“If You Don’t Want To Learn, Get The F**k Out” Substitute Teacher Cusses Middle Schoolers Clean Out

October 16, 2013  |  

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As someone who works with children often, I can say that from personal experience that they can be a challenge. One smart-mouthed answer too many or enough bad behavior will have you wanting to talk to them like you would talk to adults who’ve disrespected you in the street. Of course that’s not necessarily the right thing to do, but I can empathize with someone whose lost their temper in the presence of children.

This is what happened to a substitute teacher at a Baton Rouge, Louisiana middle school. This teacher, who has been identified as Ms. Ford had had enough of the students at Glasgow Middle School misbehaving and launched into a lecture, filled with expletives. During the lecture, which was recorded on a student’s cell phone, Ms. Ford went in.

In a video captured by one of the students she was addressing, Ms. Ford can be heard telling the students:

“You don’t want to learn? Get the f**k out. That’s how I feel.”

“This will my last time cussin and fussin’ with this class. Because on Wednesday I’m wiring your muthaf**king A$$ up and getting your A$$ out of here.” 

And then…

“I sit up here and I say best believe ya’ll really don’t know who ya’ll f**king with…You really don’t know. Don’t let the hair, the glasses, the height or the shoe size fool you. I will get gutter with you. When I was in college and when I was in high school, I was a muthaf**king beast.”

Woop! Naw seriously, Ms. Ford was way out of line. But at the same time I remember what type of hellish behavior my middle school classmates exhibited. She was probably trying to give them the real.

The school board has not discussed the actions taken against Ms. Ford aside from stating that she is no longer at the school.

Check out her full rant and a parent’s reaction in the video below. 

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  • Bonfire

    Remember folks, in our modern double standard world only kids can swear at adults. Oh and it’s perfectly fine if they use back talk too. Schools are a joke these days.

  • childofjesusrose

    I know these kids can be terrible, I think the school should have given the sub teacher maybe a suspension and warning but nothing more! I feel sorry for these kids that are so unruly they are the ones destroying their own future and no one else! if they don’t have a good education, they end up in the jail systems, SMH!

  • cbst65n

    As Chris Rock said about OJ, “I’m not saying that she’s right…but I understand!”
    I’ve done sub teaching, it’s a thankless job and middle school age is the WORST. I would never do it again. Especially not for the measly $75-$100/day they’re trying to pay people.

  • ZLoves

    Bottomline: Was her language and how she handled it correct? NO!
    It’s not about having patience like on of thoe ther posters said. Yes, you should have a level of patience but on the same token, her job is to TEACH and she cant do that if these children are acting foolish. The PARENTS need to “DEAL WITH” their OWN children. Teach them to be respectful and hold them accountable for misbehaving AT HOME and at an early age. Ms. Ford shouldn’t have to DEAL WITH the type of disrespect that led her to this breaking point. Had she, Ms. Ford recorded those children acting a fool, she would have probably gotten punished for infringing on some or another.

    At the end of the day, Ms. ford is bout that life!!! Ultimately the children were victorius because they got what they wanted. They wanted to see her flip out and they wanted her gone and they were successful.

  • Nya Jacobsen

    She should be fired. What other work environment allows their employee to be as unprofessional as she was and continue to employ her? Her behavior is unacceptable. She is there to set an example and should hold herself to a higher standard.

    • Leigh

      The answer to your question: Congress.

    • ackeegrl

      What standard do you expect for $8 per hour? even fast food pay better than that.

    • ackeegrl

      The question should be, what work environment allows the clients to be so verbally abusive and disrespectful? Are we really supporting the actions of the children who are probably repeat abusers and finally someone got enough? When will they be accountable for their actions?


    These children are as Ms. Kameria said bad AF, I got called to the school once, I have 5 children, I took the belt from the principle and tore my childs arse up right there in the school. Never had to go back, and he graduated with honors.

    • Leigh

      Kudos! I did the same thing to my son when he was in the third grade. I brought my belt to the school with me. Tore his a$$ up in the bathroom! Never had a problem since and he graduated. ( with honors, no LOL!) But I got his a$$ out of high school. LOL!!

      • Trisha_B

        I am crying at yall comments lmao

        • Leigh

          Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. LOL!! When some of these kids start “smelling themselves” you have to to remind them that water is wet. LOL!!

      • Nya Jacobsen

        My parents never put their hands on me as a child and I still managed to not get pregnant in high school and graduate from college. I don’t believe in bad kids only bad parents.

        • ackeegrl

          What does pregnancy have to do with children being bad in school? They usually get pregnant at home.

          • Nya Jacobsen

            Some people get pregnant in high school because they have too much time for mischief. Did I mention I was also an honor student? I had four after school activities and a part time job. And nobody had to curse me out in order for me to be well rounded and well behaved.

            • ackeegrl

              Again. What does pregnancy have to do with this post of children being disrespectful? The only girl I know who got pregnant in school was very quiet. No one expected that .

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          some kids don’t need to be spanked and some do. don’t knock it til you try it. . .

    • cbst65n

      You ain’t lying…my sister went to the school and walked into the classroom as my niece (then in the 3rd grade) was standing on top of her desk, yelling, “I DON’T CARE! YOU CAN CALL MY MOMMA!” Ooooo-eee! We ain’t NEVER played that! Homegirl got the crazy beat out of her in the bathroom, then had to go back to the class, sniffling. THAT never happened again…she’s now in college!

  • Max Arnold

    Too bad the teacher got kicked out and not the kid!!

  • Ms_Mara

    Completely unacceptable. Parents don’t send their children to school to be verbally abused and threatened. She needs to take the problem students aside and have a profanity-free talk with them and their parents.

    • ackeegrl

      No…parents send their children to school to be the abusers and cuss out the teachers and the subs. How dare the sub do that especially at her $8 per hour job. good grief. She could have made more at McDonalds instead. What was she thinking?

      • anonymouse

        then she needs to go to back to school to get her certification to become a REAL teacher. The pay is no reason for her to act like a gutter rat. Nobody forced her to take the job and subs are only babysitters anyways….they rarely follow the curriculum of the teacher they’re subbing for.

        • ackeegrl

          Only an idiot would be getting a certification if they can’t handle kids who have no respect for anyone including themselves……that’s why that sub could cuss them out….she don’t have a four year degree plus a certificate to lose……..teachers do that’s why you don’t see more of them doing that same exact thing.

  • Miss D

    Teachers get no respect in the US because many parents have no accountability. They don’t instill manners and morals, don’t help their kids with homework and then want to act a fool with teachers and administration when their little “angel” is failing or suspended from school.

  • CoCoValentine

    I teach middle school and trust, I feel Ms. Ford’s pain. However, once your start cursing the kids out it’s time for a new profession. As hard as it is, you cannot allow the kids to take you there. I’ve wanted to curse out a few kids but I had to remember that brief period of satisfaction could potential cause a lifetime of pain if I were to be fired or lose my credential.

    • CoCoValentine

      potentially not potential

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    Ms. Ford kept it real. I am a child of the 70s and 80s and when teachers spoked we listened. In the very same manner our teachers used the same tactics. There was no guns brought to the school because we had the utmost respect for our teachers. Ms. Ford is alright with me. Im sure they hear the same language at home.

    • Nya Jacobsen

      The first documented school shooting was in 1764. So I’m pretty sure there was a shooting in the 70’s and 80’s too.

      • ackeegrl

        ..this was the wild wild west….why even count this?

        • Clifford Cj Tate

          There’s one in every crowd!! LOL

        • Nya Jacobsen

          So you think the first shooting was in the 1700’s and the next one wasn’t until Columbine? Really?

  • CC

    Just know that I am a parent and I am also a professional when it comes to my job but some of these kids, SOME OF THEM, need that especially if they are not being disciplined at home. If one of my children were being disruptive, as long as she didn’t put her hands on them for no reason, I would’ve told my kids, you’re either going to learn it from me or you going to learn the hard way from the world………

  • dancelover51

    My mother taught school for 40+ years. The difference in children and their parents from then until now is night and day. She cussed out quite a few kids and their parents right before she retired. We are dealing with a different bread today.

  • Alexis

    I attended catholic school k-9th and you’d get your a*s beat with a 6 inch wide 1/2 inch thick a*s belt in the coat closet. I kid you not. Mr. Daniels was not playin

  • ❤♥BabyGirl♥❤

    I am majoring in Early childhood ed. but I use to tutor and do clinical in middle school…And to be honest I hated it. Those children were beyond disrespectful to the teachers and definitely me probably because of the close age range. But I was miserable for a whole semester but I made it through. However, it was very unprofessional of her to do that. I never did and i was only some years older than those kids. Though I disliked it and would never do it again i continued to do what i was suppose to do. she could have talked to the principal or asked for another assignment. Anyway going off from when I was in middle school and what i seen from working there I give the up most respect to middle school faculty and staff i truly do

    • MC

      I don’t mean to be hurtful but for an education major, your english, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, tense, grammar and syntax is atrocious. (It is used to, supposed to, and the word is utmost, not up most. What i seen? Really? I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.)

      • ❤♥BabyGirl♥❤

        lol it’s the internet not English 212 which I am taking since my sat scores allowed me to skip english 112 and 200 to get into the honors program. So you can proofread this comment while I google the correct way to type in the comments section of blogging site. smh

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      Those kids are like that because their parents let them be and condone it. . .

  • Ms. Turner Woulda Done it Too

    “I know my child can be the one to be disruptive…” LOL! and you are mad because your child and his class was cussed out while he is also breaking the rules by having his cell phone to even record the incident? Prime example of why these kids do what they do; because a parent will always be there to make excuses for their behavior. I was in the classroom for 7 years as a sub and over the years learned how to creatively “cuss” my kids out when needed without actually using curse words, but best believe they needed it. Middle schoolers especially see their size in comparison to an adults as a reason to try to behave disrespectfully. And the schools know they are limited in their scope to discipline for anything short of a child bringing a gun to school! The mother knows her child is a problem but was mad for his “verbal abuse” but admitted he had been reprimanded for being a problem before. I say every parent needs to be a sub one day when they have a disruptive child so they can see what subs and permanent teachers have to deal with.

  • Christina

    -__- the teachers are going to give up on these kids soon… they need our help… if she were my kids teacher i would go home and do it for her so she didn’t have to… as parents we have so little time already but we have to find the time and step it up… teachers can’t do it themselves… she probably had a lot to offer and now, we may have just lost a good one…. they are putting too much pressure on these teachers, the stories are not just individual incidents anymore (sigh)

  • SXQN

    Ms. Ford could have gotten her point made without the cussin’…but I doubt it. She didn’t say ANYTHING they haven’t heard or most likely used before. The professional in me says it should have been handled better. The parent in me who has witnessed this behavior says “Bout damn time!”

  • Sunshine

    This is where these badass kids will take you – on the real – 9th and 10th grade classrooms – I remember days I wanted to cuss their asses out too!

  • TK

    I’m a teacher and teenager are from hell! They need this and a whole lot more to straighten them out. The saddest thing is this woman lost her job over these reprobates and it would have had no effect on them whatsoever.
    What kills me the most though is that they act like the devil is partying in their veins most of the time then plead wide eyed innocence when someone calls them out! This language was obviously not acceptable in class but I’ve heard teenagers use waaay worse in school and in class, words and phrases I couldn’t even spell let alone tell you what they mean!! I’m sorry they got you like this Ms Ford.

  • D. A. Isley

    They going to learn today!!!!! Fifty thumbs up Ms. Ford.

  • ambitious78

    Um my thing is this, regardless of how bad the children are, you are supposed be professional especially when you are dealing with someone else’s children. You chose that profession! If you don’t have the patience or composure to deal with children rowdy or not, do something else.

    • anonymouse

      exactly….I had a 5th grade teacher that got into a rolling on the floor fight with a male student. If you can’t deal with the kids, then leave that profession to somebody else. Her ghetto arse isn’t a ‘real’ teacher anyways and now she’s out of a job. #whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong

    • ackeegrl

      Subs get paid $8 dollars an hour….doubt if she thought it was worth it to be the professional they should be really paying for.

  • Tonyoardee

    I don’t blame her, middle school kids are thee worst age range to teach or even be around. That’s probably how they get talked to at home so they only know how to respond to anger.

  • lockstress

    Tax the parents. In middle school…you better learn how to act. YOu all are still minors. Start arresting the parents and making their life miserable as well so they can discipline their kids.
    My mom came from the Carribbean and you best believe EVERY YEAR (INCLUDING FRESHMAN YEAR OF HS) she came up on the first day with a damn belt talkin bout, “you are the parent when I’m not here…beat her). So embarassing. But she cared enough. Half these parents could five a rats arse. Ugh…so sad.

    • Ms. Kameria

      The parents don’t care because more than likely they had their children young, and they try to be their children’s friends instead of parents.

      • lockstress

        You are so right. My cousin is an elementary school teacher in the E. NY Brooklyn and on parent teacher conference night she’s trying to talk to a mother about her child’s antics…her response…”girl…where you get dem shoes at”? REALLY???? I QUIT!

        • ksmall

          it’s sad cuz these parents are either triflin or dumb. my husband teaches high school english, top 2 dumbest parents ever:

          1- “mr. small i didn’t know my son has been failing your class all year long because he told me u don’t give grades at this school so i didn’t question not having gotten a report card.” – response to why she never came to parent-teacher conferences until the very last 1 at the end of the year.

          2- “mr. small, i understand the kids need a copy of “black boy” to read in ur class, which author should i get, richard wright or cliff notes.”

          both true stories, no lie. NOW tell me what’s wrong with these kids lol.

  • Trisha_B

    This made me laugh lmao. Ms. Ford is fed up!!!! These kids now a days are rude & don’t feel like they need to listen to know one. That mother should be teaching her son to respect his teachers. Shes mad at how that teacher reacted, but she wouldn’t say what her son did but says she knows hes disruptive. Well alright, don’t get mad that the teacher has to put your son in his place since you clearly can’t/won’t do it! I couldn’t be a teacher in these times. These kids love testing people’s patiences lol

  • Ms. Kameria

    My first though is: children are bad AF, and that is probably what they need; that is probably what they respond to the best.
    My professional though is: she could have found a better way (besides cussing) to deal with them. I’m not a teacher (nor will I ever be), so I really don’t know where to stand with this.

    • Ni

      I’m 22 so i remeber just how terrible kids can be to teachers, especially subz. They don’t get an ounce of respect in anyody’s classroom. Ms.Ford was done and she was not havin no more of it lol. You have to instill some fear in some of these bratz for them to get that you’re not to be played with!!

      Why was one child on their phone in the first place to be able to record this—-proof they was testing her patience?!

      • Meep

        how you spell thought wrong twice…

        • wutwuutwuuut

          lol!!! i caught that too