Mary Don’t You Weep: Memorable Moments From Last Night’s Scandal

October 18, 2013  |  
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Last week’s episode was a throwback and therefore the pacing was slowed down quite a bit. But last night, the drama came in quite strong. With bomb threats, Huck losing it and Mellie winning last night’s battle in the war, it went down. Let’s jump in.

Jake’s Scruff

Ya’ll already know I’m all about Team Jake. Ideally, Olivia would be by herself until she gets herself together; but if I had to choose between Jake and the president, it’s Jake, easy. And last night just reaffirmed what I already felt. Even though homeboy looked like white Jesus shortly before he was crucified, the fineness still shone through. I had to ask the Tweeties if I was the only one feeling this facial hair. I wasn’t alone. He looks good with that beard…


Mellie comes for Fitz’ Manhood

Typically, we’re half way into the episode before Mellie and Fitz start going at it. But last night, the jabs came early. The fact Mellie clowned Fitz’ wang within the first 15 minutes had me weak. I told ya’ll last week that I love when he checks her, but when she gets ready to fire back, she comes with it. And last night, she was on. Fitz had to fall silent. Poor Teddy’s just sitting there observing his parents’ severe dysfunction.

The Bomb Threat

A mother’s intuition is no joke. Mary Smith who originally presented herself as Olivia’s client, actually had a more dramatic and dangerous plan in mind. She strapped a bomb to her chest and held up to 9 people hostage as she attempted to convince the FBI to open up her son’s file. She didn’t realize just how close she was to death before Olivia raised the curtain and revealed herself.

Harrison & The FBI

I could not believe Harrison thought he was actually going to get a response from the FBI by hollering over a barricade. The FBI is not going to respond to a screaming black man. Stop it! Then he was nearly convinced, by another agent, that Mary’s son was indeed a terrorist.

David Plays Cyrus

When was the last night we saw someone stand up to Cyrus and actually convince him to do what they’ve said. Well that was David Rosen last night. He put that white hat on and marched in there and demanded that the file be opened. Cyrus was all set to insult and then dismiss David before he started reading the names of the FBI agents who had been mysteriously promoted.

Would You Lie?

When the file was opened, Fitz personally got on the phone and tells Olivia what the contents revealed. Turns out, Mary was right. Her son, Chris, was not a terrorist. In fact, he was, as Fitz called him, an American hero who had infiltrated a terrorist organization and was spying on them. Somehow, the FBI didn’t know this and killed Chris. He had recruited several other spies to join other terrorist groups and if the nature and details of his death got out, the lives of all the recruits he’d brought on would be in jeopardy too. So that meant Olivia couldn’t tell Mary the truth about her son. Instead, she outright lied to her telling her, her son was a terrorist. Of course Mary fell out.

Mary, It Ain’t Have To Be Like That

I was too hurt when Mary decided to take her own life. Clearly, she was emotionally unfit but had the truth about her son been revealed she would have never strapped a bomb to her chest or killed herself. But on the flip side, if Olivia told her the truth and she decided to walk out of that room, she still would have done some jail time… quite a bit in fact.

Huck Comes For Daddy Pope

From the top of the episode, Huck had made up his mind to kill Daddy Pope. But when he finally stood in front of him, face to face, he couldn’t do it. Rowan/Eli just walked away. But before he dipped out, he told Huck that he had a man inside who he could kill instead. Of course, it was quite disturbing to see Huck kill someone who hadn’t done anything wrong. But it’s also the first time we’ve seen the gravity of Huck’s desire to kill. It’s like a hunger or the urge to have sex. Once he’s made up his mind, he has to do it.

Mellie’s Happy Olivia Lived

Baby, Mellie brought it last night. After everything was said and done, Fitz walked in on her drunk and still drinking. He assumed that she was saddened by the fact that Olivia didn’t die in the bomb threat. Mellie let him know that wasn’t the case. She delivered the best speech of the night. If you missed some of the words, this is what she said:

“I’m celebrating because Olivia Pope still walks this Earth. She’s still alive. And as long as she’s still alive? Well, she’s your flaw, your Achilles heel. Which makes her my weapon. She’s the strings that, if need be, I will pull to make my puppet husband dance. So cheers, baby! Drink Up! I live to fight another day!” 

Woop! Fitz didn’t have much to say after that.

Did You Kill My Father?

Somewhere along the line, Olivia gathered that Huck took off work to attempt to kill her father. When she comes back to the office and sees him sitting there alone, she asks him if he did. Huck, clearly disappointed with himself, says that he couldn’t bring himself to do it. After all the ways that the Commander has ruined his life, alienated him from his family and gotten him into the business of killing, he still has a sick power over him. And that broke him down.

He Owns Me

Huck isn’t the only one who’s in the palm of Rowan’s hand. When Olivia sits down at the of the day, she admits that both and Jake are under her father’s reign. And then she drinks the wine her father introduced her to.

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  • SexyBrownSuga

    Baaaaabyyyyyyy…..Scandal got me like…
    DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!! *all in my Florida Evans voice!!!!!
    Oh Olivia was already on point but the rest of the ladies stepped their hair, make up and fashion games ALL the way up!!! Love it…and Mellie is on fire, she’s not playing with Fitz no more!!!

  • Guest

    Babeeeee…… Scandal got me like….

  • Guest

    Babeeeee…..Scandal got me like….

  • iloverealitytv

    Ok, Scandal is getting a little ridiculous but it is still good fun.

  • YoNess

    Just when you try to hate Millie, she pulls you back in!!!!

  • TGIF Y’all

    I may be alone in this, but was I the only person who thought the strangest part about last night was when Olivia went home Jake kissed her on the cheek> It was like they were a normal couple and she had just come home from a normal day at work, instead of being in a hostage situation. LOL! The whole episode was a bit far stretched. Still loved it. I am glad they are moving away from the mistress to the president bit more. I love Mellie, drunk or sober, just love her!

  • Nellie

    Just my opinion…..I think he Jake is a bad guy but he fell for Olivia. And her father despises the fact Olivia and Fitz are together. So it makes sense he bring backs Jake to keep her away from Fitz. Mellie is crazy but you have to love her. I love Rosen for finally checking Cyrus. What was wrong with Harrison Screaming at police like they will really talk to you. I cant wait till i find out why Olivia doesn’t trust him. cant wait till next week

  • Bren

    Last night’s episode just goes to show that Olivia can’t fix everything. It was good though. As much as I know Huck hates Eli Pope, I’m glad that he did not go through with killing him because that would have probably put a permanent rift between him and Olivia. As much as she despises her father, he is still her father.

  • GymJunkie43

    Even though the show is fake, last night was too fake. Nobody walks to the very room that people are running from. Navy and Marine Snipers go for the kill. Remember the Somali pirates? Obama said go and 30 seconds later that Pirate was euthanized so how quick do you think Snipers would take out a threat in the damn White house?! I hope everyone continues to watch, regardless of what they think of the show, simply because viewership creates and keeps jobs. We need some diversity in our leading roles on Primetime TV.

  • JRoc85

    The one part of “Scandal” that made me say W T F last night was when EVERYONE was leaving the congressman’s office, but Olivia walked right in. EVERY BLACK PERSON KNOWS that if you see everyone running away, you run too, & ask questions LATER!!! I’m thinking “what Black person you know would have walked in the same direction EVERYBODY was running from???? That was too crazy. Last night’s convo between Huck & Olivia was explosive, scary, yet very touching. Huck is an assassin by nature, but there’s this vulnerable & delicate side to Huck (& that’s the part that Olivia protects & in return causes Huck to protect Olivia). “Drunk Mellie” had me ROTF, she encouraged the affair, & now wants to “boo hoo” about it. Glad to see Jake again, but I still don’t know what to make of him (good guy/bad guy).

    • Bren

      Mellie was crazy last night.

  • kels

    omg i didnt even catch that she started drinking the wine her father introduce her too this show is beyond words good come on next thursday!!!!!!

    • blkrose

      I thought that wine glass was such a great touch lol I’m ready for the next episode too!!!

    • catrinawalters40

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