“There’s A Man For Every Occasion”: Wendy Williams Tells Vivica To Stop With The Young Boys

October 9, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

In the midst of promoting her wig line and being her usual upbeat self, we know that Vivica A. Fox has spent the week discussing her relationship status, her ex man Omar “Slim” White, and her hopes of being a mother with both BET and Bethenny Frankel.

Of course, she told BET that she’s decided to stop messing with the extra young boys, because at 49, 30 to 35-year-old brothas are more up her alley, but on Frankel’s couch, she showed her vulnerable side and talked about wanting children, and how she was with White for the wrong reasons:

“My family, my sister, my brother–my brother lives in Atlanta, and I was about to move my life to Atlanta and they could see that I wasn’t happy. They said, ‘You’re just doing this because you want to have a child and you want to move closer back East to the family…You get to that point too where you’re like, you can’t [have a child] and then you get a lot of people who are like, ‘Oh well, you can adopt’ and maybe I can. But I did want to try to have my own child.”

Well, after all that was said, during today’s Hot Topics, Wendy Williams decided to share her two cents. She says that when Fox came to the show a couple of years ago with “Slim,” she liked the two but knew that he couldn’t provide Viv with the settled down family life she was looking for. In fact, Williams says that Viv can continue to have fun with young guys, but only temporarily, and needs to focus on someone different (and older) if she wants a serious relationship. Here’s what she said about interviewing Vivica and her man two years ago (and I had to do some taping and mean transcribing from my broke-down TV for this tidbit, so enjoy):

“Vivica did the show and she brought Slim with her, and Slim was just cheering on his girl, and oh he was fine. I knew! I said ‘This is so not going to work.’

Just like there’s a wig for every occasion, there’s a man for every occasion, and a smart woman knows the difference. A 25-year-old man or however old he was–he was very young like in his 20s–a 25-year-old man is supposed to be a drive-by. Something something to make a girl feel good [crowd laughs]. You’re not supposed to look in his eyes…and she said on the couch, she was hedging at that she wanted to try to have kids with him. I was like [leans back and shakes head], okay…well, this is a disaster waiting to happen.”

I will add that Wendy wasn’t talking in a malicious tone when discussing Vivica, but rather, she was just keeping it light and real. But does Wendy have a point? Did you think that “Slim” was a good fit for her while they were together? Check out a short clip from Wendy’s old interview with Viv with her ex in the audience as the actress talks marriage and motherhood, and let us know what you think.


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  • toyag

    I don’t like the Wendy show but she is right about Vivica. Vivica is 2 old to date young dudes That plastic surgery needs to stop also. She was cute in Set It Off

  • It’s an ego thing for Vivica to date men so much younger than her. She feels like she still has “it” if she can snag someone barely out of their teens. Madonna does the same thing date men who are decades younger than her. It must be a rough adjustment going from the hot, powerful, young thing men are losing their minds over to aging, and no longer the “it” girl.

  • Tonyoardee

    I dont think the age was the issue, thats using the crutch.. Vivica could have some Halle Berry-esque issues

  • ExpatElegance

    I too prefer younger men (under 40). I hope I have better luck.

  • So over Viv and her boy, don’t forget she was the same way over 50,
    she thinks that her name and fame is everything, it might get them but
    it wont keep them, girl bye. Thank you so much!



    • Nia

      Yeah, we don’t judge men for it but we also know that women have more sense than men.

    • Cassie

      That is different. It is a fertility issue. Men are fertile until 100 years old or more if they live. Women are not, and women start having fertility issues as early as their 30’s.

  • Wanda Simpson

    So over Viv and her boy toys, don’t forget she was the same way over 50, she thinks that her name and fame is everything, it might get them but it wont keep them, girl bye.

  • bigdede

    I agree with everything Wendy said this morning, right down to the rotten eggs comment.

  • 1Val

    The issue wasn’t the young man age but his disinterest in Vivica. He just wasn’t into her and probably would not have been into her if he was her age.

    • bluekissess

      Or, it could’ve been her insecurities. Remember his statement about the break up? She always wanted to argue (nag) and he wasn’t into it. He said that he just wanted to love her. Being older isn’t always wiser. Sometimes your “life experiences” can shoot you in the foot.

      • 1Val

        Women who are with men that are into them do not argue and nag those men. Nor do they feel insecure because the men aren’t giving them reasons to argue about their behaviors. Bottom line she obviously was into him and he wasn’t into her.

        Vivica certainly lacks shame crying over a falied relationship on national television. More of her validating a man that did not want her. Simply pathetic behavior on her end.

        • bluekissess

          Well, I disagree with you. It’s three sides to every story hers, his and the truth. My opinion isn’t based off of assumptions I just based mine on what I read. Agree to disagree