‘Scandal’ Actor Joe Morton Says He Wants Phylicia Rashad To Be Cast As Mrs. Pope

October 4, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Popular ABC political thriller Scandal made its season three debut last night. Gladiators were hooked from the opening scene. We laughed. We shed a few tears. We gawked in amazement at the twisted relationship shared between Olivia Pope and her father, Rowan Pope. Of course watching the two interact only made us wonder what Mrs. Pope will be like (or would’ve been like) and most of all, who will be cast to play the role. During a recent interview with ESSENCE, the man who brought Mr. Pope to life, Joe Morton, admits that he wouldn’t mind having Phylicia Rashad cast as his TV wife.

“I’d love it to be Phylicia Rashad. That would be terrific. There’s something about Phylicia’s queen-like quality; she’d seem like the kind of person [who’d be Olivia’s mom]. But again, I have no idea who Shonda has in mind,” Joe said.

He also revealed that he has no idea whether not Olivia’s mom will even be revealed this season.

“I don’t know. You know how Shonda Rhimes works. I completely trust her and I think she’s terrific but nobody knows. There have been lots of Tweets and Facebook ideas of who should be mom, where is she, and what happened. But I have no idea.”

Joe adds that Rowan being Olivia Pope’s father was a secret that was pretty difficult to keep.

“When I was first offered the role of Rowan, I asked where is all this going and I was told, literally, the last two lines would be revealing I was Olivia’s father. At that point, I said I’ll take the job, and the next line was, “and of course, you cannot tell anyone. It’s a surprise.” Keeping the surprise was good for me, in terms of the character. Rowan is all about holding on to surprises and being in the dark, so it actually helped me move through and understand who this guy was.”

Do you think Phylicia Rashad would make a good Mrs. Pope?

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  • Candacey Doris

    Phylicia Rashad would be a good anything. I would actually watch if she was on.

  • YoNess

    Yaaaaasssssss! I think Phylicia is perfect…

  • mememememe

    She’d be perfect!

  • Just saying!!

    I thought of Phyllicia Rashad until someone mentioned Lynn Whitfield. Now that would be PRICELESS! She can get dirty! She would be perfect (assuming the mom really isn’t dead)…

  • JRoc85

    I’ve said from the very beginning that “Claire Huxtable” would be PERFECT as MAMA POPE!

  • LaLa

    I vote for Lynn Whitfield. Nothing against Ms. Rashad, but I think Lynn Whitfield would bring more “bite” to the role. Olivia’s mom has got to be on par with Rowan Pope – and I think just as devious. Phylicia Rashad is just so wholesome to me. I can’t imagine her getting down in the trenches. However, that hefer from “A Thin Line” . . .

    • sha

      I like that. Yeah, because when that vein pops in her forehead you damn well it is on and popping for real!!!!

    • E.

      Yes, yes, yes! This would be a great role for Lynn Whitfield. Although I think Phylicia Rashad would be good as well.

  • Ms_Mara

    Not mad at that. I love Phylicia Rashad in everything I’ve seen her do.

  • Natasha1981

    I would watch and I think she’ll be a good Mrs. Pope. Last night’s episode was like……wow, I can’t wait until next Thursday.

  • Romacedar Taken Springsteen

    She has been everybody’s mom since The Cosby’s so she will make a great mom for Olivia.

  • Raimi Nicte

    Clearly she has the acting chops to pull off the intensity that one mustpossess to deliver the obligatory intense speech during ones run on the show. But side note, love the Cosby connection (Byron Douglass from A Different World). Maybe Jasmine Guy is her momma… LOL

    • Mztisa

      Anybody but Jasmine Guy!!!

      • Raimi Nicte

        lol I know. just joking about her

    • YoNess

      Girl no, not Jas…bad botox aside, just can’t see it.

  • imconfusedalittle

    How could they cast anyone as Ms. Pope, didn’t they say Olivia’s mother died when she was 12 when Cyrus was doing the “kill file’ on Olivia?

    • kells

      yeah but I don’t buy that. especially after Rowan was so quick to try and make Liv disappear. I’m sure he made her mom disappear too.

      • Shirley Junius


      • kierah

        I know, but I’m sure Shonda didn’t want Joe Morton leading people in that direction.

    • sha

      Now if you are truly Scandalous you know that nothing is as it appears. As soon as they said her mother died in a plane crash and then never lived with her father I knew we would get to meet her mother if not this season the next one. Phylicia Rashad would be AWESOME – class, cool and the ability to deliver cutting words with a radiant smile!! Yes, lets make that happen! If not her then they should go total opposite fo Olivia and her Dad, not educated but street smart – that would be equally awesome!

      • imconfusedalittle

        Okay, okay…I see your point. Silly me, I forgot for a split second that this is Scandal and Shonda 🙂 I think Diahann Carroll could play the hell out of that role too but she a little to old.

        • Mztisa

          She would be great!

        • sha

          Yes indeed. Definate 1st or runner up.

        • Wanda Simpson

          I thought about her also, Shonda will probably go with someone that we don’t think would fit at all, we all know she never tips her hand.

    • infamousblaqqt

      Supposedly dead. That “kill” book also said her father had an occupation as something else as well.

    • Mztisa

      They do PLENTY of flashbacks and just because someone said she died doesn’t mean it actually happened. The fact that Papa Pope wants Phylicia Rashad to play his wife is a very good hint that she is still alive. It would make no sense to have her play her mom at age 12, she is too old for us to buy that!

      • Tanesha ‘Tish’ Rogers

        Good Point Mztisa!

    • IAJS

      Yea but they also said that her father was a merchant or something.

  • Ajavee

    I could see Phylicia Rashad portraying Mrs. Pope.