What Chu Say Boo: Caption This Picture Of Diddy And Cassie In Bed

October 10, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Clearly, Diddy and Cassie have some type of agreement… an arrangement even that the rest of us aren’t privy to. Not that we should be. Apparently, this little agreement includes Diddy not discussing or talking about her much publicly, while she gushes on social media. Diddy even went as far as telling the women of “The View” that he’s not ready for marriage any time soon.  Ok, we get it. And I can even respect it. If you’re not ready for marriage, don’t jump into one, only to be out of it in a couple of years.

But Diddy’s recent comments, his four year relationship with Cassie and her use of Instagram make us wonder if homegirl is on that same page.

Honestly, we don’t know too much about Cassie and therefore don’t know if she’s the type of woman who even wants to be married. But I do find it a bit odd that she talks so openly about their union. While he doesn’t.

First there was her posting the picture of her wearing Diddy’s hoodie. And now there’s this image of Diddy laying on top of Cassie, sleep in bed. Here’s the caption:

@Iamdiddy can be pretty heavy sometimes…This picture is cute to me because I normally sleep on top of him. He really fell asleep like this. 

I don’t know man. I’m sure I’m going to sound like a hater, but I can remember a time when Diddy was doing everything but hiding any of his relationships. He and Kim were on the cover of Essence right after the twins and he was steadily taking J-Lo on red carpets and talking about her in interviews, pre and post relationship. This lo-key vibe with Cassie is a bit alarming. But I could have the game all twisted. Perhaps she knows who she’s dealing with and doesn’t want more than he can give her.

I do have one question though, who took the picture?

So what do you think? Caption this picture of the two love birds all nestled up.

And then shortly after that Diddy posted this picture of Cassie giving him a foot massage. He called her “his baby” in this one… so perhaps that’s progress?

Source: Instagram

@casandrae was talkin Isht on IG earlier! But now dis is later . My Baby and she gives mean foot massage . Lol”

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  • Wow

    Questions: So who was taking the picture if they were both asleep?? Who can actually breathe comfortably with another adult laying on your back compressing your airflow for more than oooh a few minutes? Girl stop.

  • Dannie

    “Can I have another music video now?” lol

  • Tony Williams

    “Non black women treat black men nicer than black women” ” most rich black men dont want anything to do with bitter mean feminist evil money hungry black women.

    • Nia

      Dang, did a black woman touch you when you were little?

      • Tony Williams

        Something like that lol haha but naw i am just being real alot of rich black men, RICH MEN PERIOD dont wife black women why is that? 1. bad attitude black women fight fight fight too much2, fat, 3, to many kids.

        • Chanda

          Most all of your posts are black women this, black women that. Were you raised by a lot black women like this?

          • Tony Williams

            Well i just calling it like how i see it. i used to be a simp and think black women where victims. but in my 20,s alot of black women i tried to be nice too or help didnt act right. and i started to see that their was a movement started by black powerful feminist to attack black men’s MANHOOD. Stuff like “blackpowerisforblackmen” LIKE WHAT RACE OF MEN DONT LOVE POWER, WHITE MEN LOVE POWER, ASIAN MEN LOVE POWER. but black men wanting power is wrong. and this is coming from black women. JESUS if thats how black women want it. cool i can fight back too. lol let the war world 3 keep going. GUESS WHAT NOT A SIMP ANYMORE.

            • curious

              I’m confused why are you on a blog for women you seem to detest? You seem to deeply hate black women so why even spend time on a blog made for them just to bash them more than a skinhead would? Just askin.

            • tina

              U r just to weak for a black woman..u also hate the person u see when u look into the mirror. I feel sorry for you mother r did u forget she was a black women to. Such a lost lost lost soul..truely a waste of space.

  • Annette

    She started as the chick on the side all while Diddy was with Kim. Usually when you show someone you are okay with girl on the side treatment the man knows your requirements are low to begin with. I’m surprised she graduated to girlfriends status.

  • Jasmine Moore

    Diddy like “Just take the picture Kim, Ima do one with you next”

    • MLS2698


  • heyheynow

    A. I know she was hot as hell cause he’s not little and B. I mean it’s the world we live in society has geared in the head of women that they have to be someone’s girlfriend so you put up with certain shid cause you’re close to marrying this guy rather than start over….but we’ve all done something foolish for a man or looked stupid for a guy but it’s her life if shes happy then well I hope shes happy


    cassie is fine…half head of hair and all

  • lalalallama

    “Tucking my daughter in for the night. Sweet Dreams”

    • ChiTown Princess


  • Stephanie

    I wonder who took the picture of them fake sleeping. Kim??? And the pictures of her rubbing his feet would be such an “awwwww” moment, if she wasn’t 1 of many who’s probably rubbing his feet in bed!!! :-/

    • nick

      “kim?” lol you’re wrong for that one

    • Sunshinegirl

      LOL at Kim!! She probably would have thrown the camera at him and asked “Why my check at, Puffy?”

  • SDW3

    WHO TOOK THE PICTURE…was definitely the first question that came to my mind after realizing neither of them could have hahah.

    • Nia

      That’s what I’m wondering too. Does he have a personal photog that just hangs around the house to take intimate photos? This is just weird.

      • MLS2698

        That’s what gets on my nerves about these intimate IG pic! Who takes them? Does their phone have a kickstand that allows them to set up the shots?

  • Hi-Liter

    Ol’Geriatric azz. Go on and marry that girl and stop holding her up!!!!!

    • Tru Words&Wisdom


  • Monica

    This is why he is never marrying her. She is giving too much of herself while Diddy is taking for himself and doing anything he wants and saying it.

    • EXACTLY! She isn’t a challenge so he isn’t stepping up. #standardsgetsomekeepsome.

    • Tru Words&Wisdom

      You can’t give all of yourself to someone and get nothing…
      BUT then again maybe they are just having fun and filling up the space of the lonely nights they both have…. We will never really know til it ends badly and she writes a song about being used and heartache..

    • Kath

      Maybe her agenda is being met without marriage. While I’ll try to get at money, I just could not allow Diddy in his current state – looks, age and attitude to touch me, but esp. the first two. I would positively throw up.

    • anonymouse

      it’s not like he’s some sort of prize though. but she probably thinks that he is.