Bow Wow Reacts To Catfish Episode, Proves He’s Still 14

October 9, 2013  |  

If you’re a fan of MTV’s hit show, “Catfish,” then you know that last night’s episode was a doozy. The short of it is that a woman, Keyonnah, believed she was in an online relationship with rapper Bow Wow. Now, before we start wondering about homegirl’s intelligence level, there were a few signs that could lead a naive and desperate person to believe that Bow Wow really was talking to her. For instance, “Bow Wow” messaged her after she left a note on his Facebook fan page and throughout the course of their relationship sent her $10k. Perhaps if Keyonnah followed the news, she would have known that Bow Wow could barely afford to make his child support payments. So there was no way he should have been sending a random fan, a stranger $10k.

So by the end of the episode, Keyonnah meets the person who’s been masquerading as Bow Wow. And lo and behold it’s a woman, a lesbian, named “Dee Pimpin.” Crazy, right? (If you haven’t seen the episode, you MUST watch.) The craziest thing about the meeting was that Dee believed she and Keyonnah would still have a chance. I mean, sure she wasn’t a man and had lied to her but she had a really life-like, lambskin dildo that she was gon’ use to turn Keyonnah out. LOL you can not make this stuff up.

Needless to say, Keyonnah is devastated. Not only did Dee lie about the nature of their relationship, she had her male cousin, Larry speak to her on the phone so she could be listening to a male voice. She was embarrassed, betrayed and disgusted by the whole situation. And even though we, the viewing audience, all knew that Bow Wow was not going to be on the other side of the door, I still felt for her. I mean dude was her childhood crush, c’mon.

So after the episode airs, Bow Wow and BET, in a move to rightly capitalize off of the episode release a video reaction to the episode centered all around him. I’m including the video, but let me just pull out a few highlights.

“The new thing is this “Catfish” situation. Let’s talk about how somebody is actually impersonating me. Now, first of all that’s a hard thing to do. Just look at me, you can’t impersonate this. These eyes, these ain’t contacts. You can’t buy these and put these in your eyes to think that you’re Bow Wow. These tattoos on my body, these is permanent. You can’t draw these on. It’s only one. It can only be one, not two but one. And that’s me. So how do I feel about being “Catfished?” Well, I feel honored. It’s dope and it’s flattering when someone wants to be you. And not only do they want to be you. In their mind, they are you. That’s crazy. But I like it. It’s free promo for myself, for BET, for ‘106 & Park’.”

Then he invites Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin to come to “106 & Park” and meet him and discuss the whole thing.

“But we gon’ do it on my time though, on our network though and on our show. I mean ya’ll did take all our pictures from our show and used them. You want to holla at Bow Weezy, come to 106. “Catfish,” it is what it is.”

*Exasperated sigh.*

I’m sorry, was I the only one expecting a little compassion from Bow Wow instead of him taking this comical, yet sad situation to further promote himself? Did he not realize that he was not the one being catfished? Where was the message to the girl who actually believed she was meeting him, who had been a fan of his since childhood? Did he have any sympathy for her? Did he feel sorry that someone would use his image and images of his daughter to take advantage of another person? I guess not. Instead, he spent far too many seconds talking about his eyes and tattoos.

Baby, bye!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve seen Bow Wow up close and homeboy, though severely short (like 5’2), is very easy on the eyes. But listening to this video nearly turns my stomach. He sounds like he never matured past the days when girls were throwing their training bras on stage during those Scream tours. And I get it, you got a lot of play back in the day; and maybe still to this day, but where is the humility? You need it.

And on another note, can we talk about this grown man’s lack of knowledge about the company he actually works for? He seems to have taken issue with the fact that MTV used images from “106 & Park.” That’s right, they did. But Bow, I need you to do some research. Both MTV and BET are owned by Viacom. They didn’t steal anything. They just moved those images over from one server to the next. Stop it.

Bow Wow’s only saving grace is that perhaps he didn’t see the full episode and therefore couldn’t comprehend the devastation and embarrassment Keyonnah felt when she realized her online love was not the man she envisioned, she wasn’t even a man. Perhaps after he’s seen the episode, if he hasn’t seen it, he’ll have something more to actually say to her and not continue talking about himself.

Check out the video on the next page. 

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