10 Things You Need To Know When Dating A Jamaican Man

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Before we go any further let me say a few things. No, I’ve never dated a Jamaican man. And no, I’m not even from Jamaica. So what is this Yankee girl going to tell you about dating a Jamaican. Well, my grandparents, aunts and uncles are Jamaican. I’ve spent a lot of time around people of that culture to learn a thing or ten. And in my short life, there are few things I’ve picked up when it comes to relationship dynamics. So if you’re thinking about dating a Jamaican man or you just want to be entertained for the next couple of slides, let’s dive in.

Don't Believe the Hype

Don’t Believe the Hype

Before we get down to the nitty, gritty can we just agree that not all Jamaican men, or all men in general for that matter, are the same. Just as soon as you think you have a group of people pegged, that’s when someone will flip it on you. It’s no secret that Jamaican men don’t have the best reputation when it comes to dating. Rumor has it that they’re misogynistic, controlling and philanderers. But let’s be real, what ethnic group of men can we not say that about? Just like anybody else there are the good and the bad. Do I know Jamaican men who have treated their women with little to no respect? Yup. A few of them are in my family. But I also know Jamaican men, both inside and outside of my family, who treat their partners like queens. They’ve sacrificed to make life better for their wives and their children. How a man treats a woman has very little to do with his country of origin and more about how he was taught to treat women by the men and even women who raised him.

Keep Fast Food to a Minimum

Keep Fast Food to a Minimum

You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And in the case of the Jamaican man, that food needs to come from your stove, oven. Bringing home a greasy bag of something is not quite going to cut it. You may be able to get away with it every once in a while but after a minute…you’re bound to catch some resistance.

He Won't Go Down

He Won’t Go Down

While it’s generally assumed that American men lick it before they stick it, that’s not something Jamaican men do. Well, let’s be real. Most of them  probably do it but it’s not something they’ll admit to in public.

The Jobs

The Jobs

I know you’ve heard the rumor about Jamaicans have 15 jobs at a time. It’s a stereotype sure, but one that has some truth to it. Whether your man has three jobs, or just one, more times than not he’ll have a pretty impressive work ethic.

Family First

Family First

In American culture, women think their relationship has reached some type of serious plateau once their man brings her around the family. That might not be so much of the case when you’re dating a Jamaican man. Not that he won’t take you to meet his family. He will. It just might not mean all that much. Thing is family gatherings tend to be a very important part of social life. Somebody’s cousin, aunt or something is always having a party. And you may very well be invited. But that doesn’t mean he’s bringing you because you’re his number one. It may just mean you were invited to that particular party. And another young lady may show up at the next one. And since he’s so close to his family, don’t be surprised if his mother’s opinion holds more weight than you’re accustomed to.

What that mouth do?

What that mouth do?

If you’re a bit prudish when it comes to discussing matters of sexuality, openly…like in front of those family members we just mentioned, this Jamaican man may not be for you. Somehow, some way sex always comes up in conversation. When I first moved to New York, I lived with a Jamaican/Trinidadian family. And like I said, the family was close, the daughter who had just gotten married, lived next door to her mother and father. One night, the wife, (the daughter), jokingly said to the husband, I was a virgin when we got married. And the husband’s response was: “Yeah right, of your mouth.” They had this conversation in front of a car full of people and it was funny. But the American side of me knew there were people who would cringe at such a “crass” conversation. Another time, my male cousin came out of the bathroom holding his pants up around his waist because he didn’t have a belt. And my grandmother looked at him and asked, “Is what you holding heavy?” In other words, it goes down. Prepare yourself.

That infidelity thing...

That infidelity thing…

I can’t be completely honest about this subject without addressing the notion that Jamaican men just can’t seem to keep it at home. I’ve asked the women on my Jamaican side of the family  if they believe it’s true that women just accept that their men are going to cheat. They assured me that it’s not something Jamaican women accept; but they can’t stop a man from doing what he’s going to do, if he’s going to do it. They can only decide what they’re going to do in response to his infidelity.  I don’t know if I can honestly say that Jamaican men are more unfaithful than any other type of man out here. Who knows? But my “auntie” was right, you can’t stop a grown man from stepping out. But you can decide whether or not you’re going to accept it.

He may be homophobic

He may be homophobic

Obtaining and then asserting your masculinity is often of supreme importance to Jamaican men–like many men, really. And unfortunately, “being masculine” often means distancing and denouncing anything that appears homosexual. If you hear your man refer to another as a “batty man.” It doesn’t mean he thinks he’s crazy. Sadly there are too many reggae songs that perpetuate this type of hate. Damian Marley, obviously one of the biggest name in reggae rationalized the homophobic lyrics in many reggae songs by saying when they say they’re going to burn gays, it doesn’t mean literally but that they’re going to be burned in an eternal fire…So he basically believes, and makes music stating that gays are going to burn in hell. Naturally, all men don’t believe this, but it’s a prevalent sentiment.

Keep Your Guard Up-- He's Smooth

Keep Your Guard Up– He’s Smooth

It’s not just the accent that will get ya. It also has a lot to do with his words and the way he strings them together to woo you. Be careful and don’t get caught up in a trick bag.

The Sex

The Sex

This one is strictly speculation, buuuut rumor has it Jamaican men put it down, do their thang, flip it and reverse it in the bedroom. Like I said, I wouldn’t know. But if the daggering we see in the dancehall videos is any indication, looks like you may be in for a workout. But again, I wouldn’t know…

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  • Nunya Beezwax

    I see there are a lot of butt hurt jamaican people in this comment section who don’t want to be honest about their own people. Maybe that is part of the problem. I am Jamaican but I am not going to lie on behalf of my people. Jamaican men in general are almost always aggressive sexually and physically. AA men at least have higher standards of behavior because of the American ideal codes of conduct the country in general has even though they may not follow it anyway. But there is definitely public shame on a AA man when he behaves in a stereotypical way. However in Jamaica people may say things here and there but men in general can display bad behavior and this is just accepted as the way things are. Very misogynistic too. At least in America there are many feminists quick to call out that behavior but in Jamaica they just live with it or ignore it.
    The rape of young girls and general mistreatment of women is also a bad problem that is rarely punished.
    And a lot of these men keep more than one woman even if they have been really good at hiding that from their women. Oh, and they also LOVE to use a woman, have her pay his bills and when she wises up move to the next unsuspecting fool.
    Its all very sad.

  • Massie

    I don’t really care for the Jamaicans and their culture. The more I see of them the more ghetto, disruptive and b.s. they are. A lot of them are rude, bossy and the men have TERRIBLE treatment towards females. On the other hand? The females are so rude and obnoxious it’s a wonder why any men would DATE them in the first place!

    Free-loaders half of them. The other half take-overs. These lazy bums just want the benefits that AA men have. I wish the black communities would open their eyes and tell these bungaloo island rats to shut up and get out.

  • Bee Happy

    Please inform yourself and ead the statistics of actual birth records and what can be assessed from records as many live far off the grid and no ID at all and getting worse. The average Jamaican Man has a MINIMUM of 3 baby mothers. These are facts from birth records in hospitals. I am speaking of Jamaicans not foreigners living in Jamaica. People dont marry often and there is much child rape that goes on every where and in every parish as it is not prosecuted often at all and not encouraged to come forward either. I am a Jamaican but it is sad to see what goes on and why many of us leave our country.

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  • S

    I am an American woman dating a jamaican man…he’s beautiful. He’s kind…until he’s drinking. He comes from a good home a strict household and wants three babies at least from me. The sex is amazing…but he’s almost too proud of it. He has plenty of opportunities to be unfaithful but there is no way I’d ever know. He is kind to my child and can’t wait to show me how a “real man” treats one, he is a challenge but I love him…thoughts?

    • mizz new money 2u

      Marriage before babies

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  • Kanna

    Thank God in the Mighty Heavens I’ve met a wonderful, educated Jamaican man who shares love with me. I, for years disregarded Caribbean men because I did not believe we could overcome the cultural differences-I am Black American. I am so happy with my guy who is gentile,kind and oh so sweet to me. Just take time to understand one another-love is a wonderful thing-don’t block your blessings with rumor and myths. Just be yourself and be able to walk away if things are not right.

  • UKnowNoting

    I should not even be on this site but I found it by mistake. So lets break it down about Jamaican man.

    First of all; you sleep with a Jamaican man the first night you meet him. You will never get his respect and don’t think the second, third, or fourth date works either.

    Secondly; if you meet someone in certain situations and surroundings then you know what you are buying

    Thirdly; you don’t have a clue about Jamaican family structures. The Jamaican family is a large extended unit. And about taking care of their children, “do some research”. And for the baby mama thing; a lot of Jamaican men in the past had kids young and if you are the one to fall in that trap then you get the crop shoot but when he is older nothing comes before his kids and family.

    Fourthly; something to think about AA women is less like to get married because their men cannot stay out of jails or use the opportunities they have to educate themselves. And did you know that AA in general have a lower literacy rate than Jamaicans and other third world countries. That is shameful because education is cheap and more available in the US.

    Finally; please stop picking up Jamaican men in the clubs and on the corner.

  • Jasmine23

    I’m dating a Jamaican guy, been together for almost 3 years! Treats me like a queen, and you’re right about the sex! I’ve lost 40 pounds since we’ve been together! A combination of healthy eating (again you’re right about the fast food – Jamaicans love healthy natural food like meat, fruit and veg) and the workouts in the bedroom! The only negative when we first got together I wasn’t used to his ‘size’ and how hard/intense Jamaican guys go!, he seemed to get off on it a little when i was in pain, but he has learned quickly to back off if I say ‘ow’ and I’m much more used to him now anyway! Basicially don’t tar everyone with the same brush! Jamaican guys hear lots of negative stereotypes about non-Jamaican girls too but people are people no matter what country they are from, you just have to find the right one!

  • Shamrock

    I like this article and i’m Jamaican. All you ladies out there that believe that all men cheat, they all dont. I’m 23 and never cheated. I dont know much about AA men but i believe this article is quite accurate… for me at least. Great Article!

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  • Ms. G

    This article is CLEARLY written by someone who is accepting of stereotypes. I’ve not only dated Jamaican men, I’m married to one for over 8 yrs and have 3 kids with him. Every culture is different just like every man is different. Some generalizations can be made about them, but it doesn’t hold true for all. My husband’s friends from back in JA are way different than he is, but people can and do change. When we dated he took me home to meet for a wedding in his fam- EVERYONE assumed I was his wife… which to me was not a good thing because I wasn’t sure he was the one and I didn’t know that was his tradition when I agreed and went… but some of them believe in only bringing home a woman if he plans to marry her, as my husband and some others I know do.- which meant I was the only one he brought to the house ( yes they knew of his exs, but he never brought them over). This ended up being a good thing because I wasn’t compared to anyone else. Maybe mine just was taught better than the rest by his mom- because his dad is a cheating, lying manipulator… maybe I lucked out- but either way- if your man is any of the negative things stated that you don’t like… JA or AA or any race- perhaps you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself what does that say about you for accepting or staying… and if that’s not what you want then you need to leave.

  • Fiasco

    If the writer, “wouldn’t know” show did she decide to write this drivel? Jamaican men are cool but if u act a whour, they treat you like a heaux.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    I love my jamaican kings & yes thet do bow : )

  • cosmocray

    I cant even read the article

  • sistaB

    I’m Jamaican so I can speak about Jamaican men. Let me say that there are some wonderful ones but the horrible ones are plentiful. They curse and beat women a lot; both the lesser educated and the well-educated ones. I’ve witnessed some of these beatings when they take it to the streets. They probably won’t try this in America where the law is stricter against it.

    They cheat a lot. Many have multiple baby mamas.Bob Marley is a perfect example of this. They’re rarely faithful. Even getting older doesn’t change this behavior as I know of some in their 40 & 50s who are still cheaters. Chances are a Jamaican man will cheat on you! They believe it’s their God-given right to have many women.

    Many of them are mean (with money). They’re generally not the type to buy you flowers and candy w/out it being a special occasion. They’ll give you excuses as to why they can’t buy you something nice or pay a bill here and there. Just remember that there are many children in Jamaica whose fathers do NOT support them financially.

    Many still think that you should do the bulk of the house chores even when you work as many hours as they do.

    I can only speak from my own experience when I say that only 1 of my Jamaican boyfriends really impressed me in bed. He was an athlete so that may explain why he had such amazing stamina.

    I’m here in the U.S now and myself and some other Jamaican women I know no longer date Jamaican men. We got tired of their immaturity and unfaithful/disrespectful ways.

  • top_flight

    my ex-gf dated a Jamaican before me. she said during sex, he used to dive off the dresser on that a$$

  • amelia

    I would bother with.them they are a waste of time only.good for one thing

  • Yvette

    I’m AA and recently ended a relationship with a Jamaican because he started asking me for gifts and money. I told him to go run that game on someone of a “fairer” complexion, I was not the one!

    • madashell

      Is it true what I hear about Jamaican men? Is it true that Jamaican men like to have sex with under age girls? Is it true that the family sleeps with each other and incest is prevalent in the Jamaican culture? Is it true that they sleep with their Wives daughters and their under age friends? Is it true that they are sex addicts? Is it true that they are smooth talking and deceitful, when you, an AA, college educated, respectful, faithful, loving, devoted woman is out working hard to provide for him, he who just arrived in America, with little or nothing, petitioned for his residency, brings an under age Haitian woman into your bed, and when you arrive at home he greets you with a smile and grin, all the while deceiving you? Is it true that when you have young daughters and nieces in your home, that when you turn your back he will try to sweet talk them into bed? Is it true that they are liars? Is it true that most of them like to find women with good jobs so they can leech off her? Is it true that they don’t like to have a regular 9 to 5, and would rather have an occupation that allows them a lot of free time to play and cheat? Is it true most are a mama’s boys who can’t make one adult decision without her irradict advise? Is it true that they are selfish, arrogant, self centered, and only think of themselves? Is it true that the are controlling, and beat and choke their women? is it true? is it true that when they have had their fill they will turn their back on you and walk out after their done using you for what they can get out of you? I say YES INDEED!!!!

      • sistaB

        Many, if not most, of them are just the way you described them!There are a few good ones though. But I generally tell Jamaican wives not to swear for their Jamaican husbands unless they have a tracking device on them. Many Jamaican wives have had a rude awakening when they thought that their husbands were faithful. They then find out that he was cheating.

    • sistaB

      I believe you. i had one who wanted to borrow money and was very angry with me when I didn’t lend it to him. He went into my purse when I visited him in Jamaica and took out my U.S. dollar. he acted aggressive when I spoke to him about it. That was the end of that relationship for me. I’ve heard other Jamaican women complain about the same thing. It seems some Jamaican men have no pride and will readily ask a woman for money or try to take it from her.
      One that I knew from high school is here illegally and was acting as if I’m obligated to marry him so he can get a green card. I ran him away. Many Jamaican men think they’re special and better than women so we should give them anything they want from us. Many women in Jamaica fight other women over them so that helps them to feel special.

  • johnfpetr

    Caribbean male here from the US Virgin Islands, both parents from St. Lucia West Indies. Almost every part of this article explained my St Lucian Dad to the tee. My dad has a very charming and very convincing personality. He is head strong will not back down to no one. Both my parents had kids before they met each other and had kids together. I remember growing up always hearing my dad saying “he will never take advice from a woman”, obviously this comment meant he didnt fully respect my mom in my opinion. Alot of Caribbean men I know feel the same way, dont why but they do.

  • Anonymous

    This list is so stupid. I’m not even going to go through the trouble of pointing out all the stupidity in it.

  • Ifuaskme2

    As a born and raised West Indian I can emphatically declare that this is the most ignorant list from MN I’ve EVER read.

  • Trininty

    What a dumb stereotypical article. I’m married to a Jamaican man have been for 9 years. Some parts of the article are true and some parts are not. There are some things that culturally “MOST” Jamaicans do. Other things are solely based on their upbringing as with anybody else. My husband loves his family, takes care of the home provides and protects (no different than my 6 AA brothers). The bedroom part is just tacky and going too far for my liking. If you want to date someone get to know them for who they are. Don’t rely on what a dumb article or some stupid rubbish you heard someone else say.

  • Yasmeen

    I’m half Jamaican, and for the first time I’m dating a Jamaican man. Usually they are too short for me. But this one is pretty tall and modern. My father is Jamaican, and so are most of his friends. I am quite scared to date Jamaican men, because I know so much. They can be very devoted to one woman in their life, but they still will sleep with and shack up with other women and may have kids with the other woman too- but they will not be treated like the wife. That’s pretty much a fact. They are the worst kind of romantics – if they aren’t feeling a fire, they want to leave and turn up the fire again and again and never end any relationship. So lots of women pining away…. As for work ethic and taking care of family – its true. They really don’t need a woman – they are independent and loyal to their male friends and yes, they are quick to whip up a meal from scratch. They don’t expect a woman to cook for them. If a woman does cook, they will treat your home like a fast food restaurant and stop by for food and keep moving – it won’t keep them home! If you see them with female friends, those women are either their side chicks or a friend’s side chick. They don’t believe in leaving no stone unturned so yes, be suspicious. So I’m dating one, and on paper he does make money, he does know how to dress, and he does drive the nice whip. But he has an attitude that he is a hot commodity – and he’s probably right. Its intriguiing but I’m very cautious – I know too many Jamaican men.

  • HaitianlADY

    They should do another article on tips on dating a Haitian man I am interested to see that list being that I am a Haitian girl lol

  • Justine

    Jamaican men are losers! You couldn’t pay me to date one. They remind me of… oh never mind. That’s too harsh.. but yeah, they’re lame.

    • sistaB

      I’m Jamaican and I now live in America. I agree with you but I would say that most of them are losers, not all of them. Education, proper upbringing and church rescued some of them from being extremely aggressive, selfish, mean and backward in their views of women.

  • Bits

    1st if you were born here (America) but the majority of your family was born/came from the island and migrated here then you are technically (on paper) American and culturally (Jamaican or whatever west indian country your family is from). You were still raised with those cultural values just instead of being there you were here. 2nd all of these people on here saying that Jamaican men basically sound like Black American men you must be out of your dat blame mind! There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in dating west indian men as opposed to dating American men. If you are a submissive/docile woman then you will have no problem with West Indian men.

    • Bits

      Like someone earlier said their culture dictates that the man is on top and should always be in control. This doesn’t fly well usually with Black American women because we are raised to believe that men and women are equal. The homophobia thing is so true. I dated a few West Indian men and their behavior in public whenever we would come across gay people was embarrassing. The whole talking about sex thing in front of the family is also a no no when it comes to Black American men. Its a form of disrespect if this is done (especially if we’re talking about in front of a BA’s mother). And the fast food thing is true too.

      • Bits

        The west indian guys I dated acted like fast food was the poison of the earth and always tried to insist that i ‘cook up sumting’ (mind you they weren’t willing to do a thing in the kitchen which i think is romantic when a couple cooks together but oh well). BA men don’t mind as long as the food is good. West Indian men don’t go downtown and if you finally persuade them to do so its wack because they have hardly no experience doing it. I’ll stick with my American men…but thanks for the info!

  • God is My Mojo

    I’m Caribbean American and dated my first and last Jamaican-American man. We lasted a strong 10 months but he was the most selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, misogynistic prick in addition to being a ragamuffin entitled bumb. Sexualy we got it IN; cause he’s holding but otherwise…completely useless. Can’t stand an entitled man and if you’re going to be bossy and controlling you’d better be able to provide and protect. Life is too short for someone to treat you like a piece of property.

    • sistaB

      Yes, many Jamaican men can be very aggressive. They come out of a violent culture. The crime rate is high in Jamaica. Their murder rate specifically has been one of the highest in the world consistently for decades now. They grow up seeing a lot of violence in Jamaica and many (not all) become comfortable with it and practice it themselves.

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  • Kath

    Re homo.. lies, adultery and fornication will cause you to burn in hell as well. Am not even a christian, but several persons want to believe that everything else will cause you to go to the devil’s hell, except fornication. You wish..

  • IG: Taneeka2012

    I agree that most, if not all, of these statements apply to most Caribbean men in general. (Can’t speak for everyone though. I just observed this from the ones I’m around)

  • Marie

    I am a Jamaican woman. Some of
    these are accurate. The home cooked food is true, the homophobia is true, the
    family bond is true. The cheating and the sex, like in every culture vary from
    man to man. The work ethic is questionable; quite a few are wutless (worthless)
    when it comes to ambition and putting their ambition to work. But some do work
    hard. Everything is relative.

  • TiteyWhitey

    Interesting take. Every Jamaican man I’ve known treated their woman like a queen! The one “island” man, as he called himself, I was with was none of the negative aspects listed above. He worked hard, loved hard, and put it straight DOWN in the bedroom.

  • Virgo

    I love Jamaican men. The sex is great… They do play games as far as being faithful goes. If you’re just looking to have a “good time” then being with a Jamaican man would be perfect.

  • buoyant

    i am currently dating a guy from JA and yes the going down part is right on, he said he is willing to try it tho. we have not had sexx yet. He is very ambitious, great great guy. I am also West Indian

  • RealChicks

    They’re also likely to be uncircumsized.

    • Bits


    • CC

      VERY TRUE, my ex husband (who, is Jamaican) was he11-bent on not getting our son circumcised because he wasn’t lol. I wasn’t having it though. Too many health issues!!!

  • Beautynsoul19

    Sounds like a Haitian man! They all the same. It’s an Island thing! But generally men will be men

  • Born Jamerican

    My dad was Jamaican RIP. He and my uncles, cousins, etc. are all decent, hardworking, faithful men. You will find princes and cads in any group. The best thing about dating Jamaican men is when they hold you in their arms and sway to a nice lover’s rock groove. Some Beres or Dennis or Gregory. If you don’t understand that last sentence, find a Jamaican man you’re attracted to and tell him to take you out dancing. Get your drink on while the dancehall is playing. Start dancing when the love songs start playing. You will feel adored and loved. The rest is up to you… Irie!

  • Mani

    My ex is Jamaican and he gives the best “head” ever!!!! Ooohaa I get chills talking about it. Other than that everything is pretty much true about Jamaican men.

  • leilani

    You”‘re on point especially with number one. These apply to most Caribbean man. For the record, homosexuality is tolerated by mostly Europeans and Americans. It is frown upon a better part of the world.

  • CC

    Only half of this has some truth to it. That half that is true is that of an undisciplined man with low self-esteem.

  • Queenie Bee

    I was confused when you say you are not Jamaican but your grandfather, aunts and uncles are. If your family’s Jamaican, that makes you Jamaican descent, doesn’t it? Just because I was born in the US, that to me makes me American born. But my culture, worldview, food, style is Haitian…even people of Cuban decent who never even visited Cuba say they’re Cuban…but I guess everyone is entitled to define themselves…

    • vwells1

      No, no. I said I’m not from Jamaica. Trust and believe I rep my Jamaicaness proudly.

      • African

        Kuddos to u. Only if AA can rep their Africaness proudly too, it will be good progress to the black race, economically, socially n politically.

  • Marina Calis

    I agree with the post below….Jamaican men sound like AA men and to me that’s a turn off! They also sound a bit selfish…but at least their not as bad as haitian men who are full of it.

  • Cliff

    They also have lots of kids and don’t mind them… oops

  • undefined

    Very arrogant men!

  • NunyaDB216

    Umm, this sounds like ALL men to me…

  • Marie

    You got most points right I am Barbadian and was involved with a Jamaican man for about five years and he is a good man I will always love him even though we have parted ways and married to other people . You are dead on with the going down thing cause when we first met that was one of the first things he told me he would never do well let’s just say I could not get this man come up for air lol.

  • Barbara Codner

    I’m a Jamerican & I’ve never dated a Jamaican man. West Indian men in general don’t do it for me. I tried it (Jamerican & Haitian) but they’re just not my thing.

  • Trisha_B

    Change out the word “Jamaica” & “Jamaican,” & put in America & African-American, & it will be the same tune. probably minus the job thing & the not going down part lol. I was born in the states, but both my parents are Jamaican. I haven’t dated a jamaican, but this list really relates to the black american men i’ve dated lol.

    **Oh & just b/c some Jamaicans don’t agree w/ the homosexual lifestyle, doesn’t mean they are homophobic. A phobia is a strong fear of something. They aren’t afraid of the gays like you’ll have a phobia of water or spiders. They just don’t agree w/ it. There’s a difference!

    • Rubel

      Lol, I’m not afraid of gays, I just don’t like them. Next time someone calls me a homophoeb…

  • Nathalie

    why, oh why, does the madamenoire editorial staff insist on perpetuating idiotic stereotypes?

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    i’ve dated jamaican men here & back home….it’s funny cause all men will be men…but that whole won’t go down thing is false…FALSE!…i love them all.

  • akwgreenzbk

    I’ve been in two different long term relationships with jamaican men and they both loved to lick the kitty so yeah. Idk if they just like to do it or just liked to do it to me lol. I’d like to think it’s the second one. Hehehaha.

    They also were both cancers…weird.

  • Da one

    This article is all sorts of wrong all men are the same with the exception of a certain few

  • Erinn Corrine

    I ended a relationship with a Jamaican man this past February, he was pretty cool until my eyes got opened and realized I’ve been in a controlling relationship all along. You may ask how the hell I didn’t know but it’s the way he did it, he basically had me thinking it’s because he really loved me and can’t live without me and had to know my every step. He was a master manipulator and always made things about himself and that mouth of his was the final straw. He literally told me I was “full of s**t” for asking for a v-day gift as if I didn’t have the right to ask after 2 years of dating. I’m not saying that’s all Jamaican men but that was one of them.

    • AndWhat

      Sounds like you were dating a raggamuffin (bum). A bum of any culture will treat you like ish if you let them. However, there are some that are abusive but again I don’t see how this is different from AA men.

    • Transitioning

      I agree, I too was in a controlled relationship and didn’t realize it. Me of all people… wow how did that happen? I realized he had a way a twisting my words and making things seem total opposite of the reality until one day I said wait a damn minute, oh heck no! Nice gifts & trips but there was something just not quite right. But lesson learned… thankfully

    • Kelli Schultz

      I left one that didn’t think my mom dying was a big deal.

      • Aliy Mc

        Sounds like my ex and he was from london. Glad you got out of that!

      • Erinn Corrine

        Sorry for your loss. Glad you left, he was selfish.

        • Kelli Schultz

          Big time, that’s exactly what I said, and I’m the least selfish person there is.

  • Tammi

    Don’t make them mad…..they will beat the hell out of you….That is why I don’t mess with them foreigners….

    • SANDRA

      lol . Some AA men can also beat the hell out of you !!!

      • Kay

        And man can beat the hell outta you. Y’all are special.

      • kbryan1

        Sandra nobody give licks like them AA

    • Dee

      foreigners? Oh, you must be Native American. My bad.

      • Kelli Schultz

        I hope u didn’t mean that as a criticism of Native Americans. I’m Cherokee, so I had to ask. Natives in general are NOT women beaters.

  • nickibaby

    Love my Jamaican man dem faults and all.

    • Love dem

      Me too nah lef dem out

  • yZ

    Really really really

  • maximilion

    Jamaican men for the most part have a distinct lack of respect for women,just listen the music-can be quite agressive with prone moods and high tempers,very charming,dont have a high regard for marriage and believe in keeping more then one women,not to forget the many baby mothers,apart from this they are fine.

    • Dhanha

      Very entertaining article. I have talked to Jamaican men and women who have told me mostly about the negative aspects of a Jamaican man. I love Jamaican men but I always knew I would probably have a fling or just a one night stand. Sad but true.

      • maximilion

        Jamaican people are always pleasant if you are on the right side of them,But due to my own experiences I am unimpressed by the majority.If you want a Jamaican man for a fling/one night stand They are great for that.

    • AndWhat

      In West Indian culture, the man is respected above all and reigns supreme as in the majority of societies around the world. Americans are the ones that have themselves all confused about who should lead. However, the disrespect is about what you allow. I’ve met many Jamaicans / West Indian men who were the sweetest you could meet (i.e. not disrespectful at all). In Caribbean music, the woman is not destroyed and denigrated as in Hip Hop so that makes no sense. I, personally, have never heard a reggae song where a woman was called a botch. If it exist, it is NOT the norm. They are charming. What man has a high regard for marriage? A woman has to require marriage. That’s your job. Men of all cultures cheat. Again, a woman has to require fidelity but at the end of the day, if he cheats you decide how to respond. Are you saying Jamaicans are more likely to have baby mamas than AA?

      • maximilion

        There is no respect issue with men in the caribbean then what is expected within the American black culture,its more or less the same-but in African culture there is that issue of respecting the man etc..we don’t have this in the Caribbean,
        Just because Carribean music doesn’t call out slurs,it still insults women by labelling them as a piece of meat in a offensive sexual way,ie..talk broadly about woman’s vagina and not much else is disrespectful.

        • KeepingItRealForYa

          Your comment about music is sort of ignorant and is akin to saying all Black [American] music degrades women. You need to expand your musical horizons.

          They Carribean music your talking about is relatively new and became mainstream after modern hip-hop.

      • Kath

        They use ‘gyal’ instead. Different words, same meaning. And forgive me, but what gives a man the right to lead? His organ? Well, lets hear it for the dildos then.

        • Dee


        • Soffy Peart

          “Gyal” is Patois for girl. The use of the word isn’t disrespectful, it’s the context that makes it disrespectful (like every other word in the English language). For example, we say “two gyal and two bwoy” Translation: “two girls and two boys”. No disrespect there.

        • kbryan1

          There are a whole lot more Jamaican men that dont use the word gyal than those that do.

          • cristiana21

            Erm, no. I’ve NOT once heard a Jamaican man call a woman a bitch, in the sense american men do. If a Jamaican man calls a woman a bitch, it’s because she’s a horrid and wicked woman. Generally, they won’t call a woman a bitch and refer to their women as their Queen or Empress, even the non rastas.

      • Veronica

        I’m pretty sure she was referring to dance hall music not reggae….Try listening to some vybz kartel, his lyrics are very aggressive and degrading towards women. And he’s not the only one. I was with a Jamaican man for 5 years…sorry to say, NEVER AGAIN.

    • Starrr

      Dated one briefly. That was my 1st and last. He scared the shht out of me. Too intense. It was a weird experience.

      • maximilion

        LOL,there not all that bad but I have seen and heard so many bad stuff about Jamaican guys,I choose not to date them anymore,friends-fine.

      • Soffy Peart

        LOL! If it’s hard to pick em in your own culture, it’s even harder to pick them outside of it.

    • Trisha_B

      You mean like AA music & men?

      • maximilion

        Yeah I think that while there are a lot of good black males ,black men are black men anywhere in the world no matter what nationality they are.
        Theres a saying,just because a pigs born in a barn doesnt mean its a horse lol

        • sistaB

          I think the average black man in America is more cultured than a Jamaican man. The AA will have some “First World” influence that may make him more progressive. Jamaica is Third World and many of the men (not all) are really semi-illiterate. The literacy rate is not high in Jamaica. The women are generally more educated than the men. I think the average AA has more progressive views than the average Jamaican man. You don’t want to date a Jamaican man who isn’t well-educated. They have some backward views and behavior.

          • Sean

            What Jamaicans are you talking about? Third world and illiterate? With a so call third world education Jamaica’s literacy rate is 86% while America’s rate is 84%, Jamaicans are some of the most inteligent people in the world so get that one right.

            • dialogue1

              When you look at the world report, they measured Jamaica’s literacy rate by those who have attended school not by those who actually can read and write. I know for sure that many get “pushed through the school system” and graduate w/out being functionally literate. I can attest to this as a student, a teacher and as someone who knows many educators in Jamaica.

              I would not say that the average Jamaican is highly intelligent. Don’t let the well-educated circle that you may mingle in deceive you into thinking the average Jamaican is highly intelligent. This is why it’s so easy for the politicians to “fool up” most Jamaicans b/c they don’t have critical thinking skills to see through the leaders and demand better from them.

              • Sean

                How is this any different from the US, what is the literacy rate in the US, or more comparative among blacks in the US that are not first, second or even third generation immigrants.. Do, not compare Jamaica to other colonial countries. Also, do not mistake experience with formal education.

                • dialogue1

                  I stand by my original statement that you first responded to. The African American male is raised in a First World society and that impacts some of his behavior and thinking. He has stricter laws in America and there are more means to enforce these laws. For example: Many Jamaican men got away with impregnating underage girls w/out prosecution but the AA men don’t readily get away with this so they’re less likely to have done this as they know there’s a high chance of getting locked up for it.

                  • OGC

                    So by your logic an AA man is more educated as a result of their recognition of the punishment if they break the law? what an ignoramus you are. And where do you get off never sitting in one high school class in Jamaica but some SO CALLED teacher informed you about Jamaican literacy?Dont let the dialect fool you b***h, since thats how your AA men endearingly address you, more than 90% of Jamaicans are extremely literate.Have you seen Walmart as (example) BLACK AA WORKFORCE AND HEAR THEM TALK?

                    • dialogue1

                      There’s no need for demeaning name-calling. Try to rise above that mediocre level.
                      It makes for a better society when laws are obeyed more.
                      You don’t know anything personally about me yet you jumped to some conclusions. I was born and raised in Jamaica so I KNOW what I’m talking about. Most Jamaicans attend school but most are not functionally literate. There’s a difference between attending school and actually knowing how to read/write/comprehend well.

                      I left Jamaica b/c I no longer wanted to live among the many brutal & lawless males there. I was robbed multiple times, I witnessed many robberies, I had to fight off rapists from an early age and one guy even threatened to cut my throat. My family also experienced robberies and threats to harm them.

                      I’ve been in America for almost 20 yrs now and no AA has ever harmed or threatened to harm me. I don’t have bars on my windows and none has attempted to break into my home. In Jamaica you have to put bars even on your upstairs windows b/c of the high crime rate. Just remember that America’s crime rate is less than Jamaica’s even in the big cities here. That alone tells you how the Jamaican male wreaks more havoc on society than the AA does here.
                      I speak the truth and I don’t care who can’t handle it. I’m elated to no longer live among Jamaican males as too many are just horrible.

              • UKnowNoting

                AA is less intelligent and educated than the average US citizen

                I should not even be on this site but I found it by mistake. So lets break it down about Jamaican man.

                First of all; you sleep with a Jamaican man the first night you meet him. You will never get his respect and don’t think the second, third, or fourth date works either.

                Secondly; if you meet someone in certain situations and surroundings then you know what you are buying

                Thirdly; you don’t have a clue about Jamaican family structures. The Jamaican family is a large extended unit. And about taking care of their children do some research. And for the baby mama thing; a lot of Jamaican men in the past had kids young and if you are the one to fall in that trap then you get the crop shoot but when he is older nothing comes before his kids and family.

                Fourthly; something to think about AA women is less like to get married because their men cannot stay out of jails or use the opportunities they have to educate themselves. And did you know that AA in general have a lower literacy rate than Jamaicans and other third world countries. That is shameful because education is cheap and more available in the US.

                Finally; please stop picking up Jamaican men in the clubs and on the corner.

          • UKnowNoting

            I should not even be on this site but I found it by mistake. So lets break it down about Jamaican man.

            First of all; you sleep with a Jamaican man the first night you meet him. You will never get his respect and don’t think the second, third, or fourth date works either.

            Secondly; if you meet someone in certain situations and surroundings then you know what you are buying

            Thirdly; you don’t have a clue about Jamaican family structures. The Jamaican family is a large extended unit. And about taking care of their children, “do some research”. And for the baby mama thing; a lot of Jamaican men in the past had kids young and if you are the one to fall in that trap then you get the crop shoot but when he is older nothing comes before his kids and family.

            Fourthly; something to think about AA women is less like to get married because their men cannot stay out of jails or use the opportunities they have to educate themselves. And did you know that AA in general have a lower literacy rate than Jamaicans and other third world countries. That is shameful because education is cheap and more available in the US.

            Finally; please stop picking up Jamaican men in the clubs and on the corner.

            • dialogue1

              You too are confusing going to school with actually being functionally literate. I already explained the difference in my previous comment so I won’t belabor that point any further.
              I also pointed out too that I was born and raised in Jamaica so I KNOW what I’m talking about.

              Concerning your point about many AA being in jail, I will say that many have been found to be innocent many years later. The racial injustice here has landed many innocent AA in jail.
              Many more men in Jamaica should be in jail but they often get away with their crimes. The law in Jamaica doesn’t crack down on them hard enough. Many of them have gotten away with robberies, statutory rape/other sex crimes and even murder. I recently read that only a very small percentage of murders are solved in Jamaica despite the murder rate being so high. Let me reiterate that the murder rate in Jamaica is much higher than in America therefore Jamaican males are committing more murders per capita than the AA males.

              I don’t relate to Jamaican men here on any sexual/intimate basis. I mingle with them at work and church so I’m not picking them up. Don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know.
              I’m all about the truth so I’m not afraid to be honest about the average Jamaican male. The only way they’ll do better is if their faults are pointed out to them.

              • UKnowNoting

                I now realized that you don’t know the numbers game but lets break it down

                What you are talking about is the Jamaica of 20yrs ago and if you minus parts of Kingston, St Andrew, and St Catherine then you would have a different picture of Jamaica’s crime rate. Jamaica’s crime rate has decrease by 40% over the last 5years.

                Most real Jamaicans know this and they would not date some Jamaicans from some areas because of different socialization. Subculture within the larger culture. Did you know that Jamaica is made up of 14 parishes that have their own subculture within each of them that practice their own personal believes on every topic from family structures, religious beliefs, and even the role of women.!

                Maybe you need to visit my Jamaica and stop going to your Jamaica. Also in my Jamaica education is a very important aspect of life. I would love to take you to my Jamaica sometime.

                And for the record I am from eastern St Thomas and lived in Jamaica for the first 21 years of my life. Never withness a murder and the only rape case I withness the community did its part. He beg the cops to take him from them. He got 20yrs and last I heard he died in prison

    • Courtney Banks

      so in other words they’re just like american black men

      • maximilion

        Yes..big time,go out with one and you will see.

      • Anonymous

        No. They’re not. That’s the worst comparison anyone could ever make. I’m Jamaican, living in the US, and I dated a black American guy. NEVER AGAIN will I do something like that. Jamaican men and americans are very different, and personally I prefer Jamaicans.

    • Soffy

      I’m Jamaican, born and bred, and I agree with this article completely but this comment is wayy left.

      1. Jamaican men (and women for that matter) are very perceptive and we treat with respect who should be treated with respect. So if you show yourself to be a “skettell” (an easy woman, tramp, low standards etc.) then you’ll be treated like as such.

      2. As per the music, a LOT of Jamaican women love the dirty lyrics ( I don’t, but a lot of women DO because using their sexuality empowers them). Don’t a lot of American women like to “pop, lock and drop it?! Same thing.

      3. Jamaican men have a high regard for marriage and that’s why they don’t marry just anybody because we don’t believe in divorce. So, if a Jamaican man is sleeping with you for years ans there’s no talk of marriage – HE’S STILL LOOKING for the ONE.

      I’ve been happily married for 10 years and almost all my friends are married and enjoying their lives. None of our husbands came with children or “baby maddas”. Don’t confuse GHETTO culture with Jamaican culture. There are norms for both and they differ greatly.

      • Kath

        Re your no. 1, how about treating all with respect, regardless of attitude?

        • Soffy Peart

          Where in the world does that happen? This isn’t a utopia. Human beings are wired to assess stimuli and categorize them to make life easier. You, I’m sure are also guilty of this. It’s a human “trait”. If someone rapes your family member would you treat them with respect? I’m sure not. You don’t get to decide who and what sort of behaviours should be respected in another person’s culture.

      • maximilion

        NOT all ,just the ones I know and have heard,if I didn’t answer your question before.

    • Ayisha Carnival Queen

      Umm ok when you finish listening too JA music. Go listen to rap music and tell me do they have respect for women

    • Kath

      Same can be said about AA men. Black men seem to be at the top of the list with this. But idk, they can, because women facilitate this.

      • maximilion

        The away the nationalities-a black man is a black man regardless,some good some not so good lol.

    • kbryan1

      someone has been burned. Are Jamaican men that way, unlike men from other countries?

      • maximilion

        Its my own opinion/experiences and other peoples experiences…we all can’t be exaggerating-
        even Google search picks up on the amount of people asking the same question as the most asked question.

    • sistaB

      You are so right! I’m a Jamaican so I can back you up on that one. For the most part (as you said) they curse, beat and sexually harass women a lot. When I lived there up to the 90s, women/girls could hardly walk on the street w/out a man/boy saying something lewd to you or attempting to touch your butt.
      The vast majority of Jamaican men also believe that they’re entitled to have more than one woman. Few keep one woman at a time. Marriage doesn’t kill this belief either.
      They’re generally hardworking though.

  • kb

    Dunno, Jamaican men sound a lot like African American men… minus the 15 jobs thing

    • AndWhat

      I’m AA and love love love authentic Jamaican / West Indian men. In general, they are different from African Americans, UNLESS they were born and raised in the states. Although this article is pretty accurate, I prefer advice from someone who’s actually been there. On the sex topic, West Indian as a whole take pride in being talented in bed. AA men normally only care about their own knut. Oftentimes AA men have sex issues due to health problems. More often an older West Indian man can still get down. ijs

      • Southern Belle

        And where did you get your information about African American men? Girl,you need to fall back,because you’re clearly misinformed about African American me.

      • Ayisha Carnival Queen

        I’m sorry what? Your info is very wrong. I’m a West Indian dating an AA and he Is mind blowing in bed and a very good man. It has nothing to do with AA vs West Indian man it has to do with the individual

    • wandapayne34

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    • sistaB

      I think I prefer AA men over Jamaican men based on some observations since I migrated here from Jamaica.
      My niece’s dad in Jamaica never supported her. She stayed clear of Jamaican men in America and has a wonderful AA guy who takes care of their children. My sister was cheated on and lied to by her Jamaican guy here. He moved in and didn’t want to pay the bills. She now has an AA guy who is the opposite. My friend is getting a divorce b/c her Jamaican husband cheated and had a baby with another woman.

      AA men have their faults too but I think that they generally act more civilized/cultured than Jamaican men. Many Jamaican men act backward and stupid.

      • Love Jamaican Men

        All men cheat!!!! Good low dem more fih mi. I love Jamaican men they are right in between African men and AA men. I love a man that has some culture in him. No culture is no good. Southern AA men are comparable. I think they are a different breed. They have some culture. AA men I have seen in NY do not understand the role of man. They expect the woman to be the man in the relationship. There’s that lack of cohesiveness also. I really don’t believe a third generation Jamaican who’s never dated a Jamaican man and doesn’t consider herself Jamaican (smdh) is an expert on Jamaican men. She however may be an expert on AA men, since that’s what she is. Jamaican men have their faults just like men from any other culture. Nonetheless they are some of the most hardworking, loving, caring, versatile, and intelligent men one can find. Lastly (dem have use so till) there’s nothing this man cannot do.

        • sistaB

          There are some good Jamaican men who are hardworking,loving, caring and intelligent but you really can’t use those positive adjectives to describe most Jamaican men. The writer may not know anything much about Jamaican men but I do. I lived in Jamaica until my late 20s. I saw how aggressive most Jamaican men are. Women and girls are cursed, beaten and sexually assaulted a lot in Jamaica. There’s a lot of violence in Jamaica that’s perpetrated mainly by the men not the women. Another person who responded to this article mentioned how you can’t leave a young girl anywhere near most Jamaican men as they love to have sex with underage girls. That is very true! A doctor came forward last year and spoke about all the sexual abuse of young children that’s going on in Jamaica. It’s the men who are doing this.

          You can continue to view Jamaican men as being great but I know better. Only a handful of them are good men. Just look at all the fatherless children in Jamaica and all the violence and you’ll see that most Jamaican men are nothing to get excited over.

          • cristiana21

            It’s the norm in Jamaican culture for both husband and wife to physically fight each other, I know Jamaican women that have and will chase their Jamaican man down the street with a knife, while cussing him out. It’s nothing to us, we fight like hell, without seriously hurting or abusing one another, not like domestic violence! And the next day or even same night, it’s lovey dovey again. To Americans/British and none Jamaicans (not sure about other Caribbean countries), it’s something alarming and unusual. Just our culture is different

            • dialogue1

              In some cases it may not lead to physical harm but in many cases it does. As a child I attended a church located in innercity Kingston. I witnessed men cutting, punching, kicking, slapping women on the streets. When I attended college, I also saw college men hit their college girlfriends. I eventually taught for a short while in a school located off Spanish Town Road and I can tell you that the boys hit the girls a lot for the least little thing. The men in the surrounding neighborhood also hit the girls too as they’d come to school with facial bruises. I would overhear the boys saying that it was their male friends who hit the girls.
              I’m not sure what you consider to be “seriously hurting or abusing one another” but I can tell you that there’s a lot of male on female violence in Jamaica. Many, if not most, Jamaican men are misogynists and many will use violence to assert their manhood. I was even threatened twice when males on the streets touched me and I objected to it. Jamaicans like to hide the truth about certain things that go on in Jamaica. If that doctor didn’t reveal how many child sexual abuse cases she sees at her hospital, we wouldn’t know that child sexual abuse is so rampant in Jamaica.

        • SumthingLikeaMovie

          Woman cheat almost on the same level as men. Men tend to cheat because their woman is not doing what she is suppose to!