Huh? Texas Mother Gives Birth To Twins With Different Fathers

September 27, 2013  |  


Source: NBC News

Last year, Texas woman, Mia Washington didn’t plan on giving birth to twins but when she did she ended up getting even more than she bargained for — her fraternal sons have two different fathers. You are probably wondering, how did this happen so allow us to explain.

As you know, every month a woman releases one egg from her ovaries that can be fertilized by sp*rm. As for Washington, she released a pair of eggs. According to Dr. Hilda Hutcherson of Columbia University who reported to TODAY News:

“sp*rm can remain alive and well and viable for up to five days in the reproductive tract. Thus, a woman can have sex with different men within those five days and the sp*rm just kind of hang out there waiting for the egg to be released.”

Washington, who is 20 years old,  had sex with another man a few days after she slept with her 44-year-old  boyfriend, James Harrison — hence her double conception. James investigated the issue when he noticed the twins, Justin and Jordan, who were born seven minutes,apart looked very different, even for fraternal twins. He requested a paternity test and discovered Justin was not his child. When Harrison found out the news he was devastated:

“I was hurt, torn apart — didn’t know what the next move was gonna be.”

Although he was hurt, Harrison continued to raise Justin as his own. And despite the odds of a situation like this, this is not the first time twins have been born to different fathers. Studies have revealed 1 to 2 percent of fraternal twin births have different fathers, but this often goes unnoticed. The terminology used to identify this type of birth is called: “heteropaternal superfecundation”. It was reported on first by John Archer who was the first doctor to receive a medical degree in the United States in 1810. Archer dubbed the term when a white woman had sex with two men, black and white  and later gave birth to twin boys. One son was white whereas the other was of mixed race.

As for Mia Washington and James Harrison, they plan on marrying each other in the future. And in the mean time, they will prepare for their new family addition- a baby girl. She will add some sweet and spice to their clan of three boys  (Washington has a 4-year old from a previous relationship).

Watch Mia Washington’s interview with TODAY News below.

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  • dhectorg

    Well, this article certainly received exactly the response they were after. The lowest form of shameless baiting. In any case, it’s really no one’s place to judge this woman or her sex life. She is an adult who made a choice that she is living with, so screw all of you puritanical fucks.

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  • Riga Norp

    Okay, I was hoping this article was an update, since this situation occurred in 2009, but I see it’s the same one being presented as current news.


  • Rochelle

    This is a very old story. The twins should be at least four now and the woman must be over twenty by now. Why post an old story like this?

  • Shuan Onlyone

    Omg. I see everyone on here putting their judgmental opinions of her u here. All of you guys need to get a life. Your all so prim and proper and you’d never sleep with two guys in the same week or have unprotected sex god forbid.!!!!!!!!!!!! B@&%hes PLEASE… Half of yall up here are closet freaks that probably sleep with both sexes in the same night. Nobody up here is good enough or proper enough judgement on anybody. Yall are sickening. And talking about her name and how she hasnt been to college… And what did colleges did you “ladies” graduate from?? Oh and lets not forget making fun of how old she looks, That is soo classy black women…. You all should be ashamed of yourselves spouting ignorance like that about another one of our sisters. We get enough of that from everywhere else. Steps off the soapbox………….

    • Speak Now

      Please stop. You should be thankful that this article is 2 days old and no one will most likely read this atrocious soliloquy that you have given.

      ~”Your all so prim and proper and you’d never sleep with two guys in the same week or have unprotected sex god forbid.”
      •No, many women do not berate themselves by sleeping with two guys in the same week unprotected. Your statement brings a tone of acceptance to that ideology which is the problem in our community to begin with. Ma’am, close your legs to multiple men. AIDS is real.

      ~”And what did colleges did you “ladies” graduate from??
      •Thankfully not the same one that you may or may not have.

      ~”Yall are sickening.”

      *The only thing that’s sickening is that there are people in the world (e.g: you) who believe that judgement and opinion are one in the same. Your lame attempt at “sisterhood” is misguided and, to be frank, trifling. Too many of our women are comfortable with being just hood rats and not women with morals, values, and integrity. They are protected by women like you when their behavior is poor and they procreate with no good men to create even more no good families. This fact spans beyond skin color. So please stay off of the soapbox.

  • D. Rose in the paint

    OKKKKK…..and what about the other kid’s father????

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  • young afrique

    lol…and now the whole world knows..this isn’t something to be parading around..but I guess for the medical aspect of it will make sense.

  • Ms_Mara

    She should have run, not walked, when she saw the news camera crew… No way I’d be on the news for something like this!

    • Cinnamon71

      She probably called them becaused she was so amazed that this happened. But I agree…If that was me, there would be no way in hell that I would be displaying this foolishness on TV. It’s time to tie the tubes and for him to get snipped as well…smh

  • Herm Cain

    These people are the reason I will always be a strong advocate of abortion too many couples like this reproducing realistically sentiment aside wth do you think these losers kids are gonna amount to in the long run somebody’s problem that’s it women like this having multiple kids is holding black people back we take a step foward and three backwards with these types

  • RealTalk

    Firstly this is not to attack anyone hear and, because at the end of the day we know this is BS to all the stupid degree possible. Why we giving these people exposer, this is why our young kids are doing foolishness. This Sh&t is not ok.
    Woman have some kid of pride for yourself. This is unacceptable, and to all the attackers, they are some women who never had unprotected sex and another thing, in this society right now they are a lot of different way to protect from having babies.

  • JazzyJerome

    Within days of each other is the killer.

  • Chevis Darby

    She looks like a bonafide fool up there smiling for the camera.

    • Chey


  • Jeneba Jalloh Ghatt

    You need to edit the story. This didn’t happen last year but in 2009.

  • Cassandra

    I just think the comments judging are disgusting! I’m not condoning what she did, especially smiling on the news about it, but the comments about the stereotypes are uncalled for. If anyone looks at this lady and says she represents a majority of black women, that is their ignorance. I’m black and a female and I’m not going out of my way to disprove ignorance. The only people keeping black people down in this forum is black people.

    • MNcommentpolice

      I see a comment section full of opinions; not judgement. The disgusting part is that there are people like you who confuse the two terms. People should go back to shaming to those who do wrong. We live in a society where as black people where being a baby mama is glorified and promiscuity is accepted. Let’s stop trying to sugar coat isht to save feelings and start back letting people know how their horrible behavior has a negative impact on the majority.

      • Chey


    • Junie

      The moment a black person does something outrageous, the entire Race is criticised by the black community with bogus stereotypes and exaggerated statistics being thrown about.

  • smh

    Came across an episode of Maury with the same thing… girl had twin boys one white one mixed and they were different fathers…. sad really…

  • smh

    That’s nothing to share with the news or anyone other than the father(s) of the children. That’s sad and stupid all rolled into one

  • Mividaloca101

    OH my….that’s too messy for me!

  • sunny

    So I’m going to take it you have on had unprotected sex with one man in your lifetime?

    • JMO

      You say that like it’s not possible…not everyone believes unprotected sex is okay.

    • QWithish

      She looks like a bonafide fool up there smiling for the camera.

      мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­

    • bigdede

      You make it sound like something is wrong with her if she Hasn’t had unprotected sex before. Honey, as Tamar would say, Get Yo Life!

      • sunny

        LOL, as Tamar would say… GET YO LIFE… not TAMAR’S!

    • Sincerity Hightower

      I truly think the issue is not that she has unprotected sex with more than one man but the key phrase from the DOCTOR IS “sp*rm can remain alive and well and viable for up to five days in the reproductive tract. Thus, a woman can have sex with different men within those five days -”

      that means this lady has unprotected sex with 2 different men in the same week and yes for most of us normal folks…thats hella nasty…all the diseases out here i mean really. ill even go as far as to say hell if she wants to have sex with 7 different men everyday of the week PROTECTED id be like hey do you boo but i just cant in this day and age with the unprotected sex no no and no

  • sunny

    Okay did anyone notice, this HOE! Has a 4 year old and is 20 sleeping with a 44 year old she has one twin with and another twin by someone not mentioned, which I am wondering did they tell that man he has a child… and another child on the way we hope is by Harrison. o_O

    WOW we need to do better about teaching our YOUTH to value themselves their bodies and their potential children they may bring into this world. Why bring children into foolishness and f*ckery as such?

  • temner

    nia I totally agree, I wud be ashamed to have that published, sleeping with 2 diffrnt men days apart

  • carolync

    All of you without sin CAST THE FIRST STONE!! We all have sinned and done some crazy stuff some of it we’re not proud of. Because your sin is not my sin does that make you better than me. So all of those degrading comments aren’t called for. Make sure your own closets are locked up tight or else your skeletons will start to fall out some of your skeletons might be just like this young lady’s or worse. She has no reason to frown, the children are here and she can’t take back what is already done. Be mindful of what you say about other people…ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!

    • stewwie

      People like you are part of the problem, you enable this kind of bad morals and behavior by excusing it. And save as from you sanctimonious Religious bs.

      BTW ; doesn’t the bible say one man to one woman and no sex before marriage.

  • Nunya

    Oh, MAAAUUUURRRYYYYY!!!! We have another guest for you!!!!

    Seriously, though, that’s an em-effin’ shame. *smh*

  • BlkPwr

    What an embarassing example of how f**ked up the black “family unit” has become. Wow.

    • Farrah

      Please don’t lump that in with the Black family unit. They are the exception, not the rule.

      • BlkPwr

        You’re right and I apologize.

        • Farrah

          Thanks 🙂

    • Junie

      Her story is common in other Races/Cultures as Well. She Just happens to be black.

      • BlkPwr

        You’re right and I apologize. I guess I’m extra-critical of my own people because I know we (blacks) can and should do better.

  • Lockstress


  • Trendymomof2

    wow! But at least she gave her kids normal

  • Pam

    And this is something to be proud of, screwing 2 different men unprotected, and being 20 years old with 4 kids. BTW, she look more like over 30 than 20.

  • Barbara Codner

    Where’s Justin’s father???? If she doesn’t make it with James, I’m sure she will be trying to get child support from the biological father. He should’ve been consulted immediately and given the option to be a part of his life or sign over his rights. I can see this being a hot @$$ mess down the line.

    • Junie

      That’s if she knows anything about the guy she cheated with.

  • Lemony Snicket

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume a lot of folks on here posting their opinions of disgust have probably been guilty of the same fuggery..the only difference? You didn’t get caught…or pregnant with twins to be caught in your indiscretion…she is 20 after all…perhaps she is still learning her life lessons…should she not smile? She has two beautiful kids..eff it…no sense in being mad about it…she still has to raise them. *shrugs* but I guess this thread is full of Jesus Christ like individuals…

    • BlackDiamond

      ….that’s the point. no one is stupid enough to become pregnant w/ twins w/ different fathers at the young age of 20.

      Give us a break and spare the “Thou shall not judge” rhetoric excuse for ratchet behavior.

      • Chey


      • JazzyJerome


      • Shuan Onlyone

        How do you know that. Maybe they just didnt see it through like many women these days, using abortion clinics to cover up there secret sleeze. GTFOH. Her behavior is no more ratchet than most of yall up here judging.

    • Kenedy

      Nope, sorry, there’s no one else in this post who is guilty of fugging 2 different men with no protection within 5 days & getting pregnant with twins….no ma’am…no Jesus Christ here, but no fuggery either

    • stac

      I agree

    • Ummm no not ever not once have I ever ever had unprotected sex with TWO men within 5 days. Much less slept with two men within days hell even months of each other. There’s no excuse after the first oopsie child to not have yourself on some d*mn BC ESPECIALLY if you know you get down like ol’ girl.

      Its disturbing to assume that most people have acted like this loosey goosey baby factory.

  • Al Gray

    No protection and she smiling like it’s a good thing.

    • Ms. Kameria

      Right. Now had any one of those men had given her an STD she’d be on the news for trying to kill them.

  • Penny Brown

    Well at least thanks to that DNA test she can get the right man to pay child support. Okay so I couldn’t even type that without laughing. Our tax money at work people. Anyone else think they need to use condoms?

    • Cinnamon71

      At this point, she needs her d*mn tubes tied and he needs a vasectomy. They no longer need to procreate!

      • Penny Brown

        I totally agree.

  • Laine

    What a mess, but off topic…the boys do not look that much different from each other, in my opinion…He probably was suspicious for other obvious reasons

    • JMO

      I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • S.D.

    someone take her uterus, please.

    • Horrified

      wratched wench!

  • Zee

    Wait….her boyfriend is 44 years old??? Im all the way done with this entire article

  • Kim

    OMG! This is horrible. Why would u tell the world that cheated on your “old” man and as a result have twins from different fathers? Now you are pregnant with another child and have an older child from a previous relationship. And you are only 20yrs old. WTF!!! White men in Congress are like “she’s having children to get benefits”. No where in the article does it mentions that she or her boyfriend have a job.

  • stewwie

    I was going to say something but i see the black women of madamenoire going ham on this ghetto trash. This make me proud as a black man. Maybe there is hope for us a people after-all.

    This is exactly what we need, black women clawing women who do this kind of stuff. Black men also need to do this…. We need to start eating our own when our own is a beast.

    As for that s!mp boyfriend of here’s…..he need to get his b*llz cut off, he is no man. Black men tolerating this kind of BS is exactly why we get this in the first place.

    • JazzyJerome

      Word but the reality is he probably can’t do any better.

  • Waunette

    Ratched on a few levels!

  • MzDiva

    Another baby factory. UGH!

  • LoLo

    Never in my 26 years have I seen a news article that went totally wrong on so many levels.

    This either should have been reported differently

    or not reported at all…

    i prefer the second option

    • dddooonnnttt

      right, those babies are over a year old. i heard about this a while ago. its done. put it to bed.

  • Sheena B

    Thank you Mia for perpetuating every single stereotype of black women in half of one MN page.

  • LoLo

    I wanna say so much….
    I don’t even know how to begin….
    I understand this is suppose to be some type of educational article but lol…. I’m going to just leave it at that.

  • d044042

    Wow….why are they broadcasting this?

  • Ms. Kameria

    I don’t too much care about the “technological terms”….. to me, all I got was that she slept with 2 different men in a very short time period and had two children, and is having another…..and she “thinks” they’re getting married.
    That is all.

    • Shuan Onlyone

      Your small minded if thats all you heard. And judgemental to boot.

  • Laverne

    WHY did she open up her BIG mouth and let someone report this story like it’s a great accomplishment? If I slept with two men in the span of 5 days and it resulted in twins with 2 fathers, only GOD and the fathers would know!!! Goodness, my people!

    • Brit

      lmao exactly they whole world don’t need to know i got friendly p***y. smh

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Yea because you have a Shame mentality! I applaud her for not hiding from her truth

      • Shuan Onlyone

        Thank you. I agree 100%

      • Dannie

        Lol, shame mentality? More like a mentality for decency. The woman cheated on her boyfriend with another man and is basically letting the whole world know about her infidelity and what a disgusting person she is. I agree with Laverne 100%, only the two fathers should know.

        • D. Rose in the paint

          Shame Mentality has nothing to do with the act committed but how you react to and internalize said act. If you acknowledge, and accept your flaws then you wont feel ashamed of anything. American culture teaches you to be ashamed of who and what you are, when in fact you shouldnt be. You want her to be ashamed of herself because YOU yourself have a Shame Mentality and its hard for you see how someone else would not be ashamed when committing certain acts. It sounds to me like you’re the one with the deeper issue here.

      • Laverne

        A shame mentality? It’s one thing to own up to mistakes you made and have some decency about yourself. It’s another thing to walk around proud of mess like this.

  • Revolting. She got the nerve to be smiling cheesing like this is some accomplishment. 20 years old four kids 3 dads. GEEZUS take the wheel!

    • Laverne


    • Ms. Kameria

      Take the wheel and the tires…..

    • shameful

      No way in Hell she’s 20 anything lmao

      • I know. I had to do a double take when they said she was 20. She’s a hard 20 that’s fo sho.

        • LoLo

          i dunno being ran through like a train station can put some age on you….

        • Ms. Kameria

          And has probably never stepped anywhere near anyone’s college….

          I’m finished judging now

          • MyLittlePumpkin

            And you probably haven’t with the name “Kameria”. What type of name is “Kameria”? Where did your parents get that name from? Chile!!!!!!

        • christy-boo

          You ain’t never lied I kept saying it had to be a typo whenI read that she was 20 years old damn!

    • Kendra Shavonne Mua

      And planning to marry a man old enough to be her father. 44yrs old. Ewww

      • Ms. Kameria

        More than likely they will not get married no matter how much they “plan”.

      • Rocket

        Ni99as just need to stop having babies if they can’t afford to feed themselves. Statistically, thirteen percent of this nation is black. But seventy percent of black babies are born out of wedlock! Why is that?! The answer is simple. It’s because of sorry a$$ ni99az like these! Just sayin, enough said!

        • Junie

          Those Statistics (very exaggerated) represent people of a certain economic background and neighborhoods; Not the Entire Race.

        • young afrique

          reproduction is natural…white people shouldn’t have babies as well because statistically they are mutated and psychopaths…statistically deviant behavior is committed by whites.blacks commit crimes of opportunity! Just saying enough said!

    • BE Weaver

      I agree WTH!!!!!! I would be on her side if it said “Mom in IVF mix-up gets two different embryos! I am half black and just want to know is she a welfare queen?

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Outside of this modern day…thats really pretty normal! Only since the Feminist Movement within the the last 40 years has this been considered wrong or bad.

  • HoneyDipp

    Ugh……. I’ll just leave it at that.