New Couple Alert? Sanaa Lathan And Colin Kaepernick Have A Night Out

September 29, 2013  |  


You know the whole “jumping the gun” thing? Yes, that’s totally what could be happening here, but allow me that in the case of Sanaa Lathan and Colin Kaepernick.

Late Saturday night, Sanaa Lathan posted a picture of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and her looking rather “chummy.”  She captioned it, “@kaepernick7 xoxo.” By looking very closely at the picture (Inspector Gadget style), they look like they’re at dinner and not just randomly taking a picture at a party. Further searching and sleuthing on the internet resulted in finding a full picture of the night and they were, indeed, at dinner (you’ll have to find that one on your own though).

A few minutes later, Kaepernick re-grammed the picture with the caption, “@sanaalathan this.”

Sounds like this could be the making of something, right? Yes, I thought so too.

In response to the, “Isn’t she older than him” question that I know is coming, the answer is yes. Sanaa is 42 and Colin is 25 (he’ll be 26 in November) so there’s a 16 plus year age difference.

By the way, there’s also this video of them two months ago at Colin’s Espys party (it’s obviously super quick and you have to squint, but Sanaa is in the green dress and Colin is in the red jacket in front of her ):

So maybe this is something and maybe this is nothing, but the picture is super cute. They’d be cute…at least for a little while.


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  • Anthony blak martian Tinney

    INTERRACIAL DATING: It`s only a problem when the BLACK MAN does it!!!

  • mac

    Under the comment disclaimer, why don’t y’all go ahead and add that any comments you disagree with are subject to deletion?

  • JRoc85

    Sanaa & Colin make a BEAUTIFUL couple!!!

  • realblue10

    she jumps from one athlete to the next.

  • Ladybug94

    This is how rumors get started. She posts pics of herself all the time with male actors or stars who are her friends. I would wait until SHE makes the announcement before assuming it’s so.


    she played that jungle fever character in a movie once

  • Nikkita Michelle

    He’s definitely a cutie, but I’m not feeling the cougar thing. By all means have some fun with the young man, but let’s all learn from Demi. This age gap is entirely to large.

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  • Beautynsoul

    This women is so damn beautiful! if they are dating they make a cute couple!

  • Bruce Banner

    Why would a 25 year old NFL millionaire date any woman in her 40’s? That makes no sense and all it does is mess up the game. Women in their 40’s don’t need to be rollin with cats in their 20’s unless that dude is BROKE. Men with money don’t need to date 40 year old women–that’s what YOUNG women are for. But it just shows how lame the young women are today. Dudes are cuddling up with 40 year old chicks with MILES on their odometers and these young chicks are giving the 40 year old women props. WTH?

    I remember when young women would send old women packing. An older woman has no business, NONE being on the arm of any active NFL player–unless you’re his momma. The best an older chick could hope for was that “chick on the side” action but she was at the very end of the line, no matter who she was. It’s the circle of life.

    Sanna, is fine, no doubt, but is she finer than a woman in her 20’s? Hell no and to say otherwise is to lie. But hey, these young women nowadays are willing to have multiple babies by trolls like Lil’ Wayne, so maybe it ain’t a surprise to see that they don’t know the rules of the game.

    • Chanda

      What in the world?! You trying to tell people who to date, who not to date. Just let people live it ain’t that deep.

    • Ladybug94

      This is by far the dumbest comment I’ve read today.

      • Bruce Banner

        Yeah, because women in their 40’s date 25 year old millionaires all the time. Scoff all you want but MOTHER NATURE and FATHER TIME make the rules and women in their 40’s had their day(teens, 20’s and 30’s) and they need to know when to step aside. And like I keep saying, young women have gotten lazy and are allowing this kind of nonsense to go on. But the pendulum will swing back as it always does.

  • Tonyoardee

    my man.. bag that cougar up

  • Guest

    black women are ugly. us mixed dudes don’t want you

    • IllyPhilly

      Your d!ck is small.

    • Kim Jones

      How come you posted the same message under 2 different names-you work for this site and are just trying to start something. It is very sad.

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  • SB

    He needs to win a game! That’s what I’m concerned about!!!

  • Marisa

    As a Niner fan just don’t go all Tony Romo/Jessica Simpson on me we trying to get that 6 ring. Colin is a Nupe I believe his teammate Nnamdi who married Kerry had a hand in this Nnamdi is a Nupe too lol. Anyways Colin while adopted and raised by whites is very connected to his black heritage, none of that Tiger Cablasian steeze lol. Also the age thing old dudes been grabbing up girls young enough to be their granddaughters and it barely induces a blink. At least the last 3 girls he was suppose to have been with before he got the start last year is black, just be grateful its NOT another Kardashian we know their effects on careers, Sanaa 42 stuntin on girls half her age bad chick.

  • IloveColin

    NOOOOOO!!!! She got my man…. Oh well, they a nice looking couple….. :'(

    • lala

      I love me some Colin. He’s my babydaddy in my dreams…heehee…lol…

  • Mimi

    “Something New” looks good to me! They make a lovely couple!

  • LaLaWorld

    I love the fact that Colin Kaepernick,Drake,and J.Cole are like or date black women.

  • Lee

    Awww, nice couple. I see he still has both his eye brows. lol Get it together 49ers.

    • Marisa

      It was just a commercial that eyebrow bet him and Russell both filmed the computer generated eyebrow shave based on whoever one that game, it wasn’t real folks lol.

  • Val

    I’d be both shocked and pleased if they turned out to be a couple.

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  • JaeBee

    If they are, they look like a very cute couple. Best wishes!

  • Sam

    She would be a fool to date that young man. She’s a very attractive woman. She needs to date someone who is age appropriate. Usually when a younger man dates an older woman, he only sees her as a play-thing. When a younger woman dates an older man, she’s looking for a hand-out. Not a good look.

    • Guest

      Shut your ignorant a** up. Usually when somebody negatively comments on a budding relationship, they’re hating.

      • GirlSixx

        Thank You!! why do people act like women don’t have GAME as well. If she is dating him that means she is secure in who she is and she knows what she is doing. He might be HER PLAYTHING.. #Don’tSleep……


        Not all women is looking for security Sanaa has her own money, let’s not forget who her father is (Stan Lathan) he been in the game for years…

        She’s happy and he is happy.. nuff said!!!

    • serious

      So true. Unfortunately, you are speaking to bunch of desperate, not thinking with their brain type of women. There’s nothing to be proud of, a 42yr old dating a young guy? ohhhhh, I’m so impressed. Clearly, hes not going to marry her neither is it something to be proud of or admiring. Sanaa, get yourself together, still hopping around with young athletes is not a good look. Go settle down.

      • Chanda

        Not a good look to whom? She’s grown, he’s grown. They’re both single and having fun so what’s the problem?

    • mac

      You’re correct, despite what some of these standardless women will tell you.
      A huge age difference where the woman is older will almost inevitably come into play in the relationship sooner or later.
      This is a frat boy 2 years removed from college, enjoying his new-found celebrity as a star QB. Hardly what I’d be looking for as a 42 year old woman.
      If they’re both not looking for anything serious, then more power to them. But let’s be serious. Women usually are especially ones whose clocks are ticking.

      As for him, he has a lot to prove this season and I really don’t think he needs the distraction. But let them cook, I guess.

      • Dannie

        He’s 4 years removed from college (you graduate college at 22), so I doubt he’d still be in the college mindset…but this hardly matters, cause we don’t even know if they’re together, hell, they could just be “having fun”, why not? They’re adults.

        • Chey

          Not everyone graduates at 22.

        • mac

          …….he entered the draft in 2011.

    • Valentine Joseph

      Let me talk to my grandma, who’s in heaven, whether her 50+ years of marriage, to a man 10 years her junior was wrong

  • coop10

    Late Saturday night, Sanaa Lathan posted a picture of she and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick looking rather “chummy.” –

    The grammar is wrong here. It should read “Kaepernick and her.”
    You don’t “post a picture of she.” You post a picture of her. The “her” does not change when another subject is added

  • DeepThinker

    I don’t blame her. Colin is a cutie.

    • Slapping Hoes is Equality

      black women are ugly. us mixed dudes don’t want you.

      • Fair and Balanced

        Stop hating.

      • beyonce is beautiful so as rihanna

        • Leigh

          Beyonce and Rhianna are not biracial. Both women have a black mother and father. Stop responding to trolls.

      • IllyPhilly

        Oh fvckin’ please. POTUS- A bi-racial man raised by his WHITE side wanted him a Black woman so come off the sh!t azzhole.

      • Kim Jones

        Why are you on this site. You sound like someone who works on this site and is just trying to start trouble and get more hits-BIG FAIL.

    • blinnglad321

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