Meeting His Mom & Other Romantic Gestures That Don’t Mean A Damn Thing

October 9, 2013  |  
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When you really like someone, you’re always looking for signs that they feel the same way about you. And while there will always be signs, there’s a chance that you may be reading too much into them. See what I mean.


Early Morning Texts

So “bae” texted you first thing in the morning huh? That means you’re the first thing on his mind. That he dreamt about you all night. Sure, it could mean that. Or it could also mean he knows how to play the game. I’ve literally heard men say women love that early morning text. It’ll have her thinking about a man all day long…even if he isn’t.


Twitter Direct Messages

Just the other day, we published a story about using Twitter as a dating site and some of you turned your noses up as if it was the most preposterous thing you’d ever heard. But I have a sneaking suspicion that some of you were frontin’ for your commenter friends. You don’t have to be on Twitter but for two weeks before someone, somewhere hits you with the “Hi” direct message, trying to “get to know you better.” Screenshots from the average laywoman prove there are quite a few celebrities who’ve done this. Does this mean that this person fell in love with your frequent musings and Twit pics? Possibly. Or it could mean that a direct message is an anonymous, easy way to cast a line out–maybe even several–and see who bites first.

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I’ve talked about this before in a piece we published not too long ago about bad relationship omens. But it’s important enough that it warrants my repeating it again, here. If your man keeps screwing up but delivers “heartfelt” apology, after “heartfelt apology,” complete with tears, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s remorseful. If he were truly sorry, he would stop hurting you in the same manner. Tell him to save the tears for the movies, ain’t nobody stupid.


Meeting His Mom

Meeting his mother , or really any member in his family, could signify that he takes you very seriously and wants to see how you’ll blend in with the rest of his family. That would make the most sense. But ladies, there are macks out here who have no qualms about running women in and out of their mama’s house, introducing this week’s girlfriend to his kids or letting you sit and chat with his sisters. If the family doesn’t seemed the slightest bit fazed by your presence, it could mean they’re all too accustomed to new women.

Movie Nights

Personally, I’d prefer a lot of my dates to be movie nights over at someone’s place. It’s cozy and romantic and I love watching and discussing movies away from the quiet required in movie theaters. They’re nice. But I’m also not stupid. If a man is always inviting you over to his place or coming over to yours, it might be a cop out for taking you out…and let’s be real, spending money. Peep game.


I Don’t Really Love Her

If your new boo has openly admitted that he is currently involved with someone else… but he doesn’t love her, run! If he would divorce her if it weren’t for the kids, his religious beliefs or his job, you need to leave ASAP. 9 times out of 10, it’s a lie and in the meantime, while he gets his ish together, you’re the other woman. That’s not what you want to be baby girl. And furthermore, leave the separated men alone as well. Until the divorce is final, you can bet money that one or both parties still believes they’re working on the marriage. Don’t get involved.


Lavish gifts

Don’t get it twisted, if a man has some change in his pocket, it’s nothing for him to buy you a gift, take you on trips and trick off in various other ways. He knows it’ll impress you and maybe even distract you from the glaring red flags in your relationship.



Who doesn’t love the feeling of seeing people like the things you’ve posted? You wouldn’t post it, if you didn’t want just a bit of attention. But if you happen to find that the object of your affection has liked a quite a few of your pictures/statuses on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it might not mean that he’s ready to make you his number one. Smile at the acknowledgement, but no need to gas yourself up.


Hours Long Phone Conversations

I know this one may shock you. But some of these men are really slick. You’re thinking because you’ve been on the phone for two hours that you’re establishing a bond, vibing and gelling. But pay attention to the nature of the conversation. Is the conversation balanced? Are both of you talking and listening? My mother says she remembers watching her brothers straight fall asleep on the phone. And when she picked up the line to see if anyone was still there, the girl was just chatting away.


Sleeping with you

This is a no brainer right?! Just because a man spent some time with you tussling in the sheets, it certainly doesn’t mean his feelings run deep. You know how people do. Sometimes sex ain’t no spiritual thang, more like just a way to get off. Don’t get your  emotions involved and then end up devastated.

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