Todd Gets Caught Creepin’? Cynthia And Peter Are Broke Again? The RHOA Season 6 Supertrailer Is Here!

October 17, 2013  |  

Source: Bravo

Mmm mmm mmm. That’s the only sound I could muster up after witnessing all of the insanity that goes down in the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6 trailer. Ladies, this may seriously be the show’s most scandalous season EVER.

The trailer opens with most of the drama that we were already aware of including the cancellation of NeNe’s primetime series The New Normal, Kenya’s beef with her landlord and Cynthia and Peter’s restaurant going into foreclosure. The trailer also previewed the ugly fight that went down between Apollo and Kenya Moore’s assistant. What’s interesting, however, is that it appears that the entire altercation began with a n*sty verbal dispute between NeNe and Kenya!

“You’ve rubbed each girl wrong,” NeNe tells Kenya in one scene.

In another heated scene, NeNe gets all up in Kenya’s face.

“What did I tell you?! This is my godd*mn event!”

And then, there’s the biggest scandal of them all: Kandi and Todd. So the way it appears in the trailer, Mama Joyce tells Kandi that Todd was spotted with another woman. The woman happens to be Kandi’s good friend, Carmen. Though Kandi doesn’t appear to be totally sold on the thought initially, by the end of the trailer, Todd is trying to keep her from taking the girl’s head clean off of her shoulders.

“I will f*** you up! You heard what the f*** I said. I will drag you in this b****!” Kandi screams.

Mannnnnnnnnnnn listen! It’s about to go down.

Check page two to witness the drama unfold.

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  • Kourtney

    No Cheekee baby I don’t know the story. I know what I saw on Tv and your opinion, reflection, rememberance are whatever you may call it is what’s asinine. if you can’t tell the story like it happened then don’t tell it at all boo. That’s all I’m saying and that’s my opinion.

  • Olivia

    Wow I am definitely going to be watching this season faithfully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chas

    I’m so anxious to see this season!!!

  • Miss E

    It’s not that serious, it’s entertainment. As long as they’re getting paid, they’re going to do it. And as long as people watch it, it’s going to come on. You guys shouldn’t complain about things you can’t change. I’m excited for it!!!!

  • JRoc85

    “Kordelia,” who do you think you are DEMANDING to know where Porsha is nowadays???? You lost those privileges when you (like a punk) filed for a divorce BEHIND THAT WOMAN’S BACK!!! Kandi gets “turned up”… this oughta be interesting? As much as I love NeNe, with “The New Normal” being cancelled & production on “Glee” was delayed, she needs to have a slice of “humble pie.” What’s so wrong with being in Atlanta, if it was good enough for you before, why are you upset about being there now??? Peter has once again “struck out on broke,” & it seems as if Cynthia will try to hold things down once again. Porsha’s trying to find herself, & Phaedra may not be the ONLY woman in Apollo’s life (surprise surprise). Mama Joyce needs a man, & Kenya’s somewhere twirling (hahahaha). Was that Christopher Williams I saw in the RHOA season 6 trailer????? Did I leave anything out???? Ready for the new RHOA season, cause I know I am!!!!

    • niecy

      Per news articles, he is not broke. The person he is renting from is allowing the place to go into foreclosure. All he can do is pay his rent to the landlord. If the landlord is not paying the mortgage its not Peter’s fault. He only has to hold up his end of the lease agreement. The landlord is in the wrong. Peter club could be very successful. We have to blame the landlord this time. He should buy his own building or maybe after the loss of the other business he has to clear up his credit before he can buy a building.

  • Kristen

    I like Kandi but she has been disappointing me!

    1) Collaborating with Kim and NOT having a contract in place, which ultimately made her lose out in the lawsuit. Grammy award winners should know better!

    2) Telling everyone what you’re going to name your future child that you’re not even pregnant with that you’ll probably have with your current boyfriend (Kash, and Kim stole that quick) everyone knows not to tell ppl what you’re gonna name your kid until you’re about to deliver! It’ll get stolen!

    3) Building a house with a guy you only call your boyfriend? He wasn’t even her fiancee at the time. I’d personally kinda like the guy to propose first!

    I doubt Todd was cheating. But if so, that’s not Kandi’s fault. I just think she could be smarter about things.

    • JRoc85

      Girl, YOU BETTER PREACH. LOL Unless it’s about sex, Kandi doesn’t execute good judgment!! In regards to the whole “Tardy for the Party” & “Kash” ordeal, I was on Kim’s side. No, Kim IS NOT my favorite person, BUT why would anybody wait THREE YEARS to sue someone for back royalties & production costs WITHOUT A CONTRACT???? Kim was in an actual relationship, & was pregnant with her son, Kandi allegedly thought of the name “Kash” first, HOWEVER, Kandi wasn’t even with Todd nor was she even pregnant, therefore, it wasn’t stealing (especially since Kim had documents proving that she had “Kash Biermann” put into an LLC.

      • Kristen

        Exactly! I’m not sure what it is about Kandi, but maybe it’s because she became a singer so young and didn’t really get to grow up regarding judgment?? Nahh I don’t even buy that lol..she’s just naive!!!!! It’s time for her to get over that quick!!

        • courtney

          go f off

      • courtney

        go kill yourself

        • JRoc85

          you’re taking this $hit too seriously!!! F U!!!!!!

  • alex

    L O L …… i’ll be watching..

  • GirlSixx

    Season6 is going to be HELLA FIYAH!!!!! Oh lord and Apollo just needs to ask for a damn divorce and alimony already. *smhlol* I feel bad for Cynthia, Peter needs to just go out and get a regular ole 9-5 and give up tryin to be a BOSS, I know her momma and sister are both like “I told you so”

    • GirlSIxx

      SN: It’s going to be interested to watch Kandi and Phaedra’s interaction now… Yall remember when Kandi was suing Kim for “Tardy for the Party” and she had Phaedra representing her??? Wellll apparently KIM WON!!! *lol*
      I ain’t saying Pheadra is a horrible attny buuuttttttt…. She represented Sherrie and she lost her case against her Ex and now Kandi lost HER OWN SONG to Kim…

  • kb

    Was that Christopher Williams in promo? I love me some him 🙂

    • JRoc85

      Christopher should be somewhere singing “Don’t wake me, I’m Dreamin” or “Promises, Promises, we don’t keep…) hahahaha

  • shay

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..It looks so cray cray….WOW

  • Tudbee

    I like Kandi and Todd….individually and together. So they’re the only ones I could care about. I hope he isn’t cheating on her. If I remember well, kandi has never been the one fighting and shouting, is more down to earth and Todd is easy going and quiet. I hope she isn’t turning into the other women. I hope things work out for them.

  • ZLoves

    Let me count them down reeeeeeal fast
    FIRST of all — Sit yall old asses down somewhere!
    2. Half of them have children old enough to watch this show sowhy act a fool on NATIONAL tv. [rhetorical question – answer? MONEY]
    3. Khandi giiiiiiiiiiirl get Todd to sign a prenup! Don’t be a fool honey
    4. Peter & Cynthia need to get them pockets together!! How yall broke? Define broke?
    5. Ms. Joyce who you finna fight girl? Quit playin and sit it down

    • Abi

      Exactly, Todd MUST Sign PreNup, I dont care how in love they are. Kandi must get it. If he wont get it no point in marrying him because he will look like an oppurtunist.

  • Beejcee

    Isn’t that the singer Christopher Williams? What is up with that?

  • KJ23

    I told myself I was not going to watch this season… but that trailer… I’m now intrigued.

  • Ni

    Kandi was bout to lay somebody out lol Now of course they’re too old to be fightin but i wanna see this

  • LC

    I can’t wait!

  • gwen

    video not found

    • ZLoves

      Its on funky dineva’s page

  • FeelsGood

    Todd is not about to mess up that cash cow, LOL. He knows better than to bite the hand that feeds him.

    I must admit that this is my guilty pleasure. This is the only reality show that I have watch and will continue to watch religiously.

    • Mine too. Its the only one of these types of shows that I watch.

  • TLC

    I don’t believe Todd is cheating on Kandi, they’re just trying to entice viewers with the hint of a cheating scandal, if he was really cheating the news would’ve broke by now

  • Rissie75

    I had to go to VH1 to watch the trailer because the ads was cutting the screen off on this site…I think Kandi was talking to Kenya, if you look at NeNe (who’s standing next to her), she has the same dress in the scene where she goes off on Kenya…I can’t wait!

  • Gabie Aldrich

    Mama Joyce does this with every guy Kandi has been with! I understand motherly concern. But…This is becoming a broken Record!

    • Yvette

      She sure does and always comes across as bitter and angry. Mama Joyce needs to stop feeding her toxic feelings to Kandi and mind her own business. Kandi is a grown woman who can manage her own relationship. Mama Joyce would not have time to be all up in Kandi’s relationship if she had one of her own.

      • Dani

        I think the only reason mama Joyce do that to kandi is because if how kandi sometimes just can be very blindly by love. She moves too fast and brings her daughter around every man she ever dated on the show. Even when her daughter shown she have a little problem with that. And she spends a lot of money on her men. Which Nothing’s wrong with that because its her money and she earned it. But I guess her mom concern about how fast she moves.

        • Yvette

          What your saying is true. Kandi does fall very hard and introduces her daughter too quick but she is not a push over. She will pump the breaks if needed. It was Kandi that broke up with the guy that’s now deceased ( I can’t remember his name right now). I just wish Mama Joyce would step back some. If there is some shadiness going on Kandi will find out soon enough!

          • Dani

            That’s true.

          • Gabie Aldrich

            His name is AJ.

        • candy cane

          What you say is very true. I always questioned why every time Kandi get’s serious about a guy HE has to move into HER house especially around Riley; what message is that sending? I can see why Ms. Joyce has her opinions. I believe if the next guy courts Kandi and doesn’t move into her place Ms. Joyce won’t have much to say.

          • Kourtney


        • lilkunta

          dani : not true. last season whenTodd moved in Kandi said that they had been dating for 1 year when Riley said they were moving to fast and that she(riley) didnt really know Todd. Riley didnt know todd/her mom had been dating for 1 yr bc Kandi never let todd sleep over. So Kandi IS protecting Riley.

          • courtney

            THANK YOU these idiots dont know better

      • Gabie Aldrich

        I was thinking the same thing! She needs a companion.

    • Mama Joyce is waaaay too clingy wanting to live with Kandi, but usually where there’s smoke there’s fire even if your mother is nosy busy body.

      • Gabie Aldrich

        Very True 🙂

      • Kourtney

        THIS IS THE VERY PROBLEM WITH PPL IN THis world, to busy minding other ppls business and not their own. if you can’t tell the story right please don’t tell it at all.

        • And you know the story? Gurl please. You don’t know anything different than anyone else who’s watched the show. Its my opinion about business KANDI has put on front street. So suddenly we can’t have an opinion?

          I don’t understand this “let’s not judge people” and “you don’t know the story.” Yet we are talking about public figures who invited purposely cameras into their lives for the public’s consumption. That is just asinine.

          • Kourtney

            gurl you are absolutely right, but just like I said before “if you’re going to tell it tell it the right way. ” Now that’s asinine. Now you have your opinion and I do have mine. Thank you!

            • Well since we are clear that I will continue to have an opinion on whatever it is I so choose to, you’re welcome!

              • Kourtney

                Yes girl so glad. Just make sure you speak the truth when you state your opinions!

  • Nicole

    Really this is what black TV has been reduced too?? There was a time where there where NO REALITY shows. Instead we had a lot of positive Black family sitcoms with REAL ACTORS/ACTRESSES. Sick of the direction black TV programming has gone in 🙁

    • Beejcee

      I was just thinking about this very thing recently. There was a writer’s strike in recent years, maybe 2006 (not sure), but networks that normally did not have any reality shows felt they had no other choice so they could keep their networks afloat. I guess since reality shows are cheaper to cast and film, and people watch, they just stuck! They added black folks and voila!

    • Chevonne22

      It’s not just Black television, but television as a whole. There is no responsibility, no creativity, no morals, and no class. If The Cosby Show were launched in today’s society, it wouldn’t last a season.

      • cc

        Thank you. Some people just need to change their channel. Always yelling something negative. Black people this, Black people that. Its annoying. Majority of all shows are negative not just black shows, Duhhh.

    • SouthernSmoke88

      u shining the high beams on your own people.. what about honey boo boo, teen mom, hillbilly hand fishing etc? just say TV as a whole but don’t blame blacks for feeding their families by any means necessary..

      • cc

        Thank you. Exactly my point. They keep quiet when watching hundreds of other negative shows but go on a rampage when they see one black show.

    • cc

      Omg, another one. please shut up. There are hundreds of other TV shows of other races that are not black doing the same damn thing. Its a real life drama show, wtf do you expect? Stop degrading us with your negative comments every time you see a black show. Every time you yell something negative then eventually that’s what it will become.

  • Chevonne22


    • Lexi


  • Jan

    would’ve expected to hear about todd with another man… wonder if its any truth to it. i look forward to it