Left Eye’s Sister Says She Couldn’t Walk Red Carpet At TLC Premiere, Should’ve Been Included In Biopic

October 24, 2013  |  

It’s no secret Left Eye’s sister Reigndrop isn’t too fond of Chilli, T-Boz, or VH1 as a whole right now. The outspoken member of the Lopes family has been rather vocal about not being included in discussions about the TLC Biopic which aired Monday night, but when she came into our office she said the exclusion went even further. Reigndrop definitely feels some type of way about the fact that Lisa’s family was the only family not shown in the biopic and she said some of the creative liberties the producers took with Lisa’s story line — like why she put tape over her mouth in the “Creep” video were just plain inaccurate. When it comes to logistics, Reigndrop said she wasn’t even allowed to walk the red carpet at the movie premiere in New York or invited on set to watch the taping of the film in Atlanta.

Reigndrop also explained the drama over the “Waterfalls” remake — and why most of the information put out is false– whether she speaks to Chilli or T-Boz to this day, and, surprisingly, she shouts out Lil Mama for doing a great job portraying Lisa. Check out everything Left Eye’s sister had to say in the video below. What do you think about her side of the story?

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  • Jeremy Davis

    someone is bitter they weren’t in the band

  • nic

    she said she saw lil mama on set one time than said she wasn’t invited on set which is it?

  • Dody Adkins

    Sis is just trying to garner 15 minutes of fame off the memory of her sister. Sad.

  • L.A

    Yes they may have been dramatic with the whole tape thing because it is a film but she did say she didn’t want to do the song.

  • Chocolater Reign

    I can’t help but think of what those around Lisa heard from her own lips that made them or gave them the impression that Lisa would NOT want to be bothered with them.
    I don’t think “they” just shuned the family for NO reason.

    As in many relationships be it friends, family or other it’s NOT always going to be a piece of cake. There are ups and downs in any relationship, we’ll(the public) will never know what really happened between the girls, the girls and Pebbles, the girls and Clive. I don’t think they even gave an accurate account on how they REALLY felt towards Lisa for not wanting to go on tour and wanting to pull away from the group. After NOT making any money, I can surely understand that. Some one else can make this movie(Pebbles or LaFace or Clive) and it may have a totally different sentiment all together.

    Eitherway I enjoyed the biopic, I think Lil Mama was the better actress of them all and I love me some lil Ke-Ke but this was all Lil Mama! The Drew girl, nahhh … all together they did a really good job though

  • 3maybe

    As with most things in life, there’s going to be 3 sides to a story: this side, that side and somewhere in the middle will be the truth. This is no different. The bottom line is that Lisa is not here to tell her side; therefore, you will get a story line from all other aspects. In this case, you get the story from Chilli and T-boz’s points of view. I’m confused; was her sister part of TLC? Did she put a dime towards the movie? Did she star in the movie? No, to all three. Soooooooo, why did she think she should have a say, be a part of the premiere or walk the red carpet? Interesting. As for Left-Eye being “the group”, I emphatically disagree. If she were here today, I highly doubt she would have had a lucrative career as a solo act. There was nothing she did in that group that would have allowed her to exist solo. She didn’t have a “sanging” voice, she was average looking, and her rapping was mediocre, at best. Again, we’ll never know for sure, but…

  • CC

    I watched Lisa Lopes on her documentary and she really had grown into a strong wise woman. She didn’t speak too happy about the group and was planning to quit. I saw a different ending then the documentary. She was truly a musical genius.

  • hannah

    I toured in a band a few years, and from this point, you really dont see or talk to your family much, your band members and manager are your family, you are stuck on a bus with them, you practice music with them you live with them, my band knows waaaaay more about my life and what currently goes on then my family ever would know, my band knows what goes on at video shots, what goes on when we write music, what goes on in the studio, if I died for current topics of my life my band would deff, know more just because they are around me and my family just hears bits and pieces of my life or what I want them to know.

  • hannah

    I toured in a band a few years, and from this point, you really dont see or talk to your family much, your band members and manager are your family, you are stuck on a bus with them, you practice music with them you live with them, my band knows waaaaay more about my life and what currently goes on then my family ever would know, my band knows what goes on at video shots, what goes on when we write music, what goes on in the studio, if I died for current topics of my life my band would deff, know more just because they are around me and my family just hears bits and pieces of my life or what I want them to know.

    • 3maybe

      Agreed. I’m not even in a band or anything like that, but I can tell you that even though my family “knew me when I was in diapers” (as one of these posters keeps expressing), they don’t now the half of my life! My girls will be able to tell a way more accurate story of my life, rather than my family! And that’s indicative of many people. I don’t see where TLC is any different…especially when there’s admission out the gate that the deceased loved one didn’t really discuss the business with their family. So how is it the family knows so much now?

  • Charisse A Hill

    Very articulate.

  • Queensqn

    I thought the movie was pretty good. I think Lil Momma was the showstopper. She did a great job and especially since people are always giving her bs- she did the damn thing!!

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  • Me

    Well they didn’t include alot of the drama between the group members. Lisa was always vocal about them not making money….It was sad that she also confronted the group about Chilli’s baby daddy Dallas Austin making the same money Babyface made at that time ( and we all know he was not on babyface’s level) Also Left’s eye conection with Suge Knight (smh)…They could have included her family in the mix but that the kind of folks that you deal with in the industry. RIP left eye.

  • TT

    first of all Lisa lived in Atlanta her family lived in Philly, where were they when lisa was homeless and sneaking in Jermaine Dupri’s closet..and if Lisa didnt call home to say she was being signed when would she find out her father got shot, they didn’t really show chilli’s family either except when her mother dropped her off to audition and after she had her abortion, they never showed that Chilli found her dad and siblings right after Waterfalls, Lisa didn’t live with her family so of course they wouldn’t be around when she was signed and even her sister just said Lisa didn’t talk business with her….Lisa’s brother deals with chilli and t-boz when it comes to getting left eye’s money for the family…..wait I didn’t know Lisa’s mom is married to T-Boz’s uncle thats crazy!

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  • Game Sees Game

    I am sorry but I feel 50/50 about this. I understand, if my sister passed away I would want some input on her as a person. I would expect it to be limited though, as this is from the “groups” perspective she was not there or in the group when they went through public humiliation. Although she could have contributed to her home life persona (cause it was skipped). I feel Tboz and Chili were honest of the good and bad. I also would like to hear their response because who knows …… they may have entertained the idea with her before and saw it best she was not involved. I also notice that she is a music artist. That no one has really heard of. If I have to guess she is trying to break out in the music industry somewhere in the movie, redcarpet, the pics with Tboz and chilli would have been an opportunity to drop her music info and album coming out. Every time she speaks she is in her “getup” which is promotion. Also I would have wanted to be involved yes but my points of arguments wouldn’t be I did not get to walk the red carpet? This is a situation that I feel the public may not know the whole scoop on so I am careful before I have strong stance…. Tboz and Chili said some people got left out they couldn’t consult everyone. Also I think the points she is saying the movie missed would not have that big of impact if were or were not added. I could see if they portrayed her as a mentally unstable then her family said oh hell no she was not, this is what happen. I would get it, but that is not the case. But she is touching on subtle points that makes me feel this is more her wanting that spotlight for other reasons. I am sorry but for some reason I feel her trying to go on this tour of supporting/bashing the movie to “come out” and say also my sister wanted me to the be the 4th member or she was supposed to help me get my career of the ground with Blaque. She did one interview and I heard but took with a grain of salt. But she is going on rounds of interviews over subtle missed marks (so she claims) about her sister. I would give her more credit if she said we were hurt we were not involved in the depiction of my sisters persona and what she was like at home …. and stop there dressed normally. I have never heard of her musician sister until now speaking on her sister…… So maybe Tboz and Chili had their reasons who knows. I feel sorry she was left out but at the same time it was missed promo opportunity

    • Gigem

      So true everytime she speaks she is rocking her site info on her shirt. I understand her but at the same time this is an opportunity to get some spotlight. You are right its more to this…. think before you take a stance …true!



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  • mojo

    okay so she even said she didn’t know much about the business aspect of left-eye’s life and it was a movie of the whole group not left ye. The movie portrays the business part of the movie, if everyone included more personal details of their lives individually, I’m sure the movie would be much longer than it was. I appreciated the movie and thought it was well put together…everyone just wants a piece of the pie but it had nothing to do with her (left-eye sister) so why would she have to be included…?

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    i need her and her thirst for attention to go away and stay gone . . .

    • Truth

      You must have NO loved ones!

  • ❤poise-n-ivy❤

    She seems like a sweet girl but I think she wanted to capitalize on the TLC movie for her own career, can’t say I blame her for trying. At one point she said the family was not invited to the set, but she admitted that she went once. You see her in pictures with the group at some point, maybe something went array in the creative process. It seems like there was tension among the group members before Left Eye’s untimely death and out of respect for her, they didn’t go through all the details. Chilli and T-Boz told their truth, from their point of view. If Left Eye didn’t talk to Reigndrop about the business, how much could she contribute to the film? Lil’ Mama was excellent, and in my opinion the breakout star, even without the family input.

    • Truth

      If so, she forgot to give out her website and send people to itunes to pick up her music… And she said a friend was an extra and thats how she was able to go on set once!

      Sense she didn’t do a good job at plugging herself, I will do it for her. Her website is: ReigndropMusic (dot net). Her instagram is: (at) ReigndropLopes
      I love u Reigndrop for always standing up for ur sis!

  • IllyPhilly

    All I wanna say is did anyone else ctfu at the girl playing Chrystal at the audition in the movie?

    • Kam

      I did. I did a double take cause I first thought it was Angela Means aka Felicia from Friday!

  • Kam

    I see where she is coming from. For whatever reason the powers that be (including T-Boz and Chili) felt it wasn’t necessary to include the family in the production of the movie. But we all have to keep in mind that in a movie creative license will be taken. Maybe they felt since no one member was being totally focused on, as long as they captured the essence of who Left Eye was then they were good to go. Just my opinion though.

  • Jalonda Hill

    Chilli Just seems so uptight. Uugghh

    • Memedawn

      I don’t see that.

  • kiki j

    I like tboz and chilli but there was also tension between Left Eye and them. They lack sensitivity for her family. It wasn’t right the family should have been included out of respect for the deceased. It’s about respect. When tboz said in their interview they should’ve been happy with the publisher’s check, how disrespectful! Left Eye is supposed to just be a check to her family? Sorry I lost respect at that moment and can only imagine the REAL reason LE chose to distant herself.

    • Memedawn

      Left Eye chose to distance herself because she was now walking on a different spiritual level and that voice inside her was eager to express itself. When you are on a different spiritual level, you have to separate to be true to yourself and what is manifesting. That happens to many groups. You start out with the same vision and goals, but then as you mature, some can see things differently or develop a new vision. That’s the risk you take with being in a group. I don’t agree with T-Boz referring to her family should be happy with just receiving a publisher’s check, but it seems as though she made that statement on what was written and referred by to them. I hope Chili and T-Boz sees this and decide to have a sit down with Reigndrop to decipher between the truth in what was said, because if Reigndrop was truthful in the actions of TMZ, they put the wedge between them.

  • toastedink

    Well, she wasn’t in the group…. That is why she didn’t walk the red carpet. And that weave is an atrocity.

    • Truth

      You don’t make sense! Tboz & Chilli’s family was not in the group, but they got to walk red carpet. Other celebs that came out to support were not in the group & they walked red carpet! And that “atrocity” is her real HAIR…dopey! Look on her instagram: ReigndropLopes

      • toastedink

        Yeah okay notice you said other celebs. And whatever its still an atrocity, real hair nor not. Either way VH1 clearly had a reason. And well, they can do whatever they want. Obviously TBoz and Chilli didn’t see a reason to make a big deal about her being included…

  • whataboutyourfriends

    i would LOVE to see any of you have a sibling die and then have someone try to portray them publicly without even asking you how they really were. you guys would be up in the news as soon as you could having a heart attack.

  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    I understand where she is coming from and agree 75%. Let’s take fame out of it for a minute and think in terms of reality….IF someone made a movie about your sister/brother/mother and didn’t ask you anything I AM PRETTY SURE some of you would also be upset. They knew her when she was in diapers, they knew her heart and mind, they knew who she was before the fame and cameras. So I think their input would have been valid (to say the least). A movie about your sister and you are not invited to attend!????? There is something wrong with that! People like to invalidate the feelings of others BUT would be the first to scream and cry if they were in the same position. Left Eye isn’t here to tell her story or represent herself SO it makes sense that her sister would want to make sure she was portrayed accurately and respectfully.
    Who is to say Left Eye didn’t call her sister and say this is how it is….This is how I feel…This is what is going on? Maybe Left Eye shared things with her that she didn’t share with anyone else? I think most of us relay our work frustrations and anger to our sisters/girlfriends. Are you telling me that when a colleague irritates you or mistreats you, you don’t share that info with your fam? Even if they didn’t use her family’s thoughts or opinions it would have been nice to just say this is our direction and vision. Nothing wrong with courtesy folks.

    • jeanette

      I totally agree. as Left Eye’s sister, i am sure she know far more than Tboz and Chili

  • Q

    Fact of the Matter is, this was a TLC Biopic, not a Lisa Lopes Biopic. Meaning it is from the perspective of the group. Reigndrop and her family were not in the group. Additionally, don’t believe everything you heard. The family WAS allowed to come to the taping of the movie. But let’s be clear, TLC and VH1 didn’t have to do any of that, they just needed clearance. Anything besides clearance from the estate is a courtesy. This appears a bit self-seeking. Reigndrop was not in TLC. Now if this a biopic about Lisa Lopes, then she can have a valid argument. But this right here is all about wanting to be apart, just to be apart of it without purpose.

    • Memedawn

      But the point her sister made was that EVERYONE else was involved, meaning the other members families, but none of TLC. In the movie we did see both T-Boz and Chili’s mothers portrayed, but not one display of Left Eye’s mother. Why is that? Was her mother never around? Was it only men that were the center of Left Eye’s life? Whether a biopic or bio, the events are surrounded by real people and real events. A biopic is just a briefing on a bio (an attempt to make the details surrounding a person(s) or experience as short as possible).

      • Memedawn

        I meant…other members families, but none of Lisa’s.

    • Truth

      The family was NOT invited to the taping. Reigndrop tagged along with a friend that was cast as an extra! That is why she only had that one opportunity to go up there. Reigndrop has a purpose, to represent her sister correctly. When someone close to you dies & you are excluded…then post your comments. Until then PLEASE have a seat!

  • Almost Friday

    I think she should understand that it is a movie. It’s suppose to take some “liberties” as far as the storyline goes. If it didn’t it would be a documentary. There had to be some added moments of drama. As far as the family not be consulted, since the movie was mostly about their careers and professional relationship, it probably wasn’t necessary to have the family involved.

  • Jndwn1

    This young lady is well spoken and articulate but she is delusional. You weren’t in the group and had no knowledge of what was going on in the group so why should you be consulted? We don’t see any of the other family members speaking out nor were they included in the movie. This movie wasn’t about you so please have several seats.

    • jeanette

      As left eye’s sister i am sure she knows far more than tboz and chili. And i love them both.

      • FullCircle

        She wasn’t around for the shenanigans that were going on in the A. Remember, Lisa LEFT Philly for Atlanta. The family didn’t travel with her and remained in Philly for many years. They may have been invited, but were upset they didn’t give their input. It really wasn’t about Lisa, it was about the group as a whole.

        • Truth

          Hello…Lefteye moved her family to Atlanta shortly after she signed with TLC! T & C were nowhere around when the fire happened. Reigndrop was the only one in the bathroom with her sister. And Lisa even said in an interview that the girls did not reach out to her immediately after the fire & just her family took her to hospital, & then a hotel.

    • Truth

      Do you know what delusional means? She does have knowledge of what was going on in the group. She went on Fan Mail tour with her sister as an assistant at the height of TLC’s beef. The other family members are probably not being contacted. Reigndrop is an artist and is in the public eye. She is very well know in Atlanta & abroad. She performed in Japan in June & has several projects coming out! I Love how she always Reps her sis in whatever she does!

      • Jndwn1

        I know the definition of delusional and I used it accordingly based on her comments. She stated in the clip that she had no KNOWLEDGE of what happened with Pebbles and her sister didn’t discuss the group with her. How can you say that you had no prior knowledge of what was going on but on the other hand you expect to be consulted. That is delusional!!!! Her real complaint is that she wasn’t asked to walk the red carpet. The last time that I checked she wasn’t the T, the L or C in TLC. To clarify I do live in Atlanta and I had no idea of who she is nor have I heard any of her songs on the radio.

      • 3maybe

        My gawd, get a grip! the girl is dead…can you let her go?! the bottom line is that this particular movie is told from T&C’s point of view. If any of Lisa’s fam feels like they need to clear the air, then they should seek out opportunities to tell their own versions. Does that mean folks will buy into it…probably not. As unfortunate as it is, the girl is dead and gone…the only direct POVs come from those who lived it. Her family may have been close to her, but they did not live TLC. Me personally, I have to take her family’s POV with a grain of salt. I’ma go out on a limb and say the majority will, as well. Bottom line, those two are here to tell the story…Lisa just isn’t.

      • Katie Marbley

        She knows what her sister told her, which may or may not be the truth.

  • Katie Marbley

    Was she a member of TLC? I think not, so why does she feel she needed to be involved in the project? I wish some of these family member would sit down. Ok, she feels like their were some inaccuracies, big deal, she still was not a member of the group and may not have been privy to every detail. The group did not revolve around that one member. They really need to let it go and let these young woman do their thing.

    • kiki j

      When a family member dies she or he can’t speak for themselves so the family going to make it their responsibility to make sure their legacy is honored and respected. You have to understand when your family dies it doesn’t matter how many years it’s been you may be overly sensitive especially when you are presenting their character to the world. Also considering Left eyes relationship with the other two girls was shaky before she passed. The family had a right to be concerned how their decreased family member would be portrayed to the world. Aaliyah’s family had this same concern.

      • 3maybe

        too bad they weren’t getting that baby the help she needed…she seemed very emotionally and mentally unstable throughout her career. if her family life was that messed up before she “made it big”, why are they so gung ho to “speak for her” now and “make sure her “legacy” is honored?

    • Truth

      If your mother, sister or brother dies, I take it you wouldn’t stand up at their funeral if someone misrepresents there character. Don’t expect others to sit silently because you would!

  • besurisis

    Why does everyone’s sister, mama, cousin, babysitter, ex-baby daddy/mama feel like they should walk the red carpet for something that was not about them? My son’s girlfriend got Employee of the Month, should I be looking for a slice of cake?

    • Ms. Kameria

      That is EXACTLY what I was about to type…..
      The movie wasn’t about her, and how everyone was ready to sue before they even saw the movie based on how they though their characters were going to be be portrayed.

      • Truth

        And here u go co-signing the negativity & nobody in Lefteye’s family was ready to sue?

    • TC

      Took the words right outta my mouth

    • Dani

      I mean left eye isn’t alive to walk the red carpet. So I would expect left eye sister and mother to walk the red carpet for her.

    • angel

      To represent Left Eye.

      • besurisis

        Who’s to say they weren’t “invited” to walk the red carpet? They were invited to the taping? What was the expectation to get to the premiere? Plane, train or a car? Paid for by whom? Unless there are inaccuracies you can drive a truck through that brings the main player’s character in question, I have to ask why some folks get all het up about not being “invited” to show themselves to the public.

        • Memedawn

          Maybe because their loved one is now dead and they want to be included in something that represents them and their life. She stated that she was never into the aspects of the business that surrounded her sister when she was alive. It just wasn’t an issue in their relationship. Trying to get some light shined on you while your loved one is alive and asking for deals even after they are gone is not the same as wanting to be a part of something that is supposed to celebrate their life after they are gone. Why is that so hard to understand?

          • Desiquai Atchison

            The movie was about TLC as told from the point of view of the remaining members. Period. If she feels so strongly about it, she can write a book or movie and tell the story from her and/or her family’s POV.

            • Truth

              Is a bio fact, fiction, or point of view?? Because I thought it was supposed to be mostly fact! The fact of why Lisa put tape over her mouth should not be a point of view. When the facts are there, use FACT, if they are not, only then use FICTION.

          • Truth

            The people that don’t understand don’t have past loved ones they care about! Anyone who lost a loved one would understand! You speak up for people that can’t…And represent them whenever possible!

        • Truth

          Did you watch the interview?? Reigndrop said they were NOT invited to walk red carpet. They were NOT invited to the taping, she found out from a friend. That’s why she was only able to go there once.

          • 3maybe

            and because she said it, makes it gospel?

    • thepreshest

      lmbo!!!! THIS comment made my day. Thank you!

      • Truth

        You must thrive off of negativity and have a sad life, for something negative to make your day…smh!

    • Tudbee

      Thank you. That was what I scrolled down to type.

    • Sunny

      someone should have been allowed to represent her!

    • license2breal

      that is completly different u fool…left eye was a huge part of a multi-platinum/award winning group…her family deserved to give some input on her character for the movie & walk the red carpet…most of the people directing the movie and that walked the red carpet didnt even know left eye!!!

    • Truth

      All of Tionne & Chilli’s familly were invited to walk the red
      carpet. I was there. But everyone from Lefteye’s family was banned,
      until someone intervened! I don’t see how anyone could agree with this. I
      assume your sons girlfriend is still alive. If not, someone from her
      family should be there to accept ‘Employee of the Month’ on her

    • toastedink

      Thank you.

  • Twany

    WOW!!! Very disrespectful especially since Left Eye basically was the group….

    • Sunshinegirl

      I don’t think Left Eye was “the group.” I think they each contributed equally. It’s almost as if the group wouldn’t be complete if each one of them didn’t put their own little touches on each of the songs they did.

      • Twany

        Yes, they all are very talented no doubt and all of them added that little extra to the group, but Left Eye is just irreplaceable. Which is why there was never a replacement for her. TLC will never be the same without Left Eye. That’s just like taking Beyonce out of Destiny Child, it “aint” gonna work. We seen Destiny Child change members like a person does their underwear and still have success, but take away Beyonce, it’s a done deal just like TLC. Left Eye was the group in my opinion which is why a lot of people knew that group was over when she passed….if you think back they were looking to replace her on a reality show some yrs. ago and that didn’t work either.

        • jeanette

          Left Eye wrote most of the songs. without her writing who knows what we would have had.

        • La La

          They actually didn’t look to replace her. Chili and Tboz admitted that the winner of the contest would
          not be joining TLC full-time and would not be a replacement member; the
          winner would only provide guest vocals on a new single by the duo

      • jeanette

        They are all very talented, however Left Eye was basically the creative genius behind them. she wrote and produced most of their songs.

        • Memedawn

          No, not actually. I agree with Sunshinegirl. My above statement was for you @jeanette and @Twany.

      • Memedawn

        Actually, she wrote quite a few of their songs, but Tione wrote quite a few as well and their were other writers that were not in the TLC group that assisted in their song writing. As much as I love Left Eye, I can’t say that she was the main talent behind the group. They all made TLC work together with equal talent that brought something unique and needed to their sound and style. They all complimented each other.

    • Pitchsurfer

      I love Lisa, and ALL 3 made TLCs presentation complete, but NO… Lisa’s whole beef was that she became less relevant after OOTLCT when the group moved more towards R&B. Lol Lisa was her own best promotion and propagandist. Her writing credits were for her RAPS, not the songs themselves. Citing otherwise is an insult to the people that actually did write and produce that music.
      Btw anyone that believes Lisa’s issue with Creep was a moral one (cheating) is naive. Her issue with Creep was that it was the album’s first release and SHE WASN’T ON IT. No rap, no nothing until the remix. She even admitted as much on Behind the Music, speaking of her decreased presence on CSC in general. As well she submitted 8 songs for Fanmail and all 8 were rejected… hence all the drama and mayhem in the media. She was going to get her attention somewhere, somehow.
      The best thing is that after Supernova’s fail and other humbling experiences, I believe her trips to Honduras were an attempt to get her mind and spirit right. I only wish she were still around to have completed her mission.

  • prncssva

    I remember left eye said she didn’t want to do the song creep period because the song made women look sneaky and I seen the interview so the only one inaccurate is her sister lol

    • Memedawn

      Making women look sneaky or appear as cheaters is pretty much the same. How Lisa may have explained it to her sister may had been in different words when described to the world. So I don’t see her sister as being inaccurate.

    • kiki j

      Had you seen Left eyes documentary she said she didn’t want to do the song because it wasn’t a positive message to send. She actually said instead of cheating just leave. Btw cheating sneaky!

  • who me?

    I knew the part about the tape in the movie was wrong. Any real TLC fan would’ve noticed that, and how they used quotes from interviews word for word in the movie. Still loved it.

    • kez

      In lisa’s documentary (which she filmed and starred in herself) she explained she didnt want to do that song/video and that she infact did put tape on her mouth at the set of the video….

  • TLCfan

    Lisa’s sister seems really sweet and down to earth.

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      • brutus

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