Bet You Wish You Stayed: Celebrity Women Who Ended Up Being Bigger Than Their Famous Exes

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celebrity women more popular than their exes

Sometimes in Hollywood, famous guy meets girl. Guy becomes serious about girl or marries girl. Guy improves her quality of life, she improves him, and they live happily ever after. But other times, a famous guy meets a girl, they get serious, they break up, and then the woman becomes the star. To be honest, that’s actually happened often. Here are nine examples of women who became successful businesswomen, movie and TV stars and a wealth of other major things after dropping their dead weight, aka, their exes.

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  • Shango67

    Seriously? This is a terrible example. No loss there for either one of them.

    • Shango67

      Ray Jay or Kim

  • Anna-Claire Joseph

    A good list that proves that women are strong and can do better on their own. 🙂

  • flboy85

    Wyclef is more relevant in music than Lauren. She only had one hit album and never followed it up. Clef is still a top producer and blew up after the break up of the group.

  • PolkaDots

    I’m glad that Jessica Simpson is running circles around any IDEA of success Nick Lachey may have. He’s such a bastard. The only reason why people even MENTION him is because of JESSICA.

    He made a pity me song after his divorce from her and EVERYONE bought it because it was ABOUT JESSICA.

    They’ve been divorced for YEARS and yet he is asked about his EX, Jessica, in EVERY interview. You would think he would tell them not to mention her to him but he doesn’t because he knows that it will get him attention.

  • Linda Whitlock

    No way is Nicole Kidman bigger than Tom Cruise.

    • leebeen1

      But she was when they first got married.

  • CC

    This article could’ve been somewhat interesting if the author would’ve included more relevant and important facts. How can you mention Mariah Carey’s comeback from her ex without mentioning her current successful marriage to Nick Cannon??? Also, there are others that belong on this list as opposed to Rihanna (Chris Brown is doing well career-wise but not in general), Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman (both of them are very successful), and Rachel Roy who??? I’m more familiar with Rachel Ray than Rachel Roy. Oh well……

  • unque43

    famous couple article FAIL Tom Cruise and his ex were and are bouth famous and well known. You have people who are still famous without their ex.

  • xedos

    Rihanna had more number one than Chris Brown. more songs in the top ten when they started dating . she did an European arena tour before chris. Rihanna was bigger than chris and still is.

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  • ch

    Earth to the writer of this article.
    Do you mean the Tom Cruise who was the number ONE highest-paid actor in Hollywood last year?
    The one whose last film this year – Oblivion-grossed nearly $300 000 000?
    The one who owns his own production company?
    Oh, you meant the “other” one.

    • sue

      Yeah @ch ,I don’t get this one . I guess it is the “other ” one .

    • MNEditor2

      Oblivion did well, but I think most would agree Tom Cruise’s films and his popularity are on the decline. Jack Reacher? Bomb. Rock of Ages? Bomb. Knight and Day? Bomb. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol? How many actually saw that? And those were movies from just the last few years. Tom Cruise used to be the man back in the day, but after a string of bizarre behavior over the years (remember the comments he made about Brooke Shields taking medication for Postpartum depression and his tense interview with Matt Lauer?), people haven’t really been as impressed with him. His last major hit was maybe Tropic Thunder in 2008, but he’s nowhere near the popularity or box office success of the early 00s. However, Kidman has won an Oscar and gets cast in critically acclaimed films back-to-back and has had major endorsements. He’ll always be huge, but one can’t deny that people are really loving Nicole these days. Just saying.

      • Hello

        Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was the highest grossing Mission Impossible film and the highest grossing Tom Cruise film in general making over $600 million. So I’m guess a lot of people saw it.
        Knight and Day and Jack Reacher also grossed over $200 million which against their budgets makes them successful movies.

      • Ok

        “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol? How many actually saw that?”

        Enough to earn over $200 million in the U.S.
        Jack Reacher and Valkyrie both exceeded $80 million to basically break even.

  • Kaho’olawe

    I don’t get why this is an article.

  • L-Boogie

    I hope Rachel Roy and Dame Dash get back together. They were so handsome together.

    • Kaho’olawe

      Right. All that matters in relationships is whether or not the couple looks good together.