Pastor Charged For Knowingly Spreading HIV Caught Looking For Love On BlackPeopleMeet.Com

October 10, 2013  |  

According to NewsOne, a Memphis minister who was arrested and charged last year with criminal exposure to HIV for knowingly infecting a woman he had relations with was caught trying to look for love on recently.

Pastor Rodney Carr, 47, tested positive for HIV in 2005, but after dating a MARRIED woman in 2010 and 2011, he reportedly infected her with the virus since he didn’t divulge information about his sexual health to her. The woman found out she had HIV when she went for a routine visit to her gynecologist. According to NewsOne, she said that she trusted Pastor Carr and didn’t think he would do such a thing because he is a minister…despite the fact that he was already living foul by having an affair with her.

Although Carr isn’t in jail and is free to try to mack online, he’s still being prosecuted for his crime. At a recent court appearance, he claimed that he didn’t knowingly try to infect the married woman, but if he’s found guilty he could at the least face a $500 fine, and at the most, face two years in prison. According to the Inquisitr, under the profile Minterwonderful, Pastor Carr was trying to make love connections on the popular black dating site, BlackPeopleMeet. The married woman he infected heard about his antics and basically said to NewsOne that after what he put her through, trying to connect with other people on the site is deplorable.

“He’s not wonderful. He’s a creep. Going around doing what he’s doing. He’s not wonderful at all. He’s really trying to get with other women. He has HIV and he’s spreading it so he just really needs to be off the site. He needs to be off the site.”

This story is just all bad, and the fact that he’s trying to date with this court case over his head and with an HIV positive status that he’s clearly not trying to make people aware of is ridiculous. Not sure if dating sites like BlackPeopleMeet can do anything to keep people like this from making such profiles (Background checks? I know a few have already started using those.), but his behind doesn’t need to be meeting anybody but a cell mate–not a soul mate.

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  • Eyvette Harris

    She mad cause she got aids but had she been faithful this would have never happened she is just as responsible,,,She had unprotected sex outside of her marriage.

  • bunghole

    eh all these ugly people getting together no wonder there are so many BASTARDS running around

  • 9Boots

    The philosophy I follow is everyone has an STD until proven otherwise. People, please get tested with your sex partner BEFORE having sex. Guilty until proven innocent.

  • Netta Albert

    I know I may sound mean but both of them are wrong he just sick for what he did and no man of the lord would do what he did. I think karma gave that lady a reality check cuz she shouldn’t have been cheating in the first place

  • misslourde

    Firstly – the title “pastor” must be revoked. He’s no pastor ~ he’s an imp of Satan.

  • AThoughtfulWoman

    Two more people headed straight to Hell! He’s just going to a worse circle of hell then she is! Why would you even want to have sex after you got the HIV? You wrecked yourself, now check yourself. Spend your days trying to find peace before your days are done.

  • Tony Williams


  • illogical

    All parties are wrong. She cheated he spreaded HIV. Nobody is more wrong than the other. Every action has reaction..its life..

  • HenryMcMullen3

    Just because he has HIV, he can’t visit social dating sites? Get real. Let this be a lesson that in having casual sex, both parties and/or everyone involved should be wearing protection. If he or she is trying to convince you to do it raw/bare, most likely, they have something.

    • Kayla Ancrum

      Condoms don’t even fully protect you from HIV. They just reduce the chances of you getting it from 80-100% to 20%. Which is still a super large risk. 1 in 5 people who have sex with an HIV infected person WITH protection will get the disease.

      The sex education in this country is abysmal.


        kayla ancrum your information is wrong honey with correct condom use STATED The study, published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, calculated the risk of HIV-1 transmission per act of sexual intercourse and found the average rate of infection to be about 1 per 900 coital acts. The findings also confirmed that condoms are highly protective and reduce HIV infectivity by 78 percent. 1 IN 5 PEOPLE IS A LOT OF PEOPLE…… THERE WOULD BE ALOT MORE PEOPLE INFECTED…. CONDOM USAGE IS BETTER THAN USING NONE…..

        • Kayla Ancrum

          You literally just said pretty much the same thing i did with 2% of a difference in infectivity. 100-78=22. I said 20%. You just said there is a 22% chance of infectivity. We are pretty much saying the same information.

          This conversation is terrible. And don’t call me honey, I don’t know you. You haven’t earned it.

  • Tony Williams

    I love how 90% of the women reading and commenting to this story JUST SKIP RIGHT OVER THE SHE IS “MARRIED AND HAS A HUSBAND AND I BET KIDS PART” double standard like a mug. but if it was an hiv woman who had sex with a married black man i bet 80% of the women would bt saying ” THATS WHAT HE GETS FOR CHEATING ON HIS WIFE ” but its a woman so we have to feel for her. GOD IS REAL and IF you break that BOND OF MARRIAGE you will catch hell.

    • Oh So Nice


  • FromUR2UB

    The ministry. Another institution that attracts predatory people.

  • PeopleSoNasty

    I just don’t understand people still screwing raw these days, its like do you want to catch something ?

    • Oh So Nice


  • Chanda

    Don’t condone cheating in any way but if only if they had wrapped it up they could’ve prevented some of this mess. If she got caught cheating that’s on her but she probably could have walked away disease free.

  • Kam

    Both parties involved are wrong. The “pastor” for going out and knowingly and willfully exposing women to HIV and the married woman was wrong for sleeping with a man that was not her husband. Now she has been infected, and while I’m not sure of the status of her marriage or her husbands medical status but she has brought that in the house as well. This pastor needs to go somewhere and re-evaluate himself because he has apparently made a series of bad choices in his life.

    • Tony Williams


  • Valentine Joseph

    I don’t know who is worst, the man or the married woman, who probably exposed her husband to the disease too.

    • Oh So Nice

      Both are equally wrong in my eyes.

  • Vénusia Denuziere

    Pastors like this gives a bad face for christian folks

  • Tony Williams

    I know you women will feel sorry for the woman I DONT read please “Pastor Rodney Carr, 47, tested positive for HIV in 2005, but after dating a MARRIED woman in 2010 and 2011, he reportedly infected her with the virus since he didn’t divulge information about his sexual health to her. The woman found out she had HIV when she went for a routine visit to her gynecologist. –

    • minenameno

      What makes it flat out attempted murder what he did.

    • Kayla Ancrum

      Dear Tony, cheating on your husband is hurting someone’s feelings. Maybe at worst, breaking up a family.

      Giving someone HIV without telling them is attempted Murder. MURDER.

      people aren’t “feeling sorry” for the woman, most of us aren’t thinking about her at all because what the preacher is doing is TEN THOUSAND times worse.

      • Oh So Nice

        Yeah what the preacher did was worst, but their would be no news story had she never messed with him in the first place. You can only hope she did not pass it along to her husband.

        • Tony Williams

          Exactly,Internet high 5. IF SHE WOULD HAVE KEPT HER LEGS CLOSED, AND only given loving to her HUSBAND. We wouldn’t even know who this woman was. she wouldn’t have HIV, i hope her husbands gets a divorce.

          • Oh So Nice

            Have they said anything about the husband if he got the virus or not or filed for divorce yet?

            • Tony Williams

              I have no idea if her husband got a divorce, but i would love to get Kayla opinion on the story a few weeks ago, about a Pastor who was sleeping with a married woman. and HER DAUGHTER,. he got the Daughter pregnant. and the father found out and SHOT AND KILLED THE PASTOR. I wonder if Kayla thinks the father/husband was wrong for killing the pastor? or what if he would have killed his wife or daughter too? it sounds like Kayla is only interested in the good outcome for the woman. What about THIS WOMAN’S POOR HUSBAND? WHAT DID HE DO WRONG? WHAT ABOUT HER KIDS. i would love to be a fly on the wall when she has to tell them she has hiv and how she got it.

        • Kayla Ancrum


          I’m sorry, but her husband’s gonna be taking one for the team on this. At least the preacher has been stopped now, after her. Not STILL OUT THERE MAYBE SLEEPING WITH A GIRL WHO HE GIVES HIV WITHOUT HER KNOWING WHO THEN SLEEPS WITH ANOTHER MAN WHO DATES YOU THEN SLEEPS WITH YOU, Oh so Nice. And none of those people need to be cheating to get you killed,

          This is misogyny in action here folks.These two bozos caring more about some woman’s infidelity than an Aids spreading murderapist.

          I repeat in her situation, she probably hurt her partner’s feelings and may or may not have infected him (one person) as well. but this man is a walking liability who could get ANYONE and EVERYONE infected due to his lies and selfish wickedness.

          • Tony Williams

            YOU REALLY THINK i dont care about this dude spreading aids. i hope he is put in jail for life, F that, i HOPE he is HUNG thats murder 1. BUT she made her bed.

            • Kayla Ancrum

              Who even cares about her?! Why do you care about her so much? She literally does not matter.

              This is an article about a deadly liability of a man running rampant in our black community. Its not about cheating men vs cheating women. Or the black man’s image. or being on the downlow or any of that stupid bullshit. ITS ABOUT A TERRIBLE PERSON DOING A HEINOUS CRIME THAT WE CAN ALL BE DRAMATICALLY AFFECTED BY.

              jesus, you’re small minded. You can’t see the forest for the trees because you think you’ve found an example of black female infidelity that you can hang your “OH DONT TALK ABOUT US BLACK MEN, THESE SHisty BLACK WOMEN ARE TO BLAME TOO.” hat on. Which is so not important right now.

              And its so stupid because who cares about that when we could ALL accidentally contract HIV because crazy people like the person above think its more important to get their d*ck wet than to not start a chain reaction of infections within our community.

              • Tony Williams

                No words for you Kayla i have no words. Women , men anyone dont think like this Kayla woman please think like Oh So nice. You cant go through life with both eyes SHUT. your going to hit your head on alot of things and kill yourself. I HAVE NO WORDs.

              • Not Surprised

                How do you “accidentally” contract AIDS? It’s not a new virus, everyone should be well educated on how it’s contracted and ways to prevent or lower you chances of contracting it. The problem is not only the one’s infecting people, but the people being infected plays a big part in it too.

              • oh no she didnt

                EXACTLY…. I AGREE 100%! THIS GOES BACK TO PEOPLE THROWING STONES AT ACCUSED FORNICATORS …. DEATH SHOULD NOT EQUAL IMMORALITY but maliciousness and the intent to destroy a race is….

          • Oh So Nice

            Who says he didn’t infect other women since then. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. Everyone is still not aware of this man to this day. Who knows what other sites he man be on or other woman in his life. I dnt know about you, but you almost imply that it is good she got it to make it aware to everyone else out there. I would wish she did not get H.I.V.and that I would just hope other women who by chance did sleep with him were more careful that she was. But with the lady who did catch the deadly virus, it was only a matter of time and risk from her dealing with the pastor for a long period of time. Luckily she did come out and let this be known, but Im sure of it had she not caught anything this pastor would not be known for messing with married women let alone spreading H.I.V. We can only pray that since he was on a dating website that he is not dealing with anyone sexually at this time. I understand what your saying but I would rather she did not get the virus and just hope he never gave it to another female.

            • Kayla Ancrum

              Exactly! We should be talking about irresponsible behavior when it comes to disease management, and be happy he was caught and not still out there.

              That is what is most important. One person can be responsible for the chain reaction infections of so many people by not getting tested or not doing their part to stop the spread of HIV. And until our community understands and works on that, ish like this will still keep happening.

              It really really sucks that the woman got HIV, and yes, she could have avoided this whole mess by staying with the sanctity of her marriage bed. But thank GOD, no matter the situation, that this guy got caught.

              hopefully she is the last in his undoubtably long line of victims.

              • Oh So Nice

                We can only pray and hope she was his last victim.

              • Tony Williams

                Ok Kayla i will give you a chance, SO whats your answer to this disease management problem. Do you want The world and USA to have an HIV/Aids list online like the sexual offenders list. So you can go to your computer and google people to see if their on the AIDS list is that what you what?

            • Not Surprised

              If they put on a condom they won’t have to worry about their status because most people will not disclose it so protecting yourself is the best way to go.

      • Tony Williams

        I believe in marriage for life. And DOING IT UNDER GOD , or if your not religious doing it with all your soul and heart. I JUST HATE CHEATERS. I dont care if their male or female. Black women for the last 20 years have dragged Us Black men name in the mug about this whole Down low, Hiv , cheating men husband bad father nonsense. AND U REALLY WANT ME TO SUPPORT THIS CHEATING RAT WHO GOT HIV FROM CHEATING. lol keep dreaming. the woman is married what she did was worse.

      • Not Surprised

        Apparently cheating on her husband not only hurt his feelings and possibly broke up a family, but she also contracted HIV. None of which would have happened had she respected her marriage.

  • infamousblaqqt

    she trusted him because he was a minister, ummm no hun,lol. He’s going along with you having an affair.

    • Bklyn

      That threw me too. What’s so trusting about a fornicating minister. I almost feel sorry for her..smh!!?

  • DoinMe

    People are going to learn to leave those dating sites alone. They are playgrounds for perverts and freaks.

    • Chanda

      Oh please pervert and freaks are everywhere. Online and offline once you get behind closed doors.


    what type of jack leg preacher is this…stuff like this is why so many ppl lose their religion

    • Tony Williams


      • Valentine Joseph


      • guest

        Why is that funny? ever think she gave it to her husband behind this mess?

        • Not Surprised

          Had she respected her husband and her marriage, she wouldn’t be in this “mess”

      • minenameno

        I see where your coming from two wrongs don’t make a right wow a supposed to be Shepherd with a disease fornicating with an adulterous women back in those times they would have been put to death off rip!!! why shouldn’t there be a curse for that kind of behavior GOD IS JUSTICE!!! if you do wrong he will punish you.

        • Tony Williams

          ANY BODY THAT STILL HAS RAW SEX IN 2013 IS BEGGING TO GET HIV. in some citys 1 out of 5 people have HIV. and its worse in some other places like New york city, Washington Dc,Miami FLorida. THE CDC websites TELLS PEOPLE USE CONDOMS. Sorry i dont feel 1 oz of bad for this woman.

    • Bren

      I like Basquiat.

  • ChiTown Princess

    This is why I’m against online dating, just don’t know what type of people you gonna meet, even when they got the monster and don’t tell you that they have it.

    • KIR12

      Yeah, but he gave it to a woman he met at church. Are you also against that?

      • Oh So Nice

        But she was a married woman who should not of been messing around in the first place. Nowadays getting tested before sex should be a top Priority, but sadly it is not.

    • Tony Williams

      So your not angry at THE MARRIED WOMAN CHEATING ON HER HUSBAND , your feeling bad for her she got hiv lol black women i swear.

      • Oh So Nice

        Dnt say Black women in general as most are not on the ladies side either. Like I commented earlier, had she not cheated on her husband she would not be a victim of catching this deadly disease in the first place.

        • Tony Williams

          Ok maybe i should have said WOW MAJORITY OF BLACK WOMEN, Because your in the minority for sure props to you.

          • Oh So Nice

            That’s more like it lol!!, But yeah you would think most women would be mad at the fact another black woman has stepped out on her husband/marriage and then wants to cry wolf when she catches a deadly disease. Yes Im very happy she came out to let ppl know about this HIV infecting S.O.B., but we all know had she not caught the disease she would of probably still been messing with that Pastor til this day.

            • Tony Williams

              But on to the FAKE PASTOR, because even the bibles says They will come false prophets alot of this pastors are only into to sleep with women and make a lot of money. So he is going to the bottoms of hell for her. In the bible it says dont sleep with another mans wive. So and people needs lessons when they do bad things. I hope the woman gets on the meds ASAP and she can live a normal healthy life, SHE IS SOOO SOO LUCKY SHE WENT TO THE DR AND CAUGHT IT EARLY. sometimes people find out when they have full blown AIDS.

              • Oh So Nice

                Right, but still she brought it on herself. We can only hope she learns from her major mistake.

              • Bob Martin

                You are right in the fact that this man is no man of God. I do not know nor can I speak about the pastors you have where your located. However, as a minister of God, for the last 30 + years,most of us do not do what we do for women or for a lot of money.

                Most of us minister to the poor, widows, elderly, orphans and trouble children, homeless and ex-prisoners trying to repair their lives. All while teaching others God’s word, preaching His salvation and what we need to do to receive it and protecting the people of the Church God had placed in our responsability.

                Some people think it is a hard calling knowing that we as God’s ministers are called of God to be the watchmen and shepherds of His flock. Because of this, some think it is an easy way to gain fame and riches. Unfortunately there will always be wolves in sheepskins within the flocks, but God is faithful when people keep their eyes and ears on Him and His word they will not be entangled in doubts and unbelief in Him.

                On the other side of the coin though,I do know that there are women, both married and not knowingly and not, who prowl on and hunt ministers for many reasons.One lady who I knew said for her and others she knew, really why they had a need to go after ministers but said that some of them thought of it as a game of domination. I am sure there are many reasons but I do not know what they are.

                Believe it or not though, there are evangelist groupies. They follow certain tv well known evangelists almost everywhere they go in hopes of getting alone with them. Some ministers and pastors have groupies and other women who prowl on ministers both married or not, knowingly trying to be at the right place, saying the right thing, at the wrong time..

                I also know that the pressures and temptations that come with the calling can be extremely overwhelming. . If a man of God allows the pressures, cares, sins and needs of the Church he is called to shepherd and takes his eyes and ears off of Christ Jesus and His Word, he is stepping on quicksand and sinking without even know it until it is to late.

                Let us all remember, we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Let’s Keep our eyes and ears on Christ and study His word so we will not be deceived nor fall into any pits because Christ is our light and His Holy Spirit is our guide leading us so our feet do not stumble on the sins of this world.

    • Trisha_B

      You can meet a person in person & still not know they have the bug if they don’t tell you…

      • Not Surprised

        That’s why people have to protect themselves it doesn’t matter if they tell you or not if you protect yourself. Either abstain from having sex or use protection. It’s not that hard people.

    • Cat88L3

      I’m sorry, but that’s a blanket and ignorant statement. It’s not like you can’t meet losers on the street or at some type of function. The moral of the story is be careful of who you meet and sleep with. Use protection-regardless of if you met them on a dating site, church, or at the supermarket.

      • clwa0303

        Another moral to add to that is you can still get hiv being married (hopefully she didnt pass it on to her husband) since so many people think being married protects you from stds. That only happens if nobody is stepping out marriage doesnt change cheaters

    • Chas

      Its not an online dating problem its a people not doing homework about who they open their legs to. I met my fiance online and I did every kind of check known to man. But its also a good reminder of why you don’t step out of your relationship to get your needs met.

  • JaneDoe

    Oh lawd. Hide ya cooch women.. Hide your cooch

    • Tony Williams


      • Valentine Joseph

        Men should stop too

        • Tony Williams

          This STORY DOESNT HAVE A MAN CHEATING IN IT AT ALL lol you black women TAkE ZERO responsibility for anything you do, Jesus when i was 12 in the 8th grade a kid punched me in the face I FOUGHT BACK and both of us got Detention. So a 12 year old BOY HAS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR FIGHTING BACK ,BUT A GROWN WOMAN DOESNT? valentine how old are you 5?