‘See, That’s Why You Need An Evaluation!’ Wendy Williams Slams Tameka Raymond For Lusting Over Usher’s Hot Body

October 11, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Usher’s recent Men’s Health spread was enough to make us all swoon—even his ex-wife, Tameka. Despite the fact that the former lovers are in the midst of a on-going bitter child custody battle, home girl had to take a moment to marvel at her ex-man’s hot body.

I found it quite hilarious that she could poke fun at and remember what attracted her to her ex (especially since I’m usually repulsed by most of mine). But daytime TV’s favorite blabber mouth, Wendy Williams, says that Tameka really needs to make up her mind about what she wants from Usher.

“Here’s the thing Tameka. Which way is it going to be? Are we hiring lawyer and going after him to fight for our kids? Or do we wanna jump back into bed with him?” Wendy questioned.

“See, that’s why they said you need an evaluation. I’m just saying you don’t play… mothers know, women know. You don’t play when it comes to your kids…You’re not gonna talk about him looking ‘scrump’…What you need to be doing is you need to be hunting down a team of lawyers and a private eye. If you put a private eye on any one of us for any number of days or weeks, you’re going to find something! And so, Tameka, just focus on what’s important.,” she continued.

Although Tameka’s comments did catch me a little off guard—especially considering how toxic their relationship got towards the end—I don’t really see what wanting custody of her children has to do with finding her ex-husband attractive. But I’m not a parent, so what do I know?

Turn the page to watch Wendy rip Tameka. Does Wendy have a point?

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  • QleanQlassy Atlanta

    women like wendy love to steal children from fathers and happiness for drama thats wendys message

  • timewillheal

    If my ex sends me a 8,000.00 dollar check ever month and he had primary custody of the kids, I would say he had a nice body even if he didn’t have one.

  • Ladybug94

    I can think of worse things people have posted publicly that they clearly shouldn’t have.

  • a

    She still wants him. I wouldn’t have made a comment like that for the public to see. I don’t think my ex is attractive now that we are not together and went to court and now he doesn’t want to see his daughter. I don’t care what his body looks like.

  • Jan

    so you can’t comment on how fine your ex husband is… the man who gave you two kids… i guess im mentally unstable too

  • Linda M McCuff

    The one thing you can count on and that is Wendy Williams will put her foot on the neck of someone who is down. What Tameka thinks of her ex-husband appearance is her opinion. What she can’t have one, everyone else did. I really don’t think that it changes the relationship dynamic, it is what it is. But honestly Tameka has had a horrible time, losing her eldest Son in death and then her ex takes her other two Sons, that hard by everyone’s standard. But the fact that Ms. Williams can’t muster a little sympathy for this woman shouldn’t surprise anybody. She makes her living poking holes in the lives of people who are already struggling to kept their heads above water, with her dollar store advice. But in this situation her critical assessment was so petty, I have to wonder if there is some jealousy at work here.

  • Val

    Wendy Williams is an idiot. She just says stuff for shock value. Plus, why do we care what she says after she’s thrown much shade at Black women in general in the not to distant past. What a clown.

  • Chas

    I think if she wants to be taken seriously and get her kids she should keep it all business instead of making unnecessary comments.

  • I love them their wishes to be successful on their way

  • Marina Calis

    I do not think usher is cute!

  • FromUR2UB

    I don’t think she ever stopped wanting him. She just knows that he is probably ticked off enough that she’ll never get him back. I thought Wendy Williams was going to tell her to get her mind off him and move on…not become even more consumed and obsessed with him by hiring a private investigator. Unless the guy is doing drugs, something else illegal or endangering the kids, then what is he supposed to get caught doing? Having relationships with women?

  • wow

    Well…….just another reason for them to say she ‘s mentally unstable!!

  • yeppers

    Just being in the public eye and knowing thier business is already FRONT PAGE NEWS…i would be more discreet and just careful about what i do on social media. Im already that way and im not famous. u dont want things miscostrued on social media. Shes in the middle of custody hearings and in the news everyday for that…and now she wants people to be like OK whats this….. are they??? Keep your personal life private….she knows what would be said about THAT. she cllaims she HATES negative press and having to go up agaist the “USHER MACHINE”…but she sends out random tweets….yes you can do what you want on YOUR twitter, but lets not act like people dont send out tweets and say things on there that should really be kept to themselves.

    • maria322

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