Marlo Hampton Says Bravo Hasn’t Made Her A “Housewife” Because She’s Not Married… Even Though Kenya Moore Is Pretty Single, Too

October 11, 2013  |  

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Earlier this week Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes revealed that working with her so-called pal Marlo Hampton on the set of her wedding spin-off, I Dream of NeNe, was a total nightmare.

“After working with Marlo on the show, I could see why she was not a housewife, because she’s super difficult. She’s super extra. When Marlo and I worked on Real Housewives, she was just appearing here and there. When we worked on I Dream of Nene, I could see her business sense, and it just wasn’t attractive, NeNe said.

Though NeNe is known for keeping it real, her comments were a little surprising because she and Marlo seemed like they had such a great relationship. During an interview with Radar Online, Marlo responded to her co-star’s claims, insisting that her unattractive business sense is not what’s keeping Bravo from making her a full-time housewife— it’s her marital status.

“Everyone loves my personality. The producers love me. Which producer wouldn’t love me? It would be a fool not to, right? It just would be friend of the housewives, [but] I always just say a cast member because I’m on it. I’m being called to tape… so I would definitely say I’m a cast member with Bravo,” Marlo said.

“I have no husband, so I can’t even be a full-time housewife. There’s nothing normal about me — I love being extra and I own it. That’s part of Marlo. Me being normal, you wouldn’t see me every week being on the show and I’m sure she wouldn’t have asked me to be in her wedding if I wasn’t extra,” she continued.

Honestly, her explanation would make tons of sense if it weren’t for one thing. Kenya Moore is a full-time housewife and she’s as single as it gets. I mean, I’m definitely not implying that NeNe’s claims are accurate about why Bravo hasn’t hired Marlo full-time, but it doesn’t appear that singleness is the reason either.

Would you like to see Marlo as a full-time RHOA cast member?

After working with Marlo on the show, I could see why she was not a housewife, because she’s super difficult. She’s super extra. When Marlo and I worked on Real Housewives, she was just appearing here and there. When we worked on I Dream of Nene, I could see her business sense, and it just wasn’t attractive.” – See more at:

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  • freemon williams

    someone needs to get hooked on phonics ……just saying

  • Chas

    Lol her being single is definitely not the reason because this show could easily be called random women of Atlanta since most weren’t married or still aren’t

  • currvalicious

    She definitely brings the drama & glamour needed for the show. However when she made that gay slur against Ms. Lawrence when she was fighting w/Sheree on the trip to Africa that sealed her fate. Everyone knows the man in charge at Bravo (queen diva himself) Andy Cohen is gay, so she essentially insulted the boss. RHOA needed a personality like hers b/c the last couple seasons had become very boring, no one had any interesting storylines

  • tata111

    Kandi is not married

  • Val


  • unque43


  • CC

    I hate to say it, but a few haven’t been married. Divorce isn’t married. Kim wasn’t married when she first started on the show and was dating a married man.

  • sophia

    i don’t believe Kandi is married either

  • Wanda Simpson

    short answer no. most of the so called wives are not wives,Marlo, no, no hell no

  • RealityPessimist

    Wait a minute, who can even decipher what she said! Is that Madam Noire’s grammar or hers? All the tag popping and jail hopping leaves no time to pick up a book. Dagnabbit!

    • Music

      I thought it was just me. I have to re-read her sentences to understand what she meant. Marlo’s words read like a child who’s just learning to write.

  • Jackie Johnson

    Hell Naw!!

  • Tashistl

    Kenya wasn’t married. Kim wasn’t married when she first started the show. Sheree was divorced or getting divorced. Kandy was not married. So no Marlo I don’t think it has anything to do with martial status. In reality, I would love to see Marlo full time on RHOA or on her own show. She should shop a pilot around.

  • bigdede

    Kim has been with the show since the start and that chick was a kept woman! She wasn’t married until like what 3/4 seasons in. And like ppl said, Kenya isn’t even married. Cynthia wasn’t married, she was just dating Peter. Marlo isn’t on the show because she is way too extra. She was only on Housewives that ONE season so I don’t know what she’s talking about being a cast member. I knew Bravo asked NeNe to put Marlo on the show. They may have known that NeNe’s best friend and Marlo wouldn’t get along so they needed that for ratings. Also after NeNe said she wanted to hire Marlo to help with the wedding, I knew something would happen. I be Marlo overcharged or stole some stuff.

  • Kenya is the right kind of crazy, good entertainment. Marlo is the wrong kind . . . criminal charges and lawsuits crazy. . . . pass.

    • Chas

      perfectly said!!!

    • Music

      LOL!!!! DING! DING! DING! You hit it right on the nail.

  • Nya Jacobsen

    Not at all

  • yeppers

    Ummm…no tea no shade but I thought Marlo wasnt on housewives because of her incident of slashing some womans face…..And NO Marlo dont belong on housewives, I mean she is a hot mess like most reality show casts but she wasnt likable in my opinion. and she makes very incidiary remarks about the gay community and will do ANYTHING for money and a “FAMOUS NAME” and I do mean ANYTHING…she need to be on Keeeping up with the Kardashians with her vapidness.

    • maria322

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