Access Denied: 9 Celebrities Who Tried To “Holla” At Other Famous Folks And Were Rejected

October 3, 2013 ‐ By IndigoBlack


We’ve all thought we had something special going with someone, only for them to reject us. And while it’s tough to handle as an everyday person, when you’re a celebrity in the public eye, it’s probably a lot worse. It’s especially tough if you made your admiration for another celebrity known to all. Here are 9 celebrities who tried to get with other famous folks, only to be politely, and in some cases, not so nicely, rejected.

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  • alasia min

    Everyone wanted Aaliyah. Besides that creep R Kelly, there was Timbaland and apparently Jay-Z and this other guy.

  • alasia min

    Rihanna sounds so ghetto. Saying the N word referring to another person of color like that. I wish she had stayed in Barbados making music. she’s been Americanized and it’s not pretty.

  • afrobabe

    One of the best articles I ever read

  • David Storm

    Lady Gag Ga< yeah Gag thought she was gonna bag Kendrick thought she was gonna get that feature and his hand but he dissed her didn't do the record and didn't get her slimy drawls we laughed like a muthafca

  • David Storm

    No man in his right mind would fool with old wack pale sick devil worshipping Madonna eww yeah you wanna date me sign over everything you got bye bye

  • uniquefashionista

    I am starting to hear more and more about Madonna. She is ruthless about throwing herself at men thinking they all want her. I heard she did that with one of the Jacksons also.
    I think Pherrell and Tyra would have been cute together, but he is so much shorter than her. He must have a thing for models because his new wife models as well.

  • MyBiz

    Actually cierror doesn’t like ri, not the other way around.

  • Nia

    I don’t see the big deal about Pharrell at all.

  • MsGV

    If Cici really wanted to get under Rih’s skin; she should’ve went out with Chris just like a playdate. Too bad she is with Future.

  • Bits

    you know I always had a feeling that Nelly had the hots for Beyonce and just settled for Ashanti because he thought she would probably be as successful as B. (early in their careers they were trying to make Ashanti B.’s competition lol) and because Jay-z had already claimed B. for himself. Men are shallow like that! Kanye would have gone for B. too but of course he settled for Kim K. because she’s 2nd best as far as popularity, status, looks etc. Men like them are hooked on popularity and ego. They even base their relationships off of shallow things like that. “I snagged the best girl, so i’m the best man”. Its probably why Nelly really never committed to and admitted his relationship with Ashanti because to him she just never measured up to B. Just my theory.

    • Ashley

      Girl the celebrity world is a jumbled you mess
      Jay liked aaliyah she passed. Nelly and Jay like Beyonce.
      Beonce liked Nas he turned her down and was with kelis b settled for Jay. Nelly went With ashanti. if YOU ASK ME I think b dad told her to go with Jay because it was good for her career and she fell I’m love with him and I think ashanti is prettier than b but nelly wanted her because she was more popular and Nas is gorgeous add everybody honestly had a thing for him. .kanye *smh* crazy wants a claclassy relationship but dates girls like kk and amber and dresses them RIDICULOUS

    • divinnalafeme

      WTF are u talking about ain’t nobody thanking about beyonce like that ! To the point where they would waste 10yrs of their life in a relationship with one person bc u couldn’t have another??? Beyonce is beautiful and talented but god did not break the mold stop it and the fact that this articles says settle for kelly rowland when nellys ex manager dated kelly and that was how dilemma came about which was one of the biggest songs ever so I would say if he were to have to settle which I doubt he made the right choice. As a nelly fan since country grammar I do recall watching the dc special on bet when they were on 106&park and when asked about nelly beyonce admitted they were friends and talked sometimes,.so for all we know they dated and decided it wasn’t a good fit and moved on. I remember like it was yesterday bc I hated beyonce bc of nelly…I was only 11so don’t judge me but Im over it now. Lol and I am back to loving bey and still love Nelly. They also toured together just in case folks may have forgot.

    • Kim k isnt even 2nd best though….

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  • Lisa

    I knew there was more to the story. Riri mad cause Ciara could’ve had her man chris. Hi hater

  • Nessa Fox

    That’s why rihanna was mad at her? Smh petty