Aspiring Rapper And Mom Of 10 Shot Dead While Trying To Break Up A Fight

October 10, 2013  |  

Source: Facebook

A fatal shooting in Atlanta claimed the life of 34-year-old mother of ten, Fox 5 Atlanta News reports. Around 6:30 pm Tuesday night, Charlese Brooks was shot and killed outside of the Brick House Restaurant. Apparently a fight broke out between two women and when Charlese tried to break up the fight, one woman pulled out a gun and began firing. Charlese was hit several times and died at the scene.

The suspect, who has been identified as 35-year-old Terri Williams, fled the scene, but turned herself in at her attorney’s office the following day. Terri has since been charged with murder, but her attorney insists that she will be cleared of those charges once a full investigation is completed.

“Ms. Terri Williams voluntarily presented herself to detectives this morning. We strongly believe that Ms. Williams will be fully exonerated,” Terri’s attorney, W.Scott Smith said in a letter to the AJC.

Charlese leaves behind four biological children and six foster children, who range in age between 4 and 18 years old.

“The peacemakers are always the victims,”said Charlese’s aunt, Charleen Dennis.

According to reports, the entire altercation began over a text message.

“I don’t know what it said, but I would love to know. It’s sad that she was the only one who was hit. She didn’t have anything to do with the fight. The whole family is hurting. Words can’t explain,” Charleen said.

“She’s a beautiful, kind and loving person. She would take in homeless people. She’ll give you her last. I don’t know what’s going to happen to those kids,”she continued.

The victim was also an aspiring hip hop artist and even recorded a song with popular rapper Gucci Mane titled “Ms. Atlanta.” It’s unfortunate that her young life was cut short due to senseless gun violence.

Watch Fox 5’s full report on the next page.

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  • ShebaBarb

    Such a sad story. Sad because someone lost their life trying to do right. Sad also because she is someone’s mother, sister, aunt, friend, cousin, niece and all that goes along with it. Sad because it is a premature death. Also sad because people can’t sympathize over this senseless death but rather want to talk nuisance about it versus just offering sympathy. Help us Father God in Jesus name.

  • IllyPhilly

    So sad, Bless those children. SMH already about any comments about her having ten kids.

  • Jocelyn Beverly

    Who are all these crazy people being angry at the woman that was trying to stop the violence, I do not see you nay sayers being upset with her. She brought a gun, call me crazy I do not own a gun and if I did I sure would not walk around with it. Why are you blaming the victim, she is the victim here or did we seem to forget that?

  • Chanda

    Damn, this is fvcked up on many levels. I hope they were not fighting (and then shooting) over no nicca. What else would they be fighting over?

  • Jan

    This is why ppl say let them fight or what ever go on. Just like it was said peace maker’s always be the ones end up get hurt or in this case killed. It hurts. I don’t even know her and filling the pain. R. I. P. Beloved.

  • Katie Marbley

    This is tragic. My condolences go out to her family. The children lost a mother due to a senseless act of violence. When will we learn to use or words to solve conflict instead of resorting to violence. Now several lives are forever changed due to lack of self control, self-esteem and self worth. I don’t understand.

  • Tony Williams

    How am i an internet bully? i am just speaking my mind i didnt call any one names, i JUST FEEL LIKE IN 2013 TRYING TO GET BETWEEN TWO BLACK GHETTO WOMEN FIGHTING CAN CAUSE YOU YOUR LIFE. clearly from this story i am 100% right.

    • IllyPhilly

      You’re not an internet bully. Bwhahaha! Just a puzzy behind a computer needing attention.

    • You’re a Loser Tony Williams

      you’re a disgusting human being.really..

  • Trisha_B

    What reason does the murder’s attorney have to believe she will be cleared of the charges?! She pulled the trigger, it hit the victim, she died. You don’t need to be cleared of anything!…This is why people stay clear of breaking up fights. RIP to the mom

  • Tony Williams

    BECAREFUL TRYING TO SAVE BLACK WOMEN YOU WILL GET SHOT , killed, not thanks for it, or end up going to jail. true story Tommy Sotomayor did this story sad story. i will never break up a fight among black women.

    • Just saying!!

      It was also a black woman that was trying to resolve the issue but of course…we can overlook that part. Get a life.

      • Tony Williams

        THATS THE POINT AM MAKING, i am defending the poor black women who was killed, She was trying to break up a GUN FIGHT WITH @ BLACK WOMEN. black women when they start fighting theirs no stopping them.

        • Trunature CallmeTru Thomas

          I think you need to give it a rest..yiur making it a color issue and all races can be in this situation.

          • Tony Williams

            But it is a color issue, Show me a video or story of TWO ASIAN WOMEN IN A GUN FIGHT,. Show me a video or story of too spanish women in a fight. THE ONLY WOMEN I KNOW WHOARENT BLACK that get in gun fights are in the Mafia lol the MOB, middle east terrorist women female bombers or something. But yeah black women keep attacking me , while black women out their shooting killing innocent women and kids and men. And you black women are covering up for them. But yeah #BLACKPOWERISFORBLACKMEN RIGHT.

            go tell that to the family of this poor innocent woman with 10 kids, that will never see her kids graduate school and 10 motherless kids. but yeah protecting black women mythical image of black queens is more important that lives.

            • you’re a dumbass

              your argument is stupid there is countless of videos or people of all races fighting, resulting in guns, knives and what other crap, you’re just ignorant, and don’t like black women, since you feel the need to group all black women as if we’re one freaking person, you’re no better than somebody who racist, you’re pathetic and quite don’t like black women and that’s find, but don’t spread your ignorance, cause we all know ignorance can kill and that for any race..People are starting like racist jerks of any race btw..

        • what a loser you are Tony

          no you wasn’t jerk off, you said I will never break up a fight among black you wasn’t defending the black woman since you clearly stated every black woman is this ghetto person’re ignorant and it’s disgusting…I bet you’re old as crap cause only old losers think like this.

  • alhasit

    This is a shame, and people wonder why no one gets involved. That’s not to say you shouldn’t but the women with the gun obviously just didn’t give a damn when she decided to start shooting. It must’ve been apparent that someone else was between she and the person she was fighting. Grief! Poor children.

  • Let It Be

    This is SO sad!
    Side Note: What is the logic behind killing the person who is BREAKING UP the fight?

  • revolutionary

    Another instance of; When the rap game and thug life gets too real.

    I wonder how long is going to take for black people to make the connection between our life stile, what we glamorize and all the evil that follows from it.

    • Trunature CallmeTru Thomas

      That has nothing to do with the rap game…

      • Tony Williams

        Yes it does 70% of the people in the rap game are thugs , criminals and hoods.

        • Trunature CallmeTru Thomas

          First of all we have a mind of our own..a 34 year old woman is not breaking up a fight so she could get bodied because of rap music…I don’t believe jaz z or dr dre or kanye west is running around like thugs..we have to stop blaming people for our own actions…and take responsibility that we are not in control of our kids that are becoming murders…however this story has nothing to do with rapping thugs…

        • Mongo Slade

          and u are a probably just a btchassnigga/homo!

          • Tony Williams


    • Leslie Juanita

      did you actually read the article? she was at a family restaurant trying to breakup a fight. wth does that have to do with thug life or the rap game??

      • Tony Williams

        I dont care if she was at disney world, she WAS RAPPING ABOUT CHEATING ON HER BOYFRIEND, SLEEPING WITH OTHER WOMENS MEN. AND BEING A THUG CHICK AND HOOD CHICjk its in the bible live by the gun, die by the gun i dont feel sorry for this lady.

        • Trunature CallmeTru Thomas

          But what does this story have to do with wasn’t her fight she was breaking up a fight..did you read the story? Who are you to judge people if your mentioning god..for he is the only one that judges if I’m correct..any how your opion is your opinion. ..

        • C Monique

          What Bible are you reading that mentions anything about something that didn’t exist?? Also what Bible are you reading that is training you to be so insensitive? The Bible tells you to love as I (God) have loved you…sounds like you have some self-loathing to address

        • Crawl under a rock, seriously

          you’re contradicting yourself, now on another post you feel sorry for her, and now you don’t…Like make up your mind, regardless everyone reading this see your color you’re a low than scum human being, and the world is much better without you..Have a good day.

    • Jocelyn Beverly

      She was breaking up the fight, so it seems to me she was the opposite of what some rap music portrays. She seemed not want to see these two women fight, Why are we not being angry at the woman that felt the need to pull out a gun to solve her problems, this gun violence is an American problem, not just a black problem. We as people have lost the ability to talk our problems out!

  • datdudemike

    Remarkable women R.I.P

    • Tony Williams

      Remarkable woman? a dirty mouth rapper taken in kids to get welfare checks?

      • Jessica

        How dare you judge this woman! At least she took in 6 kids and cared for them and she didn’t do it for the money either! If her being a rapper was her dream and her way of getting money to take care of her 10 kids, then so beat it, who are you to judge this REMARKABLE WOMAN?!?

        • Tony Williams

          Am sorry that you feel that way, yes she was a mother of 10 kids,yes she was doing alot of good things. but she shouldnt have tried to break up that fight. i am a FULL GROWN MAN over 220 pounds 6 feet 1. i aint breaking a fight, whether its men, women or teens. not in 2013 with everyone carrying a gun.

          • Mz. Marie

            If you read the story dummy, she only had 4 kids & took 6 in. She was a foster mom! U won’t be blessed at all son!!

          • Chas

            Thats fine if thats not what you would have done but to say those kind of things about a woman you don’t know is disrespectful beyond words. And just for your knowledge because you sound ignorant a foster parent is someone who goes through screening and continuous meetings to care for children whose parents could not for a number of reasons. You don’t collect them for welfare. Read a book get help take a walk do anything but get on the internet you sound so hateful

      • Jocelyn Beverly

        How do you know she took those kids in for a check, I think that blanket statement that you have zero proof of, those kids needed a home, were you going to take them in. And to call her a dirty mouth rapper, grow up.

      • cryssi

        How are you still bot blocked? Seriously all of your comments are sexist racist insensitive and stupid

        • Tony Williams

          Listen miss Cryssi.I LOVE WOMEN I LOVE LOVE BLACK WOMEN. But my nickname should be “THE HARD TRUTH” its easy to tell somebody who is messing up her or his life “oh dont worry things wil lget better blah blah blah ” Its very hard to tell that person YOUR A F$&* up and you need to start using your head and start living a better life. THATS MY JOB THOUGH LOVE. You can give a man/Woman fish , or you can teach them how to fish. I rather teach them how to fish.

          • guest

            Hard to tell you love women, especially black women, when most of your comments generalize us all in a negative light.

          • cryssi

            That is extremely hard to believe, every comment I’ve ever seen on this cite posted by you has been laced with such venom for women of color I ALMOST feel sorry for you. Too bad almost doesn’t count.

            Here is a hard truth, you have serious issues that you need to deal with privately and not in a public forum.

          • IllyPhilly

            Whatever comment you sent got blocked,but Fvck off for good measure anyway

          • uggh

            you should give yourself tough love and get a freaking clue you’re stupid, and you don’t like black women so stop trolling

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