“Shut Up Monkey Looking Girl”: K. Michelle Has Ugly Exchange With Fan On Instagram Over Denied Photo Opp

October 14, 2013  |  


Some celebrities just want to go out, have a night on the town with their friends, and have fun. But in the midst of doing all that, if a fan comes up and asks you for a picture, should you be willing to drop what you’re doing and cheese it up for them? Well, this past weekend, K. Michelle decided to decline a photo opp for a fan, and all hell broke loose on social media because of it.

As you can see from the photo above, K. Michelle kicked it with her new Love and Hip Hop New York co-star, Yandy Smith, and friends in Harlem over the weekend. According to a fan who contacted our sister-site Bossip, her friend asked the singer for a picture only to be shut down in a way that she didn’t appreciate.

So the perturbed fan decided to call K. Michelle out on Instagram after the singer posted a photo of herself with Smith and another friend from that same evening. She said this on Instagram under the picture:

“It must be nice to not take any pictures with your fans tonight. You come to nyc, but don’t want to take pictures with your fans? Thank You for letting a few happy people down tonight who were delighted to see you on their birthdays and have nothing but bad things to say about you saying no to pictures. Good luck with that”

She also responded to a fellow fan who told the young woman she was being too sensitive over the declined photograph:

“If youre a celeb that’s what you do, its your job to take pictures and sign auto graphs. But thank you for your input, maybe you should work for celeb defense services. Fyi: no one even recognized her but several people complained about her neglecting to take pictures with the only two people that cared.”
Unfortunately for this woman, K. Michelle read what she was saying and had a few words for her, including saying she resembled a monkey (*face palm*):
“@ilovejonise shut up monkey looking girl. My job is not to take pictures but to use my voice to teach people to be better then me. I work my a** off every single day just to make sure women don’t go through what I have. If I wanna take one day to be normal with friends I don’t think that makes me a bad person. Sorry I didn’t take a picture for your Instagram, but im NOT sorry about wanting to just spend some me time with my friends. What people don’t understand is there’s nothing wrong about me wanting to live a normal life. I love music and my fans but that doesn’t make me a slave to society and your random picture request. I share my life so u can learn. I dont owe u anything, You should really get you a life and find you a new weave supplier.
I love all of y’all that Rock with me! You have changed my life. I’m not perfect though! Some days I just wanna chill. I love y’all more then you understand, you gave me a second chance. I do my best, I swear. But damn let me be human
I didn’t sign up to be a picture slave. I take more pics then most artist ever do. I stay after every show even when it’s not safe just to say thank you. I love my fans but no one is gonna make me feel guilty for taking one day off”
K. Michelle’s fans seemed to be split on the situation, with many defending the singer, while others say her attitude wasn’t a good one and that as a celebrity now, she needs to be more personable for her fans–especially since she hasn’t been famous that long.
But what do you think? Was the young woman overreacting or should K. Michelle know that this is what comes with the territory?

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  • Storm

    She is correct in wanting “Me” time, I mean us little people want me time from our Children, spouses, work etc.. so why is she any different? However, the part I don’t like is K Michelle calling the young women a Monkey.. and talking about her hair.. Really, now? C’mon lets be adults. She is still a (now potential) fan, and your words can change the minds of other fans. I read it and liked the body of what she was saying, but I didn’t like the negativity of name calling, childish!

  • Dia

    Im sure this wont be the last time this young lady is denied of something she would like to have.. Life is too complicated to be going in over a photo. At some point as an artist grows they will become less accessible for various reasons. I agree with any artist choosing to have a personal moment for themselves and not being judged or condemned. Praying for all involved that peace, love and understanding will take over
    ♥ Dia

  • Jay

    I think it is certainly alright for a celebrity to deny a fan a picture but the way K. Michelle addressed this, even if the fan was not the nicest to her, was highly immature and wrong. I think if she would have explained herself, not that she has to, more professionally, everything would have been smooth sailing. I am disappointed in the way she handled things because without her fans she wouldn’t be as famous as she is now.

  • Jessica SallyBoo Loucious

    I feel once you become a celebrity you will never have a normal or private life. That comes with being famous.

  • Taquita Baptiste

    K michelle it comes with the job the one thing we should never do is call another woman out her name that was wrong god made us all

  • What puzzles me is that K Michelle herself looks like a monkey wit a wig on

  • CC

    There goes her career……..

  • CoCo DaQueen

    If you wanna BE HUMAN…then stay home. Or buy the joint out like a true baller. If not, Deal With IT. Get yo life

  • CoCo DaQueen

    K~Michelle… your fans make or break you. You are too new in the game to be so crappy to your fans. Get over it and you truly should be kissing them, bcuz without them , you would be a ZERO. Get it together. You may feel like Beyonce or Mariah, but you aint. It takes years to get to that level. As fast as u got venues…u can lose them. Bust ur own bigheaded bubble girl and come back down to earth.

  • Brittany

    I agree with K but calling her a monkey is out of line..and insulting her *coughs* weave is also out of line..you’re a celebrity now K..act dignified even if you’re piss..

  • Rae

    I think she could have gotten her point across without insulting the young lady. If she wants to get away from all the LAHHA foolery,she needs to stop acting like she’s still on the show….

  • Britney Brit-Brat Jackson

    K. Michelle could have handled the situation better, she could have said no pic today guys but I luv yall!. She didn’t have to be rude.

  • Just saying!!

    I keep reading people saying she has a fantastic voice but just a bad attitude. I feel guilty now because although she has some catchy songs, vocally I don’t think she’s all that great. :/

  • Just saying!!

    I can understand wanting to have some me time, but from the little I do know about K Michelle, she does seem to have a bad attitude. It’s possible that she didn’t handle the situation in an appropriate way and if so I understand. I’m torn otherwise though. On one hand I know that could’ve made that girl’s day and I know that what’s celebrities signed up for. On the other hand I know that celebrities get a crazy amount of people doing that to them all the time and sometimes you just have to breathe for your own sanity.

  • carmatogo

    I agree with K. Michelle, but it’s how you say it…not what you say. And quite frankly, she was a b-word to call the woman a “monkey face” and “you need to get a new weave supplier”. K. Michelle is right, she does not owe anyone anything.

    But like I said, it’s how you say it not what you say.

  • lala

    Honestly I would have done the thing. Yes shes a performer but thats a JOB TITLE. how many of u called out from work because u didnt feel like going in?? We all do it we are all human n if she needs one day off then let her have it. It was rude n unnessary for this so called fan to verbally attack her and think its cool. N most u on here think its cool to because K has an attitude problem what female n that industry doesnt. we all have issues leave this lady alone hell if that made u feel a certain type of way then throw out her cd stop being a fan n move the hell on I mean next subject pleasseee

  • Lisa Bedford Carter

    Another reason K. Michelle is about to fade away. Its cool she didn’t want to take the pic, that’s her right, but damn, did she have to call the girl monkey looking and start talking about her weave? Just bcas she shelled out all that dough to get her hair, face, teeth, and butt worked on, does not make her a pretty woman. When she opens her mouth she shows the world just how ugly and damaged she is. She is just garbage, her whole existence. Every time she opens her mouth I hit the mute button. I’m glad I don’t watch LHHNY bcas I sure as hell won’t miss her in ATL.

    • Billy Official

      Omgoshhh!! Yesssssss. You took the words out my mouth–i wish i cld vote u up a million times.

  • Mysci

    I cannot believe that, as a woman of color, she would called her “monkey-looking girl.” How disrespectful and degrading. It is her absolute right to not take a picture, but remember fans are everything to an artist. For without them, you would have nothing. I would never, ever support anything that she was a part of.

  • JustCC

    Wonder what would happen if no one listen or bought K.Michelle’s music, Or what if people stopped going to her concerts or requesting her videos? Fans are everything!! #justtakethedamnpicture. SMDH

  • Christina

    I agree to an extent… She wants to be “normal” but has no issue with accepting “more than normal” money… Can’t have it both ways mang

    • ShoUright

      You just said something! Bingo

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    who tha fock is K Michelle a role model for? chile boo

    • Love

      Keyshia Cole? ::shrug:: IJS.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


    • Maxine Shaw

      My 5th grade girls worship K. It’s strange, really. I can say a lot of things about K. Michelle, but “good role model to elementary school children” is a stretch. A BIG one.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        lol ugghh kids these days i googled the lyrics to her song & i realize it’s just a song not necessarily her art imitating her life…but it’s pathetic & she singing her arse off but it’s definitely not a women empowering message in that song at least.

  • ToyaSharee

    I think celebs are entitled to privacy but celebrity is kind of like the army: On some level, you kind of are signing your life away.

  • Why tho

    The Grammar in her response was horrific. The way she acts and reacts to the interactions of people, makes her come off as a person with no home training. However, K. Michelle does have a FANTASTIC voice. Furthermore, the FANS are who made her. They Purchase her music in order for her to make a living. I believe these fans deserve gratitude in photos and autographs. They can easily download music from the internet for free without her getting a red cent! Trust me, if more people get this reaction from her. She will definitely be living a normal life or Old Navy, Strawberry and VIM stores! Welcome to New York CITY!

  • Amanthasay

    I agree that celebrities are human beings, entitled to their privacy, and have every right to refuse photos. However, I’m disgusted that K. Michelle would insult this woman’s physical appearance and then try to go on to say she’s “empowering women”. WTF? That was low. She’s not even all that famous but even if she were of a higher caliber, her comments would still be uncalled for.

  • sunny

    She has a point, respect celebs privacy, but the way she addressed a FAN by calling her out of her name and condemning her looks and weave is down right ignorant and should have been thought of a little more serious… f I were a fan I’d ask myself if this celeb can go about one fan like this, what would make her not talk about all her fans collectively when she feels outweighed by the majorities opinion of her.? She should be careful as that one comment could have turned all her fans off…. and no third chance!

  • Barbara Codner

    I think K. Michelle had a point but then she had to ruin it by making ignorant comments about this woman’s appearance. She has to learn how to take the high road, especially if she wants to make it in the music industry.

    Success in the music industry is based on 2 things: talent & likeability. Talent alone isn’t going to cut it.

  • Marie

    lololol…smdh at the ignorance all round. Really, a celeb’s ‘duty’ to take pictures with fans? And someone who is supposed to teach dignity to other women is calling a female like herself ‘monkey’? Who needs racists when we have our own backyard hick wannabe stars??? *unbelievable*

  • Felycia Mignon

    K. Michelle = Ignorance at its finest

  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    The fan was being a little sensitive and should realize that most times these people want to be left alone. HOWEVER, to call someone who actually listens to you and likes you a monkey who needs a new weave is rude and extremely over the top, just unnecessary attitude.
    I don’t know much about this K. Michelle person (except Ryan Lochte’s people disapproved), why does she seem so angry and frustrated with life? What happened to her? Every time I see K. Michelle it is associated with something bad….

  • DeezyHatesHoes

    and this is why this trollup won’t be around very long…..the VERY reason why she couldn’t hold down a record deal before the show….I like her album, but I didn’t buy it…and I won’t support her, ever.

  • FeelsGood


    She called the lady a monkey looking girl! I’m still on that! Was that even necessary?! This chic needs to grow up. She just lost a fan.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Possibly more than one.

      • K Michelle is like a messiah to the ratchets, she’ll have that fanbase until the next tatted up bama with a voice comes along.

    • ScriptTease

      Thank you… people don’t seem to see this as the bigger issue. Black on Black Racism, the worst kind. SMDH

      • DTJ

        i’m playing devil’s advocate here but…does she in fact look like a monkey?? bc i think perez hilton looks like a damn ape and i’m black, he’s white…does it make it racist??? it was very mean of k. michelle mainly bc she was insulting the girl all while trying to be sincere but shit…she may have looked like a monkey. doesn’t make it racist

        • ScriptTease

          As much as white folks have called us out of our names, Apes/Monkeys on the top of the list, and you don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t care if she wasn’t trying to be racists, it’s racists. One thing I hate is Black Folks and their double standards, right up there with the N’word. Had these words came out of Miley Cyrus’ mouth, then you would feel differently. I’m sorry, but that was a poor choice of insults K.Michelle used, and I’m not giving her a pass. SHE IS FOUL!!!

  • bluekissess

    I think it’s always a second option to a problem. What I would’ve done was kindly declined but, showed her to my assistant and the assistant would go out to the car get a headshot photo with a sharpie go back inside the club and sign the picture for the girl. Simply saying No comes off as you being a b*+ch. Yes, the girl complained. It was her birthday. Yes, I understand that K Ratchet doesn’t have to take pictures with anybody BUT it’s always a better solution. Smh

    • Lilly

      I totaally agree with you. She’s not 100% wrong for not wanting to take a picture, and I personally would’ve never complained on her instagram, but it would have behooved her to do something nice for her fans.

      • bluekissess

        Just plan ignorant. Sometimes I forget she has a child. I was never a fan of this embarrassing woman. Calling the girl names was childish.

  • Benita Marie Hannah

    K. Michelle needs therapy

  • Chey

    Idk…I would be disappointed that I didn’t get a picture, but I think the fan blew it up a little more than what she should have. I don’t understand when celebs say “I don’t owe you anything”, though. Like, what do you mean? Fans pay your bills.

    • Laine

      Yes, but the fans get the entertainment in return. In my opinion that evens out the score. Celebrities don’t owe us their attention in their private time.

      • Just saying!!

        We usually pay for the entertainment too…but I get what you’re saying lol

      • Greg Williams

        unfortunately, when their private time is spent publically, there is obviously a very big chance that their fans will want to interact with them. there’s give and take in the star/fan relationship. being in soCal, ive seen quite a few celebs over the yrs in just normal walks of life. pier, airport, clubs, stores. street. even in attendance watchingother performers in concert. generally you try to understand that the celeb is on their own time and you try not to bother them. its the responsibility of the fan to respect that person as well as there being nice ways to deny fans an autograph or a picture. basically, my advice, is DONT RIDE ANYONE’S JOCK. if you see someone famous, say whats up or give em a head nod and keep it moving. there are time when they are accesible, and times when they are not. respect that

      • Food4Groupies

        Celeberities are human just like us only except they have more money, pay more taxes and get put on blasted for everyone to see. There is no need to be getting all emotional over a celebrity. I’m sorry I don’t buy CD’S or go to loud concerts. Autographs are stupid and so is taking a picture. After all you can’t take it with you when you die! 🙂

    • JamrockBarbz

      and if you have an employer, I guess you wouldn’t mind him saying the same thing to you. Everyone is entitled to their “me” time. Just because their in the entertainment industry, their personal time should be respected too. Fans pay her bill and she delivers her music. That’s it. People really do feel like these celebrities owe them their life for making them famous, but I guess it comes with the territory; whether you like it or not.