Crystal Jones Says TLC Biopic Is Inaccurate; Explains Why She Was Kicked Out Of Group And Says She CAN Sing

October 22, 2013  |  

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Now you know at least a handful of people were going to come out of the darkness after CrazyS*xyCool: The TLC Story aired last night and say they didn’t appreciate their portrayal in the biopic. At this point, T Boz and Chilli should expect to be served with papers very soon from Pebbles. But another person who wasn’t feeling the film is, of course, original member Crystal Jones. We told you yesterday that Jones is planning to come out with a tell-all book about her short time in the group called, TLC My Story: The Awakening Of A Shattered Dream. And while she said the trailer for the movie looked “interesting” before it aired last night, now that she’s seen it, she says she wasn’t feeling it. Jones sat down with the Ryan Cameron morning show V-103 this morning to discuss her inaccurate portrayal in the film and to explain why she really didn’t get to stay in the group, and she says it had nothing to do with not being able to “sang.” Here a few tidbits from the interview:

On The Inaccuracies Of The Film: 

“The movie was very inaccurate, and it brought up a lot of worms I kind of put to rest a long time ago.

One, we never auditioned for L.A. [Reid]. We auditioned for Pebbles at Seriously Sound Studio, and the song we used was a song that was produced by Jermaine Dupri called “I Got It Going On…”

Ryan Cameron: “Who was also missing from the movie.”

Pebbles: “Exactly.”

Why She Really Didn’t Get To Stay In The Group: 

“As far as what happened, and I’m sure what everybody wants to know is that, it was based on the contract…We’re going through the paperwork, and it’s lengthy. So I turned to Pebbles and I said, ‘Can I take it home and let my mom take a look at it? Because I really don’t understand what I’m reading.’ And she said, ‘No absolutely not, so I didn’t sign it.'”

Jones’ manager, Ian Burke, was also reportedly present for the interview and dished some TLC history too. He claimed that he initially didn’t want Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in the group because when she first auditioned, she came in a dress instead of baggy clothes. He said that her actual rhyming skills are what impressed him, and she went on to say that the dress wasn’t really her thing either, but that she was just trying to make a good impression. He also says that one person who didn’t get any credit in the movie was Jermaine Dupri. Burke says that he’s the one who convinced T Boz to sing in the low register we know her for. And as for Ms. Jones, she says that as for folks pretending she couldn’t sing in the audition scene of the biopic, which was used as the reason for her dismissal, that’s not true. She says that she can sing, but Jones wouldn’t perform anything for the V-103 crew when they asked her to prove it.

Once the full audio is ready to go, we’ll post it for you to hear, but so far, Jones and her manager Ian Burke definitely had some interesting things to say. What do you think of their response to the movie?



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  • sarah

    Remember there are sides to every story, theres lisa’s (rest her soul) Tboz’s, and crystal’s.

  • Valica96

    eo me it seem that Crystal was nervoud

  • Foxy Brown

    That’s HOLLYWOOD for you!!!

  • Simba711

    She’s lying. T-Boz told what really happened twice. Crystal “Never Was” “Couldn’t perform” Jones is lying.

  • Ava

    Shockingly, what crystal is saying seems very believable. I actually believe everything she said.

  • ashley

    The movie was about TLC….T-boz, left eye and CHILLI…not Crystal. We never knew about her or heard her sang. Why waste 5 minutes of movie on her. For whatever reason she was never a part of TLC… contract. …shes isnt any different from the next person trying to make it big but cant seem to get there. …who really cares about why she didn’t get signed? Her Loss…even though they lost money in the beginning, they have it now….along with fame…The way I see it, They could have started the movie from the part where they signed contracts. They shouldn’t have even mentioned her name.

  • CallowayIdah

    That contract had Satan name written all on it

  • Kam

    She sounds like she had a cup of common sense, and maybe had the other girls followed suit they could have saved themselves a headache. But then again that could have altered their path to be different than what it became. Everything happens for a reason though. I think that they left out a lot of key players because maybe they didn’t have legal clearance to use their name. Not that the people needed weren’t ok with it but their “people” didn’t respond in a timely fashion.

    • Simba711

      She never seen the contract because there were no contracts yet. Pebbles was never on board with Jones being in the group because she sucked at performing. She is not the first weakest link to get the boot from a group.

  • blogdiz

    Please remember Beyonce said . Letoya Locket was tone deaf it took a while but we now know otherwise. Also Just because someonee isn’t a good fit no chemistry doesnt necessarily. Mean that they can’t sing

    • Wale

      being tone deaf and being able to sing are 2 different things – maybe over the years Letoya learnt how to hear and sing notes correctly…one person that can sing and is tone deaf is Keyshia Cole…so i believe Bey

      • jackie

        No don’t believe Bey. I read an article from their music teacher and he basically praised everyone and said what genre of music was best for each persons voice except for Bey. The only thing he said about her was that her mother wanted her to sing in that damn irritating screaming voice that she uses now. He said that kelly should have been the lead but b/c her father wasn’t the manager they went with bey. I don’t dislike her but I do like the truth

  • JTerry

    I heard most of the interview this morning. She said her book wasn’t all about TLC but that her time with the group was just a part of it. It’s supposed to be about her journey, she said. And I thought the small tidbits her manager provided about how Lisa had auditioned and JD’s contribution and his first impression of T-Boz were really interesting. I love hearing behind-the-scenes stuff like that.

  • JustSayin

    Does it matter? All biopics have some type of “spin” that the directors put on it. It is “based” on a true story… doesn’t mean it is the absolute truth.

  • Angel89

    I didn’t take that audition part, whether just in front of Pebbles or not, as her not being able to sing…I saw it as maybe she was nervous & didn’t/couldn’t bring it the way they needed to believe in her that day…but her version of her not being able to fully go over the contract sounds like the truth

  • Myssjackson

    Maybe Dupri didn’t want to be mentioned or portrayed in the movie. He’s kinda low key.

  • Joe Brown

    Years ago, Behind the Music said that Crystal was kicked out by LA Reid for not being pretty enough. Last night, the movie said it was because she cannot sing (they really dogged her in the movie).

    • Andrea

      If that’s he case then she should have been trying to set the record straight when that episode aired, why wait until now to have issues about reasons for not being in the group once there is money to be made?

  • Andrea

    Really? If she can really sing then she should have proved it right then and there, better yet why is it even an issue for her manger to point out that Lisa showed up in a dress to audition, and that Jermaine Dupri told T-boz to sing in a lower tone? Really, is it that serious that you have to set the record straight on such small issues, petty ones at that. I remember hearing them mention Jermaine’s in interviews and thank you speeches before so if all that he did, according to this manager is get her sing in a lower tone then what was the point in casting someone for a two second role? The one thing Crystal has done besides, not prove that she can actually sing is, prove that what they have said about Pebbles contracts is true. What could she possibly have to write about in a so called tell all book if her role was so short lived.

  • coolyfett

    Could be bitter grapes, could be the truth, but if Crystal is an Atlanta artist, no reason why she could not have yet solo during the 90s LA Face weren’t the only crews in town at that time. So So Def & Atlantic was also popping during that time.

  • lenaz

    The way they portrayed Crystal who is the C in TLC was a slap in the face – defamation- and done that way intentionally….. I couldn’t freaking believe it!!!! It makes sense that Pebbles didn’t want them to ‘read’ understand the contract…Crystal’s problem was that she had good sense.

    • coolyfett

      But she missed out on all the fame that came with the group.

      • Andrea

        How is t deformation? She hasn’t shown that she can or can’t sing. It’s not deformation until it is proven that what was said is a lie, and so far I haven’t seen that done.

        • coolyfett

          Umm was that response to me or lenaz???

        • yasmeen

          defamation….oh lawd

    • bigdede

      They didn’t show she couldn’t sing, her voice was just breaking that’s all.

      • Christina Haskin

        That’s what I’m saying. I thought that she was just portrayed as nervous. The voice wasn’t terrible.

  • Andrani

    I believe her.

    • Ccool

      I watched an interview where t-boz admitted that Crystal could sing, but often did not want to, and wouldn’t do her best during performances.

      • Andrani

        That makes more sense. Maybe she had anxiety issues or something. If she couldn’t sing, wouldn’t Tionne and Lisa have noticed and not auditioned with her at all? I’m sure they had rehearsals. And there are other reasons besides talent that artists don’t land gigs. Looks, how well she fit with the other two. Maybe she really was not up to par with the other two in other aspects. Stage presence etc. just a thought. It’s a film though and they’re going to exaggerate things so the audience gets it.

  • Alex

    Hmmm…this is interesting. What Crystal’s story does is further prove that Pebble’s had every intention of keeping most of that money for herself. I honestly think Crystal did perform badly in the audition (especially since she wouldn’t prove that she could sing). Maybe Tboz and Chilli weren’t aware of Crystal not wanting to sign the contract.

    • Sunshinegirl

      Yeah, if she could sing, she would’ve sang Mary Had a Little Lamb to prove them wrong.

  • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

    I was wondering why Dupri wasnt mentioned also and I learned that tidbit about the contract a while ago.

    • Sunshinegirl

      Shoulda been red flags to the others to get the ‘ell outta dodge when she wouldn’t them take the contracts home. What kind of mess is that? Pebbles know she was wrong, and I wonder what happened with JD for him to not be featured?

      • bigdede

        That’s who I need to hear from is Jermaine. He was a huge part of TLC. Left Eye lived with him when she first moved to ATL. He produced a lot of their songs on their first and second album. He was like in all their videos from their first album. I really want to hear about why he wasn’t in the movie. Maybe the same reason they didn’t show Left Eye with Death Row.

        • Trisha_B

          They need to make a part 2 or something. B/c I feel a lot of things that made the group who they really are & made the ladies how they were, were left out. I understand things had to be omitted to fit into 2 hrs, but it was too rushed. I woupd rather have them focus more on other things other than Chili & Dallas problems…& how Suge Knight impacted/affected Left Eye. But I guess since shes not here, they cant really speak on it?

          • Kam

            I think thats why Left Eye’s story is not as thoroughly explained as the others. They can only speculate after a certain point or inject creative storytelling that fans and family/friends would know wasn’t true. Honestly if they had consulted with family members they may have been able to create a clearer picture of who Left Eye was. I don’t think anyone wanted to deal with Suge Knight and thats why he wasn’t brought into it. But I do recall him being behind her when she wanted to go solo.

            • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

              That is true because she’s not alive to tell her version of events