“You’re Just A Side Chick!” And Other Random Things Some Women Say When Arguing Over Trifling Men

October 11, 2013  |  
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There’s nothing new about women fighting over trifling, dog-ish men, but nowadays, it seems like some of us have taken such stupidity to a whole new level of just sad. With the presence of social media, angry man-sharing chicks are throwing their business all out in these streets. And boy, have my eyes and ears witnessed some of the most ridiculous man-related rants humanly possible. Therefore, I’ve decided to share. These punch lines seem to be common among ladies crazy enough to go to war over no-good fellas. Who knows? Maybe you’ve witnessed some of this buffoonery too. Here are things women say when fighting over men.

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“He’s Just F***ing You, But I Have His Heart!”

Classic silly girl line, but does it really matter if you’re still sharing him?


“He Comes Home to Me Every Night!”

Yeah, him and all his diseases too.

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“Keep Trying, But You Could Never Take Him Away From Me”

If you have to fight for “your” man, should you really want to be with him?


“I Have His Kid(s), What You Got?”

In this day and age, having someone’s child doesn’t have to mean your relationship is going to be taken to the next level. No commitment? No ring? Not even some honesty? No good.


“If I Wanted To, I Could Take Your Man From You”

Basic benchwarmer jab. But calm down, honey. If a woman could take your man from you, she would have done so already. Therefore, tell her to take several seats with the rest of the silly rabbits.

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“He Told Me I Do It Way Better Than You”

Right, but he’s still jumping in bed with the next chick.


“I’m His Main Girl, You’re Just a Side Chick”

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” – Luke 23:34

No matter what, you’re still not number one!


“You Kissed My Man? How Do I Taste?”

Now that’s just nasty. And pretty sad too.


“Oh, He Introduced You to His Boys? I Met His Whole Family.”

That doesn’t mean that his brother, his cousins, his sister and more don’t know that he’s sharing his goods with any other girl with a pulse…


“I’m NEVER leaving!”

This one has to be the most pathetic of them all. So your man can step out on you, bring you back a child from another woman, give you every disease in the book, and you’ll never walk away? Oh. Okay. Ride or die, indeed.

Ladies, we have to do better!


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  • women

    Women are useless.

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  • Marina Calis

    if a woman said these things to me she is a tramp! Secondly….I would be packing old dude’s bags and getting him out the door fast….because I don’t believe she would be saying these things for no reason.Of course women lie….but it could also mean he is stepping out on you….

  • neka

    the crazy thing is who wants to be number 1 I want to be the only one. this article was on point I see this crap constantly on Facebook

  • Renae

    this article was good but next could you do one on things the side piece says ” if you was taking care of him at home he wouldn’t have come to me” LOL!

  • FromUR2UB

    Got some pretty good guffaws on these.
    How about the Shirley Brown lines, in ‘Woman to Woman’:
    “…the man you’re in love with, he’s mine, from the top of his head, to the bottom of his feet…the bed he sleeps in and every piece of food he eats…you see, I make it possible…the clothes on his back, I buy them…the car he drives, I pay the note every month..”
    By the time she finished saying all that, she should have thought: Hell! He’s a handful. You take him!

    • CarmenJones

      Or even better
      ” I’ve been in that bed with him, helped him eat the food you cook, removed the clothes you brought, and was taken home in ur car when I was finished with him”

      I hate women fighting and insulting each other over dirty dogs.

  • clwa0303

    Or the worst of all “I’m his wife you’re just his mistess”……..

    • clwa0303


  • Benita Marie Hannah

    Don’t forget “I was here before you and I’ll be here after you”

    • yeppers

      i know thats right or the “HE comes home to me” well DUH!!! he cant stay ova here!!

    • beverlyholly85

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    • CarmenJones

      And the side chick replies
      “That’s the plan dummy, I’m just borrowing him”