Girl, What?! Laura Govan Says Shaunie O’Neal Is Ruining “Basketball Wives”

October 6, 2013  |  

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Well, Laura Govan sure has a lot to say about Basketball Wives.

Govan ran into a TMZ cameraman (well, they probably ran into her knowing how they are) and when asked a question about the show, she said:

“I’m kind of mad at Shaunie. I kind of felt like she didn’t keep it in the ‘basketball creed.’ She should have just kept Basketball Wives basketball wives. It could have been a ‘Housewives for a Hoe’ show for  everybody else later.”

First thing’s first: A lot of people would agree that the show should have always focused around actual basketball wives, you know, with wedding bands and vows. Although there surely would have still been drama, at least they would have fit into the name of the show.

But here’s the second thing: How can Laura say that when it’s never been confirmed that she’s married to her basketball playing significant other, Gilbert Arenas. I mean, ma’am, it doesn’t really seem like there’s much room for her to talk when there’s a chance she isn’t married either.

Govan also spoke about reality shows ruining relationships and how she disagrees with that notion. She went on to say:

No. Not if you’re secure in it and know what you’re getting yourself into before you even get in it. I think the rest of that is horse s–t.  I think if your relationship is gonna sustain, it’ll happen. If it don’t then it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Well, alright then Ms Govan.

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  • therealnumber1

    This chick is delousional….when she first got on the show she WAS NOT married….she was a baby momma who just got kicked out of her home. On the show she was known as the sister of Gloria Govan…Gilbert had not put a ring on it at the time and the only reason he has now is because her reality tv check is bigger than his overseas basketball check! I have no knowledge of them being married currently, if they are more power to them, but she needs to not forget that she started off as a jump-off…really laura it took 4 kids and an him evicting yo butt just to get a ring…girl stop with yo high and mighty act

    • Beejcee

      You can google an article from May of this year. Headline reads ” BBW LG talks not getting married and burning wedding dress”. This article reads like someone who doesn’t care about not being married and neither should you. So I guess she changed her mind and married him. Or maybe she did this interview before she knew he was willing!

  • D.D

    I had no idea that rumor where considered fact. I guess only if you want them to be. SMH

    • Rissie75

      Same thing I was thinking, SMH…But you they were there, so of course they know the RUMORS are true **sigh**

  • Grlplease

    Aint it funny how b***hes be having amnesia! Didnt u break up a marriage by sleeping with a married man..Hoe! Wasnt u on the show as a Hoe trying to keep a man! And wen he FINNALLY proposed after u had 3 of his kids…u want to act holy than! Hoe have SEVERAL SEATS!

  • guest

    How many wives would actually go on that show? Not ex wives actual wives.

    • JaeBee

      ITA. If I were the wife of an athlete, and we had a loving, stable, financially secure relationship what would it benefit me to be on such a show? I think it’s no coincidence that the real wives are often the ones who are asked not to return for another season. They have to much to lose tryin to be famous and actin a fool on national TV.

  • J

    Wasn’t she considered “one of the hoes” bc she was rumored to be sleeping with Shaq while he was married Shaunie!?!?

  • Gia

    She must have forgotten she was Shaq’s jump off which is why she got ran outta Miami! Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house! SMDH!

  • stephlova

    When she was a HOE on the show she wasn’t married. She is out of work and a hater.

  • bluekissess

    For some reason I like Laura. I would’ve liked to see real basketball wives but, real basketball wives husbands wasn’t feeling it. It’s not just a marriage its a lifestyle and a “agreement” between “husband and wife.” I was interested in seeing what type of woman would marry a basketball player. I think it’s more than going to lunch, not eating your shrimp and lobster, looking done up all the time and gossiping. That’s not the reality. I wanted to see the groupies, love child’s, arguments and side pieces. I really wanted to see what a basketball wife endures on the daily.

    • Superfox Mackin

      I like Laura too

  • this is getting old

    Actually, she is married. it’s public record. once again, this site just has an absolute and utter lack of skilled writers, journalists and editors.

    • Kia86

      When Laura and her sister were on basketball wives NEITHER were married. Laura was getting through her scandal with Shaquille O’neal and going through one of the many break ups she had with Gilbert. I don’t watch the show anymore, but she has no room to talk.

    • chriz

      so? even if she is when she was on the show she was a single baby mama a ho as she calls them..its the same damn ppl with some out and one new married chick how is it even more hos? with her and her sister gone its less.. i guess she means bw LA but it has the same kinda hos she was on her seasons! hater.. get a job.