Miami Radio Personality Dies After Infection Related To Butt Injections Causes Her To Lose Hands, Feet

October 14, 2013  |  

Courtesy of El Nuevo

In August, Betty Pino, known by some as the “Queen of Radio” in Miami for her work on Spanish-language radio and helping big Latino acts get on, died from complications from cosmetic surgery, according to a full autopsy report that just came out this past weekend.

According to the Miami Herald, Pino was well-known by many not only for helping to jumpstart the careers of stars like Julio Iglesias (Enrique’s daddy) and more in the United States, but also for being a fan of plastic surgery. Pino passed at 65, and if you look at pictures of her before her passing (like the feature image for this story), she didn’t look anything like her age because of extensive work over the years. The radio personality reportedly first had work done on her backside 20 years ago when she had “hard implants” put in to give her some lift. But a decade later, she asked to have the implants swapped out for saline injections, which caused her pain when she sat down. Just four years ago, she took those out for silicone implants, and before she knew it, those implants would put her health even more at risk.

According to the Daily Mail, the silicone was causing the tissue in her backside to harden and deform. She sought out a doctor in Miami who helped her take it out in June after other doctors refused to help because of the “risks” and possible complications. But after she was sent home post-surgery, the operation wounds developed infections and they would not heal. She went into the hospital in mid-July after she experienced vomiting and diarrhea and was diagnosed with sepsis, a severe blood infection. Pino soon fell into a coma, and as she was transferred to another hospital on August 6, she had to have her hands and feet amputated when her infection spread. The next day she passed away after family decided to disconnect Pino from life support.

According to the Miami Herald, the family says it was what Pino would have wanted. Her family, back in August, was also considering filing a medical malpractice claim, but after years of illegal injections nand implants from different people and a last ditch effort from the doctor in Miami to remove her silicone, they weren’t sure who to sue. It’s unclear if they intend to go forward with any lawsuits.

Definitely a shame, and it just makes me think of these different women in entertainment and everyday life who are running around trying to get back-alley butt injections and slicing up their faces and getting butt implants and changing their looks every time you see them. Just say no, ladies. Please, just say no.

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  • Adrienne Williams

    People need to stop doing these things to themselves. Love your life, love you body, except we all get old and die! Don’t rush it with these silly issues!

  • Rosemary Davis

    At the age of sixty five why would she even consider butt injections and then again this is what happens when people become obcessed with their looks never thinking that it could mean their ultimate demise

    • Ajavee

      I guess she might felt she had to compete with the younger female DJ’s.

    • Kam

      I remember watching some 20/20 or Dateline episode dealing with people who have too much plastic surgery or what have you and they actually have a name for it. They said these people have Body Dismorphic Disorder. I think some Plastic Surgeons require you to undergo counseling before they will perform surgery on you but of course not all are that big on it they just want the money.

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  • I don’t have any prejudices against plastic surgery if you can afford to do it, work with board certified professionals & FDA approved products, and it is to make YOURSELF feel a little better BUT everything should be in moderation and you shouldn’t be constantly altering the same area of your body…this a sad and it is embarrassing to imagine leaving your family without you all due to your own vanity

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  • Kam

    If you feel that you need plastic surgery, that’s cool but please make sure you go to someone reputable. If someone is promising you “the hook up” with some crazy bargain prices for procedures that cost hundreds or thousands with a real doctor (ex: breast implants at doctors office $4k, “Nurse” Lisa is charging $400) then you should bypass the hookup and save your money. Yes any kind of surgery is risky but at least with a certified doctor in a certified facility they have the equipment on hand in case you go into cardiac arrest.

    • And they can be held responsible for any malpractice…I’ve heard of these illegal booty injectors going on the run when someone dies from their work

      • Ms

        Yep I remember that it was the stripper cherokee who killed someone injecting cement , and fix a flat in to women’s butt & sealed the wound with cotton balls , and crazy glue.

        • Kam

          I remember that too. And the transgendered person down in FL whose hips and butt look like caricatures now should also serve as a reminder to people NOT to let some random person off the street inject anything in you. Just cause a person can do hair/nails/makeup does NOT mean that they can also do medical procedures.

      • Kam

        Exactly. It is the truest thing in the world when they say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” You save your life in the long run along with your money if you just save up and spend the extra money on a real doctor than the fake foolishness.

  • Hmmh…

  • scandalous7

    no no no

  • Trisha_B

    I see nothing wrong w/ a person wanting to get plastic surgery. But why go the illegal route?! You gonna let some random person w/ no id shoot stuff in your body? Are serious? If you cant afford it, save up. Like ive said in past posts, people wont eat anyones food at a cookout but they will let anyone butcher their body. What kind of thinking is that smh

    • Rissie75

      No, but It’s not just happening illegally, the best of the best are causing these deaths as well….We need to be happy with what we have and live life!

    • Ms

      Amen to that!! She could of went to a top notch doctor. All you have to do is save up or have good credit, and you can apply for care credit. It’s credit that every top notch plastic Sergery facility has. That’s how they stay in business.

  • tamrachelle

    Hmmm @ this reporting. 1. She didn’t get butt injections, she got implants. 2. It was infection that she died of……which is a complication that can happen with any surgery.

    • Rissie75

      But the moral is still the same…LEAVE YOUR BODY ALONE AND BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE.

      • tamrachelle

        That is not *the moral* it’s a report, not a bedtime story. Journalists should be responsible with the stories they write. An injection is not a surgical placement of a product.

        • Rissie75

          **sigh** yeah ok……and again LEAVE YOUR BODY ALONE AND BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE.

    • MNEditor2

      Not sure if you saw but it says in the piece that yes, she initially got implants and she had them replaced with silicone, and then she later replaced those with saline injections. And yes, it says that the sepsis came from her surgical scars to have the saline injections taken out. But it was a surgery she wouldn’t have had to have if she hadn’t had the work done on her backside in general.

      • tamrachelle

        No, the your article says this:

        “According to the Daily Mail, the SALINE was causing the tissue in her backside to harden and deform. She sought out a doctor in Miami who helped her take out the SALINE in June after other doctors refused to help because of the “risks” and possible complications. ”

        The real article from Daily Mail says this:
        Betty Pino, 65, underwent surgery in June to remove SILICONE that had been injected into her buttocks four years earlier.

        ‘Over time the tissue in the buttocks hardened and deformed, causing pain,’ states the 17-page autopsy report obtained by El Nuevo Herald.It is illegal to inject SILICONE into the buttocks in the United States due to the likelihood of serious complications.”

        She was getting SILICONE removed from her backside, which is solid, not SALINE, which is liquid, salt water technically and has to be encapsulated in a bag. There’s no saline butt injection only implants. You can inject silicone, fat or fillers.

        MN says:
        “But a decade later, she asked to have the implants swapped out for SILICONE INJECTIONS, which caused her pain when she sat down.”

        Daily Mail says:
        “A decade later, she had them removed and replaced with SALINE IMPLANTS, which caused her pain when she sat down.”

        It’s poorly written and just glanced over and the word silicone and saline is just being rolled around in the mouth of this article. You would have done better just to copy paste, now people are afraid of getting sterile saltwater injected into their butts, when there’s not even a such thing.

        • MNEditor2

          You’re correct! We had the saline and the silicone in the wrong order. It has been fixed in the copy. Thanks for pointing that out and apologies for the confusion.

    • Considering this procedure are we??

      • tamrachelle

        I suppose because I am a black woman, I should glance over the facts, jump down to the comments page and say *Home girl should lub who she is fasho cause my man lub my booty haaaaay*. The fact that it is a black publication means I care about how the news is being reported, and if the information is all over the place, be prepared for someone to point it out. Misinformation is not cool.

  • D.D

    There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery. Over doing it or not getting it done by someone who knows what they are doing is the issue plastic surgery is not something you go bargain shopping for.

    • chanela

      even people who go to “good doctors” still have complications and can die. leave that mess alone, PERIOD. women are so stupid i swear! you don’t see men running out to get things “fixed”. it’s not that damn serious, that’s why.

      • Men definitely get plastic surgery, use steroids, hair implants, etc. I know that women make up a larger portion of consumers but let’s not call a whole group stupid because some of them fall victim to unrealistic standards of beauty imposed upon them each and every day

        • chanela

          Yes, maybe gay men. Straight men aren’t running to het every little thing cut and stuffed.

          You’re right, they are unrealistic standards. Why go after something thats unrealistic?its not worth your life. Its pure stupidity and vanity to be that desperate.

          You ARE stupid if you go to get an unnecessary surgery because your self esteem is THAT low. You need a therapist or iyanla to fix your thinking instead.

      • Dee

        But that can be said about any procedure, whether it’s implants or open heart surgery or even pulling teeth.

        • chanela

          That’s exactly my point. Open heart surgery is necessary though. Having smaller breasts aren’t a life or death situation. Nobody NEEDS the crap that women are stampeding to get done. So many kids losing their mothers just because she is searching for perfection. Smh

  • LaMorena

    Come on now! Women, stop trying to be fake. If you have a flat rear end, so what? You will eventually find someone who will love you for you. & if you’re doing it for a come-up…well, that’s just a damn shame.

    • chanela

      right! so many women have flat chests and flat butts and big noses. we’re not supposed to all look the same.

      • LaMorena

        Exactly. We are all unique creations of God.

    • cmw

      perhaps if the beauty/clothing/etc industries weren’t pushing some twisted idea of the “perfect woman” down our throats (constantly!), more women would be comfortable with themselves.

      • LaMorena

        & if women would stop caring about what those industries say & just ignore them, it wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve never cared since day one. Idc about the latest fashions, diets, etc. I don’t wear make-up & when people try to tell me something about it, I tell them to go buy me clothes. If you’re not paying for my clothes, then don’t say sh-t. & if you try to make fun of my body in some way, best believe I can do the same. I stick up for myself, unlike most folks. You can’t blame the media & certain industries for everything. It all starts with you.

        • cmw

          Well good for you, not all women so secure and immune to what others think of them. And unfortunately it’s not quite so simple as “it all starts with you”, look at how some parents are raising their children (Miley Cyrus), or how about those child beauty pageants & how they sexualize kids, toddlers no less! Companies market all of this to kids at a very young age, they are constantly barraged with images of what/how women “need” to look in order to be happy and or get/keep their guy.
          Not to mention, she worked in the media industry so you have no idea what pressure she may have felt to look a certain way.

          • Ajavee

            Your post is on point.

          • LaMorena

            I agree that it sometimes starts with parents, but your parents don’t control you once you’re older. It is up to you to stop caring & bowing down to the pressure. I’ve always said that if you stop caring, you would be a lot happier. People have called me weak for not bowing down. I feel stronger for not being a follower.

  • Here’s the long term prognosis for those women getting those fillers and implants in their rears and chest.

    Little known fact you are supposed to get this implants replaced every 10 years.

    • BeProudOfWhatGodGaveYa

      The saline in the implant can become contaminated with bacteria and fungus. I don’t know why women would want to put something like this in them. Half of the women can not afford the up keep of them Take Karlie Redd for example, you remember Benzino had to help her fix hers.

      • Exactly. Those implants are “cute” in your 20’s and I might even say 30’s but come on now can you really see grandma with her Triple ddd breasts and 52″ booty? The weight of them will have those things swinging around her belly button and the booty scrapping the ground. Not cute.

  • JMO

    This is why people need to love themselves and appreciate what God gives you. I would never put my life on the line to fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place.

  • Marie De Salle (IvyNoLeague)

    In the words of Cole “No need to fix what God already put his paint brush on. ” Ladies love yourself too many women are dying from these injections. Is it really worth it ?