Food For Thought: Did Police Shoot Miriam Carey Because Of Her Race?

October 7, 2013  |  


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Miriam Carey’s sisters screamed loudly that their sister did not have to die in the hail of gunfire from D.C. police.

They did not say or even hint that race had anything to do with the young black woman’s slaying in her alleged attack on the White House.

The blizzard of oft times conflicting reports on how and why she was killed has left plenty of room for much speculation and serious doubt over whether Carey really was a dangerous suspect who had to be gunned down because of her reckless vehicular careening at the White House and through city streets, or because she was allegedly so depressed, or whacked out on meds.

There are three indisputable facts that raise the doubt level about the way she died and equally why she had to die. And with both, race can’t be scrapped as a factor. The threat level is one. Carey did hit a barrier near the White House and she did panic and flee in the process posing an apparent danger to other motorists and officers.  This tagged her as a legitimate suspect for apprehension and arrest. But this action hardly rose to the serious threat level of a possible mjor terrorist attack on the White House. There was no gun fire from her vehicle or any hint before or during the chase of the threat of gun play, or the use of any other weapon, other than her car. Another fact is that there have been multiple attacks on or near the White House over the years. They have included treats to blow up the White House, actual shots at the White House, the brandishing of a gun near the White House and an actual crash through the White House gates. None of these have resulted in the slaying of the suspects even though each case involved an actual violent act, and in a couple of the cases guns.


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  • vjhxxx

    White people will believe anything else other than it was race. They are forever blinded by their racist upbringing since birth that the mere suggestion by people of color that law enforcement shooting an unarmed black woman was maybe an overreaction is met with condemnation. To answer the question YES. She was murdered because of her race by those bastards wearing a badge and carrying a gun.

    • Whatever

      Your an IDIOT…..

  • D. Rose in the paint

    Madame Noire…pick up on line 1….your race card has officially expired, and you are not eligible for a renewal.

  • enlightenment

    Man STFU MN. It’s not always because someone’s black.

  • Kam

    I was waiting for this question to be raised and I wish that it hadn’t. I really wish the focus had been on her mental illness and the lack of long term treatment options for people other than just stick to your meds. I wish the issue would be post partum depression, and post partum psychosis and how that its not discussed very often (if at all) in Black America. If we are gonna pull the race card, lets pull it on how mental illness is treated by us. IMO its very sad that this woman lost her life and that her daughters life was in the crosshairs during this situation but I don’t think that the ultimate firing of weapons that ended her life by the Capitol Police had anything to do with her color. Cops are trained to shoot first ask questions later. As another poster stated, had this action not been taken and she was able to harm the First Family then this would be an entirely different race based discussion.

    • vjhxxx

      Well maybe the capital police should be trained differently than shoot first and ask questions later. There are great many people in this country with mental health issues that do not deserve to be killed because some cop has not been properly trained on how to use his brain or weapon.

  • jacqueline perkins

    THE BABY WAS AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE MAIN CONCERN…race was not the factor but…why not the tries if she didn’t have a gun

  • Trisha_B

    I wish people would STOP pulling the race card. It’s expired! & becoming invalid. When something is really a race issue, we can’t even use the card anymore b/c it’s been abused!!!! She may not have had a gun, but that vehicle was a weapon driving crazy like that. Then do that in front of the white house?!! What were the cops suppose to do? They are to protect the president & his family. Your BLACK 1st family. If they would have just handcuffed her, i have a feeling the headlines would have been “why aren’t they protecting this 1st family like they’ve protected other 1st families in the past?” They did their job. I’m glad her baby girl is ok

  • Bits

    This is why other races of people find it hard to take the black race seriously. EVERYTHING is not a racial issue. This girl was unfortunately completely nuts! Its sad that she was killed but we’re talking about the White House, the Capital and an unknown person driving recklessly (mowing folks down at high speeds and carrying on). They law enforcement had no idea what was about to happen. She used her car as her weapon and there could have been explosives in that weapon. Please lets not make this about race.

  • bluekissess

    Please let this not be a race thing. I think her mental illnesses are far more important than the color of her skin. So please save the foolishness MN. I would say I’m surprised that you would endorse this but, I’m not surprised.

    • Nope

      I agree. I think this is once again an example of Black people and media sidestepping mental health issues and this time in favor of race.

      • Chas

        Exactly! Took the words out of my mouth

  • Yamine

    Again, officers are trained to shot first ask questions later and so in this case I think race had NOTHING to do with it. In the span of 2 weeks, DC has experienced some tragedy in that case how did you expect the police to respond. YEs something else could have been done but her car was used as a weapon and possibly putting others in dangers. I just wish people were more involved in her life knowing the health issues she was going through to help save her from this sad and unfortunate story. PRaying for the family and little baby girl.