7 Times You’re Not Allowed To Get Mad At Your Man

October 16, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin
7 Times You're Not Allowed To Get Mad At Your Man


Men know that women can get a little emotional, so they expect a certain amount of backlash when they disagree with us. But there are a few things that, should you get mad at your guy for them, will make you look simply unreasonable.

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  • Ktay

    This article is offensive. Who are you to tell people, women in particular, how they should feel in a given situation? This is the second article today that MN posted about how women should live up to this perfect standard. Let me tell you something, when people surpess their emotions to make others happy, that leads to depression. I have a question for you, is this a site to promote and celebrate women or is this just another site to mold women into perfect cookie cuter stepford wives?

    And really, 15 slides to make pathetic and belittling “advice”…insulting!

    • Or

      Or to avoid making you look like a psycho. tomayto…tomahto

  • CC

    “He score brownie points with your parents”??? Um that’s childish. Garbage

  • York

    You joking, right?

    #1 was ludicrous enough, but I couldn’t get past the momma/gf thing. This is where I respectfully tell MN to find something else to write about because this passive foolishness is about to send a lot of impressionable ladies in the COMPLETELY wrong direction.

    • Chas

      Well that one is kind of true. My husbands mom is friends with his ex and it got to me at first but then I had to remind myself that their friendship has little to nothing to do with my relationship. It can seem awkward but there is no point in making yourself look crazy

  • LuvLuv


  • Keland

    Once is allowed to feel however they may.

  • Tonyoardee

    How you gonna get mad for helping YOU stick to YOUR diet for YOUR health?

  • Ms. Kameria

    15 slides for “7 Times”…..
    I will not.

    • PleaseDOBetter

      That was hilarious!