What’s All The Hype About? Celebs People Make A Big Fuss Over (For No Reason)

October 8, 2013 ‐ By Meghan Williams

Most celebrities hustle hard for their fame and money, but there’s still no denying that some get more shine than necessary. Don’t know what we mean? Then check out our list of 15 celebs who people love to make a big fuss over – and we just don’t understand.


Celebs People Make A Big Fuss Over

Source: WENN

Jennifer Lawrence

Twenty-three year old Jennifer Lawrence starred in The Hunger Games and became America’s sweetheart. Next thing we knew she was winning Golden Globes and Academy Awards for a movie we had barely heard about – and being celebrated as one of the most influential people in the world. Huh?

MadameNoire Video

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  • Anesha Johnson

    Ok I admit I like some of JT’s music, hell I have 1 cd..lol..but for the most part he is very overrated, there were so many artists that came out way before him with the same style and no one heard a peep, also if u listen closely JC Chaze from NSynch sounds better than JT….Kate Upton, Gisele, I’ll add some myself….Kardashians, all of them, NeNe Leakes, Tamar Braxton, smdh

  • Grace

    I really don’t understand the hype over Kate Upton. Yes she has big breast but she has the my F-UP shape. Kate is a top model & shaped like an I-phone

  • dingo_egret

    Love me some Jennifer Lawrence. 🙂 I agree with the rest of the list.

  • kickash

    This does make some good points, like Kate Upton and Tyra Banks basically accomplishing the some thing but Tyra working longer to get to the point where Kate Upton is. I don’t want to make it about race, but let’s be real race is a factor somewhat, especially in the modeling world.

  • Johnathon

    I get why Justin Timberlake was on the list. He’s made a career out of ripping off black artist from the 90’s and 80’s and getting credit for being something fresh. When in reality, the generation that’s consuming his music just doesn’t know any better. But can you blame them? When was the last time you heard Justin Timberlake feature, Genuwine, Brian McNight or Prince on his records( I understand that Prince would NEVER be caught dead on a JT song) But I just think that when you put JT up against the black artist that he rips off like Michael Jackson, Prince, R. Kelly, Usher, Maxwell & Genuwine he comes up short in the talent category.

    Jennifer Lawrence, I get a little. I think she has earned some of her hype. But I can’t stand when people treat her like she’s a young Meryl Streep. I think she is on a good path but I would like to see her work a little while longer and get a couple more Academy noms then get all this hype, like some of her lesser known and respected counter parts.

  • HUgrad13

    I’m going to have to strongly disagree with JLaw and Justin Timberlake. nope.

  • smoinpour

    All of these ladies have done great for themselves and I don’t think they need to be criticized for it

  • NachoAverage

    Um… I could’ve sworn I was goin 2 see Ciara, Kelly Rowland, & Rihanna on this list! Not hatin but sorry, I jus dont get the hype.

  • Chi

    How are the Katrashians not on this list! They are the worst!

  • cryssi

    If I see Miley tongue one more time

  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    I can’t believe they have Jennifer Lawrence up there. Yes, she did come up fast but she deserves her merits. I am totally mesmerized by her acting. I don’t know what it is but I would watch pretty much any movie she acts in. She’s awesome.

  • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

    I can see the appeal in some of the stars listed here. Some stars just have an it-factor you just can’t place a finger on. However, I agree with Miley Cyrus, Kate Upton and Gwyneth Paltrow, there’s no way she’s more beautiful than Kerry Washington by any means, what she IS is better connected.

  • mimi

    White ppl are over exposed and over hyped.

  • sammi_lu

    Come on Lady Gaga and Timberlake don’t really deserve to be on this list.. they are not just one trick ponies they actually put a lot into their work. And at least 4 of these slides should have been reserved for the Kardashians.

    • MTL LOVE

      agree completely.

    • kickash

      exactly. im surprised they are not on this list. when they basically are the definition of overhyped. At least Gaga and Justin have talent.

  • Cynkisskiss

    Love Paula I get her hype

  • Melody Carroll

    she just another white girl plain that’s what white people like

  • Baddvientype

    I agree with all BUT Justin Timberlake. I think he works his arse off and he deserves some hype. He can sang and he can act his butt off. everyone else…I don’t get it, specially JenLaw or Kate Upton.

    • MTL LOVE

      Sing? Yes. Act? Definitely not.

  • Mo

    What exactly constitutes a “big fuss”? I mean you start with Jennifer Lawrence who earned a multitude of award nominations (including an Academy Award) for Winter’s Bone when she was barely out of her teens and won an Oscar last year and also stars in a movie adapation on an insanely popular series of books in a part that was extremely sought after. How is that fuss for no reason? Many of the people on this list are just getting accolades for their talents and in our media driven society that means they are all over. Then you list people like Justin Timberlake who are immensely sucessful because they are proven draws, so it seems like fuss is made with good reason. They are popular!
    Then you question what makes them better than everyone else? Popular opinion. They sell movies, music, products and the like. And while they still have the ability to do that a “big fuss” will probably continue to be made. This didnt even really sound like a list of “overrated people” so i am really confused as to the meaning.
    And then you list people like Vaness Hudgens who i have barely heard a thing about since High School Musical…

    • Alexis Morris

      Vanessa hudgens is in the style reports mostly instead of acting.

  • bee

    The author of this article sounds like a hater. Great way to discredit someone because YOU don’t feel like the deserve any praise.

    • bee


      • bee

        Damn, typo after typo. Lol *they don’t

  • Alexis Morris

    It was winter’s bone that put Jennifer Lawrence on the map. I think she was nominated for an Oscar. I never understood giseles appeal.