. It may be because I don’t know them personal and know that what I see is acting and not real life.

    • Lawanda Dumas

      u aint never lied that frank ocean sh*t didnt bother me to say the least! but ricky martin did but i still think he’s cool though!!

  • ZLoves

    *_ * Huck???!?!??! *faints* i would call Olivia to fix it but she’s been slippin lately! *eye rolls*

  • hon3ycocaine

    Oh wow, Guillermo Diaz is a surprise for me.

  • Kimber

    I am shocked about the dude from Scandel but the rest are obvious lmao!

  • Keith Cobb, Matt Bomer ( Those Eyes) ,Wentworth Miller wow, my heart has a tiny crack in it!

  • Marcus Terrific

    I’m gonna chime in right now and say I would not ever trade my gayness.. I was born this way and I will continue to walk tall in my sexuality. If I was straight, I would probably be like the the rest of these bum @ss straight dudes.. just straight up hounds. Holla at everything I see, getting played and not knowing when to give up.

    • Val

      I was with you until you put down str8 men while acknowledging your being gay and being proud. Why stereotype str8 men if you don’t want to be stereotyped as a gay man?

    • Truth

      You realize you play in feces?

      • Marcus Terrific

        That’s why gay men who are bottoms douche. This process eliminates the chances of any fecal matter being left in the anal canal, you ignoramous. Please try again, you failed.

      • O

        LMAO…..that caught me off guard as I was reading through…

      • Greenie

        So does your mom.

    • lilmissmatched

      What’s stopping you from doing that as a gay man?? So ALL gay men are faithful and honest, I guess.. #b!tchplease

  • IllyPhilly

    C’mon B0ssip.

  • Kit23

    Sometimes I just wonder if there are any straight available men left on the planet…

    • Val

      Wow, could you possibly be more overly dramatic. Gay men only make up a tiny portion of the human population. So just stop.

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    Anybody remember Guillermo in Half Baked?!

    • sammi_lu

      Yep and Chappelle Show, that PopCopy skit is one of my favs!

    • staygolden

      LOL, I didnt even realize that was him until right now. “Yo, Killer, kill!”

  • Meya

    NOOOOOOO!!! Not Zachary Quinto! We’ll always have “Heroes”….

  • Rashida

    None of em my type… I am not sad! People got to be who they are!

  • phillipskification .

    I first saw Keith Hamilton Cobb on Noah’s Arc, a show about gay black men, so it was pretty obvious.. MadameNoire often publishes questionable pieces; especially on slow news days…

    • jerjorju

      Never heard of that show but aren’t there actresses on the L Word show who are not lesibans in real life? So why would this be obvious?

      • phillipskification .

        Because it wasn’t the L Word.

  • tenisha charmin

    OMG!!!!…..would have never thought that “huck” swings that side…..sigh….i remember when Anderson Cooper broke his silence..i was in utter disbelief for days

  • Truth Simplicity Love

    This article is very passive aggressively homophobic. People are gay, put your self in these men’s shoes
    and try to imagine the immense pressure of the bullshit like this from
    all angles. Being gay is not a flaw, just shut up and enjoy their
    talents on the big screen and stay the hell out of their PRIVATE LIVES.

  • It seems like to truly make it in Hollyweird, you have to be at least one of the following:

    1. White

    2. Jewish

    3. Family member of 13 Bloodline

    4. Illuminati

    5. Rich

    6. Homo

    • MrCubano

      And most people are all of the 5 except for number 3

    • Amanthasay

      Illuminati conspiracies are for people who’d rather blame some obscure, invisible force “out there” for holding them back than accept responsibility for their own shortcomings and failures, go out there and achieve.

      • Pamela Boswell

        I know, right? LOL Conspiracy theorists are my favorite. There’s no reasoning with them, so just hand them a beer and let them spin for a few hours for laughs. “LOOK AT THE BACK OF THIS QUARTER–IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING!”

    • Pamela Boswell

      I hate you Illuminati paranoid lunatics. Do you know hard it is to be gay in Hollywood? And for the people back in the day who were gay? My God, I hate stupid people. I would support eugenics if they promised to eliminate people with idiocy in their gene pools.

  • Keland

    How could someone else’s sexuality make you feel sad?

    • staygolden

      Cause people be having fantasies lol!

      • Xzamilio

        Yeah, and those fantasies can still happen because literally had the same shot that you did before you found out,…regardless

  • Jake

    MadameNoire, I’ve come to rely on your publications as giving a voice to Black women that they, as an underrepresented minority, often lack. So I’m disappointed to see that you would mistreat another minority by decrying a man’s identification as bisexual. It’s cool to shed a tear about an attractive man being unavailable to you. But unlike gay men, bisexual men are not unavailable to women. So what you’re really shedding a tear over is the fact that in addition to being into women, they’re also into to men. That’s pretty homophobic.

  • Miss Info

    I was so bummed when I found out Keith Hamilton Cobb was gay. I had a crush on him for years!

    • IvyRayne

      I had a huge crush on him to, i didn’t suspect him until he was on that gay men show Noah Arc, I was like NOOOOO WAY!

    • Lawanda Dumas

      me 2!! guys like that are always gay..never anybody like flavor flav..lbvs!!

    • Liz

      oh please. It wasn’t like any of you would have scored them anyways.

  • guest

    Madamnoire, this clicking nonsense has to stop!!There are many other formats that can be used….and Ricky Martin is disgusting to me for some reason.

    • Yanez

      He’s not really disgusting. He was sexually abused as a child and I just wonder if that in anyway had an impact on his sexuality. I’m not saying that’s why people are gay. I think some are born that way, some are looking to be loved by anyone and it doesn’t matter who, and others were exposed to sexual experiences too young which can lead to a very confused sexual identity when they get older. I will say I am shocked about the guy from All My Children.” I used to have a big crush on him.

      • staygolden

        That’s sad, and ‘disgusted by’ isn’t how I would describe survivors of abuse, but I feel the OP’s opinion. Ricky Martin and abuse survivors are mutually exclusive. He is a little nast to me too.

      • jerjorju

        Keith Hamilton Cobb??? Nooooooooo Yes, it is a surprise to me.

  • SXQN

    They definitely are some fine specimens of the male species. But in my opinion, who they are sleeping with is their private business as long as all parties are of legal consenting age and like minded. For the bisexual ones, as long as they are honest and upfront with potential partners..mo’ power to’em. It’s not my personal cup o’tea, but who am I to judge or down anyone else?

    • Pamela Boswell


  • Wow

    I had no idea about Huck and Keith Hamilton Cobb. I guess you learn something new everyday.

    • Me

      Huck is surprising just because he’s so rough on the show

      • original*ijs

        especially on weeds he was a G lol

        • Me

          Why I didn’t realize that was him until I read this article. I loved me some Weeds!

      • bailedex

        That just goes to show that we as a society must throw away all preconceived notions and prejudgments on homosexuals and people in general. There is spectrum on everything including masculinity, GAY or STRAIGHT.

        • Caydence James

          No, it doesn’t go to show that. It just proves that he’s an ACTOR and as an actor he’s honed his craft! Not to mention that he’s already said that he had to hide his gayness growing up so all it really show is that he’s acted his way through life and knows how to ACT masculine and repress his femininity.

          • kiki j

            You sound extremely ignorant and thats based on all comments on this article.

  • MSpencer

    Y’all mf’s at MADAMENOIRE kill me. I mean you guys are sickening with the bs you come up with and have the AUDACITY to write an article on. One day it’s Eminem being brashly homophobic in his lyrics, then in the next breath within the same week you make this mess of an article, A list of how sad you were to find out a bunch of D list hollywood actors were gay or bisexual. I guess homophobia is ok as long as it’s coming from a black woman’s point of view who thinks she vicariously speaks for all the women in her race, and not an “overly privileged” WHITE rapper huh? What a perfect example of a double standard, isn’t it? And by the way what black women you know were checkin for half of these men on here? Zachary Quinto? Matt Bomer? Wentworth Miller? C’mon most of you guys don’t even keep rapport with these actors to even know who they were. I’m convinced the author had to do a thorough in depth “google” engine search on “Openly Gay Actors”. HAVE SEVERAL SEATS!!!!!!!

    • Me

      What? Calm down and take your meds.

    • peace love simplicity

      I agree, this article is very passive aggressively homophobic. People are gay, put your self in these men’s shoes and try to imagine the immense pressure of the bullshit like this from all angles. Being gay is not a flaw, just shut up and enjoy their talents on the big screen and stay the hell out of their PRIVATE LIVES.

      • Caydence James

        First of all, you people need to stop misusing words to make a point.

        “Phobic” means that someone is afraid of something. While I give you that there are actually people who are afraid of gay people, not everyone who disagrees with them are afraid of them! So this ridiculous misuse of the word “phobic” really needs to stop because 1) it’s inaccurate and 2) it’s clearly designed to shame or guilt people into abandoning their values and accepting something different just so that the proclivities of others can have full reign.

        But moving on to this article, it’s also messed up that you’d accuse this writer of being passive aggressively afraid of gay people. I’ve read this and nothing in this article states that the woman who wrote this article is AFRAID of gay people! It’s pretty clear that all she’s doing is stating disappointment that she will now find it hard or impossible to include them in her fantasies now that she knows they’re gay and she recognizes that other women feel the same and therefore expressed it!

        Disappointment and hate are 2 distinctly different things and those people who overreact and try to make it mean the same thing are obviously doing it to shut down another person’s point of view and I’ve got news for you – trying to shame people into abandoning their values is just as disgusting as anything else you’re accusing people of and I hope that I am not the only one that will allow people like you who use that term for everyone who believes in standing by what our creator intended for us biologically will allow themselves to be controlled in that way!

        • peace love simplicity

          Passive aggressive much? All I read in your reply was hate and a serious lack of understanding/humility.

          • Neco84

            All we have known throughout history is, People hate what they dont understand.and its very unfortunate a lot of people prefer to live that way instead of loving. Very sad. And im a non christian saying this.

        • Froggage

          You can parse the roots of the word all you want, but the dictionary definition of a “homophobe” is someone who HATES OR fears homosexuals, so you didn’t even need to post this book.

          • Caydence James

            Oh and for your next point will you use Wikipedia as your footnote?

            First of all, the meaning of the word “Phobic” is not a personal opinion. I’ve seen this word in the dictionary long before it was changed and definitely before it was used to bully people into believing that if they disagree with something then it means that they’re scared. Not to mention that phobias are a condition so if one needed to know what that word meant, you kinda wouldn’t go to a Merriam Webster or Oxford dictionary (really? You want to quote dictionaries that are ok with making the word “Selfie” an official word?), you would go to the DSM-V which is The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders…..
            But maybe that’s over your head.
            But what isn’t over your head is our obvious use of assumptions and over dramatization. According to your logic, if I disagree with a group of people, it then HAS TO MEAN that I agree with them being brutalized and prevented from earning a living? OK so I suppose that if you told me that you disliked what pickpockets do, that it would it be fair for me to suggest that you also HATE them, want to also physically brutalize them and deny them the ability to earning a living?
            Probably not.
            Yet that is what you’re doing with me – over reaching to make a point and if you have to do that then you really have no point, do you?
            …so uhm yeah…thanks for your comment.

            • Froggage

              No, I don’t need to go to the DSM-V to see what homophobia is, thanks. But as a self-proclaimed expert in changes made to reference works over time, maybe you need to check out the DSM and its history so that you can see that homosexuality is no longer classified as a disorder. As for the rest of your comment, don’t condescend to me. You hate gay people, and you can use God as an excuse, but you need to own that. I don’t have anything else to say to you because you’re toxic, with a healthy dose of crazy. People like you can’t be reasoned with. Go in peace to hate people as you will.

        • letlovelead

          The creator created women specifically….for a man and every part of them speaks attraction to a man,and their intimacy is blessed enough to produce another being,but. The devel is never far away from the apple tree,convincing Adam it’s Steve that God created for you not eve…gay people are great human that the devel choosed to toy with them after reading their spiritual and physical blessing had they been exactly what God intended the to be,and no matter how you torment them,they can’t help it…God says our battle z not against flesh and blood….love them and never seez to pray for them…..

          • Carmine Wilson

            If anyone believes that book of myths (the bible) then they are an idiot. I am not being judgmental….. just stating the obvious.

            Here’s just one example of the kind of bull-crap in the bible:

            the entire made-up MYTH of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden…

            …..because if there are only two people, Adam and Eve…… ALL other humans coming later are from family sex, and human race would have died out not too long after “the garden” from severe genetic deformities due to inbreeding. As sons Cane and Able were the ONLY other males who could have had sex with Eve…. THEIR MOTHER…. in order that humanity could expand to what it is today.

            Maybe you think that all of the different genetic ethnic traits of all of the various people from all of the different countries around the world are “deformities” that have been caused by the inbreeding in the “garden of eden”? lol

            Or maybe you religious sheep support and hope the bible IS true because you agree that INCEST is right and proper in the face of God? What is that saying “there are none so blind as those who will not see”?
            The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore rational thinking, let alone 100% hard scientific fact.

            And you have the unmitigated gall to speak out against homosexuality??

    • Rissie75

      But I knew all of the actors, heck Huck (Guillermo Diaz)
      is on the number 1 TV show as we speak and Frank Ocean just won a Grammy

      But I get what you’re saying about MN writing this article, why can’t we just enjoy their work, their personal life is just that PERSONAL!

    • chaka1

      The folks who run these websites need to be confronted

      • Caydence James

        For what?

        • Pamela Boswell

          For making the assertion that it’s negative for someone to be gay or bisexual. The headline mentions that the author is “sad” to discover these men aren’t straight. Why? First of all, it has nothing to do with their jobs as entertainers. Second, sexual preference is private, personal, and no one’s business. the headline gives gay and bisexual negative connotations.

          • Caydence James

            Really? so should the folks who run this website confront YOU for your opinion? Because even though you may be certain in our position that there’s nothing wrong with being gay or bisexual it still doesn’t change that it is a POSITION or an OPINION but is not FACT. So going by your logic, if people who disagree with you should be confronted then maybe those people who disagree WITH you should confront you too….?

            In other words, every one has an opinion and if you don’t like it, you can comment on it but as long as it’s not inciting violence you do not have the right to “confront” anyone about it. It’s called freedom of speech. I respect your rights and you would do well to respect the rights of others as well.

            • Becky

              Just need to ask, WHY do you constantly FEEL the need to RANDOMLY CAPITALISE words? I REALLY don’t see what it is TRYING to ACHIEVE. Is it WORKING? Do I look like I SHOULD be taken more SERIOUSLY for writing like this?

              • Zia Paul

                In English/writing classes, this technique is used to emphasize words to pay attention to. It’s not randomized, it’s selective. I could understand your point if she did that with individual letters.

          • Toni-Jay

            I did not get that from the article. The author clearly stated she was ‘sad’ because there was always a fascination/crush but now knowing the sexual orientation of these men there was no point to it. How did you interpret it as that. Sexual orientation has a lot to do with the world of acting and music, as sex sells. If these men were not attractive in some way no one would be interested. Also if you put it out there, how do you not expect anyone to comment on it or about it? A part of success is signing up for the scrutiny that comes with it.I wish we could just read an article and take it for what it is-a compliment.

    • Valentine Joseph

      That’s Madame Noire for you!

  • MarriedMomOf2

    I knew Don was gay when he used to be an anchor for WMAQ here in Chicago, so no shock there. But I didn’t know that the guy who play Huck in Scandal was gay until now, when I read this article. Still respect him as an actor tho.

    • Rissie75

      But not as a person??

      • MarriedMomOf2

        An actor is a person right? So yes I respect him as a person too, ugh!

        • Rissie75


      • ……



        • Rissie75

          Who? It was a damn question…how old are the folks on this site?? The way she wrote it made it sound different and unlike a dummy, instead of assuming I ASKED!!!

          • Froggage

            The folks on this site are old enough to recognize the difference between asking and smacking a question mark (or two) onto the end of a phrase that had stank on it to begin with.

      • Froggage

        She didn’t even imply that. Settle down, Francis.

        • Rissie75

          Who are you and WTF are you talking about? **sigh** 18 days late #ByeFelicia

    • Becky

      Still respect him as an actor? Well… yeah… Why wouldn’t you anyway? Seems pretty superfluous to have to pop that at the end.

  • Gomez

    This is just sickening I am sick and tired of the gay agenda in Hollywood.

    • kisstheringfool

      What about the black agenda? I mean who needs to see more colored folk? Fighting for their rights such a shame….

      • O

        SMDH….Comparing being Black in America to being g*y…are you for real?!? How can you allow your fingers to type a correlation between a person’s race to who people choose to sleep with?

        • kisstheringfool

          Why shouldnt gays be accepted for who they are? Because some fiction book told you?

        • staygolden

          Because neither thing matter in the scheme of whether or not they can be or are a good person deserving of respect or rights.

        • Pater Tempus

          Being gay is no more of a “choice” than being straight is…

        • Amanthasay

          Get over it. What only Black people have the monopoly on being discriminated against?

        • NotABigotLikeYou

          They ARE the same. People are born gay, just like someone being born black. And there’s nothing wrong with either.

          • Kath

            Except that’s an opinion, as scientific evidence varies on this issue. Your race is however pre determined.

            • justine

              oh my god will you shut up. You think millions of people all over the world are going to stand up and pretend to be gay? This is an idiotic sentiment and i’m sad to see it still going around in today’s day and age.

              • Jordan


              • CHOSEN1

                Nooo..these people just don’t know how to fight their demons. All sins are equal…if you have that notion on gays do you think people are born murders and cheaters? That it is it’s embedded in our DNA? NO! Everything has an order to it…men can not procreate with other men PERIOD. It’s as simple as that minus the spiritual or emotional logic behind it. WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS HELL WE ARE LIVING IN! And the more you accept this nonsense the quicker we are bound to be doomed!

                • William Jackson


                • Guess

                  This was very funny, thank you!

                • Bill Barringer

                  Does that mean YOU have an attraction to the same sex BUT YOU are such a good christian that you fight your “Demons” and don’t act on your attraction to the same sex? ..

                  And BTW .. do you believe that it’s okay to sell your daughter into slavery? and if you do, she can never buy her own freedom? Exodus 21:7

                  Back minded bigots like you made me hate myself until I met the REAL Jesus!! .. You know, he came and gave is very life to dispel the kind of judgement you cast upon others … How dare you use the love of GOD to spread your dark heart.. JESUS DIED trying to tell us all that WHOMsoever believed in him and his message of love SHALL be saved. !!

                  You probably have some hate filled message brewing within you, and you’re about to prove me right by responding by spitting the fire of hell from your very lips!!

                  And FOR THE RECORD.. I was BORN gay, AS MANY ANIMALS in nature are and you saying the science wavers on the FACT that it’s biological is as big of a bigoted opinion that global warming is a farce…

                  Open your heart and open your mind. JESUS did not walk among those (Like YOU) whom believed they were so righteous… He came and walked among the common person to tell them that THEY could come directly to the father and did not need to go to the priest..

                  Let me tell you one more thing… I flat lined one night in the hospital. Yes I DIED .. I had a terrible accident where it was believed I could not survive when the voice of the father .. YES GOD !! told me to be calm, I was going to get through this and that he was not ready for me yet and that I needed to ‘Go Back’ …..

                  So.. the false prophet LIKE THE HATE YOU ARE SPILLING is the only thing that’s going to doom souls like yours. … Learn to love those you do not understand .. THAT is what Jesus tried to teach us… Wake up and stop following the false prophet who preaches MAN’s interpretation of the very complex’d word of God …

                  Ok,, your turn … let’s hear your response of hate…. So predictable …

                • Ant-Man

                  (men can not procreate with other men PERIOD)-
                  what about the men & women that choose not to procreate or can’t- they must also be against god’s plan- according 2 what you say.
                  is spreading hate a sin- if so- u just joined the sin club

            • JhonJhonJhonJhon

              It’s only an opinion to those who don’t understand scientific fact.

              • Dawn Keibals

                Child please. Scientific fact! The only fact you’re demonstrating is your ignorance. Go read a book (and not the fictional bible).

                • Carmine Wilson

                  If anyone believes that book of myths (the bible) then they are an idiot. I am not being judgmental….. just stating the obvious.
                  Here’s just one example of the kind of bull-crap in the bible:

                  the entire made-up MYTH of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden…

                  …..because if there are only two people, Adam and Eve…… ALL other humans coming later are from family sex, INCEST, and the human race would have died out not too long after “the garden” from severe genetic deformities due to inbreeding. As sons Cane and Able were the ONLY other males who could have had sex with Eve…. THEIR MOTHER… to expand the human race to what it is today.

                  Maybe they think that all of the different genetic ethnic traits of all of the various people from all of the different countries around the world are “deformities” that have been caused by the inbreeding?? lol

                  Or maybe those religious sheep support and hope the bible IS true because they agree that INCEST is right and proper in the face of God? What is that saying “there are none so blind as those who will not see”?
                  The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore rational thinking, let alone 100% hard scientific fact.

                  And they have the unmitigated gall to speak out against homosexuality??

                  • Hope Crishom

                    adam and eve had more children

            • Jordan

              I agree…I get so sick of people equalizing the two. Let’s go with they” were born that way” fine! When is the last time they spent 400 years in captivity? Why do individuals with full fledged families decide to be gay after decades? When is the last time they were pulled over for driving whil GAY? When is the last time they were refused the right to vote???????? I could go on and on it simply isn’t the same. Its ignorant to pretend that its any where close to the black struggle.

              • Chas

                Have you considered the timeline??? The things that Black people went through at that time were significantly worse because there wasn’t a punishment for those crimes. If some people could treat gays as they once were allowed to treat black people they most certainly would. And fortunately for gays in that time period you can hide your sexuality by pretending to be straight. I am certain anyone who was out at that time faced equal discrimination. Now days you cant hang a gay person from a tree or keep them in captivity for centuries so the next worse thing to do is not give them rights. No one is saying that what gay people and black people went through or are going through is the same. But both experience a fight over being denied rights over something that your cant help. Its ignorant to not see the similarities.

                • Jordan

                  It’s obvious that gay people have been discriminated against but to say its similar is ignorant. Their to different struggles, and its offensive as a black person to pretend that it’s the same. Racism still exist it’s illegal yet it hasn’t stopped. Like I said it’s clear that people discriminate against gay people, they also discriminate against men, women, people with disabilities etc however it is not a similar struggle to what blacks and Jewish people encountered. The times are different and constantly saying that to equalize it discounts the fight our four fathers had.

                  • JB Tee

                    Ok, be offended – THAT is a choice.

                  • Ant-Man

                    r u claiming racism as an indignity only the black can claim- that’s ignorant.
                    u mention the struggle the jews went thru is similar to blacks_ did u know that homosexuals were also in concentration camps ? they were marked with pink triangles & hitler put them in the death camps right alongside the jews.

                • Ant-Man

                  i agree- similarities- it used to be illegal for blacks to marry whites- it’s still illegal in some states for men to marry men & women to marry women-but black people can marry white people now.
                  homosexuals were also victims of the holocaust- the nazis used to mark homosexuals with pink triangles in the concentration camps. which is worse to live thru- to be a victim of holocaust or slavery_
                  there used to be laws that made it legal to discriminate against blacks.
                  there r still laws that discriminate against gays. those r similarities right off the top of my head-

              • Vicky

                I’m not going to say that being homosexual and black are the same thing, because obviously they are not and I will concede that black people have been treated a lot worse than gay people, but it is easier to hide your sexuality than your skin colour to avoid discrimination! I would say it’s ignorant of you to say “When is the last time they were refused the right to vote?” because it has been illegal to even be gay in many countries, and it is still illegal in some and even punishable by death. Here’s some information to hopefully enlighten you slightly to what gay people have had to and, in some cases, still have to face:

                A bit of American history:
                “The Spanish conquerors were horrified to discover sodomy openly practiced among native peoples, and attempted to crush it out by subjecting the berdaches (as the Spanish called them) under their rule to severe penalties, including public execution, burning and being torn to pieces by dogs.”

                Some of the countries where homosexuality is illegal:
                “Homosexuality is illegal in almost all Muslim countries. Same-sex intercourse officially carries the death penalty in several Muslim nations: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, northern Nigeria, Sudan, and Yemen.”
                -Also illegal in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, South Sudan, Sudan, Tunisia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Zambia as well as many others. In countries where it is not illegal, there are often no laws preventing discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

                A bit of British history:
                “Mathematician and early computer scientist Alan Turing was investigated for alleged violations of the Labouchere Amendment when the police discovered a male lover at his house after Turing reported a petty theft. He opted for hormone therapy instead of prison which has been likened to male castration, widely believed to have been at the root of his manic depressive suicide.”
                -Turing helped crack the Enigma code during WW2, which was extremely important in winning the war, yet he was still punished for being gay in a crackdown on homosexuality in the 1950s.

                In Nazi Germany:
                “Upon the rise of Adolf Hitler, gay men and, to a lesser extent, lesbians, were two of the numerous groups targeted by the Nazi Party and were ultimately among Holocaust victims. Beginning in 1933, gay organizations were banned, scholarly books about homosexuality, and sexuality in general, were burned, and homosexuals within the Nazi Party itself were murdered. The Gestapo compiled lists of homosexuals, who were compelled to sexually conform to the “German norm.”

                Between 1933 and 1945, an estimated 100,000 men were arrested as homosexuals, of whom some 50,000 were officially sentenced. Most of these men served time in regular prisons, and an estimated 5,000 to 15,000 of those sentenced were incarcerated in Nazi concentration camps. It is unclear how many of the 5,000 to 15,000 eventually perished in the camps, but leading scholar Rüdiger Lautmann believes that the death rate of homosexuals in concentration camps may have been as high as 60%. Homosexuals in the camps were treated in an unusually cruel manner by their captors.

                After the war, the treatment of homosexuals in concentration camps went unacknowledged by most countries, and some men were even re-arrested and imprisoned based on evidence found during the Nazi years. It was not until the 1980s that governments began to acknowledge this episode, and not until 2002 that the German government apologized to the gay community. This period still provokes controversy, however. In 2005, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the Holocaust which included the persecution of homosexuals.”

                As for people having families and then coming out as gay, it is easy to see why people may marry and have children in an attempt to keep up the façade of being heterosexual to avoid the prejudice and discrimination that often comes with admitting to being gay.

                • Jordan

                  First of all None of that is “American ” history. Secondly you are obviously missing the point, I never said there was NO struggle I just don’t believe and never will believe it’s the same. Just as gays face some discrimination so does all people. Men women Chinese people disabled people fat people skinny etc but the struggles are not the same as what black people encountered during slavery and still today. To sit and say well now its illegal to equalize it discounts everything that our predecessors went thru and are overcoming. I don’t disagree there is a struggle but to say its the same is offensive. Its horrible to have to fight for love on any account but to have to fight to live is completely different

                  • Ant-Man

                    (to equalize it discounts everything that our predecessors went thru )
                    – no, it doesn’t- & no one is saying that- what’s past is past- this is about the here & now.

                    & white ppl were not the 1st ppl to enslave black ppl- black ppl in africa enslaved other black ppl in africa_ what do u say about that ? black ppl sold other black ppl to the slavers.

                • JB Tee

                  She is myopic and intransigent, you will never get her to understand as she has an agenda.

                • Ant-Man

                  thank u for sharing some very important facts- those muslim countries also have very anti-female views/laws- women can be stoned even

              • Teammm

                People like you have no sense of rational nor critical thinking. Gay people haven’t said the same acts of discrimination have been committed against them. But in some instances there has. Gays have been murdered, attacked on the street, sent to mental hospitals, and sent to prison in the past. Gays have been excluded from federal employment and fired from the military in the past. Gay couples still get denied housing and service at public businesses because of discriminatory landlords and business owners. Gay couples are still not able to walk down a street holding hands in peace. Gay couples are still not able to be married throughout the U.S. and receive all rights and privileges other tax-paying citizens do. Just because the the acts of discrimination are different doesn’t mean the PREJUDICE isn’t the same and it doesn’t take away from the fact that homosexuality is an innate trait just as being born with a certain skin color.

                • Killabee

                  Straight people have been attacked on the street… women have been killed and attacked. Families with children have been denied housing. People with disabilities have been denied housing. Everyone has faced some kind of mistreatment for who they are or what they are, class, religion, education, economic standing, ethnicity etc etc etc…. None of this is equal to the legal enslavement of humans by an entire country. SOME people may discriminate against or have bias toward gays, but an entire government supported the racist mistreatment and brutality toward Black people as part of the institution of slavery and Black people had their human rights revoked. Post slavery there was still the very racist segregation and discrimination which too was legal. And to this day, black people are struggling to deal with closeted and covert racist institutions, policies and governments across the world…. When gays have to endure that, talk to me… Gays have to come out of the closet in order to be faced with potential discrimination, most chose to keep their sexuality private to avoid this. Black people don’t have the convenience of hiding their race nor can we chose to resist our race in the way that many gay people chose to have heterosexual relationships to appear in the norm. NOT THE SAME!!! Stop trying to undermine this countries biggest crime against humanity= slavery and accept that while maybe it isn’t nice to dislike gay people, it is totally acceptable and perfectly legit for a person’s moral and religious views to disagree with it, because regardless how natural it feels to the gay person- you are not born gay the way that you are born to a race. And choice is 99% of the matter. I can tolerate gays but I do not agree with the lifestyle; being black is not a lifestyle.

                  • Ant-Man

                    (Stop trying to undermine this countries biggest crime against humanity= slavery)

                    i agree with u on that- & the 1st ppl to enslave black ppl were other black ppl.

                    black ppl in africa sold other black ppl to the slavers. i agree that black ppl should be ashamed for their origination of enslaving black ppl.

                    (And choice is 99% of the matter)– where do u get your scientific facts from.

                    i’m glad u can tolerate gay ppl- but i bet they wouldn’t tolerate you when u spout the misinformation that being homosexual is 99% choice.

              • JB Tee

                You’ve missed the point, they are obviously different, no one’s disputing that. They are same in the way that matters – you dont chose one day to be black. That’s it. Instead of getting sick, why not be happy that you have another group that understands what having no choice means.

              • Kos

                No one talks about the gays murdered in the holocaust. They wore a pink upside down triangle to differentiate them from the jews.
                People kill themselves because they were bullied for being gay all the time.
                People have been murdered or severely injured from hate crimes against gays.

                But this isn’t the oppression olympics.

            • Ant-Man

              god makes black ppl & queers- take it up with him

          • Guest

            I don’t understand why you people are making it an either or situation. You do realize that people can be both black AND gay, right? Some of these posters are attacking race to defend homosexuality so imagine how confused the gay AND black person must feel.

          • Jordan

            I find it hard to believe when people have full fledged families then they decide to be homosexual.

            • JEB

              Maybe this comparison will help: A dark haired woman decides to dye her hair blond because she thinks people might think she is prettier and like her more. She is still born a dark haired woman. Years later, she has gotten enough confidence that she will no longer dye her hair. People will say, I didn’t know she was a dark haired woman. Some will say, I don’t like her dark hair. Some will say I like her regardless of her hair colour. Hopefully, at this point, the woman has enough confidence to feel pretty with dark hair and will no longer care if others don’t.

              • Killabee

                That was stupid

            • AJP

              Gays do that because there’s generally more privilege that comes with being straight. It’s just like when light skinned blacks would pass for white and start white families. This happened because people who passed wanted white privilege, but by most standards you wouldn’t say that made them any less black. It gets a little more iffy when you consider that homosexuality crosses race and class lines, but still, given how gays have been treated historically, who the hell would really CHOOSE to be gay?

          • Ms. Lou


            • Rawr

              You’re right. They don’t compare. Homosexuals were SLAIN and tortured for over two thousand years.

              • An Historian

                Says who? Homosexuality was widely accepted in Ancient Greece and Rome as well as other ancient parts of the world….since you want to speak to “thousands” of years. It was even encouraged. Please educate yourself on these “thousands” of years.

        • Froggage

          Because being gay isn’t a choice any more than being black is, and if you’re a celebrity and everyone is in your business up to the waist, who you’re sleeping with/loving is going to be on blast, and yes, it can affect your career — look what happened to Tevin Campbell. (Under non-celebrity circumstances, since your sexual orientation is not something I can divine from just looking at you, no, the analogy is not as solid, but at this point, homosexuals are a protected class under the federal and most state and municipal civil rights laws, so just deal with it and move on).

          • Gloria Morgan

            Yes, yes! They are protected because they have EQUAL rights like everybody else and should be treated accordingly.

        • TheMsmother

          I am far from anti-gay. I refuse to even eat at my favorite Ice cream parlor because the mormons who own it put thousands of dollars into preventing gay rights. But the white gay community is the most racist on the planet. You will NEVER see them stand up to injustice against blacks. Yet they constantly use the black civil rights struggle to push their agenda. And, honey, don’t EVEN go to any white gay bar and think you won’t see them bopping their heads to black or black influenced music. If it wasn’t for black women, white drag queens wouldn’t have any sass!

          • Jennifer McHugh

            I’m not certain where YOU live, but here in Vegas, what you just posted couldn’t be further from the truth.

          • zenileon

            You can get the same sickening discrimination on the black gay scene – they will hate you as soon as look at you. They make it very hard to be respected and for people to show them respect. The Black gay scene is Hell!!

          • Jordan

            I completely agree. I wouldn’t discriminate against any person gay white purple it doesn’t matter, but I find it outlandish that people continue to use the civil rights movement as their ground to fight on when many white gays are very racist and two the struggles aren’t even close. Gays are. Fighting to love and rightfully so but blacks were literally fighting to live and still are. Their two different struggles equalizing the two discounts the work of those who fought for civil rights

            • happy

              You should not stereotype all white gay people as racists. I am a white gay male who thinks very highly of black people. My relationships have been with black men. I do believe you can compare the discrimination struggle between black and gays. The reason is that these two groups have not had equal rights. On the other hand, the gay struggle cannot be compared to slavery. Overall though, it is still an equal rights issue no matter how you put it.

              • Killabee

                Well that’s mighty kind of you sir, to think so highly of us po’ black folk….

            • TLPATT7070

              Jordan, I can appreciate that the struggles are very different however I ask why can’t we all fight so that no one is discriminated against. As a black gay man, I’ve faced discrimination while in the military as black and gay. At least in the military I had protections against racial discrimination. Had my sexuality been discovered, at that time I would have been dishonorably discharged and my life ruined. I don’t expect you to accept my sexuality as that is none of your concern nor do you seem to care, however it plays in to the hands of racist and homophobic bigots when you get upset with gays fighting for their civil rights. Your stance makes it seem as if there is a limited number of civil rights and if gays get theirs then it is depriving you of yours. Consider that if gays and blacks all get their civil rights and fight together then we will all benefit. Also, the more we celebrate our gay citizens the less we will have DL men marrying women because they have been taught to be ashamed of their sexuality.

          • Killabee

            I live in the new gay mecca- Harlem, NY. Gay men in general are catty people. They snarl at women and are offensively competitive. They are very clique oriented and judgmental of others. They go around crying about equal rights and protections but they are the first to treat others, esp non gay, with very little respect. If you ask me, being gay is a whole lot easier than most are making it appear. They are a very powerful and controlling group. You cant say or do anything negative about that group without being lambasted publicly. They cause an uproar over everything and they play the gay card heavy. They men can be argumentative but if you defend yourself, you can be charged with a hate crime, not because all crime is bad, not because it is illegal to assault someone but because assaulting a gay person is far more offensive and punishable. They want the world to accept gays and yet they have no idea how offensive their agenda is- not because theyre gay- but because WHO THE EFF CARES??? Why all this need for attention and public support and acceptance? Gays want to be treated the same or better but want concessions for being gay along the way- they treat their own sexuality like a handicap but get mad when others do the same. You can tap dance on every stage in your furry slippers! Gay pride is such a damn attention seeking tantrum. Be gay, be proud and shut up about it. Stop trying to force it down everyone’s throat. I don’t like seeing PDAs from heterosexuals and I hate it just as much from gays. If you ask me, straight people need more protection and rights now. We need to have the right and protection to be straight and celebrate/ support heterosexuality exclusively without being considered a bigot.

        • Neco84

          So when did you make the choice to be straight? Legitimate question.

        • alienesque

          Because it’s the same fight, for inequality. I can’t change the color of my skin any more than someone can change the gender they love. Wise up and step off.

        • Jennifer McHugh

          Honey, when did YOU choose to be straight..?

        • justine

          Shake your damn head at yourself. Homophobia is just as bad as racism, how the fuck do you think gay black people feel having to always chose between one oppression or the other, simply because of people like you. Gay people were being ostracized and murdered alongside black slaves, and both groups are still facing instances of violent oppression all over the world today. Get over yourself, all oppression is bad and we should all be working to remove all forms of hatred instead of bickering like children over who has it worse.

        • Jordan

          I agree…I get so sick of people equalizing the two. Let’s go with they” were born that way” fine! When is the last time they spent 400 years in captivity? Why do individuals with full fledged families decide to be gay after decades? When is the last time they were pulled over for driving whil GAY? When is the last time they were refused the right to vote???????? I could go on and on it simply isn’t the same. Its ignorant to pretend that its any where close to the black struggle!.

          • Jerry Jones

            ok – so are you think that gays are comparing the inequality suffered by them to being in bondage or captivity for 400 years? You comparison that dog wont hunt. are you trying to negate the FACT that the LGBT community does not suffer discrimination and are unworthy?? Many men and women go into htero relationships in an attempt the feel ok. Sure it works for a while but your true self always wins. The other examples you cite are valid but not for disproving that gays do not suffer as blacks did in the world.

            • Jordan

              I’m not saying they aren’t discriminated against they definitely are as many others but to dramatically say its the same as the black struggle is not only dead wrong but disrespectful! Its ridiculous its not even close. Shoot its not even as bad as the women’s rights struggle. I respect all individuals and I am no where near one of the homophobic people but to equalize something because theirs a struggle is wrong. Yes people discriminate! No people don’t agree with gays getting married but when gays are stripped from every thinkable right including being hosed for standing outside when they aren’t able to vote or even work as blacks, women, and Jewish people were treated then it will be the same.When they are pulled over just because their gay then I can see the similarities the only argument is they wont let us wed! Or people don’t like us! That is NOT the black struggle sorry

              • Sally

                Well, if being gay is not as bad as being black, why don’t you just pretend to be gay for a day. Like tell all your friends, family, and co-workers that you are gay. Let’s see how they treat you then.

            • Bob

              Why isn’t the gay struggle ever equated to the Jewish struggle for equality? Oh, yeah, the Jews are powerful and every rabbi and Jewish leader would be all over the media demanding that gays not equate their struggle with Jews. Anything Black is up for appropriation byeverything because we don’t have the same power.

          • Jerry Jones

            There are many struggles that can be counted on both sides but your attempts a delegitimization of the gay struggle is wrong headed. Blacks and Heterosexuals don’t need to come out because they were never beaten into a dark, lonely closet! They aren’t fired for being straight or black – it’s illegal. They aren’t disowned by their families! They don’t have millions of religious idiots bashing them every day on radio and television! They don’t have conservative nuts bashing their brains out while walking home from a gay bar or anywhere for that matter. Your comments about the comparisons are typical selfish conservative ones that only served to push others back into hiding. Is that what you are trying to do?

        • Vicky

          Saying “who you choose to sleep with” makes it sound like being gay is a choice. Yes, there is nothing wrong with being gay and many people are proud to be gay and so they should be, but I can’t see why they would choose to face the prejudice and discrimination of many people in this world. Did you choose your sexuality? In the past and in many countries today being gay is illegal, so some parallels can be drawn between the struggle for rights for black people and the struggle for rights for gay people. I agree that they are not the same, but I would also go on to say that in today’s society it is seen as more ok to be homophobic than racist, when both should be condemned equally, along with sexism, ageism and all other issues like this. You talk as if gay people have it easy, but although it is possible to hide sexuality to avoid persecution, is that arguably a good life? In some countries people are still sentenced to death for being gay, so don’t act as if this is not a problem.
          As a point of interest, why did you put an asterisks in the word “gay” as if it is a swear word or something?

        • Teammm

          If you are not gay, how can you tell a gay person that being gay is not the same as being black. I’m black and gay and telling your ignorant self that both traits are of the same nature. Didn’t choose either one you idiot.

        • Ant-Man

          gay people don’t ‘choose’ 2 be gay- they r born that way- just like u were born heterosexual-(i’m assuming-) & stupid (based on your comment).

          black ppl don’t choose 2 be born black & gay ppl don’t choose 2 be born gay.

      • NotABigotLikeYou

        What is WRONG with all of you bigots? Don’t you belong in a cemetery, being that you’re from like 1744?

        • kisstheringfool

          You obviously missed my point

      • TheMsmother

        Two wrongs don’t make a right, so stop it. And if that’s the way you really feel, stop using the black civil rights struggle to fight for gays.

        • Jennifer McHugh

          Who decided that ONLY black people own the fight for civil rights?

          • TheMsmother

            No one said that, smart a-s. BUT, that’s the first thing gays say. “black this and black that”..Please…

            • Jennifer McHugh

              First, at NO POINT did I call you out of your name, so go have about 14 seats. Second, it IS the first thing HUMAN BEINGS say, because it’s the truth. Don’t like it? Take a 15th seat. I don’t know where YOU live, but where I live, “the gays” (sooo tacky) were RIGHT THERE with “the Hispanics” protesting the BS racial profiling that happened in Arizona, and “the gays” (yep, still tacky as hell) were protesting alongside “the African Americans” when the Trayvon Martin travesty happened. Civil rights are civil rights – and they know no color. Get over yourself. Have a lovely day.

            • Orion

              I’m gay, and I can promise you I’ve never said that. So let’s stop with the “all gays say this” nonsense. I’m also a christian, and a person who certainly didn’t choose to be gay, but that’s likely to blow a lot of little minds in this day and age.

        • kisstheringfool

          How am I wrong being gay is not a choice neither is being black both have “agendas” I compared it to shpw how retarded saying the gay agenda sounded

      • Kath

        The fact that you can’t choose race is not debatable, and that’s the clear difference.

        • Carmine Wilson

          Homosexuality is NOT a choice, you’re either born gay or you aren’t.

          • Chance

            It is a choice when u can stop being gay anytime you CHOOSE. Most don’t but it is and option.

            • Jerry Jones

              …in what parallel universe??? Can you stop being heterosexual??? Seriously.

            • Orion

              Yeah? And you could choose to stop being straight anytime you wanted?

      • Pat

        Comparing the black agenda to the gay agenda is making a point– that there is NO agenda at all!! I am actually half black, half Asian and I am gay. I can tell you, form a human rights perspective, they are the same. Human rights! Being gay is not a choice. Who would choose to be discriminated against like this??? My orientation came upon me, just as my race did. It is how god made me. So many people hurt me with their ignorant and hate-filled words. I can’t stop crying, looking at this hate-filled forum. Please just be nice!!!

        And WHAT gay agenda though??! I am gay, and the ONLY people I hear talking about some gay agenda, is a small population of hateful heterosexual people!! Never ever– not even one single time– in all of my years, have I ever heard a gay person talking about some gay agenda!! My friends there is no gay agenda!!! None. Does not exist, besides in the minds of hate-filled bigots. –Usually under-educated Christians who mis-use and misunderstand the bible. The real sadness here, is in the hate towards those who are born differently.

        Peace to all! (That is my only agenda!!)

        • kisstheringfool

          I compared it to show how dumb saying “the gay agenda” sounded. it flew over many heads

        • Jack

          I notice you said god made you gay. Well Im glad you put god with a little g, because GOD (big G) did not make you gay. You cant read the bible and make it fit your life, you have to change your life and make it fit the bible. Thats if you plan to get any benefit our of reading it. Otherwise leave the bible out of your fleshly activities.

          • Carmine Wilson

            Here we go, using a book of fables to defend attrocious thinking.
            So you believe everything is correct and true in the bible? If you do then you’re an idiot as the entire made-up MYTH of Adam and Eve in the garden of eden proves, and is absolute bull-crap…….

            …….because if there are only two people, Adam and Eve…… ALL other humans coming later are from family sex, and human race would have died out not too long after “the garden” from severe genetic deformities due to inbreeding. As sons Cane and Able were the ONLY other males who could have had sex with Eve…. THEIR MOTHER… to expand the human race to what it is today.

            Maybe you think that all of the different genetic ethnic traits of all of the various people from all of the different countries around the world are “deformities” that have been caused by the inbreeding in the “garden of eden”? lol

            Or maybe you religious sheep support and hope the bible IS true because you agree that INCEST is right and proper in the face of God?
            What is that saying “there are none so blind as those who will not see”? The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore rational thinking, let alone 100% hard scientific fact.

            And those sheep have the unmitigated gall to speak out against homosexuality??

          • Jerry Jones

            no one can read the bible and make it FIT their lives. Dont forget that same book about your sky daddy was used to justify slavery and now you want to use it to justify your homophobia??? Sit down.

          • TLPATT7070

            I just wish narrow minded Christians would actually read the Bible and understand it rather than picking and choosing verses to beat others down with their rhetoric. The same Deuteronomy that condemns same sex relationships condemns eating shrimp, touching the skin of cloven animals (pig skin football anyone?), wearing materials made from mixed fabrics and women being seen while on their periods. The same Bible that condemns homosexuality also condemns divorce, says that a man must marry the widow of his brother and fathers have the obligation to force their daughters to marry men of the father’s choosing. Just as you’re putting that bacon in your mouths you’re condemning others for an offense the Bible also calls an abomination. Just because only 10% of the population is gay and a minority doesn’t give you the right to judge.

      • William Jackson

        u r sick, leave the country.

    • Chas

      There is NO such thing as a gay agenda. Sometimes people are just gay and sometimes those people end up being famous and sometimes those famous gay people don’t want to hide their sexuality… You say its sickening like they are trying to recruit people.

      • Caydence James

        Oh there’s an agenda. The agenda is to drown the media in all things gay in an attempt to normalize their proclivities….
        and it may work…
        then just like the gay mafia uses the black civil rights movement as a template for their agenda (you know, equating their oppression with that of black oppression to ride the wave of this country’s guilt), the polygamists will come along and insist that they too should not be judged and that if 2 men can be married and accepted then they should have the right to be committed to who they want too and reap the same benefits – even if it’s more than one.
        Then of course the child molesters will form a group, probably give their group a positive name (gay is taken so maybe they’ll say they’re Agape or something) and they’ll claim that we should all be able to love who we want and marry them regardless of age, that it’s “Normal”, that there’s nothing wrong with, that it’s discrimination and then try to win other people over. Someone will compare this to the gays and the gays – who have formed groups to convince each other that what they do with each other isn’t deviant, will be insulted and claim that it’s different only because it’s impossible for a child to fully consent. They will however, not admit that being gay is a problem in that if it’s genetic, over a period of time, this issue will grow until men and women will not be able to have children together naturally. But I digress…. as the gays become normalized, the child predators will put on friendly faces and stars with issues with children will slowly come out of the closet as molesters too but by this time, we’ll all be so used to accepting deviant behavior that they’ll probably get a pass too as it becomes “normal”.
        So yeah, gays have an agenda and even though most of us even understand why they want to do that, no one is stupid enough to believe that it doesn’t exist. For many of us, we let it go because like myself, we do NOT advocate beating up, humiliating, terrorizing or discriminating against gays when it comes down to their LIVELIHOOD but at the same, we do know that this agenda is an actual fact no matter how slowly they do it. It’s no different than the old story of how to boil a frog….one degree at a time…and that’s their agenda….to turn up the heat little by little until before we realize it, we’re boiling.

        • Chas

          LMFAO oh my goodness

        • Froggage

          So basically homosexuals are just paving the way for the acceptance of polygamy and pedophilia. Also, thank you for the side lesson in frog boiling. Folks, I think we have a winner in both the TL/DR and Off My Meds categories.

          • Caydence James

            Mkay…. thanks for your comment.
            Stay tuned.

            • Froggage

              Stay tuned for what, the second volume of your cray-cray? Thanks, but no.

          • Carmine Wilson

            And small-minded, intolerant ass-wipe morons like you are paving the way for more hatred in this world. And you have the unmitigated gall to say gays are bad, corrupt, deviant people? People who live in glass houses……

            • Froggage

              Honey, I think you meant to direct your comment to Caydence “Bringing The Hatred and the Crazy” James, not to me.

        • Christeeeeeen

          You’ve *got* to be a member of Westboro baptist church.

          • Caydence James

            Sorry but I have no idea what you’re talking about.

            • Carmine Wilson

              Westboro Baptist Church is a “church” (read, cult) founded on absolute hate and intolerance… as all organized bilblical religions are.
              You are exactly like those pathetic, diseased sheep.

        • CH1EF_QUEEF

          You are insane and a bigot. How can you draw comparisons between what consenting adults do privately and sick adults who prey on children who are too young to give consent? It’s 2013, nobody has time for hateful fools like you anymore.

        • Jennifer McHugh

          You need help… the professional kind.

        • Dawn Keibals

          Your weave is too tight and is strangling your brain.

          • Carmine Wilson

            There are obviously no brains in her skull.

        • Carmine Wilson

          Caydence is truly pathetic excuse for a human being.

          • Dee

            Believe it or not she is telling the truth. So at what point do you stop anybody from doing anything? Ppl keep saying, well if you let gays do this this will lead other ppl to be accepted? the answer is yes!!!! So, you think gay ppl are the only ones living alternative lifestyles? really? lol It is very true. Just like you have gay adults who consent to sleeping with a person of the same sex and they don’t’ want anyone to judge them on their decision. There are other ppl who live lives that we consider to be out of the norm. Do we deny them also because you believe it doesn’t exist? Come now!!!! wake up and stop being stupid. Yes, if gay ppl get the right to marry than yes!!! it opens the door for ppl with other lifestyles to live the way the want!!! So please stop getting offended when someone says things like that because it is very true. Case in point in Utah the struck down part of law that was against polygamy. They use the fact that if gay ppl can marry why can’t the live their own life also? So please don’t get upset when someone says if you allow gays you have to allow other lives styles because it is happening as we speak. The gay community seems to have a lock on the media at this point.

            • Sally

              That’s the same argument racists used against interracial marriage. Total bs and paranoia. Letting 2 people of the same sex who love each other is not going to bring down civilization the way you think it will. So why don’t you and that idiot Caydence share a room wearing tin foil hats on so the aliens don’t read your minds.

            • Kelly

              You’re an idiot. It’s not a “lifestyle”.

              Time to join the 21st century, let alone the 19th.

        • Jerry Jones

          Gay Mafia, Gay Agenda – I must have lost my gay card cuz I know NOTHING about these two things. How did you hear about it?

        • TLPATT7070

          Pretty much the exact same arguments used in Loving vs. Virginia to fight interracial marriage.

        • john beaver

          Damn, you have a ghetto name.

      • Mike 666

        What can you expect from the cowardly and hypocritical conspiracy theorists who are always trying to force sharia law on us and at the same time play the victim and act as though everyone is out to get them? What is really sad is that people actually believe these nut-jobs.

    • Truth_Speaking_Asshole

      What really IS sickening is the fact that this mess got thumbed up by thirty five people…

      • CPrince

        By the time I read it there were 54 thumbs up! Shocking!

    • Froggage

      Do you even know what an “agenda” is? It’s a plan, goal, or to-do list. Now kindly enlighten us as to what exactly the gay goal in Hollywood is. And please don’t say something stupid like “turning everyone else gay,” which isn’t genetically possible.

    • motorfingaz

      Gay agenda in Hollywood? Are you retarded or just outright hateful?

    • J Joes

      My son died because of a gay hate crime. These hateful words pierce my soul with shock and shame for you. ***Bigotry and hate are the ugliest agenda to mankind.***

      Thank goodness people can live with truth and sincerity. Bravo LGBT! 🙂

      Thank you to everyone who is kind and supportive of gay people. My son may never now a kind ad loving world, but other father’s sons will know they they are precious and special. Thank god for good people, unlike this commenter, Gomez, who spews intolerant bigotry.

      • Lamia

        I’m very sorry for your loss. My respects to you for your fine and decent words here.

    • Mike 666

      Oh no, you know about our plan. Gasps! What ever will we do?

      Call Loki and the Joker immediately my fellow gays, our cover has been compromised!

    • Teammm

      I guess in your mind, gay people should disappear off of television, etc.? You’re childishly dumb.

    • Rick Redding

      Yes, and people with a brain are tired of homophobic $hit bags like you. F*ck off and die.

  • Gigi

    The only person on this list that I knew was gay before he announced it was Don Lemon. I may have suspected Zachary Quinto was gay when he was on Heroes, his work in the Star Trek wiped that away. And Guillermo? Huck? Baby you just broke the hearts of millions of female Gladiators everywhere.

    • Rissie75

      Yesssss Huck was a shocker for me!!!

    • Wemustdobetter

      It makes sense now…Huck always appeared as the most emotional assassin ever

    • chipofftheitch


    • TheMsmother

      He was the ONLY one I was shocked about!! sigh…

  • Reese

    Who was sad about Don?!

    • MarriedMomOf2

      I knew Don was gay when he was a news anchor here in Chicago, before he joined CNN.

      • Mike

        For the universal truth of life in 3 pages, Google “TruthContest” and Click on “The Present”.()

        • Bill Barringer


    • rainbow


    • Me

      It makes sense about Don. The only one I was sad about was Wentworth Miller. Matt Bomer is so pretty he needs to be gay!

      • JB Tee

        And he was the one I was the happiest about.

    • Want2BHomeAlone

      LOL. I am hurt. He looks so delicious. I cannot picture it in mind that he is bumping and grinding on a man.

      • JB Tee

        Dont impose your imagination’s limits on others – you’ll be consistently surprised in a bad way.

    • RISE

      Me! lol I had a crush on him when he was a reporter in Saint Louis years ago. I was also surprised when George Michael came out. I still love them because their personal life is none of my business and they are really talented.