Kandi Burruss Admits Mama Joyce Still Doesn’t Approve Of Her Relationship With Todd

October 23, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

After seeing the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 trailer, I’m sure we were all pretty aware of this. But in case you were not, Kandi Burruss recently opened up to Fox Atlanta about her mother’s feelings regarding her relationship with fiancé, Todd Tucker, and unsurprisingly, Mama Joyce still isn’t too approving of their relationship.

“We’re still working on the approval,” Kandi said of her mother’s current stance on her relationship.

“When it comes to relationships and things, mothers—not just my mother—have a problem letting to,”she continued.

If you recall, in the show’s new trailer, Mama Joyce’s suspicions of Todd come full circle. Joyce can be seen grilling her daughter’s husband-to-be about everything from his unwillingness to sign a prenuptial agreement to his real motives for wanting to be with her daughter. She also boldly accused him of carrying on an inappropriate relationship with Kandi’s friend, Carmen.

“I think he’s an opportunist. Somebody told me they saw you with a young lady–you and Carmen,” she says in the trailer.

Interestingly, Kandi says that her new play, A Mother’s Love, was sort of inspired by all of this.

Check out Kandi’s interview on the next page. Could you marry someone that your mother didn’t approve of?

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  • susan

    Think MaMa Joyce is just worried about her gravy train ending. Or maybe she knows Kandi was not raised with a decent roll model. MaMa Joyce shame on you support your daughter and if it fails be their with a shoulder to cry on … thats a true mother not some lunatic ranting venom towards her daughter and her fiancee

  • Mswebcam31

    Kandi’s mom doesn’t like any of her bf’s it was the same way with A.J then when he passed she felt bad as she should….When it comes down to it it’s Kandi’s life and that’s the end on that…. Now she should see about that pre-nup always protect what’s yours!!!

  • mimi

    I do NOT like KANDI’S mother Joyce. Ms. Joyce just wants to act like Kandi’s success is her’s. Ms. Joyce did not like Kandi’s old fiancé and she was too rude to him. She was poor, but told kandi’s old fiancé that Kandi has big dreams. Ms. Joyce needs to get her own dreams and let Kandi live her life. KAND NEEDS TO tell her mother to back off and to get her own LIFE. Kandi is a great person I think, but she should never allow her mother live with her. KANDI you can always ger your mother a small cottage with a personal care assistance. GET A LIFE MS. JOYCE, and YOU NOT RICH, KANDI IS.

  • MsLadyE

    I understand Mama Joyce’s concern about Kandi’s relationship with Todd. But she needs to realize that Kandi is a grown woman who can make her own choices (and hopefully learn from her mistakes). Kandi needs her mother’s support and love, not her approval. She needs to do whatever makes HER happy.

  • ❤poise-n-ivy❤

    There’s no absolute rule when it comes to love. It’s up to the individual. My mom and I are extremely close and a lot alike, so marrying someone she doesn’t like would be a challenge. She didn’t warm up to some guys from my past, because of a gut feeling. I found out later she was right. The older I get, the more I appreciate her wisdom and insight.

  • currvalicious

    Why is Kandi always dating below her financial means? That’s part of the problem, if she’d date someone w/equal wealth they wouldn’t be haggling about a pre-nup. They’d both want to protect their respective assets. As for Todd, I can’t get a feel for him, he looks a bit shady but Kandi has to live and learn. He had no problem giving up his Bravo gig once they started dating. However, I wish her the best.

  • Pamela Jones-Meadows

    I agree with Kandi’s mom in that if he really loves her then why not sign a prenup…what’s up with that?! Kandi is a very wealthy woman and she needs to protect herself against “ones” who fake love to get at her dough, I’m not saying that this is the case with Todd but, seems a lil fishy that there’s an issue with this brother signing a prenup. Sign it or be gone dammit! Peace and Blessinsgs.

  • YeaISaidIt

    Kandi, DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR MOTHER’S APPROVAL ANYMORE. YOU WILL END UP ALONE WITHOUT A MAN JUST LIKE HER WITH ONLY THE COMPANY OF YOUR DAUGHTER TO SATISFY YOU. Now, if this is what you want, so be it. If not, politely tell Joyce to get HER life, OK? Ok hun, wish you luck.

  • Diamondz

    Seems like her mom doesn’t approve of any man. She’s just gonna have to get over it, put her big girl panties on and marry him if that’s who she wants to be with. Mom will eventually get over it. I had to do it.

    My mother was dead-set against me marrying my husband because he was a different religion. We got married at the courthouse and she did not attend. 7 years later, we’re still together and she gets along with him better than any of my sibling spouses.

    • caramel

      I was going with that at first that Ms Joyce doesnt approve of any man but maybe it’s because Kandi hasnt made good choices in any of the men she chooses? It’s already been shown that she hasnt so far……. just saying.

  • OnyxPearl

    Maybe Momma Joyce is worried because Kandi comes across as thirsty…ANY man will do. Maybe Momma Joyce doesn’t want her granddaughter seeing men being moved in and out of her home (always Kandi’s, not their’s).

  • blackdolphin

    RUN TODD RUN!!!!!!!!!

  • feather

    I noticed a lot of comments agree with Momma Joyce. Now I know why black women are single.

    Ms. Joyce need to trust that she raised her daughter to make the right decisions and if she failed to do so, give it to God. Also, if Ms. Joyce was busy with her husband or business venture or hobby…she would not have time to worry about what her daughter is doing. I notice she always find fault with the man…but I do not see her making suggestions to Kandi about loving herself. This is where I always give the side eye to anyone who always find the negative in someone. It’s hard to call what is up with Ms. Joyce because she has tried to move into her daughters home…so could she be trying to keep this man away, so there will be more room for herself.

    Kandi is a grown woman and she is entitled to make her decisions. And if Kandi want to be truly happy with or without a man. She is going to have to set some boundaries with her mother.

    • dhgwen

      Feather, you’re a stereotyping idiot. Not all black women agree with meddling in others lives or controlling everything under the sun. And nagging, know-it-alls come in all races; including yourself, who thinks that they’ve narrowed down the cause of the single black female to their opinions on Kandi Buress’s mama woes…

    • Laura

      And how do you know that the women who agreed with Momma Joyce are single? Stop trying to be superior and act like you’ve done a study on why black women are single. GTFOH with that. You and your ignorance, are you even married?! Dumbass

  • Lachris

    Mama Joyce needs some hobbies and a man! Kandi is an adult. Let her live her life.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    kandi should make sure he signs a prenup.

  • Reallytruly

    Listen to Mama!

    • dhgwen

      If mama knows so much, where is her long-term, healthy relationship? She should not be so anxious to cause Kandi grief over this… voice her concerns and let it be. Let Kandi make her own grown-up choices and just be there with mama’s love(unconditionally) if things go wrong.

      • Reallytruly

        Maybe mama doesn’t want to be in a long-term relationship, that ever cross ur mind? Unfortunately Mama and Riley were absolutely right about that other guy Kandi was with and they r right about this one too. Kandi is beautiful smart an earner but she isn’t that great at picking suitable men for herself.

  • candy cane

    Mothers who feel that their prospective son-in-law will do right by their daughter have no problem in letting go. I’ve recognized with Kandi, that when she meets a guy, immediately he moves into HER house. She doesn’t pack up Riley and move in with the guy, not saying that she’s supposed to because I don’t believe in shacking up before marriage, but that just seems to be the norm. Mama Joyce has every right to be protective and maybe she sees something that Kandi doesn’t. A woman in ‘love’ doesn’t see the obvious.
    If Kandi doesn’t slow down, she’s going to be like Halle Berry and paying out alimony.

    • oj9561


  • Jocelyn Beverly

    I think Mama Joyce knows hat is up with Todd and Kandi is to blind to see it, why will he not sign the prenup, he did not make her money, so he is not entitled to her money. I would not marry him without a prenup.

  • JB#3

    I’m only going to agree with Mama Joyce over the prenup. He should sign a prenup because he was not a factor in any of her previous success and therefore isn’t entitled to her money. I for one don’t believe the whole “someone” saw you with someone crap because people can be wrong. Mama Joyce does need to step aside and let Kandi make her own choices and her own mistakes.

  • qui8tstorm83

    I understand Kandi’s mom concerns esp. about the pre nup. I think Kandi should get a pre nup but Moms needs to let Kandi make her own decisions when it comes to who she chooses to date/marry. Her mom doesn’t like anyone she dates and just seems like she just wants Kandi to herself. Just the 3 of them. I noticed her mom seemed a little hurt when she wasn’t invited to live with Kandi in her new home. Moms needs to get a man and live her own life!

    • oj9561


  • ijs

    Mama Joyce needs a man. Smh. I pray that I don’t end up old, bitter and overbearring like her. Poor Kandi.

  • wveronica7

    I understand Mama Joyce concern. Her daughter has a lot of assets, the relationship developed quickly and he does not want to sign a pre-nup. I know everyone does not believe in them but I feel its natural for Mama Joyce to be concerned. However, Kandi is grown so she has the final say.

  • Mrs.A

    Mama Joyce is way to involved in her grown daughters relationships. Candi will Never be able to grow with a man if she keeps involving her mother. No one is perfect and Candies situation is difficult any way because of her success. She doesn’t need her mother’s negativity squashing every man she gets with.

  • FeelsGood

    While I agree that Mama Joyce needs to stay out of Kandi’s kool-aid…I get the perception that Kandi is weak and naive when it comes to men. She just comes off to me like she has no standards and moves quite fast with these men, especially to have a daughter.

    Just my opinion….

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      i agree…she seem too eager to go from relationship to engaged to married…these stages take time for a reason…i think she just wants to be with someone so bad that she’ll be with whomever.

    • Cassandra Pickett

      I agree she is thinking of the best interests of her daughter!! Kandi doesn’t have the best track record with men and it was said on the show she is a Sugar Mama!!

  • newgirl

    As a mom I understand Mama Joyce wanted to protect Kandi from bumps and falls but Kandi is a Grown Woman and she may have to fall hard so she will learn from her mistakes.

  • BabyBlue

    Mama Joyce needs to find a man of her own and stop dipping in her relationships.

    • Cassandra Pickett

      I think she is thinking of the best interests of her daughter!! Kandi doesn’t have the best track record with men and it was said on the show she is a Sugar Mama!!

      • BabyBlue

        I thought a mother’s job was to love and support no matter how bad of a track record she has. What if Kandi doesn’t think it’s a problem?

      • YeaISaidIt

        If Kandi is fine being a Sugar Mama then – who cares?? But arguing and fussing with Kandi every time she’s getting with somebody is not cool. Men are sitting around here lacing women with less money than them left and right – if she has it and doesn’t mind giving it… why is that bad? She’s no fool with her money, I’m sure.

  • it’s like Candy!

    Well no ONE should approve that God-awful Burgundy hair weave! Ugh. Too much money, Kandi to be looking like some hood chick

    • BabyBlue


  • Name

    At the end of the day it’s not about what your parent(s) want for you. It’s about your happiness. I can understand wanting your family to be on one accord with your relationship. If you come from a close knit family, it may be important to have that blessing from your family. It can cause turmoil as in Kandi situation. Who wants to deal with family drama and feel like they have choose between their family or relationship. It’s unfair to anyone to be in that position. I say do what makes you happy and in the end your family will be your family and will love you no matter what. Eventually they will get over it and come around. If not then oh well for them living in a uncalled for state of misery.

    • Cassandra Pickett

      I agree with you to some extent…but when some people are on the outside looking in they can see a lot of things you can’t and I think her Mama has some valid points…I mean if he is being inappropriate with Kandi’s friend and being shady about the pre-nuptial, she should be weary of this…he shouldn’t leave the marriage with any many she earned prior to marrying her. And Kandi doesn’t have the best track record…not talking about the dead but remember AJ, her Mama had suspicions about him and she was right…and on the show it was said
      Kandi is a Sugar Mama…so her mama knows her daughter and is trying to look out for her best interests. Whatever Kandi does, she will have to live with it at the end of the day!!

    • Diamondz

      I agree and I really think it’s sad when family won’t let you enjoy your moment. Even if they have their reservations about the person, I do think they should be supportive because the family that’s against it ends up ruining the joy in the relationship. If it’s not going to work out, it’s just not going to work out and eventually the couple will realize that on their own.

      • anonymouse

        part of being an adult is to realize that not everybody (even family) is going to approve of your choices. And if you need your mommy or others to validate what you have, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your relationship.