“Have You Made A Movie Before?” TLC Speaks On Biopic Backlash And Drama With Left Eye’s Sister

October 21, 2013  |  

When it comes to the negativity surrounding their upcoming biopic, “Crazy, S*xy, Cool: The TLC Story,” TLC just doesn’t care. How do we know? Because that’s literally the response T-Boz and Chilli gave when they stopped by our office to chat with us a little over a week ago.

We asked the ladies about everything from people criticizing Lil Mama to Left Eye’s sister Reigndrop coming for them after they remade “Waterfalls” with Japanese pop star Namie Amuro and the resounding response to all of the unexpected drama was, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” We also chatted with T-Boz and Chilli about their love lives, how they managed to sell records without selling sex, and why they think girl bands have fallen off the map and they had a ton to say about all of the above. Check out the video up top and tell us what you think. Will you be watching “Crazy, S*xy, Cool: The TLC Story” tonight?

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  • brutus

    who didn’t want to bank each one of them

  • D. A. Isley

    They are a trip!!! I love them. Keeping it on the REAL.

  • CrystalA

    After watching the movie, I felt bad for Lisa’s family. The did not show her personal life about the abuse from Andre but showed Chili getting cheated on and having an abortion. Nothing about Lisa’s family was in the movie, it was like she was in ATL by herself the whole time. Nothing about her adopted daughter but they showed Chili and Tboz having babies.Nothing about the group she produce. Very disappoint in the details left out. We already new about everything they showed by watching the documentary of TLC years ago. If they were going to wait this long to make a movie after Left Eye passed why only show the negative. They should have left the image that died down years ago of Left Eye alone, why bring it back up. I think the focus of the movie was to make them back relevent again so people can buy their old CDs and the upcoming one. SAD

    • Simba711

      It was the TLC story, not Lisa, Chili or T-Boz’s entire life story.

  • lUC


  • Lanna

    I think Chili wants DADDY 2 come home a.k.a Usher….It just seems like no one will ever come close. She said timing was wrong then, well the time is NOW!

  • Happy


  • CC

    I enjoyed the movie, it had a lot of things I never knew about the group. So sad about Left-Eye but it was clearly her time to go and she knew it. I still love me some TLC to this day and always will. There was nothing wrong with the casting considering it was believable and epic. There are some things that need to be explained that was cut from the tv version but maybe we’ll see them on a big screen???…..

  • Pamela Jones-Meadows

    I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end and I also think that they cast those roles right! To hell with all the protest about the actresses playing these roles, I personally think it was cast right! Peace and Blessings.

  • Stacy B

    I really liked the show last night. Made me think about being in the 90’s all over again when people really sang and performed.

  • Realist

    I could not get past the casting of the important men in their lives. I mean was that really Diana Ross’s son playing Dallas Austin? …and the guy who played Andre Rison was not believable at all. That must have been a sad casting call.

    • B617

      i agree. The dude playin Andre was good lookin but looked nothing like Andre. They completely removed him from the picture after the fire but they were still together even after she burned his house down. He loved him some Lisa.

      • currvalicious

        I think he was removed b/c they wanted to stick to the TLC story at hand. Lisa dealt w/Andre on & off until her death (even though she’d date others). I believe he was her one true love. There was alot of ground to cover in 2 hrs so they had to fit in the main points. I enjoyed the movie it touched on all the pivotal topics, Except T-Boz didn’t get into her wedding w/Mack 10, you just saw a guy w/braids in the background (that was funny). I would watch it again. It was good for tv.

        • CoCo Lee

          LOL And the dude who played mack 10 was tooooooo Scrany 2 be mack 10… where was his Gut!? lol

  • DoBetter

    The movie got my attention and while I grew up with T-Boz as a fan I didn’t particularly care for the look of the girl who played her and felt she tried too hard. Lil Mama & KeKe alike did really well and fit their characters to a T no punt intended. I do agree with the movie that Left Eye didn’t get her due credit and while making hits I do feel she could’ve made hits all on her own again I was a T-Boz fan and truthfully only because her hair was the Bomb !!! The remake of waterfalls shows no love. How about a new video with Left Eye in the clouds rapping her own lyrics !!! For that reason and a few other enlightening moments the girl playing T-Boz did a great job showing off her on the cool down low stank attitude and KeKe did and excellent job showing Chilli as a follower from the jump. When T didn’t embrace you in acceptance was a tell all about her masquerade. T-Boz is a fake friend and I’m deeply saddened by her portrayal to be the better of the three. Ugh I could go on about how disappointed I am. I will not support this album with a replacement so disrespectful and disregard to her family.

    • coolyfett

      Tell em why you mad son!

  • The movie was great! Made me cry, laugh, cry, and laugh all over again. All the ladies: Drew, Keke, & Lil’Mama did that! Couldn’t have asked for a better cast. Thank you TLC & Vh1.

  • Harmisha Cairns

    T-Boz is so funny and Chilli has the cutest laugh.

  • JRoc85

    I absolutely adore TLC, & I’m glad people are remembering that TLC, not Destiny’s Child is the HIGHEST SELLING GIRL GROUP OF ALL TIME. Congrats to KeKe, Drew, & Lil Mama on “Crazy $exy Cool,” can’t wait for tonight!!

  • Yvette

    Chili and T-Boz are hilarious! I love them and their positivity. Can’t wait to see the movie tonight!

    • ATherling5011

      I enjoyed this movie from
      beginning to end and I also think that they cast those roles right! To
      hell with all the protest about the actresses playing these roles, I
      personally think it was cast right! Peace and Blessings.