Racism In Plain Sight: Woman Denied A Position At NYC Bakery Because She Was Black

September 29, 2013  |  


Yes folks, racism even blatantly rears its ugly head in he city that never sleeps. A bakery in Queens made it very clear to a woman who interviewed for a job: they would not be hiring her because she was black.

According to the New York Daily News, that is exactly how it happened. Back in October 2011, Jamilah Dacosta interviewed for a position at Framboise Patisserie in Queens, New York. After speaking to the co-owner Patty Meimetea, she was told that she could not be hired for the “counter girl” position because she was black.

The Human Rights commission found that the bakery owner told her that she wouldn’t be a good fit because “black workers in the front of the store would scare customers away.”

Is that right?

DaCosta says she “felt hurt and disgusted” and said Meimetea began telling her negative things about why she couldn’t be hired before the formal interview even began.

Both Meimetea and her husband/owner AJ Supthanthri denied the allegations saying that the city and DaCosta only want money from them. In fact, they say Dacosta was racist towards Meimetea because DaCosta assumed she was white and she’s actually Greek.

After a trial and full investigation, the commission did not believe any of what the owners said. They fined the bakery $25,000 for racial discrimination against DaCosta and gender discrimination against men who applied because their listing on Craigslist specifically said “counter girl.” They will pay $15,000 in penalties to the city and $10,000 will go to DaCosta.

DaCosta said although she considers herself to be a woman with thick skin, she was completely broken down after that experience.

Framboise Patisserie says they have since hired two black employees: one who works in the front of the store…and one in the kitchen.

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  • Yikes

    Truth be told, whether the business is owned by Whites, Arabs, Asians, Indians, etc……

    The biases held by many against blacks is what contributes to the high unemployment rate among blacks. Either hire white or anyone else but black – no matter how good the black applicant will be.


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  • ShameOnThem

    Yea after the FACTS!

  • Bits

    1st…I though Greek people are white. 2nd…NYC is the fakest melting pot in the world! The arrogance and racism that immigrants display when they come to this country is just mind boggling.

    • Val

      They’re White, unless they’re trying to get out of a discrimination suit.Lol.

      • Ladybug94

        I have classmates who are Greek and they do not consider themselves white.

        • Val

          When it suits them they will gladly own up to being White, trust me.

  • Kam

    Unfortunately because this is a privately owned business they can hire whom they choose. With the exception of city/state fines (where applicable, because some local governments could care less) against businesses that receive grants or other types of assistance from those entities, most private businesses are free to do such things. The only thing that we as the public can do is get the word out as this article has done and protest such establishments. And that goes for everyone displaying discriminatory practices.

    • Ladybug94

      I’m sure they received some money from the government that’s why fines were able to be assessed against them for discrimination.

  • Beautynsoul

    This is crazy! Im tired of hearing stories like this, and yet it’ll probably never end.

  • ZeroFuxGiven

    Framboise Patisserie

    • ZeroFuxGiven

      Please go to Yelp and their Facebook page to give them 1 star. Let’s unite as a people and show them we will not tolerate this BS. Keep that kind of stupidity is no longer acceptable in the U.S.

      • Bits

        Doing it now!

  • miss

    Since when are white people the only people who can be racist? There should not be a duality to racism.

    • ZeroFuxGiven

      Racism is a two headed snake, white folks are just more bold about it.

  • Doyin Adeniran

    So I wonder if I should go after Atlanta Marriott Marquis since they said that I can no longer work at their hotel because I have an Afro. I was asked to tie it down or pull it back—but as long as I was working at that location, I could not wear my hair that way…Sure I’d like an attorney but getting a job after a college is not so easy anymore—so there’s no money for that. By the way…I was merely a cashier for the valet company that they contracted (AAA Parking) go figure.

    • Val

      You should contact the city government and/ or an attorney and you might consider contacting local media about this as well.. You’ll not only be helping yourself but you’ll be helping Black women who come along after you.

  • Naddy

    Yeah, they were out of line, but not sure there was a lawsuit needed for this. And as far as I know Greek people ARE white… Mercy…

  • MrCubano

    This may ruffle a few feathers but I’m going to be 100% honest. A lot of small companies that start out prefer to hire their own Nationality or Ethnicity. Yes the discriminate but they do it in a way they wouldn’t get caught. Speaking as a Hispanic man I worked in jobs that I remember their was only Latino’s hired. Look at Chipotle you will hardly ever see a Black person unless he/she is Afro-Latino. I’ve worked in supermarkets where everyone was Hispanic(Cuban, Dominican, PR,etc)but not one AFroAmerican was hired. Just look around at most places you shop and just observe.

    • Bits

      The arrogance and racist ways that immigrants have when they come to this country is disgusting.

      • MrCubano

        But it’s not just immigrants. I live in Florida now and let me tell Cubans own everything. I’ve seen myself and other Latinos get the Job over Whites & Blacks because we are Hispanic. I remember my old job was I worked it was own by Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. I remember I went to the interview and I notice when I got hired everyone else they hired from that day was Latino. The only Blacks that got hired was Afro Latinos.

        • Bits

          When I say immigrants i mean groups of people who have not been legally in this country for more than 3 generations. So those latinos that you are speaking of were more than likely still immigrants discriminating against other races.

          • MrCubano

            Okay I understand now. Well my family are immigrants and I’m going to be honest in the Latino culture when we come to America we are taught to hire our own people. It’s their way of passing the culture on. It is racist but all Latino culture are taught this. Latinos will hire Latinos before Blacks & Mexicans even if the Latino had no experience.

            • Bits

              Thats the type of mindset and behavior that breeds racism and ignorance. EVERYBODY should be given the chance to work and provide for themselves and their families especially if they are qualified for the job.

              • MrCubano

                True I understand what your saying. I’m Afro Cuban and I remember going on job interviews and the employer seem disinterested but once they found out I was Cuban the atmosphere changed. But I as always say Blacks need to build their own.

                • Bits

                  When you speak of ‘blacks’ are you speaking of black americans? Because if that is the case we do build our own. We have been for centuries in this country. The problem is most people who don’t know this have never taken the time to step out of their little communities long enough to recognize this fact. These people are too busy watching the over hyped news coverage of violence and corruption (which is present in every community) that is portrayed about the black american community to realize that Black Americans #1 built this country from the free labor of slavery and we continue to build and thrive. but its easier for other groups to try and be like white people and point the finger of discrimination rather than study and and know the truth.

  • Sheena B

    Obvious foolishness aside, Ms. Dacosta and the men who were discriminated against should receive ALL of the money that they have to pay in “penalties”. SMDH @ the profit “they” make off of everyone else’s hardship. The city gets $15000 in penalties… Tha hell?

  • R LongPig

    Good! Hit their bottom line and make them suffer!

  • Scuba Sue

    “Framboise Patisserie says they have since hired two black employees: one who works in the front of the store…and one in the kitchen.”
    Key word here is “since.” They’re being used as Tokens. If I were them, after hearing this story, I’d refer to this story as the reason I’m quitting on the spot, taking my chances of finding another job.

    • Fair and Balanced

      No they cannot quit it is way too hard for Blacks to find a position in this country right now I know I am one of them and I am well educated but I happen to be Black and that makes me persona non grata although this is meant for foreigners as an American who happens to Black I have often felt and still feel like one.

    • IAJS

      Exactly I would quite immediately.

  • Whatevs

    The bakery has the right to hire…or reject any potential applicant for any reason. This greek broad just made the mistake in admitting it aloud to a black applicant. Doesn’t necessarily make this whole thing right but I don’t think fines and lawsuits are really gonna stop racists from being racist. They maybe won’t be as blatant about bigotry in the future–not that that solves the problem either. Racism is here to stay, ya’ll.

    • Ladybug94

      Learn the law, no they do not.

  • Gilbert Evans

    Okay where is the justice…the city got the bigger cut. And token black folks, your are working there why? There are some things you need to let them have like everybody else buying their products and them making their own damn pastries. Then end result is they still won – Ms. DaCosta doesn’t work for them, duh.

  • Anesha Johnson

    Many but not all bakeries are family owned, I don’t know if thats the case with that particular bakery, but the point I’m trying to make is, while it was damn shame this girl went through that ignorance, glad she came out with victory, but these establishments have the right to hire who they want, of without (in your face discrimination)….smfh….

  • Si Fa

    Since we’ve had a black president the racism spike HAS gone up. It’s part of the game. When an “opposing” force sees you are becoming more powerful they will do ANY and EVERYTHING to keep you down. Please stay strong and calm and most of all DO NOT get angry. We are not moving back in time THEY are trying their best to keep us there. Keep your goals and achieve them.

  • bluekissess

    I’m not sure if this may ruffle some feathers but, ever since Obama got into office the racism scale has spiked 100x. I guess people feel that since we have a black president would should take other racist whoopings as well. I just feel like we’re going back in time and it’s starting to make me feel uncomfortable. Stories like this make me sick

    • Scuba Sue

      You’re 500% correct. Some foreigners are persecuted in their own country, come here, then get on the discrimination train!

      • Bits

        okay! what the hell is that all about! Black Americans have already had to endure racism from white americans and now we have to put up with folks discriminating against us who are not even from here! wtf!!!

        • Val

          It’s usually worse from immigrants. Heck, even some Black immigrants try to treat us badly. Everyone wants to hate the people the White man hates. I guess it makes them feel more American.

          • Bits

            You are soooo right! Africans and Black caribbeans are real quick to discriminate and try to join the bandwagon of racism towards black americans.

    • Beautynsoul

      I completely agree!

  • SNLHumes

    I wouldn’t even consider working for that company. I wisht I knew the name of the company, bcz I would make it my business to tell friends & family & I would NEVER buy from them!!
    Funny how they stated that the woman wasn’t “white”, she was Greek!! Get the heck outta here!!

    • Tangie

      Company name is listed in the article

      • Les Legato

        Shhh, you’re making people READ…. thats RACIST.

  • Janeen

    Apparently society has hopped in a DeLorean and traveled back to the1950’s….

  • Tia_Sunny


    • blinnglad321

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      • Les Legato

        But was it a BLACK Camaro?