12 Months Of Fierceness: The Beyonce Calendar Is On Its Way!

October 7, 2013  |  


I could’ve sworn celebrity calendars went the way of Right On! magazine, but leave it to Beyonce to make something passe’ suddenly fierce.

According to US Weekly, the Beyonce Calendar, bringing you “12 months of fierceness,” is on it’s way — and just in time for the holidays.

Surprisingly, this is reportedly Queen Bey’s first venture into the calendar world, and from one of the sneak peek photos US got a hold of, she’s more than ready to dominate it like she does everything else.


In this centerfold shot, Mama Bey is touting up lots of bootay, looking like a risque pin-up girl from back in the day.

The great news for the Beyhive — aside from the fact that this calendar is happening — is that it’s available now. As of today, the calendar can be purchased on us.shop.beyonce.com for only $15. On next Tuesday, the 15th, the calendar will also be available in retail stores.

Who’s buying it?

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  • BoredAtWork

    no thanks. i’ll stick to the calender on my phone. bye bey.

  • Nope

    IMO, most of the Beyonce is hate is because she’s like that girl that was better than you in HS and/or college but now a lot of women still have to read about her and see her every week.

    But I’m not sure what the market is for this either. No one buys wall calendars anymore, it’s probably not appropriate for young girls, women don’t buy products endorsed by people prettier than them (research backs this), and dudes wouldn’t want this either.

    • you mad

      im a huge bey fan and wouldnt buy this…i stck to my love of the music… All these people on here always have something hateful to say about her personal life…I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THAT MESS…I have my own personal fotune to build than to be worried about how Bey build hers. Just give me some good tunes to listen to while im workin on my empire and we all good Bey. No calendars tho, Im sure all these pics will be online soon after.

  • Jan

    her abs look wonderful but no calendar for me…the idea is dated …im sure fans will buy it

  • Just Askin

    Good news….for Beyonce stans, only.

    Wait..do people even buy calendars anymore these days? Every store I go to the calendars be collecting dust.

    • bluekissess

      I wonder whats wrong with going to the 99ยข store and getting a calendar with the cats, dogs, flowers or cars on it? $15 is a little steep.

      • Just Askin

        I know right? I rather look at adorable puppies and kittens in a calendar than celebs because I’m a sucker for cute puppies and kittens. My $15 is better spent on my child.

        • you mad

          I will make millions….so Im sure your weekly budget of 15$ will not be missed. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Just Askin

            Nope, that’s your mama’s allowance for your grown @ss and I bet you live in her basement. I make $36,000 a year as a health IT specialist, try again loser!


    Oh Beyonce…

    I have never, and will never, understand the ‘Exaggerated Acclaim’ that surrounds her.

    She is just as ‘Over-Sexualized’ as ‘Rihanna, Miley Cyrus’ and co. and this calender proves it. The only difference is, she can actually sing in a live setting.

    Nevertheless, to each their own and no… My hard-earned minimum wage will NOT be going towards purchasing a ‘Beyonce Calender’. But, what is truly hilarious is that there are some out there who actually will buy it.

    Also, I don’t doubt that her ‘fans/stans’ will soon be labelling it “The Return Of Jesus and Thee White Cloth – 2013”.

    (See: Bossip)


    • Damien

      You spoke the TRUTH therefore it was inevitable that, at least, one Beyonce Stan would dislike it.

      But… “The Return of Jesus & Thee White Cloth”???????


      • Chas

        I disliked the comment because I don’t see the point in hating on a woman who is just doing her job as an entertainer.

        • Chey

          I disliked your comment b/c you don’t know the difference between hating and an opinion…either way, what she said is true. Beyonce has a cult-like following, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

          • Chas

            I think the anti-beyonce cult is bigger than the one your speaking of based on the comments she gets

            • Chey

              * you’re. Nice try.

            • Ms_Mara

              I agree with this. There are certain people who will fall up in every single Beyonce post they can find just to tell everyone how much they don’t like her. I find that…”stannish” in a different kinda way. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Chas

                Thank you that was my exact point. I see little point in commenting negatively on every beyonce article if your truly not interested.

          • yeppers

            Your opinion is that you hate the reason this woman chose to make her MONEY….what kind of opinion is that. If I come to Mcdonalds and say i hate the way you flip burgers and someone else should do it, wouldnt i be deemed a hater….well if the shoe fits. You do YOUR JOB and let this woman do hers….no one should be able to take away her accomplishments because u dont like her music..DONT LISTEN.

            • Chey

              Lady, please. I don’t have the energy to rebuttal all that nonsense that you just conjured up.

        • JMO

          Who said she is hating? Just because you’re not a fan of someone doesn’t make you a hater, Ima need you to go and back and read her comment and redefine the word “hater” sweetie, because I don’t see where she hates Beyonce anywhere in her comment. That’s her opinion and you need to get over it. Not everyone is gonna be a fan of Beyonce, we all have different preferences when it comes to celebrities so get over it!

          • Chas

            your rather sensitive lol

            • Chey

              * you’re.

              • Chas

                ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks

              • JMO

                you beat me to telling this child “you’re”, LOL.

              • MuscleMansWoman

                I can’t!!!! LOL

            • JMO

              You’re the sensitive one by giving me a thumbs down, girl bye! *rolls eyes*

              • Chas

                I didn’t agree your sensitive for caring about that

        • ChiTown Princess

          Chas, please STFU and have a seat *rolls eyes*, just because she’s not a fan and has an opinion don’t mean she’s a hater. Of course Bey is an entertainer and she’s beautiful, but that don’t mean everybody has to conform to like her because she’s a superstar.

          • Chas

            *rolls eyes* did I suggest conforming? Im not a big Bey fan myself

    • s

      agreed,photography is hot though,what is so different about her half naked pics ,of her breasts and bootay showing?,her brand and her team has been the best in deceiving most females that this is a version of sexy,i mean all the male members of her family are seeing all of ths???and she is okay with ths??

      does this mean she will be okay if blue ivy follows directly in her footsteps with all the hypersexualization in her music and photos?will she explain to blue when she reaches her teenage years that her photos and what not are respectful and classy and are different from the rihanna’s and miley’s

      i dnt get how she has been a given a pass all ths years.her team is good!!!!!

      15$for a calendar???i though calendars were for free???
      oh well stans ,fans ,teenage boys and men will buy ths so it is all good

    • JerzeeGurl

      The return of Jesus and thee white cloth????? *slowly slips into a coma*