Celebs Congratulate Brandy On 20 Years In The Industry In Heartwarming Video Tribute

October 16, 2013  |  

Sources: WENN, SitcomsOnline

Though she is still a very young woman, 34-year-old Brandy Norwood has certainly paid her dues as an industry vet. With twenty years of industry experience under her belt, this lovely bride-to-be has lots to celebrate. True Exclusives put together a heartwarming video tribute, celebrating this major milestone of her successful career. In the video, a host of the “Put It Down” singer’s celebrity friends offered sweet, congratulatory words that moved her to tears.

“Brandy, I’ve been here for your entire career. From Moesha to “I Wanna Be Down,” our little girl is all grown up. I am so glad to now call you friend to the show. Congratulations on 20 years. 20 years!” Wendy Williams said.

Her former TV mom Sheryl Lee Ralph also participated in the tribute.

“Wow. Brandy. And how many years in this game? We have come so far and still so far to go. But let me just tell you this right now: you’re doing a wonderful job. I look at your child and I can see it. You’re doing a wonderful job. God bless you,” Sheryl said.

As for heavy-hitters from the music world, both Missy Elliot and Maxwell bigged her up for maintaining longevity in the business.

 “Incredible. Amazing. When you think of great singers and you are a singer, Brandy has to be in that top. Everybody that sings, Brandy’s name always…you know how you have the Biggies and Tupacs that gotta be at the top. Brandy is at the top. Her harmonies. The vocals. The vibrato that she has, nobody has. They try to duplicate and make carbon copies, but there’s only one Brandy,” Missy said.

“Brandy you know I’ve loved you forever. I’m one of your biggest fans. When I was a lot older than you, you were a young baby coming into the game but I loved you from day one. Glad to you see you still rocking it and your future is still there and I love you. Congratulations on all the time,” said Maxwell.

The video is about thirty minutes long and also includes Kelly Rowland, Adrienne Bailon, Tika Sumpter, Jennifer Hudson, Tank, Sevyn Street and many others. At the conclusion of the video, Brandy tearfully thanks them all for their kind words.

“I just want to say thank you. I’m remembering everyone…and all I’ve ever tried to do is just be great at being myself and inspire people. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know if that’s what I was doing. I’m just thankful and I can appreciate it. I can appreciate it all. No matter what is happening [or]  is not happening, I can appreciate everything that I’ve experienced. I appreciate everything that everyone is saying, I think that’s what the hard times brings. It brings [being] grateful for what you have and what your purpose is. I never want to lose that ever. I just want to keep striving and keep going and keep trying to reach all my goals and to keep making people feel good with whatever it is that I do. Whether it be a handshake, a smile, a hello, a song, a laugh, whatever it is, I have to stay in touch with that. I can’t live on without that,” she said.

What a beautiful gesture!

Turn the page to watch the tribute for yourself.

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  • Pia

    I’m 30, but please believe if I’m in the car and I hear “I would like to get to know if I could be the kinda girl that you could be down for?” I’m turning the radio ALL the way up AND singing to the top of my lungs. Almost doesn’t count, Angel in disguise and Have you ever have gotten me through the most devastating heartbreak hotel moments. Sitting up in my room never gets old! Best wishes Ms Norwood!

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    She’s been my favorite singer since I was 9.

  • treh

    Excellent talent. Better singer better actor (ress) than That other singer that starts with a “B” LOL. Seriously, she remained classy and a women of integrity through it all. I’m impressed and she definitely deserves a place among the greats.

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  • JRoc85

    People need to stop sleeping on Brandy!!! Brandy had #1 albums, #1 TV show (Mo to the… E to the … MOESHA), appeared alongside Diana Ross in the movie “Double Platinum,” & was the 1st Black Disney princess (Cinderella)!!!!! Brandy has had a few bumps in the road personally, BUT Brandy should be getting the same accolades & respect Beyonce does!!! Don’t forget she worked with one of the greatest artists of ALL TIME… Whitney Houston!

  • LoveBrandy

    I LOVE Brandy!!! Seriously, I wanted to be her as a kid.

  • Marcus

    There was something about the tone of the video that made me uncomfortable, and there were quite a few “don’t leave us”-sounding messages on there, which makes me wonder if everything is okay on Brandy’s end. I know her music career wasn’t going SO well these days, so I wonder if she was thinking about leaving the business?

    • tasha

      she aint going no where, she’s working on her next album bruh

  • s

    i wonder-not in a bad way-how her and kelly rowland are /became best of friends,hollywo0d must be really small because she was out way before destiny ‘s child

  • Now I gotta bump her 1st album!

    • Steve

      bump her 6th, it’s dope af

  • Diva1920

    Awesome!!!! I love Brandy!

  • CocoaBabe

    Brandy is the ONLY superstar out now that can do what Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Luther Vandross, Etta James, Nina Simone, Cheryl Lynn, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, etc has done and that’s give you what I call the “HALLELUJAH CHILLS” when she sings live or on disc. The ONLY one. I was just bumping Two Eleven and Human. Its like hearing God’s gift. I only catch that feeling hearing the word or listening to the greats I just mentioned. Thats now. Back in the day, I lived and breathed Thea, Moesha, Cinderella, the Brandy Barbie doll, everything. Everything. She is everything! And she looks like me and you! Boom! I want my daughter to watch her classics. She is truly graced and beautifully favored.
    She is THE TRUTH. Point. Blank. Period. Exclamation mark.

    • anonymouse

      are you serious?? I don’t hear anything special in her voice to even mention her name with the people that you mentioned.

      • Jan

        nah, brandy is actually an very talented singer. she has always been, you have to keep in mind brandy ran with the best of them mariah carey, anita baker, and her idol, whitney…. and all of them say she is serious business

        • anonymouse

          we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree……I’ve never been a fan of her voice…always thought that monica was better.

          • Anonymous

            b*tch please, anyone who thinks Brandy is not in at the top when it comes to vocals is a fool who doesn’t know much about singing. Obviously you are tone deaf, now vamos

            • anonymouse

              who are u calling a b!tch?? I don’t like her hoarse a$$ voice….get over it. And why you’re over here defending her…buy her d@mn albums so that she can sell at least 300k sometime soon.

          • Tash

            Well thats your opinion, the Majority disagrees. If you anything about Music you would hear Whitney’s influence all through Brandy’s Debut album, You don’t have to sound exactly like someone to mirror them.

            Brandy’s voice is way more celebrated than Monica’s in the industry and by singers alike because she is skillful, she KNOWS how to sing, and her voice her very instrumental. Most SINGERS will list Brandy befor Monica for a reason. But stop trying to compare, this post is about Brandy and her voice not Monica’s. You just seem more upset that brandy is getting this praise and not her. They call her Vocal bible for a reason,

            • anonymouse

              i’m not upset in the least. it seems that everybody else is upset because I don’t like her voice…….I know a lot about music and I’ve never heard anybody go on and on about her vocals until I came on this post.
              I still hear nothing that even remotely resembles Whitney in her vocals or style; her voice sounds hoarse and whiny to me, but that’s MY opinion. And I only mentioned Monica because they came out around the same time and had a #1 together……still like her voice better and don’t think that Brandy could pull off a song like ‘everything to me’ the way that Monica can.

      • Christan-Joy Demeritt

        Hush chile, you probably like Alicia Keys.

        • anonymouse

          u think that she sounds like whitney or should even be mentioned in the same sentence vocally as the people that the o.p. mentioned?? It’s cool to be a fan, but reality needs to come in somewhere. As for AK, I would rather hear her sing than brandy……..

          • Anonymous

            Whitney and Brandy are two different people and although Whitney was the voice, Brandy is a close second and the greatest voice of her generation. And seeing as you’re being so critical on this SUCCESSFUL woman, pls pray tell, why aren’t you on TV singing? you think you’re a better singer don’t you? Lmao keep being delusional, it’s why you are UNSUCCESSFUL in life

            • anonymouse

              first off, you don’t know a d@mn thing about me, ok?? and this is why drugs are bad because if you even think that brandy is in anyways 2nd to whitney houston or belongs in conversation with legends of song, then you’re clearly on drugs.
              Not criticizing her, but IN MY OPINION….her voice is NOT all that you people claim that it is.

        • Anonymous

          No, she likes Miley Cyrus LMAO the lost girl does not know anything about SANGING