Tamar Claps Back At Critics: ‘I Dont Have Time To Talk You Into Liking Me’

October 23, 2013  |  

Source: GSI

Well, we hear celebrities say all of the time that becoming a mother for the first time makes them more feisty and aggressive. Tamar Braxton has certainly been proving that theory to be true lately. Earlier today Logan’s mama took to Twitter to respond to the folks who are constantly clogging her mentions with tweets about what they don’t like about her and what she’s doing wrong. And let’s just say, homegirl held nothing back.



She went on to say that although she’s not perfect, she has come a long way and challenged her critics to walk a day in her shoes.



Do you think Tamar should’ve even wasted time addressing the negativity?

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  • Kirsten

    Tamar is a mean, disrespectful and rude woman…period.

  • Deena Braxton

    Aww ,come on. Some of the remarks are just as silly as silly can get. she is a star and singing is her background you all have just took pettiness to a new level. who cares if you don’t “THINK” she’s not hot or needs to listen to Vince more and etc.blah,blah,blah. She did not have to choose singing as her career GOD gave her the GIFT and she had to USE IT!!!!! they have been in the spotlight for years not just now !!!!!

  • Kristen

    I like Tamar and her sisters. And they’ve always said she’s had mouth but when it comes to being professional she has to quit being so extra. She should be known for her vocal talent first and not popping off at the mouth.

    It irks me when people say that they have haters and the haters need to shut up just because they don’t want to take constructive criticism. People aren’t hating, they’re getting tired of her antics. These are the people that will buy your records. They want you to be a better person. Let your talent speak for itself. I think she’s getting in her own way.

    Her mom, sisters, husband all tell her that she needs to be quiet. She never listened! The fans and us regular folk aren’t saying anything different. No one is telling her that she has a terrible voice. We all know she can blow. She has a place in the music industry. But in order to be at the top of her game, she needs to stop popping off at the mouth constantly. Forget about K Michelle and any other artist. Does she not know that she’s turning people off? She has major talent, I’d like to see her get herself together and show us who the real Tamar is without all this extra-ness.

    • Yvette

      Yes ma’am!

  • Stefanie

    classic case of she can dish it but can’t take it! I’m sick of her.

  • Maxine Shaw

    Two words: studio singer.

  • kiki j

    I love Tamar she makes laugh and girl can blow. But I will say she also dish out a lot of shade when she can’t take it. And she needs some humble pie. For instant with K.Michelle. She said something along the lines of why am I even discussing her we aren’t even on the same level. I’ve sold x amount if records. Can’t have sympathy for someone with no humility. She needs to shut down her Twitter and get a pr team. She puts her foot in her mouth a lot. Don’t seem like she was raised that way. The fame is going to her head because she really seems like a good girl and fun to be around.

    • Yvette

      This is exactly what I have been saying all along. No one is disputing whether or not she can sing because she absolutely can. The issue is all of the crap she talks about other folks then cries foul when it’s given back to her. I hate when a person can’t take what they put out. Tamar please stay off of twitter/instagram talking nonsense and being catty. It’s not a good look for you. As of right now, you are known more for bumping your gums than you are singing. The good news is that you can turn it around and learn to say “no comment” when asked about something or someone (KMichelle) in an interview or what you see on twitter. You have a husband who seems to adore you, a beautiful baby boy, a career that is yours for the taking and a fabulous lifestyle. Please get out of your own way!

    • janalang22

      When you watch the first few seasons of The Braxtons Tamar was notorious for for talking out the side of her neck and when confronted she would manipulate tge matter in which she would play the victim. Neither her nor K. Michelle should be throwing shade at nobody because a few years ago nobody knew who they were and they both were struggle singers. With the success of both of there shows I feel like the fame has gotten to there heads. Ive heard both there albums and their both mediocre meaning there albums are not in that classic status. They should humble themselves be thankful for the position that their currently in.

  • Wanda Simpson

    I like Tamar and I hope she can get it together, Windows only stay open for a short time, you got a late start enjoy it while you can

  • Just saying!!

    I’m so glad this came up because I wanted to write about the concert on SOME forum. I went to the concert to see her, not even John Legend really (although he was OFF THE CHAIN). I think during the show she said she had bronchitis or something but even when she spoke you could hear how hoarse she was. She couldn’t get out any of the notes and she cracked off and on. I felt so bad for her and myself really, because I talked my mom into going so I would have someone to go with and was trying to convince my mom to be a Tamartian. I say that to say this….

    I’m a performer. I know first hand that it is NO FUN to be obligated to do a show (let alone one song), when you are not vocally on par. Even though she was trying to hold it together, I could tell she was on that stage feeling horrible and wishing she was somewhere else. On top of that, she had her own music (with her voice) playing in the background to help her out. I was honestly shocked. Although I’m no fan of lip syncing, I do think in some instances its necessary. Considering the bad condition her voice was in, I think she should’ve just done though (although I commend her for sticking it through).

    I do not love her any less however. As an artist and as a singer, I understand that her music/voice is her heart and when people attack your heart, they are attacking your whole essence. The thing that kills me about it is that unless you are one yourself, you don’t really get that and most people will assume she just can’t sing instead of understanding the complications of her voice.

    With that being said, even though she may be sick, she still couldve had better preparation I think. Singing from time to time and going on a full fledged tour are two completely different things. You have to build your endurance up and if you don’t your voice will blow out quickly–regardless of how good you are. Nonetheless, her problems are fixable and I do believe she can and will come back from this minor setback and show the world what Tay Tay is all about!! 😉

    • Yvette

      The reason folks are giving Tamar the side eye has nothing to do with her ability to sing. I have always said the girl can sing. What folks are sick of is her constant shade throwing and popping her own collar to the point that she thinks her ish don’t stink. She is not the first singer to have issues with her voice and she won’t be the last. EVERYONE has an off day in whatever their professions are. Folks just want to see Tamar be more humble, get off of her high horse and stop acting like she is the end all be all of the music business. Nothing more, nothing less!

      • Rissie75

        Yesss Yvette, That’s it, that’s all….!

      • Kristen


  • bigdede

    Why is she having so many voice issues? She needs to focus on her music only! She’s too busy running her mouth about things that aren’t important. She needs to keep her voice for her singing and not for trying to get attention for talking about K Michelle or somebody. And she needs to listen to her husband more otherwise I don’t think she would have had that horrid video!

    • Sally

      She could be having voice issues older age your body constantly changes she travels a lot the weather always changing their could be a lot of reasons I sing myself its very easy for your vocal chords could become tired you can even get an infection

  • Tez Evans

    Nah, its getting to her, shes not as hot as she think she is, her album isnt all that to me at all, but its okay!!shes a mess, sounding like a defeated spirit

    • ZLoves

      “…….defeated spirit” HA!! Her spirit gets on my nerves. She should take this time to shut up and chill out. Like you said, she aint as hot as she THOUGHT she would be. If she would listen to Vince more she wouldn’t be looking STUPID. She so damn har headed.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    Well her video is whack as fuq! I saw it for the first time today and had the WTF face for the entire 3+ minutes.

  • guest

    She has a healthy new baby, a marriage in which she says she’s happy, a talk show, two reality shows, a supportive family, and enough ‘coint’ to live happily ever after. Count your blessings, ignore the haters, and keep doing you.

  • blackdolphin

    Your video still sucked……!

    • ZLoves

      Bah!! ^^^^MESSAGE^^^

      • blackdolphin

        Well it did…!

  • Yvette

    Tamar is a walking, talking hypocrite who constantly throws shade whenever possible. Girl Bye!