Torrei Hart Confirms She’s Doing “Atlanta Exes” With Tameka Raymond And Idris Elba’s Ex

October 9, 2013  |  

If VH1’s Hollywood Exes wasn’t really lighting your rachet fire, it seems that the rumors are true about its spin-off, Atlanta Exes. We told you earlier in the summer about rumors that Cee-Lo Green’s ex-wife, Pilar Sanders and Tameka Raymond were going to be cast on the show. Fast forward to fall, and it sounds like the show will be a go. One of the ladies you will see include Kevin Hart’s ex, Torrei, and she spilled the beans on the other confirmed cast mates (Raymond, Idris Elba’s ex Kim, and Christina Johnson, ex-wife of Cee Lo, will all be involved) and why she felt the need to do reality TV.  While speaking with HipHopHollywood on the red carpet of the ASCAP’s 5th Annual “Women Behind the Music Series,”she explained a few things.

During their interview, the beauty discussed what her ex-husband, Kevin Hart, had to say about her doing the show. She says that while he started off pretty apprehensive, he became more supportive of her decision.

“I did talk to my ex about it and at first he just wanted to know why I wanted to do it, and I just told him I think it’s something I need to do for me. At first he was a little apprehensive about it but once I told him ‘I assure you I will not be fighting, I will not be cussing, I will not embarrass our kids, our family, you have nothing to worry about, he was like okay go for it, do it.”

Torrei also answered the million dollar question: Why? Why do a reality TV show about being the ex of a famous person. According to her, it’s not about bashing anybody (literally and figuratively), but to give people a better impression of who she is. She says that people have one impression of her because of the media and Kevin’s stand-up comedy, but she’s very different:

“I just feel like it’s a way to see who I am. In the past I’ve been put out in the press, people have this assumption about me, and it’s a way for people to really get to see who I am. I want to do the show. I think it’s a great opportunity. It’s a great platform, and I’m excited about it.”

But don’t get it twisted. Torrei says the women you see won’t be about a lot of negativity, but will seek to empower women.

“And the women that are on the cast, I really love the women. I think we can empower women, and they can see that reality TV can be positive, it’s not just fighting and negativity.”

I can kind of understand why she would want to do something like this. I purely know what I know about her based on Kevin Hart’s jokes (crazy right?), and if she’s trying to get her name out there (and collect a nice check…), why not? But what do you think?

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  • Chas

    Why not just say “I want to maintain the luxurious and relevant lifestyle my marriage afforded me” I love reality TV but everyone knows good and well its not empowering anyone.

  • Wanda Simpson

    Will not be watching, when they uttered the name Tamika Raymond, o make it stop, we see enough of her reality every time she takes Usher to court and that’s a monthly show. Reality TV please make it stop.

  • Jan

    ugh make it stop ! i like torrei, but can people just get divorce and move on with their lives and stop reliving it by being on tv. you can tell where some people’s heads are … everyone wants to be famous.

  • FeelsGood

    She’s such a beautiful woman. I hope that what she’s expecting from the show actually happens and it’s not the exact opposite.

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  • hiswomanandlovingit

    i’ll be honest, i just wanna know if when she gets mad she starts talking about herself in the third person like kevin hart says. lol

  • Laine

    I really hope she won’t be fighting on the show. Everybody starts by saying that, but in the end they do the exact opposite.

  • jaimie bisbee

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  • bigdede

    The one thing I love about Hollywood Exes is that the women get along and are not ratchet. Beside that crazy white girl, everyone gets along on that show. I really hope the ATL version will be the same. I wonder if Torrie will be like R. Kelly’s ex wife. She is so funny on Hollywood Exes.

    • Let It Be

      Since you say they aren’t all that ratchet then I may have to take a peak at this. My ratchet meter stops at ATL Housewives; no BBW’s or Love and Hip Hop girls for me. I figure if these women are going to these types of reality shows then they better be a NeNe or Tamar (I think everyone can agree that they used reality TV for a gain) and make it a stepping stone to more successful ventures.

      • bigdede

        You should really watch it. It’s so nice how they encourage one another. When there is disagreement, all the women get together and talk it out. I’m shocked it’s on VH1 and that it was renewed since all the Black women actually act like adults.

    • Pamela Jones-Meadows

      I agree Drea is so funny and her attitude because she is the homegirl we all know!