Ex-TLC Singer Crystal Selene Writing Tell-All; Reportedly Threatening To Sue Over Biopic

October 21, 2013  |  

Sources: WENN, Twitter

TLC’s highly anticipated biopic, CrazyS*xyCool: The TLC Story is scheduled to make its television debut, as controversy ensues. Last week we told you that the group’s former manager, Perri “Pebbles” Reid, has been publicly responding to allegations that she mismanaged the group’s funds. She has also made it clear that she’s seeking legal counsel over the “slanderous” allegations. It looks like Pebbles isn’t the only one “lawyer-ing up.” According to one TLC fan page, one of the group’s original members, Crystal Selene Jones, is also reportedly threatening to take legal action. The back story is that Crystal is actually the one who founded the group with T-Boz and Left Eye. Unfortunately for her, she was later replaced by Chilli–who was a back up dance at the time– once the group was under the management of Pebbles. Crystal has yet to actually confirm whether or not she’ll be suing, but she did comment on the upcoming film.

She also addressed the beef between the group and Pebbles.

Crystal went on to offer TLC props for their many accomplishments.

In other TLC news, Crystal is also in the process of finishing up her tell-all book titled, TLC My Story: The Awakening Of A Shattered Dream.

Source: Twitter

Would you be interested in reading a TLC tell-all from Crystal’s perspective?


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  • Winner15

    It was good movie. And unfortunately it show’s an important lesson regarding their contracts which they did not read or allow a professional attorney to read over before they signed a deal (which they realized late half way through their careers which is unfortunate). Regardless, a serious lesson learned but fortunately their natural talents over came that which granted them success regardless. I’ve told many younger artists before they sign any management agreements to have a professional read it over 1st because it might cost them more in the long run.

  • Just Saying

    She was in the group for 2 seconds what does she have to tell??

  • Tamariay Kentrel Gordon

    Where have ya’ll been on this Crystal tip? No one watching “Behind the Music” like 11 years ago? If she sues it will be for deformation. Let me make a movie about you and see how I paint our lives. Ike Turner even said Tina took things too far in her book.

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  • LiiSH

    No. She needs to go sit down somewhere. Even if she founded a group with T-Boz and Left Eye, it wasn’t TLC until Chilli got there, AFTER Crystal got the heck on.

    • 2funny

      They were TLC before Chilli got there. They gave her the nickname to keep TLC as the group name, since the T and L were the first initials of Tionne and Lisa. The “C” was originally for Crystal after Reid changed their name from 2nd Nature.

  • MissBridget

    I don’t think anyone will be interested in her story because we aleast knew there was amother member that didn’t work out, but that was before they got famous, so she’s kind of a non-factor. It’s kinda like first the Spinderella from Salt n Peppa writing a book, nobody cares because we don’t know you and we have never seen you before.

  • Memedawn

    Ok, so what she was not able to stay with the group. She deserves to be credited for her role in thinking outside the box creating the idea behind the group. She probably was waiting for the story to be presented to the world by the group so she can speak up due to her most likely being blocked from standing up for herself since all her rights were taken away by Pebbles. But because her rights were taken and she didn’t make sure the proper paperwork was in play, she may not have a leg to stand on. I remember the story and some of the events very well except I truly didn’t know about Crystal. The industry did her and TLC wrong and after seeing the movie, I am curious to what her story is if it is more than what was presented on screen. It may be another educational story about the industry that needs to be told.

  • Jay

    To b. Honest I can’t picture her in the group…The group was better without Her…she only wants to write a so call book because she feels they didn’t give her a chance and they became#1 without her

  • I knew a TLC biopic would bring on the drama LOL

    Prolly why there’s never been one of The Supremes.

    • what do you think “dreamgirls” was about? hockey?

      • Dreamgirls was close, but I meant a Motown-endorsed movie on The Supremes. It has something to do with copyrights on the music, and all kinds of legal stuff. I’m sure Flo’s daughters would raise some hell too.

      • Ntare

        Dreamgirls was not the Supreme story. Smokey Robinson came out a long time ago and said it had nothing to do with the Supremes. In fact, the original play was about a group in Chicago trying to get one big show, not them becoming international superstars. The producers tried to craft something to get controversy and sell tickets.

  • Jaytee2

    Really don’t care about her story…

    • shayy

      Folks act like tbey knew tlc personally

  • It would be a pretty short tell-all…unless she really is still in the know from the time Pebbles signed them….

  • Chana Williams

    No I would not read it…To me she was never in the group..I only know of Left Eye ,T-Boz, and Chili……

  • Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari

    unfortunate for cystal but chilli was a better fit

  • Tonyoardee


  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    A whole book?? Doesn’t she mean a pamphlet? People need to get serious with their own lives and stopping seeking/stealing stardom from others!

    • .:*whitneyeclectic*:.

      LMAO @ “pamphlet”!

    • Say_No_Go

      lmao….you mean a 1 page agenda….LOLOL

      • Andrea Marie

        ctfu maybe a Memo, but a book, nah. it would have to be a memoir of some sort and that would have to focus on her life. maybe a good story but will people be checking for it?

  • qui8tstorm

    FYI: TLC was orignally called 2nd Nature when Crystal was in the group. The group changed the name when they kicked Crystal out and added Chilli and signed with Pebbles. You can google it or check out TLC on behind the music on u tube.

    • 2funny

      They were originally called 2nd Nature, LA Reid changed the name to TLC while Crystal was still in the group. That’s where the TLC came from, first initial of the three girls names. He was impressed with T-Boz and Left-eye but thought Crystal should be replaced, which they did a few days later with Rozonda. That’s why they gave her the nickname “Chilli” to keep the “C”. They were TLC before “Chilli” joined.

  • McDee

    So what riveting information is she going to fill the whole book with? Her claim to fame would fill a couple of pages at a stretch but that’s it!

  • qui8tstorm

    All of this information was known esp. when TLC did the VH1 special! This is nothing new yet b/c there will be a movie about it Pebbles and Crystal want to sue? People get mad when you tell the truth! The time for Crystal to sue was when TLC was making money or records if she wanted to sue. However, she doesn’t have much of a lawsuit b/c when she created the group the group was NOT named TLC! I’m sure it sucked for her to see a group that she helped created go on to do great things but they didn’t use the group’s original name when she was in the group for a reason…legal reasons duh! Unless TLC performed songs that Crystal wrote or performed on before Chilli her lawsuit carries no weight besides a couple news headlines! Get Yo Life Girl!

  • Anesha Johnson

    It’s been so much drama surrounding this movie, I was disappointed to hear no one contacted Lisa Lopez’s family regarding her role in the movie….I came to understand her mother was very upset about this, I lost interest in the watching after discovering Lisa’s family was shut out…..smfh….

    • Jeff

      1st of all, the family gave T-Boz and Chilli permission.
      But then again what do you expect? This movie is about TLC, not lisa’s life.
      The family cannot feel some type of way because they were not in the group. Yes they are her family but T-Boz and Chilli spent 11 years of their life with Lisa. No need IMO for the family to be involved.

      • Anesha Johnson

        Ok got it….chill

    • Anesha Johnson

      Ok calm your nerves, chill out…..I get it now….geez

    • TT

      Also Lisa didn’t have a good relationship with her family when they started, i believe thats why she was living with Jermaine dupri and hiding in his closet when she was a tennager

      • Anesha Johnson

        Damn I didn’t know that….WOW….

        • TT

          yea thats why i was suprised jermaine is not in the movie

  • janalang22

    She was in the group for like 5 minutes so is her book going to have 5 minutes worth of reading material? Funny, how the movie is coming out and now she wants to release a tell all book she needs to have several seats!

  • JB#3

    What’s she suing for? She wasn’t part of the group when they were making money so they don’t owe her anything.

    • janalang22


    • Say_No_Go

      amen to that.. Crystal….girl bye

  • Tammi Betteroffsingle Clay

    Mighty funny that all of this is coming out now that they are doing a movie. It is what it is girl move on, God had another plan for you. Plus left eye been dead for years. Take a deep breath and do like Keisha Cole and let it go.

  • Tee Elyse

    Well, I know I absolutely CAN NOT wait for this movie to come on tonight!! They should’ve aired it at 8PM instead, because I don’t know who’s gonna be watching Basketball Ex-Girlfriends, but whatever… it looks like she’s going to talk more about the Pebbles situation and the come up, I’ve always been interested in hearing why they decided to go with Chili instead of the “other girl” (I knew her name started with a C tho) because they never really delved deep into the back story with that one… TLC will always be one of the hottest girl groups! Also glad to see folks warming up to the casting, I think all three ladies pulled their looks off well!

    • Oh Well

      Well on their Behind The Music, LA Reid, said when they came in to audition for him, Lisa and Tionne were great, but when Crystal started he said “Well now this is turning into a talent show” basically shading Crystal sayin she wasn’t good enough. I feel bad for her as she was one of the founders for TLC but she just didnt have that “it” factor according to LA Reid. Chilli was a better fit in my opinion anyway. T-Boz and Lefteye were lighter in skin color and adding Chilli and her brown complexion gave the group more balance and probably helped to appeal to younger girls of darker complexion. Not saying it was all about skin color of course, that would be absurd to imply that. Just an observation.

      • qui8tstorm

        Correct Meemo and the group’s name was 2nd Nature…not TLC. Crystal has no claim to sue unless TLC used songs she wrote on or performed while the group was called 2nd Nature.

        • qui8tstorm

          The name TLC was created when Chilli joined the group.

          • mia

            No pebbles changed 2nd nature to TLC then they had to make up a c name for Rozonda when they kicked Crystal out

      • misss

        Especially because none of them can really sing… my thought is the wanted a more diverse looking group. T-Boz is always on autotune so tgis makes no sense to me. They are well accomplished tho

  • Danielle

    How tell-all can she be… she was in the group for like two minutes. Stop hating….

    • brooklyn23

      Seriously I agree. Everyone is looking for away to make money somehow. The same way Pebbles greedy as will find a way

  • Kam

    I’m probably real slow on this, but I’ve never heard of her. The only TLC I ever knew was T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chili. I understand that everyone has a story to tell but why does everyone feel the need to sue everyone for everything. Generally the lawyers end up with all the money and you are no further than you were before the lawsuits started. I would be interested in reading an article from her perspective but I doubt I would spend money on a whole book.

    • Meemo

      If you think about the name TLC it makes sense – Tionne, Lisa, Crystal b/c Chilli’s real name is Rozonda (sp).

      • qui8tstorm

        TLC was orignally called 2nd Nature when Crystal was in the group. The group changed the name when they kicked Crystal out and added Chilli.

        • Treenie Weenie

          No, the “C” was gonna be for Crystal, when Pebbles was changing the name from 2nd Nature to TLC

    • IllyPhilly

      I’m not sure, but I think she left on her own before they got really famous.

      • qui8tstorm

        Nah..she was kicked out the group she started. lol. It sucks i’m sure but LA Reid didn’t see her as being a fit.

    • brooklyn23

      Dont feel bad, I didn’t know of her either not until the TLC interview with the breakfast club prior to the movie

  • lashon123

    well it is what it is…move on.. TLC will never be forgotten

    • lashon123

      let me rephrase that… TLC will never be forgotten the way they WHERE as the group they became! it worked out..it was a good look..it fitted