“Are We Gladiators Or B!+ches?” Best Moments From Last Night’s “Scandal”

October 4, 2013 ‐ By
Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Olivia’s Coat

Honey, I don’t necessarily consider myself a fashionista. I don’t always put much effort into my outfits, but I will say I have good taste. A sista knows what looks good. So, it was no surprise that Kerry’s trench coat caught my eye, in addition to thousands of other women. It was too fly to ignore. Because one of our Twitter followers asked me to let her know if I ever found out where she could get it, here are the deets. It’s a doubled caped trench coat from Burberry Prorsum’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Allegedly, it’s no longer available but I’m sure, after last night’s episode, someone is throwing that bad boy on Ebay. I’ve heard prices quoted from as “low” as $1557 to $10,000. Good luck!

I know the above gif has nothing to do with the coat but I feel compelled to highlight one of the more important lines from this bunker scene. Is Kerry really a slore? She certainly doesn’t seem to be benefiting financially or emotionally from carrying on this love affair with Fitz.

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  • Hajokesonu

    ” I am the hell and the high water”!!!!

  • Christiana Adebeshin

    Sh!t got real last night the things that happened in just one hour was ridiculous one of the best episodes I have ever watched

  • JRoc85

    Scandal was ON FIRE Last night!!! From Rowan laying down the law with his daughter, Olivia, Cyrus calling Olivia “an ambitious $lut,” to Mellie referring to Olivia as a “ho” right in front of her, to the “GLADIATORS” taking matters into their own hands, VP Sally telling Fitz her husband is cheating, Mellie & Fitz going “toe to toe,” & President Fitz getting Tom to leak Olivia’s name!!!! THIS SEASON PREMIERE WAS TOO GOOD!!

  • cryssi

    Um the Jake Ballard/Fitz war thing isn’t about Fitz sending anyone to war….Jake Ballard is his age, lol.

    They served in the war together. They did some kind of secret op together in the war when they were young that was kept top secret and redacted from any files on it.

  • Natasha1981

    I love her white coat, I want one in every color, lbvs. Plus the “I am the hell and the high water” was the line and even this morning when I dropped my daughter off at school, I heard a mother telling her son that after he disobeyed her.

    • sha

      LMAO!!! that is good and he was probably looking like WTH is that supposed to mean!! LOL !!!

      • Natasha1981

        He did, mom put his butt in check and the boy had to be about 9 or 10.

  • Jud Jud

    LOVE this Scandal lol I mean I love this show

  • HoneyDipp

    Am I the only one who is Team Mellie? Now my girl is pretty ruthless, but I would probably be salty as all get out if my husband did me like that too. I don’t care…. If I get played, everybody is crashing and burning! I KNOW you don’t expect me to just step aside and let her come in and take my place all willy nilly when I helped you build this…. Chile please! *eye roll*

    • Amanda D. Browne

      I’m Team Mellie too! I can’t wait for her to come up with another plan to get at Fitz and Olivia. He is a dog and they both deserve everything she throws at them.

    • Rochelle

      I would be with you on this if Mellie didn’t decide since season one to be a willing participant. When Amanda Tanner died, Mellie told Olivia that it was her fault because she walked on Fitz knowing that he loves and needs him and that she failed at doing her job which was keeping him happy and in check. She cannot switch up now that she realizes that Fitz is now in fact very much in love with Olivia, to the point where he is willing to do anything and everything to be with her, including not seeking a second term, or to be impeached. I feel like at this point she is just as guilty as both Fitz and Olivia. She realizes that she cares about him more than she imagined considering this marriage was a political one. She is willing to fight to bring him down now that she realizes she doesn’t have the juice she thought she did.

      With that said, the Olivia/Fitz affair can get annoying and Fitz is indeed a dog. I am not one to call out teams but I would just like Olivia to be happy overall.

      • sha

        Yaaas ma’am! Spoken like a true Scandaholic!!!

      • Yvette


    • HUgrad13

      Yeah, I love Mellie as a character. Shes the one I love to hate, and Bellamy Young always looks great doing it. But, I cant get down with anybody acting the way she does in a marriage. Take out the fact that Fitz is a dog, and whatever you may think of Olivia’s actions. If I saw the ish Mellie does in real life, I would be appalled, and I wouldnt say she deserves to get cheated on (because no one does) HOWEVER, i’m definitely not inclined to think she actually has the right to be salty. You can’t be down for the affair, like oh yeah “I’m First Lady, screw whomever you want, do whatever you want, as long as you give me my power.” then be mad when it goes sideways. Sorry, thats just dumb. I agree with below posters. At this point she is equally at fault. She doesnt even love him, just the power. Plus, I’m 99% positive that Olivia has some concrete evidence that she is cheating as well.

      • HoneyDipp

        Despite it all, he is her husband and she is his wife. Liv is the sidepiece. The title of “wife” alone gives Mellie more than enough of a reason to be salty. Sure she tried saving face by having the “whatever” attitude, but you can tell she is extremely hurt by the affair…. I get you tho, she IS one scandalous heffa. She’s the wife though. LOVE. THIS. SHOW!!!!!

        • HUgrad13

          But I don’t think he was her husband. I think power is her husband and Fitz is her sidepiece. I think thats why I can never mess with her claiming wife to Fitz only when its convenient.

          • ksmall

            oooh, well stated! ya’ll are killin me here lol. love it!

      • ksmall

        i hadn’t considered that Liv might have that kind of dirt on Mellie, but let’s be real, her husband is always all up on/in Liv so Mellie gotta be gettin it in with SOMEBODY. that’s a scandal right there!

    • PleaseDOBetter

      I can appreciate Mellie’s humanity. I love the way that Shonda is able to bring that out of her characters. I could have been Team Mellie had she married Fitz for love rather than power. She willingly agreed to partake in a political marriage.

  • Fitz and Jake a couple? As if! I’m pretty sure they did some grimy stuff back in the day but them being together? Cant see it, but then again anything can happen. Papa Pope was on point last night!!! Cant wait for next week!!!

    • Jud Jud

      Papa Pope was surely on point last night I was like oooo he’s angry !!!!!

  • sammi_lu

    Another moment I caught was how effortlessly Quinn was ready to take it there when she slid that idea in of just killing another intern. Huck may have created a “Sleeping Monster”; something fiendish in my soul wants to see that ruthlessness unleashed lol.

  • Let It Be

    I told my husband this morning “I am the hell AND the high water”. It didnt have the same affect on him as it did O. Pope (he rolled his eyes and said “ok baby, I love you too”) but it was fun saying it! LOL Last night was just TOO much. Scandal will have you smoking cigarettes when you dont smoke, doing yoga, and meditating to just get your nerves off edge and regulate your blood pressure. I wonder what was in that folder; i think they killed Olivia’s mama… I need to watch it again. Providence will definitely be the new lovers code.

    • Yes! That was the line and judging from the Facebook posts from my friends, it did it for them as well. I loved how Daddy Pope gave O. Pope the same fast talking, get your life speech she gives her clients.

      • Let It Be

        YES! The interaction between her and her father made me believe for a hot second that i was watching a real lecture from father to daughter. She folded just as a daughter would but not for long.

        • Ok! Sounded like one my lashing my dad use to give me! He shut it down for the first few minutes. Then Harrison brought and I was in love!

    • Ajavee

      I loved the “I am the hell and highwater” line.

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