UPDATE: Petition Made To Strip Teyana Taylor Of Adidas Deal After Rihanna Spat; One To Strip Rihanna Of MAC Deal Pops Up

September 26, 2013  |  


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I really don’t know how to feel about this here petition. I can understand the idea of not making light of domestic abuse victims, and it’s very wrong, but honestly, something about this petition just comes off a bit ridiculous. Must we come for people’s livelihood?

After this week’s extremely intense Twitter row between Teyana Taylor and Rihanna, it seems that folks are trying to hit Taylor’s pockets. A Change.org petition has been put in place asking Adidas to have Taylor fired as the face of some of their shoes. If you weren’t aware, Taylor actually has a deal with Adidas to design two pairs of sneakers for their brand. Her first pair, the Harlem GLC, are said to hold the record for being the fastest selling sneakers in Adidas Originals history. Her second pair, which she debuted on her Instagram, are due out in November, and sneakerheads are already drooling on her page.

So with all that in line, this isn’t a good time for people to start coming for that child’s check. But after posting that picture of her face posted on the body of Mayweather beating up Canelo with Rihanna’s battered face (from the Chris Brown incident) transposed on him, some folks are up in arms. Here’s what the petition says, which was made by one Jan Brown.

Miss Taylor first (before the image above) started sending abusive and offensive tweets/retweets to Rihanna for over a period of 8 hours. This is not about RIHANNA, this is about all the ABUSED WOMEN of the world being MOCKED! IT IS A SHAME that ADIDAS seems to be endorsing @TEYANATAYLOR!

We demand that you do the right thing and terminate her contract and send a strong message to your consumers! Letting one of your sponsors mock a domestic violence victim discourages your female customers from speaking out against their abusers!!!

As of this moment (12:19 p.m.), the petition already has 1, 787 supporters out of the 2,500 they are looking for. Petitions these days (not all, but some) have been instrumental in getting shows like All My Babies Mamas and other forms of foolery taken off the air and put out of business, but will the same happen to Taylor?

Was she wrong for posting the picture? Of course. But I might be one of a very few people who just doesn’t think that a picture she put up for a short while and then took back down after feeling publicly humiliated and disrespected by Rihanna (and her thousands of fans) is worth losing a profitable partnership with Adidas–aka, her job.  She’s 22. She’ll make dumb decisions, but should she lose the endorsement because of it? Let us know what you think.

UPDATE: Coincidentally, there is now a Change.org petition for Rihanna to be dropped from MAC for bullying. So I see folks are just doing the absolute most on that site this week…


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  • Abiola

    This is ridiculous. I’m glad someone else had brought up Rihanna’s smoking habits to show that she is not fit to be spokesperson for any brand. Teyana Taylor’s shoes deserve to come out. They are supposed to drop on the 29th and I hope they still do.

  • discount jeans

    never heard of Teyana but she is gaining fame from this. The downside is she could lose that adidas thing

  • J’onna

    teyana is in a partnership with adidas and they can not break that contract.unless they wanna go to court

    • DEION

      Bull rihanna is in partnership teyana is just endorsing it she can be drop just like rick ross

  • young afrique

    That’s very sad,that she is going through something like this..its bad enough I bet for teyana ,now its obvious her way of money making is going to be in jeopardy because of this self indulged Rihana.

  • pink

    They can go straight to hell with that petition. Rihanna’s true colors have been revealed, and I don’t think she’s a victim in the least bit anymore. I was one of the people who rode hard for her when the whole thing with Chris happened, but over time she just showed me she’s that female in high school who picked on all the girls and eventually made one of them kill themselves. She’s a disgusting person.

  • Kath

    Quite unusual, but she had no smart comebacks after T dealt with her. That’s what I define as fixing one’s business. Lol.. get her T.

  • Kath

    Rihanna’s fans am sure. T stood up to her and won hands down. Nothing to be ashamed of T.

  • Jan King

    also who the hell is Jan Brown. This is why people should mind their own business. So instead of trying to take money out of someone pockets that they work for you are being counterproductive. How about setting up a call between the two or a mediation session of some sort. STAY OUT OF BLACK PEOPLE WALLETS. IT’S HARD ENOUGH TRYING TO MAKE MONEY TO ONLY HAVE SOMEONE COME FOR IT. HAVE A SEAT JAN BROWN.

  • Jan King

    celebrities should stay off Twitter, Vine or whatever. Get a website post your updates their. Twitter should die off.

  • Keema Crayola Farrow

    let the girl live, these navy chicks are nuts , Rhianna need to stop her fans.

  • Tracy Wynne

    Omg! SERIOUSLY this is totally ridiculous both of them were wrong. One needs to seriously seek therapy with these crazy antics. It makes you question if there’s some issues there.

  • N. Isha

    The silly retards at the change site who petitioned for Teyanna to get dropped regarding this situation are incompetent. This is not about people supporting domestic abuse. This is about someone who tries to abuse others despite the fact that she (Rihanna) experienced abuse at some point. They claim that adidas would be encouraging females to put up with domestic abuse, yet this petition is telling people that verbal / emotional / psychological abuse is unimportant. Yes, exactly. Rihanna should verbally/emotionally abuse EVERYONE and we should feel bad for her because she was physically abused.

    She is excused every time she starts foolishness based on being a victim once (even if she is now victimizing others repeatedly). No. Abuse is abuse and I don’t support any of it. Period. She should be more caring as a result of her abuse, not a repeater of it.

  • ShazzNem

    I smell Rihanna all over this Cause…you would think she understood that using a $90million value to kick someone in the teeth wasn’t despicable enough, now you want to rob her of her livelihood when she is valued less than a million…Rihanna…careful…dig two graves.

  • Tiffany Shaw

    smh I’m so tired of people doing stupid stuff and then it getting excused away as if the threat of consequences is an actual consequence. Both these young ladies need to learn a stiff hard lesson and I think getting hit in the pockets is just right. You don’t get to do and say reckless things and then claim innocence. THEY ARE BOTH WRONG.

  • PinkBeckham

    I love Rihanna but she started it first she always starts twitter beef then she deletes her tweets. Teyana Taylor spoke back and every one thought Teyana Taylor was the bad one, but Rihanna needs to stop talking trash if she’s weak. Rihanna is becoming very petty.

  • dark princess

    Yiu shouldnt lose endorsement deal because of a stupid fight on a social network especially if it wasn’t physical I feel that as long asshe doesn’t have any contact with her they should just dead the situation period a lot of stuff is over exaggerated now a days

  • louvres

    some people have way too much time in their hands

  • IAJS

    Rihanna is nobody’s victim, she is callous, cruel and dismissive.

  • Keisha

    Rihanna is not innocent in any of this at all. She constantly referred to Teyana as a broke b***h among other things that illustrated Classism on her part. Teyana may be worth 500 thousand or whatever but there are millions of people in this country who are living close to or below the poverty line. I believe Teyana fought fire with fire and if any of use were in the same situation where we were being publicly humiliated, who knows what things we might say or do in this situation. I am in no way condoning this but I think its unfair to place the blame solely on Teyana because of Rihanna’s past with domestic violence.

  • disqus_pz7hZetR0s

    since when does bieng 22 make you not responsible for her actions she is not a kid she is grown

    • john

      Doesn’t that apply to Rihanna as well who started all this nonsense and SHE’S 25! WTF?!?

  • CC

    I think both of them were wrong and Rih did put herself out there for this to happen. If you can dish it out be able to take it. She only targeted Rih and That’s extreme and unfair because any celeb is a target for gossip or ridicule. True enough they didn’t physically harm anyone so just let it be what it is. Love both of them but this is getting ridiculous!!!

  • Trisha_B

    The petition isn’t even necessary, In like a week this girl will go back to be unheard of. Let her have her shoes

    • ❤♥BabyGirl♥❤

      Exactly! I like Teyana from her youtube channel even got a pair of her sneakers and just finding out they were hers. So lets be real how important was Teyana before all this? She is not a big enough celebrity to get a petition put out on her thats why I believe its just the wrath of Rihanna’s minions and they are doing the most so I no longer support them

  • applesauce585

    It’s just sad…smh “can’t we all just get along”, gheez!

  • Tonya

    *Update* A petition has started for Rihanna to be stripped of her MAC deal for being a cyber bully. This is getting serious

    • Shannon

      What a joke, let me see them prove that, these haters don’t get why that petition went out against Teyana, what she did with that photo was disrespectful not only to Rihanna but all DV victims.

    • Sam

      Okay the petition against Teyana could actually be taken seriously, but the one against Rihanna is kind of ridiculous. Not because I’m on Rihanna’s side, but because of the way it is written. Here’s an excerpt:

      “Because she has such a huge influence over so many, as a result of her
      bullying and verbal abuse it has encouraged her followers to do so as
      well. There have been many death threats from people that are a part
      of her social media gang that she refers to as “The Rihanna Navy”. At a
      simple request from her, they will pounce on anyone that Rihanna wants
      to bring her wrath down upon.”

      • yeppers

        Im not sure i understand what you are defending….are you saying the the FACT that Rihanna has millions of fans that with her examples she incites them to act violently toward people isnt important, whether that be on the internet or in public. The way she carries herself and incites her YOUNG impressionable fans to carry themselves is atrocious. Some of you are delusional stans so i understand u will defend her EVERY MOVE. But I see on instragm twitter and elsewhere, how YOUNG CHILDREN will be on people pages making disturbing threats on peoples lives because they say Rihanna is a bad girl so they dont care either, you people want to sweep this under the rug because she has 90 million dollars/ millions of followers, but these young BROKE kids are out here doing the most because of what they THINK rihanna is doing….yall need to stop being so stupid. She needs to loose endorsements to think about her behavior.

        • Sam

          Rihanna stans or stans in general are crazy regardless. Rihanna isn’t a bully and doesn’t make her navy bully anyone. How does she incite them to act violently? I believe Teyana was the one threatening violence.

  • Pam

    Okay….some people have nothing better to do just because someone had beef with your favorite artist. How about petitioning more important stuff going on in the country, like cutting SNAP benefits to those who are still struggling (not the people who are lazy and abusing the system).

  • Barbara Codner

    Cut the sh*t!! Teyana made fun of Rihanna not every victim of abuse. Rihanna hit below the belt & Teyana did too. It’s squashed. Leave it be.

  • FoundLove

    But the petition fails to mention why Teyana sent those tweets in the first place. It was like she just came out of left field and started insulting Rihanna

    • Shannon

      There is no excuse, just like there was no excuse for Rick Ross.

    • john

      Teyana didn’t start the whole thing Rihanna did. Taylor was singing rapture of love by ita Baker and Rhianna had one of her friends dress up like taylor making fun of her. Aparently rehearsing for her tour or whatever wasn’t as important as mocking somebody minding their own business.

  • Nene

    She should not be making fun of domestic violence, she could have defended herself in some other way without offending so many people. From my point of view what she did was way meaner than that video.

  • BB

    I think just about anyone would have went left on Rihanna (including her stans who she has no regard for) if she started mess with them. I seriously hope they do not succeed….and if so, Rihanna needs to lose a few endorsement deals himself. Where was the Rihanna Navy when she posted a racist picture coming at Karrache? I’ll wait….

    • Tracy Wynne

      Omg yes………………..

    • Kelse

      That is still no excuse to make fun of domestic violence. Ever!!! There are so many other route that Teyana girl could have taken.

  • kimdee

    rihanna is a bully, she hates on everyone on the come up, im not signing this petition, i’m sure there are some more important issues like whales that need rescuing

  • thefriendraiser

    okay. so a petition to get a book that was banned reinstated received 14 signers and a petition to do this dub isht gets 1700+. mkay.

  • ❤♥BabyGirl♥❤

    I doubt a lot of those people are real victims. I followed a lot of Rihanna’s fans and this is just their childish way of getting back at Teyana. Honestly I am no longer a fan as i use to be. I dont follow her fans no more bc they are just psycho followers and if Rihanna was to kick a dog they would come all over the world to put that dog down. I love Rihanna’s music so I’ll always be a fan of that but im definitely no longer a fan of who she is. As for Teyana she better work hard for some hard core fans bc Rihanna’s navy is trying to come for her hard

  • Britt

    If they want Teyana to lose her endorsement, then Rihanna should lose her MAC endorsement as well. Yes, domestic violence is a serious issue, but it seems like the only time folks want to get serious about it is when it comes to Rihanna, and she’s basically paid the issue dust since “the incident.” Teyana may not have made the best choice, but for me, it’s a case of: It’s not right, but I understand.

  • lrc

    I don’t think she should lose her deal,hell riri was being funny & she snapped back,that’s all! the pic was funnyto me & how is tht bout being abusive to women,its 2 women going at it for attention

  • ChanelJustSayin


  • Sarah Carlton

    I can’t believe this is the world we live in now. This is pathetic and just beyond sad. So much more in this world that needs our attention, and THIS is what’s important? That stupid untalented harlot started this, she bullies people, she’s lewd, vulgar and just a sad little lost human being who seems to need to prove herself to be some bad azz chick after getting her lights knocked out by Chris Brown. I got so sick of her desperate thirsty antics I had to unfollow her on Instagram. Teyana stood up for herself… Every single day there are stories about how people take their own lives due to bullying, and it shouldn’t be tolerated. Why is Ri-Tard the exception to this? This isn’t fair and it’s not right at all.

    • Superfox Mackin

      Thank you certain people don’t seem to understand this

      • Nene

        no one is saying teyana has not got every right to defend her but come on there are so many routes she could have used but she choose this one where so many people have lost their lives. domestic violence is no joke and on top of that teyana was the one who said Riri deserved to be beaten. What person says stuff like that. If rihanna is a cyber bully then so is teyana

        • Sam

          Thank you. Making fun of someone’s singing and making fun of domestic violence do not compare. I took the video as a joke. If Teyana took it personal she could have responded another way. She could have made fun of Rihanna’s singing or her mullet or whatever. But she and her buddy Chris Brown think its okay to go around beating people up.

          • Sarah Carlton

            We’re all entitled to our own opinions… This was not an isolated event and this is not the only time Rihanna has sent her goons on people. Stop pulling the whole “domestic abuse” BS excuse cuz that has nothing to do with this. The dude in the video can claim all he wants that it was done as a joke and was never intended as an insult to Teyana, then says she’s a good singer only to flip it around and say Teyana needs this publicity for her album sales… I mean really? Go somewhere with nonsense please.

  • Superfox Mackin

    I won’t be signing that petition, Rihanna went back to her abuser anyway. Rihanna doesn’t know the meaning of abuse

    • Renee

      WOW!!!! the ignorance of this comment. SMDH

      • Superfox Mackin

        WOW the ignorance of Rihanna starting ish and bullying multiple celebrities along with her punk a** Navy fans. Now that’s ignorance boo! SMMFH!

    • CC

      Rihanna is not the only one that went back to her abuser. Abuse is not just physical it can be psychological and emotional. Ask any victim (including men), it’s just not that simple to walk away. Psychological and emotional control can be very traumatic whereas the victim doesn’t realize the nature of what’s going on. People on the outside looking in are quick to judge because it’s not them or someone they know or they might do something different if it were them. Those are usually exceptions so be careful what you put out there, judgement day never misses a soul……….

    • Kelse

      Yep, Pure Ignorance in that comment, seems to be boundless with some!

  • Dee

    I signed it cuz this ish is just too funny! LMAO


    rihanna navy is full of haters..it had to be them that started this bs…who has time to sit on line and fight battles for someone 90 million dollars richer than them, then on top of that, trying to F up teyanna’s money… its sad and pathetic..smh

    • Renee

      Actually it was someone from a domestic violence organization, this is now bigger than Rihanna. Just like the people that started the petition on Rick Ross.


        i see what you are saying, but ppl are still too sensitive too..she was making a reference to a girl fight not a domestic abuse case but ppl take stuff and run with it

      • Trisha_B

        it’s not only the picture that was wrong. But what she tweeted. She said something like “yall know Rih likes pressing charges…” basically mocking the fact Rihanna called the police. All the tweets up to that point was funny. It was like she was basically saying Chris did nothing wrong

        • louvres

          she went back to him..it sure wasn’t that bad..

          • Trisha_B

            A lot of victims go back to their abuser. But should all their situations be mocked?

          • Kelse

            Victims are known to go back to their abusers. Its a psychological thing. Sometimes caseworkers will attempt to take a child from their abused home, an the child more times than not will scream bloody murder, fighting, kicking and all. Why would a child or anyone for that matter want to stay in an abuse environment. Its psychological and more complex than what you Dummies would have knowledge of. But it doesn’t excuse the person doing the abusing nor those who seem to feel its funny an make a mockery out of violence and abuse.

        • Kelse

          That’s sad and hitting below the belt. Domestic Violence is no Joke nor a laughing matter. If she wanted to make a mockery, she did not have to use Rihanna’s beaten photo which was a matter of privacy and wouldn’t even be on the web if some Azzhole hadn’t let he photo leak. The fact that this Teyanna thought it would be funny is Sad! Rihanna didn’t post the video of the Teyana Taylor girl, she just retweeted it. Teyanna herself posted the video making a mockery of domestic violence! It shouldn’t have been done. She could have used any number of icons or cartoon pics for that matter to get her point across. No Excuse!

    • Kelse

      It wasn’t her Navy people that started the petition, it was a Domestic Violence Organization Obviously some of you must take joking about Domestic Violence in a very light offhanded manner!!!


        i dont think teyana was using the pic to mock rihannas 09 fail…i think she was saying that in a fight she’d win

  • sasa

    Didn’t she go bk to Chris brown n says it’s her n his biz..if they get bk together..really smh leave the girl paycheck alone

    • Renee

      1 has nothing to do with the other, many domestic violence victims go back several times, but it does not mean that people will tolerate others in the public eye making jokes about it and promoting it.

    • niks

      my point exactly

  • AnonyChick

    So, are there going to be petitions to strip Rihanna of her multiple endorsements for her cyber bullying?

    • Nice

      And posting pics if her smoking pot which can possibly and im sure may have already influenced her following? Nivea already got the hint and Rihanna is a calamity waiting to happen!..On another note, Her Sneakers are Freakin HOT so please dont cuz i want a pair!

    • Renee

      Who did she bully? I mean really, this girl is bully day in and day out, everything from her head to her being beaten to the whole sl*t shaming, and you all get mad and call her a bully because she snaps back every now and again? how did she bully this girl? she posted a simple video, with no name, what made the girl think it was about her, and even so, why respond to such silliness with such violence, if anyone is the bully and this is proven in the tweets, this girl came after Rihanna for what she though was about her, and then she threaten physical violence against Rihanna, she then continued to slander her and then the worst thing of all, she decided to post that picture of Rihanna’s battered face making fun of her domestic violence issue, ou have got to be kididng me. MAC is not dumb, but Adidas and Reebok do not play that, ask Rick Ross, Domestic Violence is a serious issue, and this is cut and dry, this girl took that picture and made a mockery out of that violence, and to top it off when the incident first ocurred she is the same one that said that Rihanna deserved it, and then she beat up a girl in the club over talking smack to Chris brown about it, that is a bully and someone in need of anger management, even if that video was about her, there was no need for such a response, that came from an angry place. So try that whole bully title on RIhanna if you like but it will not work, the proof is in the pudding.

      • Rissie75

        You’re not serious, are you?? What her and her BFF did to Ciara wasn’t bullying either, huh? SMH….

      • Jenn E. Penny

        its all fun and games until we bring up “the incident”, I swear ya’ll wont rest till one of these celebrities slit their wrist. Bullying is real, people are people, because they are celebrities doesnt make their skin any tougher than yours. Rhi is a bully and the proof is in the pudding, comments, tweets, IG photos and screenshots. and mind you, I love Rhi, but Rhi fans allow her to think shes untouchable so she thinks she can just come for any old body. Teyana was not the one, Rhi tried to come for her edges and Teyana snatched hers first, now is not the time to be mad because you messed and came for the wrong one. Work on your comebacks and take the L, but to come for this womans pockets? YOU MAD SIS

        • Ms. Kameria


        • ZeroFuxGiven

          CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Renee over here acting like the NAVY club president. Jenn E. Penny shutting it DOWN. Thank You.

      • MonicaT

        I agree domestic violence is nothing to play with and to post a picture of her after being brutally beaten was very low! It sent the message that Rihanna deserved to be beaten. It’s funny that they would even say Rihanna was a cyber bully! The girl hurt her own pockets because now it’s not about Rihanna it’s about a slap in the face to all people who have gone through domestic violence.

        • Kath

          Shut up. I am really starting to think that Rihanna expects to be beaten by her men. And she did deserve it. That was no ‘shaking the crap out of her’ he battered her, but, she went back didn’t she? Again, shut up already.

      • yeppers

        So because they throw rocks behind the curtain and then let their minions post the video MILLIONS of times which is why it is brought to the persons attention no one should care because its Rihanna. So who has bullied Rihanna…why is she ALWAYS the victim to you delusional stans?? Teyanna was DEAD WRONG for posting a pic of someones battered face. But if you come at me sideways im going to whoop your behind too. You cant talk out your neck about everyone. And everyone DONT TAKE JOKES LIGHTLY….EVERYONE SENSE OF HUMOR AINT THE SAME…so you sit up here and tell us what TT shouldnt be mad about LIKE YOU KNOW HER??? ..YOU DONT EVEN KNOW THE WHOLE STORY OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO KNOW WHAT KIND OF ANGER THEY MAY HAVE TOWARD ONE ANOTHER…Stop lookin on the outside and making assumptions about these peoples character. She has a right to get mad and defend herself against bullies. Now the pic was WRONG…but the tweets/responses were not.

    • Superfox Mackin

      If there are let me know

    • niks

      im wondering the samething

    • Tracy Wynne

      EXACTLY…………………. smh

  • Guest360

    Um…yeah no. Can’t claim “victim” when Rihanna threw the first stone. Some of these stans need to get a life and get out of Rih’s behind. Get some air and join the rest of us in the real world. This just isn’t healthy.

    • ZeroFuxGiven

      Stone? More like a brick.

      • Shannon

        That video was a brick? wtf?

        • ZeroFuxGiven

          Was anything subtle about it? DAFUQ?! The only thing she didn’t do was have arrows pointing at him (<—–Teyana). That's a brick if I've ever seen one. *cheering for Teyana to punch her lights out, I will lmfao at her NAVY.

    • KimeeB

      SAME thing I’ve been saying. Her “Navy” is just as bad as she is. Never mind her starting some of these twitter beefs!!! They just really mad because Teyana didn’t let her just say what she wanted without a response.

      • ZeroFuxGiven

        Exactly, they wanted Teyana to roll over like everybody else. NOPE. Bunch of grown azz women acting like 8 graders.

  • Ladybug94

    I don’t even know who she is.

  • Yamini

    Stop the madness! These fans, I tell you…it’s really pathetic.

  • bluekissess

    Smh. This is sad