‘What, Are You Having A Stroke?’ Wendy Williams Gets Super Emotional After On-Air Health Scare

October 16, 2013  |  

Source: YouTube

Daytime TV host Wendy Williams has the gift of gab, but it appears that even the most talented public speakers have off days. During a recent taping of The Wendy Show, our girl continuously stammered, stuttered and stumbled over her words. While most people probably didn’t pay much attention to it, once she was backstage, Wendy broke down in tears, explaining to her team that this was a pretty big deal.

“If I hadn’t eaten breakfast, I would’ve said because I was hungry. But I started to feel weird out there. First time this ever happened,” Wendy said during the after show.

“I was up there doing ‘Ask Wendy’ and talking to the pregnant lady. I’m like, ‘Oh God, of all days for me to fall out and I fall on the pregnant lady.”

She went on to say that she panicked and began to question whether or not she was having a stroke on-air.

“I felt really, really weird today…I’m a pretty clean talker, but that stuttering you know, it happens once, it happens twice. After a few times I’m looking at me like, ‘What are you having, a stroke?'”

When someone on her staff suggested that low blood sugar was the culprit, Wendy responded:

“Maybe, but what do you do eat candy? I eat so much candy, I should have the highest blood sugar on the planet.”

“I don’t know. I’m going to the doctor. How about that?” she continued. “Or maybe I just need to go home and sit down.”

Poor Wendy. We hope she feels better!

Watch footage from the after show on the same page.

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  • bryan

    I hope she gets a real stroke next time

  • amir bey

    she is not a good person and phoney. she needs to stay out of other folks business and mind her own, like her philandering husband come….

  • tammy gilbert

    i would love to ask her some things she knows a lot

  • Jane

    Wow! Such haters! It would be scary to know that something is wrong with your body. She knew that something was not right and it scared her. There are many thing that can be associated with her symptoms and not all symptoms are textbook. If she felt that something was off then she would know better than anyone and should see a Dr. to rule out the scary stuff. It is worth the piece of mind if everything checks out OK. Best wishes Wendy!

  • Idasuccessful

    I’ve attended one of her live tapings and wendy speaks very well..everything she says just flow and for her to stutter is out of character…on top of that she tapes a morning show and one in the afternoon…working long hours could cause a lot of stress on anyone and if something was wrong she knows best

  • Anesha Johnson

    I noticed she broke down crying, then did a 360, I’m wondering is she bi/polar/ or schizo…her mood switches on and off, but to honest, that vertigo feeling is no joke….I’ve experienced it few times, it can range from low blood sugar to dehydration….there are millions of reasons for that feeling, I think in Wendy’s case, it’s good ole Karma for talking too much bs…..

    • Indubitous

      I don’t think she’s bipolar, I think it was a normal bounce back from maybe feeling a little embarrassed for crying or just feeling better after getting it all out. Bi-polar people actually happen to have EXTREME mood swings over the span of days, rather than a chuckle after a few tears… ijs.

      • Anesha Johnson

        Ok yea….

    • Just Kia

      Gonna chop it up to her being a moody cancer and it being a full moon also. you may not be into that, but I am (also a cancer). Not many understand us so it can be seen as bipolar. I don’t want to be quick to call anyone bipolar because it is a serious disease. Narcissistic and dramatic, maybe.

      • Anesha Johnson

        Yea I’m somewhat into the whole horoscope thing, but were talking about Wendy….her being a cancer has nothing to do with her antics….lol….ok the bi-polar label was a stretch but you got it all right with narcissistic and dramatic comment….Wendy is 100% all about Wendy….lol

  • Val

    It’s hard for me to feel sympathy for a woman who has constantly directed disparaging comments toward Black women. I’m trying, I really am, but nope, I just don’t feel any. A Black bigot is just as bad as a White one.

    • Tracu

      That’s just evil… Don’t stoop to a bigots level by hating and being evil too.

      Rise above it!

      • Val

        I didn’t say I hated her, I just said I feel no sympathy for her. I don’t have any sympathy for bigots in general.

        • Tracu

          It came off as hateful when I read it…
          But if you didn’t mean it that way okay but, I interpreted it differently…

  • Keland

    If she were suffering from a stroke, wouldn’t her speech be slurred rather than her stuttering? Likewise, she would have experienced numbness.

    She is just so dramatic and over the top.

    • Tracu

      No there was an anchorwoman who had a stroke and she didn’t slur her words kept mixing them up it was really sad to watch…

      But, I’m sure it was scary for WW

      • Keland

        Actually, no, she didn’t mix up her words. She had trouble forming the words.

        • Tracu

          Yea, my point exactly she didn’t slur them.

    • Angel89

      There are many symptoms one could face when having a stroke…it isn’t necessarily the common symptoms all the time…everyone is different..

      • Keland

        I know as much.