“Living Better Now, Coogi Sweater Now:” 15 Labels We Loved To Wear Back In The Day

October 20, 2013 ‐ By Meghan Reid

Don’t act like you don’t remember wearing Baby Phat jeans with your favorite Coach purse. Yes,we’re talking about back in the day when Rocawear was hot and Nelly blessed us with the famous Apple Bottom jeans. You wouldn’t dare catch us in a track suit or a pair of Timberlands now, but back then you couldn’t tell us we weren’t fly. Click through 15 labels that are now likely buried in the back of your closet somewhere.



Baby Phat

The golden cat symbol of Baby Phat was plastered on just about every girl’s behind in the 2000s. Baby Phat did have it all from the jeans, purses, tops, dresses, swimwear and everything else in between. It was one of the first urban clothing lines for young women that was very popular.

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  • Dmax Lomax

    TIMS will never go out of style, because it was not worn as a style or fad, but as a culture. I still rock TIMS to this day, lol.

  • Ms.Brilly

    I know these trends weren’t nation-wide but in my hood in the 90s (Harlem, NY), Columbia (especially the rain suits), Boss, Carhartt, and Pelle Pelle were also really popular, lol

  • SM

    Ugh…I never wore any of that bama, “urban wear” isht, except maybe Guess and I had some timbs. I don’t like dressing like everybody else…especially not in clothes marketed to “urban youth.” You step out your house and look like a joke. Coach is the basic, broke girl’s “designer” bag. Ijs…

    • Dmax Lomax


  • haya

    bullish*t you not I just saw a man with a nautica jacket on today at my job….it had to be vintage because I know nobody is still sewing nautica coats together anymore lol

  • p

    Timberlands are still in style.

  • Kenita Kathryn Collins

    What about Cross Colours?! No one remembers them??!!

  • Bahamas242

    What happen to SEAN JOHN

  • Alexis

    I don’t remember Phat farm EVER being a thing, you got made fun of it you wore it. Guess is still hot and I wouldn’t mind getting some retro Tommy Hilfiger back in my wardrobe, that was really fly. Ha, and these are more of styles than brands but don’t forget the light pink and baby blue sun glasses, plastic neck chokers, butterfly hair clips and layered flips in a girls hair or some lonnnng cornrolls. FLY lol

  • Keland

    Most of those I did not wear.

  • e-i-uh-oh

    I actually went out and bought some Parasuco jeans cuz Nelly said ” I’m a sucka for cornrows and manicured toes, Fendi Capri pants and parasuco” I’m glad I can look back and laugh at my teen self. It’s true “youth is wasted on the young”

  • alex

    Coach is very much still in style…

    • Me

      Uum… No it’s not

      • Classic Style

        Classic Coach bags much like classic Dooney & Bourke bags will always be in style. The multicolor logo print style shown in this article will not. My mom still carries her classic bag from the 80s and people want to know where they can get it. A classic is always in style.

        • me

          Yes, I only do leather Coach bags. You can carry them for years and look classy.

      • alex

        well where Im from Coach is still a very popular expensive bag and shoe….like the person below said, “Classic Coach bags much like classic Dooney & Bourke bags will always be in style.”

      • Transitioning

        Well in Texas they think it is still hoooottttt… LOL every now and again I remind them we east coasters carries Coach in high school back in the day. LOL

  • Dreydrey

    Hahaha I remember rocking pretty much all these in high school! Even “South Pole” jeans 😛

    • ethelbarry325

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    • Alexis

      Jesus Christ, I was a south pole fanatic, smh